How To Login Into Router?

If you have a new WiFi router in your home then you can securely enjoy the Wi-Fi network after its setup. In this article, you will learn about different methods of logging into your router. First and foremost you have to understand the basics of router login. In case your router is brand new and you are logging into it for the very first time then the steps will be different then logging into your router after its setup is done. We can login via its default IP address or via its default setup wizard or by its assigned IP address. You will learn about all these later in this article.

Firstly, if your router is brand new and you have just unpacked it then we recommend you to set it up first.

Here’s are some steps to login into router for the very first time

  • Firstly, connect your Wi-Fi router to the cable modem via ethernet cable.
  • Now, establish a computer’s connection with the router’s network, either via ethernet cable or wirelessly
  • Open a browser and type the default IP address of the router that is given in your user manual.
  • In case you don’t know the default IP address of your router you can just google it and this information is easily available. Once you have the IP address then you will just have to type it in the url of your browser.

In case your router is already setup, then to login into your router you will need its IP address. If you know its IP address then you just need to connect your laptop/computer to the router’s network and type this ip in the browser to access the router’s login page. But in case you don’t then you can find your router’s ip address by the given below steps depending upon your operating system.

Finding router’s IP address in Windows/ macOS

The IP address is the most important factor to get the default login panel. Through this address, you can simply visit the router settings. But if you are wondering how to find router IP in windows or macOS devices. Then, here are some steps.

How to find router IP address in mac OS:

If you think about how to find a router IP address in Mac, then follow the given steps.

  • Primarily, click on the Apple logo that you see on the top left-hand corner.
  • Then, visit the system preference, & accurately locate the Network section.
  • Click the Network section.
  • If your appliance device connects to the router with the Ethernet cable, then the ip address will appear on the right side.
  • If your device connects to the router’s network with Wi-Fi, then click the advanced section.
  • Under the advanced section, click the TCP IP tab. You can simply find the router’s IP address there. Now you just need to type this IP address in the browser to login into your router.
Find the router’s IP address in the windows operating system:

How to find a router’s ip address in windows-

  • First of all, press windows+R on your PC’s keyboard.
  • Now type CMD in the run command and hit enter.
  • Afterward, a black window will appear, then type ipconfig without using spaces.
  • After typing ipconfig, push the enter button.
  • The default gateway will appear that is completely symbolic of the IP address of the Wi-Fi router. You need to type this ip in your browser to access your router’s login page

So now the mystery of how to login into one’s router is completely solved.

Logging into Netgear Router for the first time

The Netgear Smart WiFi router offers WiFi network performance. The network connectivity is more reliable. But to enjoy the 4K streaming, the setup is important. For the web-based Netgear setup, the Netgear router login panel is a must. To log in to the Netgear router, here are some login steps.

  • Test the Wi-Fi network in your PC or Laptop device. If the network is not available, then establish the network connection in your PC or laptop device.
  • Launch the Internet Explorer in your Wi-Fi network-enable PC/laptop.
  • Type, it will simply & efficiently get the Netgear login page.
  • If, by chance, the login window does not appear then, you can also use Netgear router login default IP address
  • Now, the Netgear login windows completely appear.
  • Fill up the Netgear router login id and password in the presented login section.linksys router login
  • Fill up the admin username & password for the Netgear router.
  • In case, you forgot the Netgear router password, click the cancel button.
  • Recover the password, fill up the Netgear router’s serial number & click continue.
  • Additionally, write the answer for the security question.

Congratulations! The Netgear Wi-Fi router login steps are securely & completely finished.

Linksys router login for the very first time

The Linksys WiFi router is a blazing transmission range smart Gigabit router. The wireless transmission range of this router is robust. If you are accessing the Linksys router login for the very first time then follow the below-mentioned steps-

  • Firstly, make the network connection on your PC with Ethernet cable. Attach the Linksys router’s Ethernet port to the PC’s Ethernet port with Ethernet cable.
  • Before accessing the Linksys router login admin panel, make sure the power is switched on of this router.
  • Go to with any web interface search bar. If the Linksys router login IP address does not work, then test the internet connection.
  • Also, in case the IP address doesn’t work then use the link instead of Linksys router IP. For some linksys model myrouter.local also works as login
  • Write the login credentials in the section provided. The linksys router login password is admin.linksys router login
  • Fill up the admin router password & also fill up the default username ID.
  • Lastly, the linksys router login is done.

Logging into Asus router for the first time

The Asus Wi-Fi router delivers the highest network performance for multi-devices. But to secure the network, you require the Asus router setup. Without an Asus router login panel, you can not perform the setup. Now lets learn about How to login into the Asus router-

  • Before starting the Asus router login process, established cable modem & asus router ethernet connection.Asus router login
  • You need to obtain an Ethernet cable. Connect the cable modem’s Ethernet or LAN port to the asus router’s internet or WAN port.secondary wireless router
  • Connect the power cord to power up the asus router. Locate the power jack & quickly attach this cord. Afterward, push the asus router’s power button.asus router
  • Open the Mozilla Firefox or any other web browser, and you can login into asus router using the asus router login ip
  • Alternatively, you can use, if Asus router login windows do not appear with default IP.
  • In the presented Asus router’s username and password section, fill up admin.

D-link router login for the very first time

The D-link wireless dual-band gigabit router provides ultrafast & superior Wi-Fi range. The web browser setup and configuration is not complicated, but obviously for this dlink router login admin panel is required. In case you are wondering about how do I login into my d-link router, with my default login credentials then follow the given below d’link router login instructions to achieve this-

  • Launch the Google chrome, safari, or other web interface in your Wi-Fi network apparatus. If the network is not here, connect to the d’link router Wi-Fi router.
  • Now type http://dlinkrouter.local into your browser to access d’link router login admin wizard.
  • If it doesn’t bring the login page then use d’link router login default IP i.e.
  • The username for D’link router is basically admin, and the d’link router login password is password.D-link router login
  • Click the login section to completely get into the d’link router’s user interface.
  • Through this user interface, you can simply configure the d’link router.

Thus, the d’link wifi router login steps are absolutely complete.

First-time Login into Tp-link router

The or is the admin panel of the tp-link Wi-Fi router. Through this panel, you can simply access the router. Moreover, you can change the default network setting & also configure the setting.

  • First & foremost, switch on the tp-link Wi-Fi router. For this, you can use the TP-Link’s power button.
  • Go to the or tp-link router IP or type in the selected web browser.
  • The login windows for the tp-link Wi-Fi arrive in your Wi-Fi network enable appliance.
  • This window asks the tp-link router login password and username router login
  • Fill up admin instructions in the username & password section.
  • In the end, click the login section.

What can I do if I can’t log in into the router?

The login admin wizard is more necessary for the wireless router. But many times, you fail to login into the router. If you repeatedly fail to login into a wireless router, then you should verify the network connection. If the network connection is unstable then, you should contact your ISP or Internet Service Provider.

Additionally, make sure the login default IP is correct. If this default login IP is incorrect, then the router does not log in. Always, use the correct default login IP of the router. Also, you can use the default web address to login into the Wi-Fi router.