Lemail Wig Extender

The Lemail Wig Extender is a wireless range booster that is equipped with 4*2dBi smart omnidirectional high gain outer antennas. With that antenna, it is able to render the full 360 degrees signal of around 2500 square feet. The modern dual-band characteristics permit the users to surf the connection at a steady speed of 1200 MBps. Thereby, maximizes the performance and lowering the lack of data transfer to experience gaming and movie shows without any nuisance.

The WiFi extender advances network privacy and security and preserves your internet connection from hacking and unapproved access. It is designed to be installed for home with many users and heavy online streaming. You can attach up to 20 devices such as mobile devices, computers, tablets, speakers, smart plugs, IP cameras, etc. Usually takes around forty to fifty seconds to accomplish the setup with the WPS button. The intelligent LED indicators will let you spot the most desirable area for the device. The compatibility makes it connect around ninety-nine percent of router devices. The superior features of the Lemail Wig WiFi range extender are as follows.

Lemail Wig WiFi Extender Features

The Lemail extender is equipped with great features at an effective price. Some superior features are as follows.

  • It extends the WiFi signal at 360 degrees as it is equipped with 4*2dBi high gain external antennas. Great penetration and advances the range of nearly 2500 square feet for 20 devices.
  • The extender renders the speed of 1200 MBps with dual band technology by reducing the failure of transmission and boosting performance.
  • The setup and installation are speedy as it only takes around thirty to forty seconds. The smart LED light will supervise you to adjust the spot of the extender. The S1 booster installation operation is as follows.

Lemail Wig Range Booster Installation

To begin the installation, unwrap the range extender unit box and evade it to put in a choppy surface. The surface should be sere and flat. Understand the Lemail Wig S1 manual for installation and other purposes. Afterward, advance to installation.

  • Firstly, settle all four outer antennas.
  • Now plug the range extender into the AC joint. It should be near the router.
  • The LED light begins to illuminate frequently.
  • Remain quiet until the LED indicator lightens hard light.
  • Afterward, you can run to accomplish the setup employing different methods. The login operation of the Lemail Wig booster is as follows.

Lemail Wig login

Validate that the computer or tablet or mobile phone is connected to the Lemail Wig booster network to chase the login page. The Lemail web interface login measures are as follows.

  • On the browser, typewrite the Lemail Wig default IP address or official website or in the explore box.
  • The login interface will reveal two blank sections.
  • Typewrite the Lemail wig default username admin and passcode or the login details you modified while doing the setup.
  • Hit the login symbol. After that, you are authorized to reach the web login page and configure any modifications as per your need. The Lemail Wig extender setup with web UI and WPS button are as follows.

Lemail Wig Wifi Extender Setup

The setup of the range extender is straightforward. Before that, get sure that you have accomplished the installation. You can do the setup utilizing two methods. These are by employing the web UI and WPS button.

WPS Button Setup

After plugging the range booster into the AC joint, follow these effortless steps to so the setup.

  • Thumb down the WPS button on the S1 range booster.
  • Now see for the router WPS button and thumb down within two minutes.
  • The light indicator lightens and switches onto a hard one.
  • The lights should be 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz. If the light does not glow, then repeat steps one to three again.
  • Locate the S1 range booster in the mid-way between the current router and the WiFi device. Remain for the extender to achieve the hard color after relocating it and reconnect with the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. To reduce the lack of network strength, the booster should be placed evading the barriers such as glasses, metal objects, electromagnetic objects, thick concrete walls, etc.
Web UI Setup

After plugging into the AC joint, follow these effortless steps to do the web interface setup.

  • Unplug the internet wire from the PC, if any.
  • See the network connection symbol on the taskbar.
  • Search for the Lemail network and connect it.
  • Chase the website or IP address of the Lemail wig device on the PC browser.
  • Typewrite the default username along with a passphrase on the two actions.
  • The Quick Setup Wizard presents on the new interface and clicks next
  • Pick the router SSID. You can also insert it manually.
  • Name the WiFi passcode and bang next.
  • Pick the router 5 GHz network and click next.
  • Typewrite the router passcode again and bang next.
  • Validate the network settings and hit the finish icon.
  • Position the S1 WiFi repeater halfway between the actual router and the WiFi device. Quit until the extender gets the hard color after repositioning it and connecting again with the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. To minimize the drop of a network, the S1 booster should be installed, evading the limitations such as glasses, electromagnetic objects, metal objects, thick concrete walls, etc. The Lemail Wig extender troubleshooting is as follows.

Lemail Wig WiFi Extender Troubleshooting

If you are suffering any conflicts while using the Lemail wig WiFi extender, then this info will guide you to get out of it.

Is Lemail Wig S1 not working? Solutions
  • Get sure that the S1 booster is connected accurately to the AC joint.
  • Validate the AC joint is delivering power and the switch is on.
  • Unplug the Lemail wig and again plug it.
  • Reverify that the S1 booster is in the range of the actual router.
  • If a web page is available, then authenticate that the Lemail Wig S1 firmware is up to date.
  • Do a hard reset, if the web page is not opened.
Lemail Wig extender not connecting? Here are the tips
  • Unplug the Lemail Wig device and plug it in again.
  • Reconnect to the router again.
  • In case, your router does not have a WPS button, then chase the default IP address from the browser and setup again.
  • If login is accessible, then chase it to test the network status.
  • Do the reset operation.
Only a single band is connected. How to fix it?
  • It depends upon the actual router you are employing to connect to the S1 booster. Maybe the router is set up with one band only.
  • If the Lemail Wig web page is accessible, then allow both bands.
  • If not, then reset the device and set it up again to pick your preferred band.
Lemail Wig extender reset steps
  • See for the reset hole on the S1 booster.
  • Use thin needle-type equipment and forced into it for seven to ten seconds.
  • Force until you see the LED light initiates illuminating.
  • The booster will reboot by itself and all the modified settings will switch to the default one.

Lemail Wig Review

Purchased this device after reading the review. The review was great. The WiFi extender fulfills all my needs. I have thick walls in my home and the router is installed downstairs. I installed the booster mid-way between the rooms and it is providing great coverage. It boosts the WiFi signal at 360 degrees corners of the building with 4 high gain external antennas. The extender renders the speed of 1200 MBps with dual band technology by lowering the failure of transmission and boosting performance. Great penetration and advances the range of around 2500 square feet for 20 devices. Overall, a good experience while using this device. I must commend the users suffering from a poor signal, should try once.


Q1. What’s the brand name?

Lemail Wig

Q2. What is the highest speed this extender delivers?

The highest speed this extender delivers is around 1200 MBps with dual bands.

Q3. How do I complete the hard reset?

View for the reset hole on the booster. Employ a thin needle-type object and push into it for six to ten seconds. Push until you view the LED indicator begins illuminating. The booster will restart by itself and all the customized configurations will swap to the default one

Q4. The maximum signal range does this device render?

The four outer antennas render the signal up to 2500 square feet.

Q5. The extender is not working in a proper manner. What to do?

Assure that the extender is attached absolutely well to the AC joint. Approve the AC joint is supplying power and the power switch is on. Unplug the Lemail wig and again plug it. Reconfirm that the extender is in the signal of the existing router. Visit the web login page and verify that the Lemail Wig firmware is up to date. Do a hard reset, if the web page is not opened.

Q6. How many devices can it bear in real-time?

It can bear up to 20 different devices in real-time.

Q7. Can I connect with an IP camera?

Yes, you can connect the IP camera and many more devices.

Q8. What is the IP address to chase the login page?

The default IP address of this extender is

Q9. Is it a signal that penetrates through the walls or not?

No, the signal does not penetrate through the walls. You had to place the extender 3 feet away from the walls.

Q10. Can I attach it with an ethernet wire to extend the signal?

Of course, you can attach the cable to extend the signal.