Orbi RBW30 Satellite

The Netgear Orbi RBW30 Satellite is a gadget that operates with the Orbi AC router to repeat the coverage at every flank of your house. Experience the internet with a single WiFi to get a seamless connection from room to room. The tri band satellite is competent to furnish a brisk throughout of 2.4 GBps and coverage of 1500 square feet if installed in a proper zone. Add more satellites to the Orbi WiFi box(router)to get a wide range of WiFi networks. Surf the internet to stream 4K videos and online gaming sans any buffer experience.
Due to the wall plug design, it is super easy to install. The Netgear Orbi app proffers to set up with your tablet or digital phone. For the meticulous setup info, go after the simple Info to conclude the setup.

Netgear Orbi RBW30 Satellite Setup

Unpack your Orbi satellite parcel box and remove the add-ons, manual, and device. Put all these in a secure spot. Deem the Orbi satellite user manual carefully. Once done, you are good to install the satellite. As the satellite is congruent with the Orbi WiFi box(router), you have to power on your Orbi WiFi box first.

Connect to your Orbi Router

Shut off the internet modem from an electric receptacle or surge protector. Evade shut off the wall jack for internet connectivity. Fix the internet modem one more time into the AC power and make it ON. Put the battery into the compartment, if it is battery operated. Join the network cord to the Orbi WiFi box LAN jack and the internet modem network jack. Fix the powerline adapter to the WiFi box and then to the electric receptacle. If the Orbi router is powered off still, then clasp and force the ON/OFF button on the backside of the device. Once the WiFi box is ON, then you have to place the WiFi box in a location within the WiFi box range.

Place your add-on Orbi wall-plug satellite (RBW30)

Position your satellite viewing the coverage of the WiFi box. You can see the satellite LED light to get the best spot to place it. After placing the satellite, sync it with the Orbi router.

Sync your Netgear Orbi Wall Plug Satellite (RBW30)

Once you have placed the WiFi satellite in an exquisite spot, it’s time to sync it with the WiFi box. You have three choices whether to sync your satellite with the router using an app, manually, or web browser.

Sync the Orbi tri-band add-on wall plug satellite 2.2gbps with the app

The app setup is simple and authorizes you to set up the satellite with your digital phone. You can use the Orbi app to sync the Orbi satellite with the WiFi box. Power on your satellite first. For that, you have to install it on your digital phone. The app is congruent to support Android and iOS devices. Once installed, go after the below info to pair(sync) the satellite with the Orbi WiFi box.
Open the Orbi app on your digital phone or tablet. Tap the menu symbol indicating three horizontal lines. Next, touch the add satellite option. Now go after the interface prompts to sync the satellite. You can also sync the Orbi RBW30 satellite with the WiFi box manually using the following info.

Sync Orbi wall-plug satellite extender with router manually

You can sync your Orbi router manually in spite of the app with the web browser too. To do this, go after this simple info as stated above.
Apply electric current to the satellite by injecting it into the AC power. If it does not ON, then push the ON/OFF button on the device. The Orbi RBW30 satellites flash white light. The satellites detect the Orbi router WiFi network and try to link with it. Once you spot the solid blue light, the satellite is synced with the WiFi box exquisitely. If the satellite white light glows, then push the sync button on the rear of it. Stay calm for a few seconds and push the sync button without exceeding a time of 120 seconds.

Sync Orbi Range Extender Satellite with Web Browser

On the other hand, if you are looking to sync with the web interface, obey the info from here.
Open the search portal(web browser) on your laptop or digital phone and typify the web address orbilogin.com The Orbi satellite login page manifests. Typify the password and username to do Orbi login. The management page reveals. Pick Add Orbi satellite option and go after the screen info. Next, connect the satellite to the power source. Next, go after the steps as stated in the manual sync configuration.

Setup the Orbi “Wall-Plug” Satellite RBW30-100nas Backhaul Connection

The Orbi satellite pairs wirelessly to the Orbi router or another Orbi RBW30 satellite using a backhaul connection. Moreover, you can employ a network cord connection to link up your satellite to the router or another satellite. Before going to set up, assure that you have updated the firmware. Fix the network cord to the router network jack of the router or satellite. Join the other end of the network cord should be fixed to the satellite. The backhaul; connection furnishes a more stable connection as compared to the wireless one.

Orbi RBW30 Satellite Firmware Upgrade

Do the Orbi login by chasing the web address orbilogin.com. Once you access the login page, hit the advanced option on the basic home page. Next, get into the admin page and hit the firmware update. Later, pick the online update option and hit the check button. If available, then hit the Update button. You can also do the firmware update manually by downloading the firmware from the Netgear support page. Once downloaded, upload it to the respective field. Do not leave the RBW30 firmware in the midway while the update is in process.

Netgear Add-on Orbi RBW30 Satellite Troubleshooting

Obey the given troubleshooting steps to tackle any issue of your satellite.

  • Orbi rbw30 not connecting to WiFi? This issue may happen if you did not upgrade the firmware to the most advanced version. Disjoin the satellite from the AC power and join again. Try one more time to sync with the WiFi box. Get assured you have typified the accurate password to join the satellite network.
  • Place the Satellite within the coverage area of the Orbi WiFi box. Try to spot the superior location for the satellite viewing the LED lights.
  • If the Orbi app not working, then upgrade it to the recent version. Try to clean the data as well as the cache of the app. Delete the app and install it one more time.
  • If you have restored the settings previously, then you can do it with a login page to backup all the custom-made settings. If Orbi login does not open, probe your web browser.
  • Boot up all the devices such as satellite, WiFi box, PC, or digital phone. If nothing works, then do the Orbi RBW30 factory reset operation. Use a pen or pencil or similar tool and force it into the reset hole for 10 to 15 seconds. The Orbi RBW30 blinking white initiates. Once the PWR stabilizes, the reset is exquisite.


I am looking for an extender to work with my Orbis mesh. Then I found Orbi satellite the best option and purchased it. A little booster works great with the Orbi mesh system. It expands the prevailing range of the system. Due to the wall plug design, it is super easy to install. I installed it in my house. It barely takes 10 minutes. The range and speed are superb. Overall, a complete solution to repeat the signal. Highly recommended.