Hyzom WiFi Range Extender

Do you want a snappy Wi-Fi connection? Don’t fret, just use the Hyzom WiFi Range Extender with your existing mediocre router. This is the newest 2022 latest very great wireless Signal Booster. It teems with too many features and amazing 5 Application Modes. Moreover, this wireless router has built-up with 4 high-gain advanced antennas and a central processor. It is a stupendous and ingenious wireless range extender that provides finer WiFi coverage in all right places. This is simultaneously covered as vast as 360° approximately 3000 sq.ft area. Make sure after using it your all internet-enabled devices will have an uninterrupted Wi-Fi connection from the bedroom to the backyard.

By using it, you might get more leisurely and Hassle-free WiFi ubiquitous connections everywhere. It is a quintessential device for iPhones, Echo/Alexa devices, iPad, Android, PC’s, Tv’s, Laptops, and so many other devices. The Hyzom wi-fi range extender signal booster natively extends and boosts the signal range of your wireless router impeccably. It is a responsive wireless repeater since it banishes all loopholes of your existing wireless router. Like it excludes the dead zones, provides snappy & mighty internet signal range, wider coverage, etc. The Hyzom WiFi repeater is helpful in making your existing device internet range buff up.

Stunning features of the Hyzom WiFi Range Extender

The Hyzom WiFi Extender is also an extender designed to increase the network range of your router. Rather, it has been made with more features than all other devices, these features are as follows:

  • No Dead Zone! Even though most WiFi range extenders & signal devices are unfathomable and face stuck to cover up all the zones due to buff up ceilings, walls and cement floors. The Hyzom extender provides ultra-snappy & long-lasting bandwidth for video conferences, online gaming, even streaming 4K HD video and Internet surfing.
  • Get Satisfactory WiFi performance through this device to eradicate the frail signal in office, home, and travel usage.
  • It has 4 External High-performance antennas that furnish in your devices stable signals and more outlying penetration. You might get the more mighty 300Mbps connectivity with its 2.4GHz processor that can boost wireless signals. It has the capability to connect in one time up to 35 devices like Android phones, Ring, tablets, laptops, Alexa, Fire Stick, IoT devices, etc.
  • You no longer need to stand about staying for the signal light to activate like other WiFi range extenders. Make a steady connection by one-press setup WPS button and you can readily boost the wireless coverage. Additionally, you can also set it up via your Android phone Web browser just within 3 minutes.
  • This wireless repeater has work instantly Switch 5 Modes like a Repeater mode, Router, Bridge, Client and Access Point mode to teem your diverse stipulations in varieties of environments. Also, its Ethernet ports are responsive to link to any wired ethernet devices like PlayStation, Xbox, desktop to increase performance, and smart TV.
  • The Hyzom WiFi extender is compatible with 802.11n/g/b router, gateway, & access points. Also, it has WPA/WPA2-PSK security enabled, so it will never have trouble with internet raid or solitude information leakage when using the internet.

Thus, you must know about the Stunning features of the Hyzom WiFi Range Extender. All are aforementioned in the following attributes.

Following steps for the Hyzom wifi range extender Installation

The following steps are mentioned below for the Hyzom WiFi repeater setup, let’s follow it in a series.

(i) Connect the Hyzom WiFi signal booster using the WPS

Here below are the following steps mentioned to connect the Hyzom WiFi extender with the WPS button.

  • Plug the Hyzom range extender in the wall outlet.
  • Make sure it is within the range of your existing router.
  • Wait for the signal light.
  • When the signal light comes up, kindly press the WPS button of your mediocre router.
  • You will press it just for two to five seconds to create a link between your range extender.
  • Similarly, press your range extender WPS button, just for 30 seconds.
  • When the link signal light blinks that means your extender successfully connects with your router.
  • The network name will appear on your computer WiFi settings with the same SSID as your main router.
  • Let’s find it and you will have to use the same Hyzom default password that is used for an existing network with the suffix-”2.4Ghz”.
(ii) Connect the Hyzom WiFi range extender using the web browser of your mobile phone

Let’s follow the below-mentioned steps to using the UI method to connect this range extender with your router network.

  • Plug it and wait until its signal light comes up.
  • Use your smartphone and search the “Hyzom -2.4Ghz” network name to connect it with this extender’s Wi-Fi network connection.
  • It’s an open WiFi, let’s launch the UI in your phone and search in the browser URL.
  • When the Hyzom WiFi extender login admin panel appears on your smartphone screen then enter in the popping up login box Hyzom extender login details.
  • Just, enter the Hyzom default password, it is “admin” and click on the “log in” option.
In case, If the Hyzom WiFi Repeater login fails

In this stipulation, kindly justify that you have to connect with the correct SSID “Hyzom-2.4Ghz”. Also, if you type the password incorrect then correct it.

Steps for the Hyzom WiFi signal booster setup

Here are the following steps to the 2022 Newest Hyzom WiFi Range Extender Signal Booster setup, all mentioned below.

  • Once you logged in, then choose the repeater mode from the five operative modes which manifest on the Hyzom WiFi range Extender management page.
  • Click on the “Next” option and wait for a while patiently.
  • Now, it shows the diverse device name on your mobile phone screen after scanning it.
  • Designate the one Wi-Fi network name from all which you wish to extend.
  • Enter the password of your main router.
  • Set the new Hyzom WiFi extender network name (SSID) and password.
  • If you use your current router’s same credentials then succeed on to the “Next” page.
  • Justify again and click on the “Start to connect” option.
  • Just stay for 20 seconds and when its configuration process is successfully finished then check its signal indicator.
  • If its signal lights up that indicates the relay is successful. Connect its network to your WiFi-enabled devices.

So, let’s use these above-mentioned points and enjoy this range extender enhanced WiFi experience. Thus, the Hyzom WiFi Range Extender setup is admiringly complete.

Hyzom WiFi Range Extender Troubleshooting

Here are the following tricks to tackle the issues of the Hyzom WiFi extender, it’s all mentioned below.

1. Hyzom wifi repeater not working

Many of the times, the Hyzom wifi repeater not working or connecting. It might have occurred due to configuring the range extender in a hurry. This issue manifests with the quick configuration process when you connect the repeater’s network. After this, when you choose the wireless repeater mode to connect its network then it can’t detect your device signal. Then, it shows a not connecting error. Hence, to tackle this issue you must configure your device patiently and repeat the configuration process again, try connecting to it again with its WiFi.

2. Hyzom WiFi extender connected but no internet

This issue is perhaps due to a fragile or feeble internet connection. Conceivably, unseemly range extender placement. All issues lead to the reasons for the partial extender setup. Since, to tackle the problem, you will just reconfigure your wireless range extender precisely and fix it.

3. If the Hyzom wifi extender keeps losing connection

In this case, you will be sure about this, the range extender is connected with the power adapter which is coming with the extender packaging box and with the live power supply outlet. Also, sure that the range extender is placed at a proper distance from the router. Apart from this, the client-server device is connected with the extender network properly.

4. When Hyzom wifi extender says weak security

Then, you will have to log in to the mediocre device first and then move on to the web admin panel. Once you logged in, then go on the support page and choose the latest firmware of your router. Update it and set the buff of password to connect the network of your range extender with proper security. Select a WPA2 (AES).

Steps to update the Hyzom WiFi extender firmware?

Here are the following steps to update the Hyzom wifi booster firmware, it is such as:

  • First of all, be sure that your Hyzom extender is linked to your mediocre router’s WiFi connection.
  • Attach your WiFi enabling device to this extender’s WiFi network.
  • Go into the Hyzom extender Support page after going on this wireless booster web management page.
  • Simply, type your hyzom extender’s Model Number or you may also search its latest updated version with its Product Name.
  • Then, Click on the Downloads option.
  • Choose a Hyzom WiFi repeater firmware version that is the most latest and click on the “Download” option.
  • Ultimately, Unzip the file if required and login in again to upload the file, just follow the on-screen instructions to finish the process.
5. When the Hyzom extender light not on

Go to settings of the extender by using and check the internet status, in case the Hyzom signal lights are red and it’s not on. If this shows no internet connection. It means this is not connecting with your home router properly. Connect your device again with this range extender. If this issue persists, then reset your range extender factory default settings.

How to reset the Hyzom WIFi range extender?

These are the following steps to the Hyzom WiFi Booster factory reset, it is such as:

  • Initially, find the Hyzom extender’s Reset/factory Reset button.
  • The Hyzom extender reset button is ordinarily found on the extender’s base or side panel, it may be behind a little hole.
  • Use a tidied paper pin or likewise sized thing to shove and hold the Hyzom WIFi repeater factory reset button until your extender main power LED blinks.
  • It may take only 10 seconds to finish the process.
  • So, wait and let’s use this wireless booster after finishing the Hyzom WiFi repeater factory default settings process.

Hyzom WiFi Range Extender Review

Currently, the most vital 2022 Newest Hyzom WiFi Range Extender Signal Booster is launched into the market on September 2, 2021. It approximately covers up to 5000 sq.ft. area with the Wireless Internet Repeater mode. The Wi-Fi Booster and Signal Amplifier also work with an Ethernet connection. Just connect the LAN port to access the reliable and secure internet connection. Moreover, it has a 1-Key Setup and 5 Working Modes.

It gives compelling wireless connectivity with the 2.4Ghz and the 5Ghz WiFi connection. It is the quintessential wireless device for gaming, streaming, 4k Hd video stream, live chat, etc. it seems like a booster that boosts the signal range of your mediocre routers without any interruption. Additionally, Hyzom WiFi Range Extender Signal Booster Review is too awesome in comparison to others. It has 31 ratings with 4.4 out of 5 stars. This device takes the #18 bestsellers to rank in Repeaters.