Netgear Orbi MS80

The Netgear Orbi MS80 WiFi add-on Satellite forming specifically elongates your present router internet. It’s an ingenious Whole Home & Mesh Wi-Fi System Add-on Orbi Satellite (MS80) that abandons the signal range up to 1.2Gbps high-performance WiFi. This is the first-time launch by the Netgear network hardware manufacturing company of Thailand. The Orbi WiFi Satellite (MS80) AX3600 was released on the date of January 20, 2020. It’s released under the model number series is MS80-100NAS and the NETGEAR Orbi Mesh System price is $69.87. This is an impeccable booster for extending the coverage of router internet up to 3 000 square feet area.

The Orbi MS80 review of the customer is 4.4 out of 5 stars with 1,825 ratings. So, use this to develop your home’s router WiFi range and exclude WiFi dead zones including buffering issues. The Orbi app is most helpful in making this system setup very effortless. This takes just a few minutes, consequently, you can begin experiencing more trustworthy WiFi sooner. With this app, you are also able to view your coupled devices, move an internet speed test, and also know about accomplishing your NETGEAR service subscriptions, furthermore likewise from the palm of your hand. So, let’s use this wireless dual-band system which only works with Orbi AX3600 systems.

Let’s take a stretch to the Orbi Satellite MS80 Installation

Following are the below-mentioned steps given for the Orbi AX3600 WiFi Satellite (MS80) installation. Let’s emulate these steps in a series.

  • After unboxing it, you found out in its box One (1) 12V/1A power adapter, One (1) Orbi Satellite (MS80), a quick start guide (Orbi MS80 manual).
  • Clearly read all the user manual instructions and let’s familiar initially with this satellite hardware and software parts.
  • After that, place the Netgear Orbi system in a satisfactory location. Its designating location is not too close or far from your existing router.
  • So, just place it in the middle of your router and its network connecting devices. Use the power adapter to generate electrical power.

NETGEAR Orbi Mesh WiFi Add-on Satellite hardware features

It contains some necessary things on the Orbi router front and back. These are the following:

  1. Satellite LED
  2. Power connector
  3. Reset button

Orbi satellite LED performance

Following are the steps that show “What do the lights on the Orbi MS80 mean?”. Let’s know about it.

Orbi satellite pulsing white light

If the NETGEAR Orbi Mesh WiFi system power indicator flashes the white signal light, this is designated that the power adapter is connected to the satellite. At a while, the satellite is booting continuously, then in this situation, this is designating that the Orbi MS80 satellite is trying to sync, including the Orbi router. If this Orbi wireless Mesh system does not sync then you should press the Reset button to reset the Orbi MS80 factory default settings.

Netgear add-on Orbi wifi satellite (MS80 AX3600) flash the solid blue light

This Orbi satellite blue light flashes when the wireless satellite syncs with the router and stops booting. Normally, this signal light flashes when the MS80 wireless mesh system works pretty well.

Orbi satellite extender solid amber light

This signal light shows that the connection between your router and extender is extremely poor or weak. The Orbi satellite is not syncing with the router. In this case, you are moving this satellite closer to the router to settle this issue.

Orbi satellite solid red light

The Netgear MS80 satellite’s firmware is injured or corrupted.

Steps to sync the Orbi wifi satellite (MS80) AX3600 with the router

Use these steps to know “How to pair Orbi MS80 satellite?”. Here are the steps to sync the Netgear Orbi MS80 Satellite with your router.

  • When it is attached to the power, this immediately flashes the pulses white that means it is looking to sync this wireless satellite with the router.
  • Now, press the sync button of your wireless Orbi router just for a few minutes.
  • After a while, push the satellite sync button that’s located on the backside of this device. Keep holding it for two seconds to catch the router’s WIFi signal.
  • This is flashing blue light now, which means the connection of the router is established between this device favourably.

Connect the Netgear Orbi MS80 Satellite network

Use the below-given steps to connect the Orbi MS80 WiFi system network with your several devices.

  • Use the Ethernet cable to connect the internet via the LAN connection of this satellite with your PC.
  • Apart from this, try to stabilise the internet connection between your WPS enabling devices using this Netgear WiFi mesh system WPS button.
  • Use the WiFi connection to connect to the internet via wireless mode. Just, locate the SSID of this satellite network and password or enter it into the network accessing the field. Let’s experience the high-performance connection after connecting to the internet.

So, these are the explained steps to provide you info about “How to install the Orbi MS80?”. You can use all the aforementioned steps for the Orbi MS80 AX3600 installation.

Steps for the Netgear Orbi MS80 Mesh system Login

Following are the steps described below for the Orbi wifi satellite (MS80) AX3600 login. Let’s use it and access the web management page after login in.

  • Access the add-on Orbi wifi satellite admin page using the Netgear Orbi satellite default IP and
  • Locate this address by exploring it on the user interface (such as Google Chrome, Google Assistant, Firefox, Opera Mini or any other browser) and finish the Netgear Orbi Satellite (MS80) Default Router Login process.
  • Use the Orbi default username and password to log in to the device correctly.
  • Designate the admin field and fill in the username. The password field is filled up with the default password.
  • Now, before login, the Orbi satellite first verifies that the entering credential which is put by you is correct or not.
  • If this is correct, then go ahead and click on the “Log in” option.

Hence, use the aforementioned steps to access the Orbi MS80 login page directly by using these steps.

Basic steps for the Netgear Orbi Satellite (MS80) Setup

Follow the below-furnished points to the add-on Orbi wifi satellite (MS80 AX3600) setup. Let’s use all the Orbi MS80 setup steps.

  • If you think “How to setup Orbi AX3600?” then the first login to the wireless mesh system by using
  • After that, succeed on the Orbi dual-band setup page.
  • Click on the Orbi setup wizard option and let’s begin to modify the settings of this wireless satellite.
  • Go under Basic settings < ADVANCED > Setup Wizard.
  • Apply the settings for the radio button
  • Customize the Orbi AX3600 MS80 network settings by following the on-screen directions.
  • Update the Orbi MS80 satellite extender firmware through its setting section.
  • Go under Orbi satellite factory default settings and emulate the on-screen instructions to reset the Netgear Orbi MS80 Satellite factory default settings.

So, the following aforementioned steps are for the Orbi MS80 Satellite Setup. You can follow all the steps to set it up for your wireless mesh system in all settings.

Tips for the Netgear Orbi MS80 Troubleshooting

Here are the steps to fix the Orbi WiFi satellite (MS80) AX3600 issues, which all are mentioned below.

(i) Orbi MS80 satellite not connecting to the internet

If you think “Why is my Orbi Satellite not connecting or Why won’t my Orbi satellite connect?” then simply sync this with your router again. Switch off both devices’ power for a few seconds and let’s connect it again with the power. If this is not connecting yet, then update your router firmware by the latest version. Hopefully, after this, the MS80 satellite is connected with the internet impeccably.

(ii) Orbi MS80 satellite setup failed

If the Orbi satellite MS80 is offline and it’s not set up precisely. Then, first of all, confirm that the signal indicator lights are flashing or not. If that is not flashed that means this is not configured accurately. So, let’s configure it again and fix this issue.

(iii) Orbi MS80 Satellite not working

In this case, you just locate it on your wireless mesh system reset button. Surely, it is behind this wireless Mesh device. Press or hold the Netgear Orbi AX3600 reset button, approximately for three to five seconds. After that, release this button and sure about that, it is solved now.

(iv) Orbi MS80 flashing red light

If this is flashing red then simply change your satellite location and move it to another location. It may be closer to your Orbi router. See the signal light again after switching on its power, this is flashing now white. You may update your Orbi WiFi range extender to fix this issue permanently.

Netgear Orbi MS80 Satellite Review

The Orbi MS80 satellite is fundamentally an Add-on Satellite that stretches or extends your host or existing Orbi Dual-band WiFi system signal range for more coverage. In addition, a total of 1,500 sq. ft. of network signal coverage to your present Orbi AX3600 system including the same network (SSID) name and accessing the seamless roaming. You can effortlessly append the 1,500 sq ft of authoritative connection coverage to the Orbi Dual-band System. This is only served with Orbi AX3600 systems. The Orbi Dual-band Add-on Satellite entirely furnishes your router signal range up to 1.2Gbps. If you need such one networking range extender then try to extender your home network router range with this booster. It supplies your router signal range up to too far areas without needing or using any extra added wire. Features of this wireless signal range extender are too good and impeccable in comparison to others.


Why do we need to use the Orbi MS80 manual?

The answer to this question is very simple, if you use the Netgear Orbi MS80 user manual then you can smoothly access the countless info regarding using this device simply. Following are the queries which are aware regarding its safety and also includes further queries answers that include under the user manual.

How do the Orbi MS80 systems work?

This is precise works with the Orbi app, you can effortlessly finish the Orbi setup. This takes just a few minutes, so you can begin experiencing more trustworthy WiFi forthwith.

Can I update Orbi satellite MS80 firmware or is it possible with the Orbi app?

Use the Orbi app and visit under the control panel. Search or locate the support section and then click on the latest version firmware of this device and let’s update it by its new version.

Why does the Orbi satellite MS80 flash purple?

The Orbi satellite AX3600 WiFis system flashes the purple signal light to show the Orbi router lost association by the Internet. So, reconnect your router internet and resolve this issue.

What’re the means of the Orbi Satellite MS80 Solid Magenta?

This is showing the weak and slow internet connectivity between your host router and satellite. Resolve this occurring issue by moving this range extender closer to your host router.

Why is Netgear Orbi satellite (add-on satellite AX3600 MS80) offline?

It is shown that your AX3600 wireless satellite is not uniting with the signal router. That’s the reason this is shown offline. If the Orbi satellite is offline after the update, then simply restart this wireless device.

Why does the Orbi app say the MS80 device is offline?

This means your mobile phone has not connected with the strong and reliable connection of the internet. Apart from this, your app may be outdated, that is the specific reason for showing this issue.

How to access Orbi MS80 advanced settings?

Just use the Orbi app and go on directly to this web networking device settings section under it, locate the advanced settings and apply it.

How to improve Orbi MS80 signal strength?

Just, keep closer or keep updating this wireless satellite to update this networking signal device.