Kevo Plus Hub

The Kevo Plus Hub from Kwikset is a device that monitor, lock, and unlock Kevo smart lock from anywhere if it is compatible with a mobile phone. It is an upgraded version of the Kevo smart lock. The small and compact black finish hub fits in a small area. It offers remote access properties, so you can join Kevo using an internet connection and Bluetooth-enabled gateway. Utilize the Kevo app and hub to know whenever the door is locked or unlocked. It delivers info to protect your home on just one screen. Since it is an Alexa-compatible product, it can be operated by delivering voice commands. The hub is not limited to these features. It arrives with a bundle of features which are discussed below.

Kevo Plus Features

The features of the Kevo smart hub are as follows.

  • Easy Setup- The setup is super easy. Just link the Hub to the lock with a router and accomplish the setup using the Kevo app.
  • Peace of Mind- The remote access control gives relaxation as you can spot whether the door is locked or unlocked just by installing an app on your mobile phone.
  • Voice Control- Works with vera and Alexa. Just say to your voice control device to operate the hub. The installation process of the Kevo Plus connected hub is as follows.

Kwikset Kevo Plus Hub Installation Instructions

Unpack your Kevo Plus unit box. Take out Kevo Plus manual, ethernet wire, antennas, Kevo Plus Bluetooth enabled gateway, and a power adapter. You need an internet connection, a router with an ethernet port, and a Kevo ID for the lock. Once you complete the requirements, go ahead with the installation. These are as follows.

  • Take a Kevo Plus gateway and attach the antenna at its back. Fully tighten it to assure connectivity.
  • After attaching the antenna, rotate it towards the upward direction.
  • Join the one end of ethernet wire with Kevo gateway while the remaining end to the internet router.
  • Next, attach the power adapter’s small end to the gateway. Connect the Kevo Plus power adapter into the AC joint.
  • The Kevo Plus light may glow in various colors. When the solid blue light glows, it means the hub is operating normally. The Kevo Plus smart hub login steps are as follows.
Kwikset Kevo Plus login

You can do the Kevo Plus login operation using two methods. The first is using the web interface.
Web UI login for Kevo Plus Smart Hub
The web interface login is super simple. Here are the instructions.

  • On your mobile or PC or tablet web browser, chase the Kevo official address
  • The Kevo login page reveals.
  • Type the email address and passphrase in the first and second blank box sequentially.
  • Substantiate that you are a human. After this, hit the login tab.
Kevo app Login

To chase the login interface with an app, go after the info mentioned below.

  • Download the Kevo app for your tablet or mobile phone and install it.
  • Launch the Kevo app and allow all the permissions.
  • Next, fill in your Kevo account details as you entered them while registering. Now, hit the login tab. Before completing the login, you must complete the setup. The Kevo Plus hub setup operation is as follows.

Guide for Kevo Plus Setup

After the installation has been completed, you may be good to go for the setup operation.

  • Download the Kevo app on your tablet or mobile phone. Open the app and register with Kevo ID. If you previously have an ID, simply fill in the login credentials.
  • Once you accomplish the log-in, The menu interface reveals. On the right side, touch the ‘+’ symbol. Touch Pair a device option on the next interface. The next interface with Turn your phone into eKey reveals. Tap Pair a device and touch Kwikset on the next page. The compatible device shows, pick the Kevo Plus icon and then the Get started tab.
  • The alert before you connect displays. It will demand you to answer all three questions. Touch the green icon having a Yes button for all three questions.
  • Turn on the Bluetooth function on your mobile phone. Move your mobile phone near to the Kevo smart hub and make it able to accomplish a pair. It will take hardly two minutes.
  • The Kevo Plus solid blue light glows when it detects your mobile phone. The Kevo Plus updates by itself and hunts for the Kevo smart locks. It finalizes the pairing operation.
  • On the next interface, touch the Complete Setup tab to manage the lock remotely from any location with the globe icon. Tap the green icon having a lock or unlock to control the lock by Bluetooth. The house icon on the interface will allow you to control the Kwikset lock. That’s it, the Kevo Plus has been paired perfectly and is ready for use. You can also set up the hub with Alexa for more convenience. The pairing of Alexa with hub is as follows.

Kwikset Kevo Plus and Alexa Pairing

You need an Alexa, Kevo lock, and a Kevo Plus hub to accomplish a pair. After that, you can start the pairing operation. These steps should be followed to finalize the pairing.

  • Install the Kevo smart lock app for your tablet or mobile. Assure that the app is apt to lock or unlock with Bluetooth.
  • Next, Install the Kevo app for your tablet or mobile. Verify that the app is apt to lock or unlock remotely.
  • Accomplish the setup of your Echo device with Amazon’s Alexa.
  • Open the Alexa app and enable Kevo smart home skill in it.
  • It will demand you to log in to your Kevo ID. Fill in the Kevo ID details and find the locks.
  • Once the pairing is completed, you can control the hub using voice commands. The voice commands should be Alexa, lock the front door, etc. Sometimes, even after the setup, you may experience many issues. To tackle the issue, look at the troubleshooting info mentioned below.

Kevo Plus Troubleshooting

While using the Kwikset Kevo Plus smart hub for a long time, it may generate many issues. Some of the main issues that users mostly face.

Kevo Plus not connecting to internet? Solutions

If the internet connection is not established between the hub and the router, the Kevo Plus solid red light shows. In that case, you need to follow the below guide to fix it instantly.

  • Assure that the hub joined the router with the ethernet wire. The wire must be in operating condition.
  • The adapter is properly plugged into the hub and the wall socket.
  • Assure that the gateway antenna is adequately inserted and adjusted to the vertical direction.
  • Recheck there is nothing wrong with router hardware and internet settings.
  • Confirm with your ISP that they are delivering a steady internet connection.
  • If the Kevo network error still appears then try resetting it.
Kevo app not working? Tips to solve it instantly
  • Uninstall the Kevo app and check whether it works.
  • Evade installing the app from a third-party website. Install only from Google Play Store.
  • Affirm that the Bluetooth and location are turned on.
  • Verify that you have allowed all the permission demanded by the app.
  • Assure that your phone is working properly. Restart your mobile phone and launch the app again.
Kevo Plus not working? Here are some useful solutions
  • Assure that the batteries are properly inserted into the Kevo Lock.
  • The battery should be fresh.
  • Test the lock with the Kevo app and confirm it is in the Bluetooth range.
  • Check the power connection to the Kevo Plus. The ethernet wire, power adapter, and other connections should be adequately plugged.
  • Go for the Kevo Plus factory reset operation. To reset it, follow the info mentioned below.
  • Look for the Kevo Plus reset button. The button is at the right of the antenna and at the rear of the hub.
  • Insert the pen or other sharp object into the reset hole for approximately eight seconds.
  • The Kevo Plus yellow light and white light start blinking frequently. Remain quartet for some time. Now the hub will reset by itself.

Kevo Plus Hub Review

Another wonderful hub is added to my house. I purchased this hub from Walmart. It is easily available on online shopping platforms. It has been more than seven weeks, working amazingly till now. The hub is necessary for the Kevo lock installation. The hub is super quick to set up as it takes hardly only two to three minutes. Now I am able to unlock or lock the door with my mobile phone. The only gripe about this hub is the customer team. The team did not reply to my email for four weeks. Nevertheless, it is a great hub that can be installed in your home. It would be a perfect deal if you grab it at the price point of 90 dollars.