Ring Chime Doorbell

The Ring chime is a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connected wireless notification device. It is usually used to connect to all your ring video doorbells as well as cam, so you can securely hear real-time notification anywhere in your residence. With this chime box, you can simply & easily hear the notification when someone passes your doorbell & motion is detected. Moreover, you have to simply plug the Ring chime doorbell into the power socket & then connect this box to your ring doorbell & camera. This device completely works with WiFi network connectivity. Additionally, 802.11 b/g/n wifi connection 2.4 GHz completely works with this appliance. The classic & seasonal tones are equipped in this appliance that is very helpful to hear the notification anywhere in your home like kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, & more.

Furthermore, the ring chime sounds quality is very high & loud. The status light is also built-in in this box that absolutely provides the status. If the 2.4GHz network is connected to the ring chime then the LED light status is solid state. The detectable plug is built-in, so that you can directly plug into the wall socket. The setup is fast for this chime box by using the Ring app. Click here If you want to know What Ring doorbell works with the existing chime?

Ring Chime Doorbell Important safety instructions

The Ring chime box absolutely connects to the ring device such as ring video doorbell & camera. With this device, you can securely hear the sound in your home. But to hear the sound with this doorbell, you have to install it. But before installing the chime box, you have to know some important safety instructions.

  • Do not place the ring chime near the direct sunlight.
  • Place the ring chime into the heating source & heating device like the microwave & refrigerator.
  • Place the ring chime under the 2.4GHz network to hear notification anywhere.
  • Do not install the ring chime far from the wall outlet.
  • Ensure the chime box distance from the ring video doorbell & cam.
  • You do not have to connect any device to the ring chime other than the ring device, otherwise it will not work.

Thus, the important safety instructions were completely finished. After that, you can easily & effortlessly install the ring chime.

Ring chime doorbell installation guide

If you wish to connect the ring chime to the ring cam as well as the ring video doorbell, then you have to install it. You can’t hear notifications anywhere in your home without installing it. Here are some ring chime installation guides.

Out in the packaging box:
  • To install the chime box with a ring camera & video doorbell, you have to take out the chime device into its packaging box.
  • You have to place the packaging box on the flat & clean surface.
  • Then, you have to remove the tape on the packaging & take out the accessories.
  • Inside this box, you have to find ring chime, Wall plugs(U.S, UK, EU), Quick Install Guide, & ring.chime pro manual.
  • To successfully & instantly install the chime you have to thoroughly read the quick install guide.
Plug the ring chime into power outlet:
  • After unpacking the chime box into the packaging box, you have to switch on the power.
  • You have to connect the wall plug into the ring chime.
  • Then, plug the ring chime into the wall outlet. Ensure the centralized position of the ring chime, so that you can easily hear the notification.
  • Press the power button of the chime box & switch ON the power.
Connect the chime box to the ring video doorbell & cam:
  • After connecting the ring chime to the wall outlet, you have to connect this appliance to the doorbell & camera.
  • You have to verify the WiFi network in your Android or iOS device. Download the ring app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • Sign-in the account by mentioning the login details in the available column.
  • Open the ring app, & visit the home page. On the page, you have to tap the menu option.
  • Under the menu option, you have to select set up a Device option in the flooring option.
  • Now, we need to select chimes at the device that we’re going to set up. It says the ring would like to access your cameras so just ahead and say OK.
  • Then, on the back of the ring chime you will find the QR code, you have to scan this code with your phone.
  • Presently, a notification popped up allowing us to use a location we’re going to go ahead & click allow inec here.
Connect to the 2.4GHz network:
  • The ring chime thoroughly works with 2.4GHz network. To hear live sound anywhere, connect to the network.
  • Launch the ring app in your Android or iOS mobile phone.
  • Then, reach in the setting & select the network option in the setting menu.
  • Under the network option, you have to mention SSID in the network name field.
  • You have to enter the password of your WiFi router in the available password column.
  • In the end, tap the connect option to successfully connect the chime to the network.
  • Now, the ring chime is blinking green, which means the connection is successful.

Congratulations! The installation of the ring chime box is completely finished. After that, you can entirely use the chime box in your home.

Ring chime manual guide

The ring chime box provides the facility to hear the sound when someone passes away from the ring video doorbell. This doorbell is a great device for listening to sound. But every chime box user thinks of many questions relevant to this product. The user mind thinks many questions such as how to change ring chime sound, how to set up chime box, how to connect the chime box to the ring video doorbell, how to install ring chime, how to plug the ring chime to the wall outlet, how loud is ring chime, how to perform reset of chime box, how to adjust the volume of ring chime, how to connect the ring chime to the Wi-Fi network, & more. Then, in all questions, answers are found in the user manual of this device that comes along into the packaging box.

Moreover, in the ring chime manual, you also find the chime box with every information along with the answer. This manual delivers product information like LED indicator light, 802.11 b/g/n network compatible, 2.4GHz network, power button, detachable plug, hear alert loud & clear, & more.

Ring Chime Doorbell Setup Steps via ring app

The setup of the ring chime is necessary to work well. If you do not perform the setup, then you cannot hear the sound properly. To perform the setup, you have to download ring chimes App. with this, you can easily & quickly perform the wireless setup. Here are some setup steps of the chime box.

  • To set up the ring chime, you have to scan the QR that is available on the back side of the chime box.
  • Download the ring app in your mobile phone, ensure your mobile connects to the 2.4GHz network.
  • You have to tap the sign-in or create account option, & mention the details.
  • You have to visit the setting and ensure the chime box connects to the network. If it is not connect to the network then connect it with the network option.
  • To adjust the volume of this chime box, you have to tap the volume option and securely adjust the volume.
  • To change the classic & seasonal tones, you have to select the tones option & thoroughly change the tones.
  • After configuring the setting of Ring Chime Doorbell, you have to tap the done option.

Finally! With the ring app user manual the setup of the chime box is successfully complete.

Ring chime Troubleshooting steps about common issues

The ring chime completely works with the ring video doorbell & cam. But occasionally, some common issues comnes such as the doorbell not connecting to the chime box, not connecting to WiFi, & more. Then, for all the common issues there are some ring chime troubleshooting steps.

Ring chime not connecting to app:

Sometimes, the ring chime not connecting to app, so the user cannot hear the sound remotely.

  • Ensure the power of the ring chime box is switched ON.
  • Make sure your mobile securely connects to the 2.4GHz network. If the network is not available then the ring chime does not connect to the app.
Chime box not ringing:

If the ring chime is not ringing, then the user faces an issue. Here are some resolutions.

  • Make sure the sound setting is configured, if sound is mute then unmute to resolve the issue.
  • Ensure the chime box is properly connected to the power supply.
Not lighting up:

Many times, the ring chime not lighting up means this device is not turning ON.

  • You have to verify the ring chime properly connects the power supply.
  • Ensure the power supply button is turned ON & additionally the chime power button is also turned ON.
Chime not connecting to the WiFi:

Sometimes, the ring chime is not connecting to the WiFi network.

  • Make sure you use a ring to connect the chime box to the network.
  • Verify the chime box & outer. Place the chime under the WiFi router range.
Ring Chime not connecting to doorbell:

If the ring chime is not connecting to doorbell, then the user cannot hear the sound.

  • You have to verify the ring chime is installed under the doorbell range.
  • To connect the ring chime to the doorbell, you have to use a ring app.

Ring chime doorbell review

In my point of view, the ring chime review is a stupendous & high sound quality chime box. You can connect this device to your ring video doorbell and camera. With this device, you can easily & securely hear the notification anywhere in your home. This device is generally used to listen for notification. The sound quality of the chime box is high & very loud. The use of this chime box is very simple & not complicated. Simply just plug the chime box into the wall socket. It comes along with detached plugs that directly plug into the power supply. The LED light is built-in on the front of the chime that indicates the appliance status. If the rapid blinking that means scanning for available networks, LED light slow pulse, Wi-Fi setup mode. Sometimes, the ring chime pro flashing blue light that means this device is booting up.

Furthermore, the reset button is also built-in in the chime box, by using this button you can easily do the reset. The 2.4GHz network is completely compatible with the ring chime. Many chime tones are available, you can select any one tone. You can effortlessly adjust the volume of this chime box. Some users think about how to setup up ring chime, then by using a ring app the setup is fast. Eventually, the ring chime doorbell is an amazing & high-quality notification system.