The Brostrend Extender is a range-extended dual-band network & signals booster device. It completely boosts the Wi-Fi network range & enables connecting up to 20 devices. You can simply amplify the Wi-Fi range & extend the network coverage by using a signal booster. This extender device Wi-Fi range is reached throughout your home & all parts. Moreover, the brostrend ac1200 range extender offers two networks such as 2.4GHz & 5 GHz. The extender speed is 867Mbps under the 5GHz network as well as 300mbps under the 2.4Ghz Network. This network unit thoroughly improves the Wi-Fi network coverage. To maintain & enhance the network, you have to do the setup. From you can simple & effortlessly perform the extender setup.

Moreover, the WPS button that is here on the front surface of the extender also enables, to perform the extender’s setup. The 2× high gain & power antennas are equipped on the extender that offers a strong, superior, & more reliable Wi-Fi range. The signal amplifier is also built-in that entirely allows better Wi-Fi coverage. The MU-MIMO technology feature is there that enables multiple devices to access the network & 4K streaming, downloading, internet surfing, & gaming.

Brostrend range extender login via

The Brostrend extender offers extended wireless coverage with a better Wi-Fi range. To approach a better Wi-Fi range, you have to configure the setting. Configure the setting by using the web interface, you have to get the brostrend wifi extender login page.

  • To log in to the brostrend account, you have to connect your PC or mobile phone to the Brostrend extender network.
  • You have to plug the extender device into the power supply and switch the power on. Now enable the WiFi in your appliance & open the network setting. Verify the extender SSID.
  • The default SSID of the extender apparatus is brosTrend_EXT, you have to connect your appliance to the extender network.
  • From login wizard into the web interface, you have to redirect the login window.
    Brostrend range extender login
  • If by chance the login wizard does not open from this address then you can also go to the login wizard from
  • On the Brostrend extender login window, write administration password & username.
  • Click the login button.

And that’s it! The Brostrend extender login is done with the default login admin panel. After this, you can extend that network to whichever network you want to extend.

How to set up brostrend wifi extender with

The setup of the brostrend extender is mandatory to extend the network of your existing device. To extend the network of your existing device, you need to perform the brostrend extender setup. Here are some range extender setup steps with the default web addresses.

  • Ensure the range extender power status is switched ON & additionally LED light status is solid blue.
  • Once the Brostrend extender’s account is logged in with the default login address. Additionally, from you can also log into the account.
  • Then, you will be able to choose the current network name in the presented below list that you wish to extend the network.
  • Now, mention the correct WiFi password of the current network, click the available extend option on this page.
  • On the page, the extended network name is displayed & indicators LED light to indicate solid blue. The solid blue LED light indicates the best connection signals.

Congratulations! The setup of the wireless dual-band extender is successfully complete by using the default login address.

Brostrend wifi extender setup with WPS button

If the range extender is not set up with the default web address, then you can also set it up using the WPS button. Here are some brostrend wifi extender setup steps via the WPS button.

  • To set up the Brostrend extender with the WPS button, you have to put this extender apparatus into the wall electric power supply.
  • To set up the extender with the WPS button, first of all, you have to press the WPS button of the device whose network you want to extend, like a standard router.
  • Then, hold the Brostrend extender’s WPS button for 2-3 seconds.
    Brostrend setup wps
  • Now you have to look at the status indicator light of the extender, if its LED is red then the standard router is kept away from this extender appliance.
  • You are trying to place the existing appliance(standard router) around the extender.
  • The signal’s LED light status is solid blue, the connection is good & it is ready to use.

Finally! The steps of the Brostrend ac1200 setup are entirely & completely finished by using the WPS button.

Where should we place the brostrend extender after setup?

The setup of the range extender device is most important & essentials to extend the Wi-Fi range of your standard router. If the position of the extender device is not correct then you will not be able to extend the existing network.

The position of brostrend ac1200 wifi booster range extender should be between the router and the dead zone. By placing the extender in the dead zone, the wifi dead zone will end. Moreover, the range extender is located under the cool & kept away from the warm source or device.

Change brostrend extender default password via

If the Wi-Fi range of the Brostrend ac1200 extender is slow then you can instantly improve the range. For this, you have to change the default login password. From the default web address, you can simply brostrend change password.

  • From the default login admin panel, you have to navigate the web management page.
  • You have to click the general setting of the range extender device.
  • Under this setting, choose the password option.
  • You have to write a new password for the brostrend extender. Also, re-enter the password to confirm the new password.
  • In the end, click the Apply button.

Thus, the brostrend wifi extender default password is a successful change.

Brostrend extender LED indicator light description

The status indicator LED light is powered on the front panel of the brostrend range extender apparatus. This LED light is more useful for the extender. But some users think about what is different light status on extender, here is the LED light description.

Power LED light:
  • The power LED light status is solid ON, which means the range extender has started.
  • LED light status is blinking, the extender appliance is started.
  • Power LED is off, the range extender is off.
WPS LED light:
  • WPS LED is ON, which means the connection is established.
  • This LED light blinking, the connection is being established.
  • WPS LED status is off, this function is disabled.
Signal LED Light:
  • If this LED light is solid blue, which means a range extender connects to the existing device(router), additionally the position is good.
  • The signal LED light is solid red, the range extender is kept away from the existing device.
  • If the signal LED light is off, the signal booster does not connect to the router.

Brostrend ac1200 manual

The Brostrend range extender boosts the internet connection & completely recommended 20 wireless & wired devices. The Alexa device completely works with the extender device & voice control is enabled. But any user thinks many questions before extending the network of the router with an extender device like how to connected browstred wifi extender, how to connect the brostrend extender to the standard router, how to install range extender without AC power adapter, how to configure BrosTrend extender, how to set up brostrend extender, how to upgrade the Brostrend firmware, how to factory reset with default login wizard, & more. So the correct answers to all these available questions can be easily found in a user manual that comes with the extender.

Additionally, in the brostrend ac1200 manual, you will be approaching the technical information related to the signals booster extender. This technical information is very important to know the device well. Through this information, you get to know the WiFi speed, connectivity technology, brand name, and much more. not working? How to fix it?

The Brostrend extender completely supports the most advanced technology such as 802.11a/b/n/g&ac. If you want to entirely access the extender then you can use the default login address. This address allows you to approach the range extender. By using this default address, you simply log in to the extender appliance, navigate the web management, & also upgrade the firmware.

But sometimes, the not working, then the user cannot be able to configure the setting & amplify the range. To resolve the default address issue, here are some resolutions.

  • Check the Wi-Fi network in your device if the login web address is not working properly.
  • You have to go to the browser & verify the browser update function. You have to be up-to-date with the browser.
  • Do not mention web address without http:// into the address bar.
  • If you do not need cookies, cache, & history, then delete the web interface that you are using.
  • Instead of the default login web interface, you use a brostrend wifi extender ip address.

Thus, these are some resolutions to resolve the web address issues.

Brostrend wifi extender troubleshooting steps

If the range extender does not deliver high-speed network & extended coverage, then you have to try to resolve the problem. There are a few steps to fix common extender issues quickly and easily.

Update the brostrend firmware:

Sometimes, the WiFi network of the Brostrend range extender does not show in their list, so the user cannot connect to your device. If the firmware version is outdated, because of this issue is coming, then for this, you have to update the firmware. Here are some steps that will resolve the problem of how to update brostrend ext firmware.

  • From you have to navigate the web management wizard of the extender.
  • Click the advanced setting, & choose the firmware upgrade button.
  • You have to put the new firmware file that you download by using the browse option.
  • Click the upgrade button.
Verify the cable connection:

If the range extender won’t turn ON, then you should establish the cable connection. You have to establish a cable connection.

  • Verify the range extender plug properly put into the power supply
  • Ensure the brostrend extender power button status switches ON.
  • Make sure the range extender location.
Restart the brostrend extender:

Sometimes, no internet in the range extender then the user cannot watch a 4K video & nor play gaming. Here are some steps that are answered about the brostrend extender no internet how to resolve?

  • To restart the extender, you have to switch off the power supply button by pressing the power supply button.
  • You have to unplug the extender from this power supply.
  • Press & hold the power button that is here on the Brostrend extender, the power of this apparatus is switched off.
  • After some minutes, again, press & hold the power & switch On the extender power.
Check the network setting:

If the 5GHz network does not detect then you have to examine the network setting.

  • From, you have to navigate the login page & log in to the extender.
  • Visit the network setting by accessing the web management page.
  • If the 5GHz network status is off under the network setting, then you have to switch ON.
Reset the Brostrend WiFi dual-band extender:

To resolve the not working issue, you have to perform the reset. But the user thinks about how to reset brostrend ext? Then with a login web address, easily perform reset the extender.

  • Make sure the power status of the BrosTrend extender is switched ON.
  • From login wizard, visit the web management page.
  • Under the advanced setting, choose the reset option.
  • To factory reset the extender, click the reset button.

Brostrend extender review

In my point of view, the brostrend extender review is very good & amazing than the other device review. Because it comes along with multiple technologies & networks. The dual-band network is equipped with an extender that enhances the Wi-Fi network range. The main thing about this apparatus, it completely works with any standard WiFi router. The network coverage covers up to 1200 sq. ft. Simply 20 devices access the network at a time, & enjoy the network on multiple devices.

Besides, the external antennas are powered in the brostrend ext device that improves the Wi-Fi coverage. With the Wi-Fi range of this device, you can easily approach the network in your whole residence. The MIMO technology that is equipped in this extender allows multiple devices to get the network in a single time.

Moreover, in the brostrend ac1200 wifi range extender, 1 Ethernet port is there that is specially designed for wired devices. Generally, is the answer to what is the official support of brostrend. Thus, the Brostrend extender is a superior & extended network coverage signals booster device.