Netgear wifi extender not showing up

Is your Netgear wifi extender not showing up? If you want to fix this error and find a specific solution for it, then, obtain all the pertinent instructions about it from here. In this case, you have to simply try to reboot and restart the device. Generally, this error arises due to several major issues such as misconfiguration, power issues, outdated Firmware, entering the Wrong IP address, SSID not being enabled, and receiver device issue, etc. If you are using the Mesh system then, in this case, it only shows only your main router’s network name, so kindly remind it. You must verify that your range Extender exaggerates and broadcasts its SSID or network name perfectly.

The Netgear WiFi range extender network name (SSID) not showing up on your computer WiFi name list. In this case, you should let’s reboot the power cycle of your range extender. Surely, this supplies the internet connection perfectly and too shows your range extender name into the list. Additionally, if it’s not resolved then simply reconnect the Netgear extender with the default WiFi network. Let’s try to fix it, through the browser, just launch a web browser and customize the Netgear range extender settings. So, let’s obtain detailed steps to fix the Netgear extender without showing any trouble. It’s all mentioned below.

Why is the Netgear Extender not showing up?

Usually, the Netgear range extender does not show the SSID or network name in the network name list due to several issues. It’s vital for you to know all pertinent reasons of such occurring issue, it’s all are following such as:

This issue will be occurring due to partial installation of this internet device and misconfiguration of the Netgear extender.
Moreover, this issue shows due to a disabled internet connection.
Surely, your Netgear extender is outdated and has no internet drivers.
The Netgear range extender shows the issues due to a wimpy and slow signal of network connection.
The firmware of the networking device is corrupt.
Apart from this, the distance between your Netgear range extender and router is too long.
Additionally, the SSID or network name is not broadcasting.
Moreover, the Netgear range extender is not booted up precisely.
Power surging and the range extender not uniting with your router correctly.
Lastly, it may occur due to entering the wrong Ip address.
Let’s take a stretch to know the troubleshooting tips to fix the Netgear extender not showing up on the network list

Generally, this type of issue will be occurring due to inactive and not recognizing internet connection. Here are the following amazing tips & tricks to fix the Netgear wifi extender not showing up.

1. Let’s fix the weak and poor connection

Here are the following steps to fix the Netgear wifi extender not showing up.

General Reason: Generally, the Netgear WiFi Extender is not shown up on the WiFi list due to not connecting your existing router with the internet outages.

First and foremost, be sure that the internet connection is working on your mediocre router.
Verify your main router internet connection.
Also, fix this error, by connecting this range extender with your main router using the Ethernet cable. Must connect your PC with your range extender using the Ethernet cable.
If this is not fixed yet, then identify all pertinent internet issues of this system.

(i) Try to fix the Netgear Extender not showing trouble with hard reset

Let’s try to fix this troubling hard reset. You will be particularly resetting your system in two ways (using the WPS button or through the web interface). Just, unplug the device and after a while, plug it back in. After rebooting it, kindly holed up the reset button of this range extender. Just keep holding it, normally for 5 seconds. Follow the screen instructions to resetting its factory default settings using the browser.

(ii) Unplug all the Netgear extender wires

Apart from this, if this is not solved yet, kindly unplug all wires. Leave all the wires as it is. After a while, kindly plug all the wires into their pertinent ports. Correctly fix all the wires and also, sure that any wire is not damaged.

(iii) Exclude the internet Interference

Additionally, remove the internet interference that can present the general issues that are relevant to the internet. Kindly banish the entire internet interference which is disrupting the internet connection, like disconnecting all the wifi devices which are not in use, RF receivers, etc.

After finishing all the steps of this system, kindly reconnect the WiFi extender and let’s find out this system name in your computer network name list.

2. Troubleshoot it by updating the Netgear extender firmware

Usually, the issue will be held due to an outdated version of the Netgear range extender. So, let’s apply the following steps to fix the Netgear extender not showing an error.

Explore into any internet-enabled device browser.
Insert the device admin name and its default password to locate this Netgear range extender login page.
Once you are finishing the login steps, then simply move on to the Netgear setup wizard page.
Click on “firmware” and let’s follow all the instructions of the screen to update this device firmware.

3. Re-install the Netgear range extender

These are the following instructions to fix the error of this networking system. All the steps are described below.

Kindly verify that you have to connect your networking system with a reliable power source, if this is faulty then surely this is shown the issue.
Also, keep your range extender and router at the same distance.
Moreover, keep away your transmitters, cordless phones, televisions, etc. it might show several internet interferences.

4. Enable the SSID and Netgear extender WiFi channel

Usually, the basic errors presented might be due to only transmitting the 5Ghz band WiFi connection. In case, the receivers do not support it and it shows the network name not showing the issue. Let’s fix it by using the following points.

Firstly, you have to access the Netgear range extender settings through your internet-enabling computer browser.
Designate from its settings section wireless & network settings < wireless setup wizard < choose the channels < choose 2.4Ghz either you can choose 5Ghz. Click on “Enable SSID broadcast”. Move on to the security section and enable the WPA2-PSK. After this, kindly save all kinds of your application settings to show its device name on the WiFi network name list. Therefore, let’s try to fix this Netgear extender SSID not showing issue by this aforementioned all troubleshooting tips.