Netgear Readynas RN42200

The netgear rn42200 is a wireless network attached storage device. It stores every type of data and files. Basically, this storage device is mostly used in the business. There is a lot of data in a big company, and they have to keep these data at a place where their data remains safe. Then, such companies used netgear readynas storage devices. Generally, the Netgear readynas rn42200 is 2-bay Network Attached Storage Diskless that has five levels of high data protection like X-RAID, unlimited snapshots, bit rot protection, anti-virus and offsite replication. It is an advanced performance network attached storage solution that requirement the demands of every business, company etc. by offering data backup. The two bays network attached storage device support up to 20 TB of storage.

The setup of the netgear storage device is simple with the netgear app. It has ReadyCLOUD technology that automatically accesses and shares files in your own secure private cloud. This storage device backside 2 LAN port, you can easily connect the storage device to the computer.

Installation of the netgear readynas rn42200 NAS

The netgear network storage device is a solution for data sharing, securing and storing. It has more capacity to store data in large quantities. If you want to enjoy the benefits of the rn42200 network attached storage device, then you should install the netgear storage device.

  1. Firstly, unbox the readynas cloud storage device from the packaging box and check if it comes with the following components like ethernet cable, power cord and power adapter, manual etc.
  2. Secondly, place the readynas storage device that provides adequate ventilation.
  3. Then, connect the power cord, one end of the power cord connects to the netgear’ PC port and the other end connects to the power circuit.
  4. Take an ethernet cable and connect the one of the cable into the readynas’s LAN port and the end plug into the computer’s LAN port.
  5. Power on the rn42200 network storage device by pressing the power button and wait until the LED turns into the blue light.

Now the installation steps of the netgear readynas storage device is done. You can easily share the file with the readynas rn42200 storage device without any hassle.

How to access the login page of the netgear rn42200 storage device?

The readynas network attached storage enables all the features and it is a compatible device with the desktop. The netgear rn42200 storage device is the login username and password so that you can access your files from anywhere. If you want to netgear readynas rn42200 login without any hitch then follow some steps.

  • Initially, make sure the device(computer, mobile phone or laptop) where you want to access the login page, such device has internet and wifi connectivity.
  • Open any web browser of your choice like internet explorer, safari, opera and mozilla firefox.
  • Type or https:/169.254. X.x in the browser URL bar, hit enter.
  • In a while, the login page of the netgear nas rn42200 is displayed on the device screen.
  • There are 2 text fields in the login page; username and password.
  • Then you can type the default login username and password.
  • Finally, click the section “login” to login the netgear account.

Thus the netgear storage device installation process is finished. You can also try to login the readynas rn42200 NAS by following these steps without any obstacle.

Manual of the netgear readynas rn42200 NAS

The netgear readynas is high-performance with dual core Intel C-3338 atom server processor with 2 GB DDR4 memory. If you want to know more information about the readynas cloud storage then you should read the netgear readynas rn42200 manual. Manual is that which comes with the network storage device. All the information is there about the readynas like brand name is NETGEAR, digital storage capacity is 20 TB, hardware interface is Ethernet, product dimension is 23.88 x 13.46 x 19.3 cm; 3.52 Kilograms, model number is RN42200-100NES, RAM size is 2 GB, computer memory type: DDR4 SDRAM, wattage: 60 watts, ASIN: B01N4FXY9I etc. By reading this manual, you can find out all the information about the readynas rn42200 network attached storage device.

Setup of the netgear readynas NAS rn42200

The network attached storage device stores every type of files and documents. It helps protect their data against physical and human errors. If you want to netgear nas rn42200 setup, then it is simple. There are some steps, which are given below.

  • First and foremost, power ON the netgear storage device by pressing the power button and wait until the power signal turns into a solid blue.
  • Then, login the account with the
  • Here, input the netgear readynas default password and username in their column and login the network storage account.
  • Click “setup” wizard to set up the readynas rn42200.
  • Set the cloud storage network name and password. Passwords must be at least 8 characters.
  • You also select the security encryption WPA/WPA2.
  • Then, you can select the readycloud radio button and complete the mynetgear account fields.
  • After these settings, click “apply” to save the setting.

Now the setup steps of the netgear readynas rn42200 network storage device is successfully complete. These were some of its steps, which can easily follow without any hurdle.

Troubleshooting steps of the netgear readynas rn42200 not working
Sometimes the netgear storage device is not working, they cause some error. You can easily resolve these errors with the troubleshooting steps. The readynas troubleshooting steps are given below.

  • The netgear nas rn42200 not working, then you should power off the storage device by pressing the power ON/OFF button for 1-2 minutes. Afterward, again power ON the storage device.
  • It does not store the data then you should verify you properly install the driver in the proper way.
  • Sometimes the netgear readynas storage device is not saved and shares the date then, you need to check the connection between the cloud storage device and computer.
  • The is not accessed then you need to check the internet or wifi connection. You can clean the cache history of the browser. You can also use another web browser like chrome, safari etc.
  • Time-to-time you need to check the firmware update of the netgear readynas.
  • In the eventually, follow all the above steps but if your readynas rn42200 is still not working then you should reset the storage device.

Netgear readynas rn42200 review

The netgear readynas(network attached storage) is an extremely perfect device for storing the files and documents. It is a solution for small businesses, workgroups, and branch offices of up to 40 employees. It has ReadyCLOUD technology that secures and automated VPN access to data. With ReadyNAS en42200 you finally have an advanced and easy-to-use and the solution for centralizing, securing, and sharing those critical assets. The setup of the readynas device is effortless with the netgear NAS web address. The readyNAS Replicate the file replication to any Readynas anywhere. It builds your own private cloud for data compliance and privacy. That means the netgear rn42200 network attached storage device is a tremendous storage device for sharing, Storing and securing the data.


Can I manually update the firmware of the netgear readynas device?

To update the netgear nas rn42200 firmware, login the netgear account with default login username and password. Then, go to the adaminstation setting and click the option “firmware update”. Then click “browse” to upload the firmware file. Afterward, click the section “upgrade”.

How do I reset the netgear rn42200 NAS?

To reset the netgear network attached storage device is easy with the reset button. For this, locate the button. The netgear nas rn42200 reset button is on the bottom side. Press and hold the button for a few seconds, you can use the paperclip to hold the button. After that, release the button and power indicator turn orange light that means reset is done.

Can the netgear rn42200 storage device connect to the wifi router?

Of-course yes the netgear readynas rn42200 is connected to the wifi router. You can use the ethernet cable to connect the NAS to the wifi router.