Roborock E35 Robot Vacuum

The roborock e35 is a smart wifi-connected wireless vacuum cleaner. It has specially designed indoor floor cleaning, so you do not use it outdoors. This vacuum cleaner has a built-in high-precision laser sensor. Usually, the roborock e35 vacuum cleaners are efficient and intelligent which means fast clean and no random bumping. It comes with multiple accessories like a water reservoir, module for wet cleaning, power cable, dock station, dock charger, and 5200mAh battery. Extremely valuable for a large home. Ideal for your home as well as office. The battery of the e35 vacuum cleaner is long-lasting which means a 5200mAh battery is installed that works continuously for 2.5hours. A generous dustbin is there on this vacuum cleaner that even the large homes can be cleaned in one go.

The Mi Home app is very useful to set up the roborock e35 robot vacuum cleaner and it is hassle-free. It comes with a 2000Pa Strong Suction that smoothly cleans the floors. This vacuum cleaner is around all the areas of the home. You do not use the e35 robot cleaner at a high temperature of 40°C and a low temperature than 4°C.

Installation of the Roborock E35 Robot Vacuum cleaner

The roborock vacuum cleaner comes with a mop that quickly cleans the floors and your floors keep the shine. It is quickly connected to the wifi network without interruption. If you imagine how to use the roborock vacuum cleaner then the roborock e35 installation guide is here, you can follow this guide and easily install the cleaner.

  1. To install the e35 cleaner, you should use an out of a box vacuum cleaner if it is a new one.
  2. Then, verify all the roborock e35 vacuum cleaner and mop accessories provided with the cleaner to properly install the vacuum cleaner.
  3. Pick the dock charger into the groove of the waterproof mat of the roborock e35 cleaner and install it in place.
  4. Now, connect the dock charger to the power supply and then press the power supply button.
  5. Then, you can hold and press the power button of the vacuum cleaner and wait till the power LED turns solid on.
  6. Afterward, you install the mopping module. The roborock e35 mopping instruction is you can remove the water tank and then reinstall the water tank. You can install the mopping cloth, if the mapping cloth dampens then you should dampen the mopping cloth of the roborock e35 cleaner and squeeze it dry.
  7. Now, you can install the module, to install the module you can push the module in parallel along with the alignment sign on the rear of the machine and on the mopping module. If the module is installed then you hear a “clink” sound.
  8. Then, you can press the start button for cleaning the floors. It is around all the corner and area of the home
    After cleaning the floors you can remove the mapping module from the vacuum cleaner.

Now, the process of roborock e35 installation is completely finished. After that, quickly clean the floors and set up the vacuum cleaner without any trouble.

Steps for Connect roborock e35 robot vacuum to the wifi

The robot vacuum cleaner has built-in wifi network connectivity that simply connects to the wifi. Now, the question comes to how to connect roborock to wifi, with the roborock app you can quickly connect the vacuum cleaner to the wireless wifi network.

  • To roborock e35 wifi setup, you should navigate the app store on your smart mobile phone and then download and install the roborock app.
  • After downloading the app you can tap and open the roborock app. Then you can choose the region and allow all the terms and conditions.
  • Then, tap the sign-in section and create the account while using a valid username ID and password.
  • Now, the page pop-up, you tap “+icon” and add the roborock e35 vacuum cleaner with the app. As soon as you tap “+icon” display the list but you choose e35 robot cleaner.
  • You can utilize a PIN or similar components to press the e35 cleaner wifi button. This button is situated on the bottom side, while utilizing this pin you can press the wi-fi button.
  • Then the wi-fi indicator LED is flashing slowly.
  • Go to the wifi option in the roborock app and then tap the option “select your home wifi”. After that select the wifi network, you input the network password in the provided wifi password field.
  • After input all the information you can tab “next” and the e35 is not supported by the 5 GHz band, only supports 2.4 GHz frequency radio.
  • In the end, tap “connect to reboot wi-fi”.

Eventually, the roborock e35 connect to wifi in a proper manner. Now, you seamlessly enjoy the benefit and secure use of this device.

Routine maintenance steps of the roborock e35 vacuum cleaner

If you want your e35 cleaner to work properly then you should do routine maintenance. After maintenance of the cleaner, it works better and clears all the floors. The roborock e35 routine maintenance manual is really beneficial to maintain the vacuum cleaner, some steps are as follows.

  • Firstly, you should power ON the vacuum cleaner, then press the e35 buckle and remove the buckle from the robot cleaner.
  • After removing the buckle you should take out of the main brush and clean the brush bearing while utilizing supplied brush cleaning components and then clean the brush in properly.
  • Now, you can re-install the main brush of the robot e35 vacuum cleaner and mop and then tightly cover the buckle.
  • For maintaining the roborock e35 robot vacuum you should weekly clean the dust bin and strainer. For this, you should push the cover of the vacuum cleaner. Then press the Dustbin buckle of the robot cleaner, after that take out the dustbin buckle.
  • You can remove the dustbin cover and empty all the trash.
  • Then, clean the washable strainers of the roborock cleaner, for this, you should take out the dustbin cover. Then utilize pouring water and input the water into the dustbin. After that shake the water, and then remove the dirty water.
  • Also, remove the filter and wash this filter from the water. After that, clean the filter and dustbin with a dry cloth and then re-install the roborock e35 dustbin.
  • You should clean the roborock e35 sensor monthly. To clean the sensor you utilize a dry cloth and then clean it.

Thus, it is routine maintenance steps for the robot e35 vacuum cleaner. You can also try these steps to maintain your vacuum cleaner.

Manual of the Roborock e35 vacuum cleaner

The roborock e35 is a superior vacuum cleaner that cleans all the floors with a high-precision sensor. It comes with multiple specifications and accessories. The e35 accessories are really helpful to install the vacuum cleaner. If you think about how to use a vacuum cleaner, how to program roborock, how to connect roborock e35 pure to wifi, So for this you have to use a small roborock e35 robot vacuum and mop manual that came with it because you will get all the information in it. The model number of this vacuum cleaner is e35. The surface recommendation of the e35 cleaner is the hard floor and the battery cell comp[ostion is Lithium-Ion.

Setup steps for Roborock e35 robot vacuum via the roborock app

If you get all the benefits with the e35 vacuum cleaner then you can set up the robot cleaner. Setup is necessary for all the devices, without setup the device is not properly working. The roborock app is truly beneficial for the roborock e35 app setup.

  • Initially, verify your vacuum cleaner is a charge, it is not charging then you can charge it. After that, press the e35 power button and turn over the robot vacuum cleaner.
  • Then, install the roborock app from the app store on your smart mobile phone. Alternatively, you locate the QR code and utilize the mobile phone’s camera, and then scan the QR code.
  • Now, the roborock app is automatically installed on your mobile phone.
  • Then, use a security ID(username) and secret key(password) and then input in the provided login column.
  • Now, go to the cleaner’s setting and you will see many setting options there.
  • You have to tap on the option of the setting you want to change and then change the roborock e35 setting.
  • After changing all these roborock e35 settings, you will have the option of Apply / Save, tap on it, which will save this setting.

Now, the steps of the roborock e35 robot setup are fully done.

Troubleshooting steps of the Robororck e35 vacuum cleaner

The roborock e35 robot cleaner is long-life cleaning that means it cleans the floor for up to 150 minutes. If it is not connected to the wifi, not clean the floors, and other some errors. Then the roborock e35 troubleshooting steps are truly beneficial to fix all the errors.

  • If the roborock e35 is not connecting to wifi, the solution is to ensure the wifi router is turned ON. Also, make sure the charging is there in the vacuum cleaner. Then, again turn On the wifi button with the pin.
  • If the roborock e35 robot vacuum does not clean the floors then the solution is you should remove the main brush and bearing, then clean the brush and bearing with supplies brush cleaning components.
  • The roborock e35 sensor is not working, then you should remove the sensor from the robot vacuum cleaner and then utilize a dry cloth. After that, clean the sensor and then re-install the sensor.
  • If the problem is the dustbin and filter then you can re-install the dustbin and filter from the e35 vacuum cleaner.
  • If the roborock e35 bumper is stuck, then the troubleshooting is you should remove the bumper and then utilize a dry cloth. While utilizing a dry cloth, clean the bumper.
  • If the roborock e35 is not working then you can factory reset the e35 vacuum cleaner. The reset button is established on the bottom side.

Roborock e35 review

The roborock e35 vacuum cleaner around all the home. But you do not use this vacuum cleaner outdoors. It has built-in multiple cleaning modes like Quiet, Max, Carpet, Balanced, Turbo, and Mopping modes. You can quickly enable the mode by the setting. With the big network sensor, the roborock e35 robot vacuum performs well and automatically around the whole house. It is quickly thrown out the dust from the house. The 2000pa suction provides the facility to handle a big house and absolutely clean the floor, carpets, and sofa. The long-lasting battery delivers the capacity, working 150 minutes continuously that means without stopping. The setup of the roborock robot vacuum and map is secure with the app. Thus, it is an extremely good device for the home.


Why is roborock e35 cleaner not working?

If the roborock vacuum cleaner is not working then you should monitor its battery. If the battery is low then it is not working, you utilize the cable and then charge the vacuum cleaner.

Does a Robot e35 vacuum cleaner work without wifi?

Obviously yes the vacuum cleaner works without a wifi network. If you want to connect this cleaner to the wifi then use the wifi button and easily make the connection.

Can Roborock e35 robot vacuum connect to my phone?

To connect the roborock to the mobile phone you use the MI app and then quickly connect the vacuum cleaner. After connecting you operate the vacuum cleaner to the mobile phone.

Does Roborock e35 vacuum cleaner work with Google Assistant?

Yes, the roborock e35 works with google assistant. In Google Assistant, you can operate and manage the vacuum cleaner by speaking.

Can I factory reset my roborock e35 clearer?

To reset the roborock e35 vacuum cleaner, you can locate the reset button. The roborock e35 reset button is established on the bottom side. Utilize a pin and then quickly reset the roborock e35 robot vacuum cleaner.

Why is my roborock e35 blinking red?

If your e35 robot vacuum cleaner blinks red that means the charging of the cleaner is low. You need to charge the vacuum cleaner and then again power ON the roborock vacuum cleaner.

How do I update the roborock e35 vacuum cleaner?

To update the roborock e35 firmware you use and then log in to the vacuum cleaner. Then quickly upgrade the firmware of the e35 robot vacuum cleaner.