Netgear 2.4GHz Not Working After Firmware Update

Are you apprehensive about Netgear 2.4GHz not working error after firmware update? If yes, then don’t go too bothered about this problem. Multiple users queried about this problem and solicited a solution. I will introduce you to some such troubleshooting steps. As well, with the troubleshooting steps, you can handily resolve the problem.

Moreover, the Netgear WiFi Router is an exquisite and impeccable networking device for your home and office internet connectivity. It consists of a dual-band network that delivers snappy and blazing wireless transmission speed. In addition, multiple networking devices conveniently stream HD videos & surf the internet at once. To enjoy the whole-home network coverage, you need to configure the 2.4GHz network. Because the 2.4GHz network delivers more broad coverage than the 5GHz network. Thus, the netgear 2.4 ghz router network is most consequential for the smooth & extended network coverage.

Netgear 2.4GHz not working after firmware update? Know the reasons

If you use a Netgear Wi-Fi router and configure the 2.4GHz network, but the 2.4GHz network does not work. If you have updated your router’s firmware to rectify the issue but the error is not fixed. So, in this circumstance, follow some steps below.

Outdated firmware version

Do you know that you have downloaded the updated firmware? Because many times you download the wrong firmware which can cause Netgear router 2.4Ghz not working. Sometimes the firmware you download is not compatible with the network router. Whatever it is, the 2.4Ghz network will work merely if you download the firmware.

Upload the wrong file

The newest firmware file is the most exquisite to upgrade the firmware. Sometimes you upload the wrong firmware file, due to which the wrong firmware is upgraded. The recent firmware file is very consequential to download the new firmware.

Firmware update stuck

Many times the firmware gets stuck while downloading the firmware. If the firmware gets stuck in the middle, then none of the functions will work. This happens when you turn off the power to your router and operating system during a firmware upgrade.

Download the firmware version from the third party website

If you download the firmware from a third party instead of downloading it from the official website, then you will have to face netgear 2.4ghz not showing an error. You may also have to face the error because of downloading the firmware from a third party.

Not configure the 2.4GHz setting

You may not have configured the 2.4Ghz network setting. If the 2.4Ghz network setting is not configured, the netgear router’s 2.4GHz network will not work after the firmware update.

New update botched the router

Sometimes a new firmware update can also cause a Netgear router to fail to work on the 2.4ghz network. So you should not upgrade the firmware of the router or else you will face a netgear 2.4ghz not connecting error.

After learning some possible reasons, still, Netgear 2.4Ghz not working then you can follow the below solutions.

Best solution for Netgear 2.4GHz Not Working After Firmware Update

If you are having trouble with 2.4ghz not working but 5ghz is netgear OK, there are a few solutions you can do to rectify the issue in a quick way.

Restart the Netgear router

The first and foremost step is to restart the Netgear Wi-Fi dual-band router. To restart the router and internet modem, you have to shut off the power. Then, you will need to disjoin the end of the Ethernet cable from the router’s Internet and WAN ports and also the modem’s WAN port. Then you have to decouple a power adapter from AC join for at least 4-5 minutes. In addition, also decouple the power cord from the DC-IN jack of the Wi-Fi router. After that, you have to reconnect the cable and turn on the power.

Configure 2.4GHz network

The feasible solution is to configure the 2.4GHz network on your Netgear Wi-Fi router. To configure the 2.4GHz network, you have to navigate the search engine on your PC. Next, you have to click on the address section and not the search section, and type In a while, you will notice the login interface, which you have to log in with the login details. As momentarily as you visit the setup wizard, you have to click on Wireless Settings and open it. Then you have to enable the 2.4GHz network setting with the status tab. Along with this, you have to typewrite the password key and click on the apply button.

Upgrade the correct firmware

When you upgrade the correct and latest firmware, then the netgear 2.4ghz light not on & the network working. To upgrade to the correct and latest firmware version, you have to search the recent firmware file by visiting the official Netgear support website. Next, you have to click the Advanced setting and then open it. On the firmware update page, you will glimpse the Browse tab, click this tab & upload the file. You have to wait up until the file is thoroughly uploaded. In the end, click the upgrade tab. After that, the Netgear Wi-Fi router will be rebooted.

Reset all settings to its factory default

After following all the feasible solutions but still the netgear 2.4GHz network not working, you have to reset all settings to its factory default. Resetting the Wi-Fi router will delete all its settings automatically. To reset the Netgear Wi-Fi router, thumb down the power button & wait up until the power becomes stable green. Next, insert a pin on the router’s reset button and hold for 5 seconds. After that, the Netgear Wi-Fi router will be reset to its factory default settings.

Thus, there are some troubleshooting steps, you can also follow these steps to resolve the Netgear router 2.4GHz network is not working error.