iSmartAlarm Home Security System

The iSmartAlarm Home Security System is an ingenious wireless system that works with the connectivity of the internet connection. This is not too spendthrift and it is an affordable system. It is a buggy and minimalistic wireless iSmartAlarm which is smoothly working with the Wire-free system. It was launched into the market on the date of August 13, 2016, and the ASIN number of this system is B01KCBE6BU. The ‎dimension of the ‎iSmartAlarm (‎ISA1) wireless system is 7.09 x 5.91 x 7.09 inches and the weight of this system is ‎2 pounds. ‎This works on the behalf of the 2 Lithium Metal batteries and this is most required.

This is manufactured by the iSmartAlarm Pvt. Limited Company of China. The iSmartAlarm smart home security system (‎ISAISA1) smoothly works with the iOS, iPhone, and Android smartphone-enabled home security system for home occupants including no monthly fee or negotiation. This is a gratuitous instantaneous phone alert, push notifications, text message alerts, including email alarm meanwhile the system is set off. The iSmartAlarm Home Security System is one of the world’s best security products. You can easily control this smart system from anywhere in your home.

What’s included under the packaging content of the iSmartAlarm Wireless Security System?

The packaging box of this wireless smart system only includes just these smart home alarm system accessories, These are such as:

  • One CubeOne Hub1
  • Contact Window/Door Sensors
  • Motion Sensor
  • Remote Tags
  • Two Sensor Stickers (for a yard or window)
  • Quick installation guide
  • Ethernet cable
  • Windows decals
  • iSmartAlarm Security System manual
  • Power adapter, etc.

Let’s know the information about all the iSmartAlert accessories and their installation process

Following are the working and the works of its contained al part. So, let’s know all the info about it from the below(i)Installation of the CubeOne Hub
Following are the ports working of this CubeOne hub, that’s mentioned below.

  • 10/100 BASE-T Ethernet Cable Connection for connecting it with the network of the router.
  • The power port connects to the power adaptor.
  • Use the USB port for future function expansion, you may not connect it with the computer directly.
  • LED signal status light of this CubeOne.
  • (i) If this is blinking the red light that signifies the solid red light. If it is booting red, it means this is not working yet precisely.
  • (ii) When this is indicating the white light, that means this smart system works like a normal system. If this is “breathing” that means the siren is off. If this is blinking red when the siren is on.
  • (iii) If the LED signal light flashes red “breathing” to white when disarming.
  • (iv) This is flash red and white during the registration.
  • Place this in your home closer to the contact sensor and use this accordingly.
(ii) Installation of the Motion sensor

Following are the steps to the installation of the Contact sensors.

  • Take off the LID of the back of this sensor after unscrewing it.
  • Now, you have to insert the AA batteries and also unscrew the remote tag back LID or insert the Lithium-Ion.
  • Now, back attach it and use it accordingly.
  • Adjust this motion sensor in your home and use it.
(iii) Installation of the Contact sensor

Following are the steps for the Contact sensor installation, that’s all are mentioned below.

  • Take off the contact sensor battery compartment and transform the battery button with the same order-CR2032.
  • The LED light of this wireless smart system blinks red to show that it is favourably attached by the network connection.
  • The device is flashing normally, which means this is working yet precisely.
(iv) iSmart Alarm setup & sound confirmation

Here are the steps that are given for the iSmart Alarm Setup.

  • First and foremost, switch on the CubeOne power by combining it with the power plug.
  • Use the power cable and combine it with the electrical power board and its LAN port also unite with the Ethernet cable.
  • This works faultlessly, after this, just read all the iSmart user manual instructions.
  • If the Siren sojourns on while the iSmart system is fixed off.
  • Press the iSmart Siren button two times. You may either use the iSmart App or Remote Tag. The Arm & Home sound is the “bing ” confirmation and the Disarm also sounds the “bing ”. After that, click on the “confirmations” options.

iSmartAlarm app Download and pair the iSmart security system

Following are the steps to the iSmartAlarm system login with the iSmartAlarm app, it’s all are mentioned below.

  • Install the iSmart Alert app using the iSmartAlarm website: Https:// or use the play store app to install the iSmartAlarm app.
  • After that, install this app and launch it to the iSmartAlarm smart security system app on your mobile phone.
  • First, register this security system and finish the iSmartAlarm login process.
  • Enter the iSmart alarm username or password to complete the sign-in process.
  • Open the iSmartAlarm app and add the iSmartAlarm security system by clicking on the “Add” or pair option.
  • Pair it and unlock the disarm. Scan the security system first with this app and enter IP address or its name to add it precisely.
  • It’s accurately connected with your device. Now, you can control all the devices with this and get the notification via its iSmartAlarm CubeOne.

iSmartAlarm camera setup

Here are the instructions mentioned for the iSmartAlarm Home Security System setup, which all are described below.

  • The iSmartAlarm settings add the iSmart cameras that are created directly with the open source surveillance software.
  • Install the software to iSpy and Windows Service based platforms.
  • So, as per instructions on the screen, you may click on the “Add” device option.
  • Then, click on the “IP camera Setup wizard” to systematically set it up to your iSmart cameras easily. Begin transcribing in the “Make” box to obtain your camera.
  • The iSmartAlarm camera setup process is favourably ended now.

iSmartAlarm Home Security System troubleshooting

Ordinarily, the iSmartAlarm wireless home security camera fundamentally very rarely shows the issues. To the iSmartAlarm troubleshooting, you are simply emulating the below-mentioned directions.

  • If the iSmartAlarm app is not working sometimes, So in this case you just either reinstall this app or check the internet connection of your mobile phone. If it is working properly then you just reset your mobile phone.
  • The iSmartAlarm Home Security System does not connect to the WiFi. Then, you may reconnect this wireless system with the internet connection. Sure about that, it is working precisely.
  • If the iSmartAlarm Home Security System is not working then connect this wireless security system with the power of the electrical again. This is working yet precisely. So, wait for a minute and acquire its services again.
  • To fix the iSmartAlarm camera login failed issue, you simply log in and reconnect the internet to your smart device. After connecting this system with the internet connection, let’s verify that it’s going to work well now.
  • Sometimes, the iSmartAlarm camera won’t connect to the electrical power or with the internet connection. So, you will move in this situation under the network settings. After this, choose the 2.4Ghz connection to connect it with the power and reconnect with the power of electricity if this is not working yet.
  • Kindly combine it with the power again, if you are facing the iSmartAlarm not finding a sensor issue.

So, these are the fact-able instructions to the iSmartAlarm Home Security System Troubleshooting. Let’s use it and fix all occurring issues of this system.

iSmartAlarm smart home security system Review

If you too are looking for a home security system that can fully protect your family, then you can use the iSmartAlarm Wireless Home Security System. You can easily see the iSmartAlarm Home Security System review from Amazon. So, let’s view all the reviews of this wireless security system from Amazon. This is a system that provides security to your home with a camera and other accessories. To control the device, you have a better option that is your self mobile or remote control. Just install the iSmart alarm app into your home. After installing it, control all the activities and also get the notifications on your mobile phone simultaneously. This is a smart alarm out of the business product that supplies the best services with the connection of the internet.

ismartalarm firmware update

Following are the steps to updating the firmware of this home security iSmartAlarm, that’s all are mentioned below.

  • If the iSmartAlarm firmware is not updating, then update it by using its iSmartAlarm app.
  • Use the app and click on the iSmartAlarm firmware update option after going under this device settings menu.
  • Choose from here its latest version and follow the directions or instructions to update the firmware of this wireless security system.
  • It is updating now, just stay waiting for a while and after this, you can use it.
  • You can also try this function when the iSmartAlarm remote tag is not working.

So, these are the steps to the iSmartAlarm firmware update. You can use it and apply for your wireless security system, to access the extra features services.

Steps for the iSmartAlarm Home Security System reset

Following are the steps to the iSmartAlarm reset, that’s all are mentioned below.

  • Visit under the iSmart Alam app.
  • Click on the settings, after going under the home menu.
  • Now, simply click on the iSmartAlarm factory reset option.
  • Click on it and reset the system as per following the on-screen directions.
  • The iSmart home security camera is resetting now, just wait for a while and use it after resetting its factory default settings.

iSmartAlarm wireless smart home Security System manual

These are queries whose answers are included in the user manual. It’s all mentioned below.

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