Tired of doing household chores? Here comes a product to your rescue. Rorborock comes with a 2000Pa internal route plan and has a strong suction which is suitable for large homes. It also has a quality of climbing 0.8in case of any obstacle in between. Roborock E4 Mop robot vacuum works in a Z-line fashion and cleans the surfaces and every corner of the house effectively. It has a large garage space which can clean dusty floors and carpets. It also comes with long-lasting battery life which makes it work more effectively. Thus, it serves as a helping hand to all working women. it works via your phone. you just have to control it via your phone. you can change the setting and the audio options through the phone. if audio is high, you can reduce it through the settings. Thus, it can work effectively and quietly unlike other noise-producing products.

controlling through Alexa

It also has a feature of controlling through Alexa. You can easily start and stop it with the help of Alexa. You can also change the cleanup mode from gentle, silent to turbo and max.
It is effective in cleaning everything from large homes, carpets, and others. Not only as a vacuum cleaner it also comes with a mop-up system. It is an integrated product for cleaning as well as mopping. You can adjust the water flow in case of mopping the floor. The extra-large 5200mAh battery makes it work effectively without any interruption. It also has a unique feature of auto Top-up i.e., if its battery is low it will return to the dock and then continue to charge from where it left. This also adds to its uninterrupted working.
The integrated E11 rated air filter is washable for longer life. It also cleans untangle hair present on the floor with its Anti-tangle main brush.


Roborock E4 Mop robot vacuum installation is as easy as its use. It takes just a few minutes to install this product –

  • wall and plug it into the mains power.
  • when placing the dock using a moisture-proof mat after cleaning the surface with a dry cloth.
  • Then place the Robo Rock on it and plug it on. It will show two lights. White light shows that the battery level is above 20% while the red light will show that the battery level is below 20%.
  • Download the Xia Moi Home app on your Smartphone through the Google Play store.
  • Then open the top cover of the Robot. Press and hold the power and upward button until you hear the WIFI reset voice. Then connect it to the WIFI. Then if the WIFI indicator lights start flashing fast that means it has successfully connected to the WIFI.
  • For mopping mode, first adjust the flow rates according to your need and then fill the water tank. Then, install the mop cloth and then the module.
  • You can start cleaning when it’s fully charged through the App.


It is very important to maintain the roborock E4 Mop robot vacuum and mop cleaner daily as it will increase its life and prevent it from damaging early.
You have to follow these steps daily to use them more effectively –

  • You have to clean the dustbin daily. Open the top cover of the robot and then press the Dustbin Latch and empty the dustbin.
  • Press the Main Brush Cover to remove the entangled hair on the brush. Remove hair from the brush daily.
  • To clean the dustbin more effectively use water. Shake it after filling it with water and then rinse it.
  • As the robot uses Lithium-ion chargeable battery so make sure that the robot is charged at least once every three months. Due to over-discharging, the battery may damage.
  • Change the filters after every one to three months depending on the frequency of use.
  • Dry cloth should be used to wash all the sensors including Four cliff sensors, obstacle sensors, charging contacts, and motor tracking sensors.
  • You can reset the robot if it is not starting after pressing the power button. You can reset the robot by pressing and holding the power button.

Firmware update and factory reset of Roborock E4 Mop up and a Vacuum cleaner

The firmware update should be done on the system using the Xiaomi Home app. Make sure that the battery level is higher than 20% before updating. Place the system on the Dock if the battery is low. If the system is undergoing an update, then it will show a white light quickly.
Go for the factory reset option if the roborock E4 Mop robot vacuum and mop cleaner is not functioning after the reset system. For this press and hold the power and the upward button until the factory reset voice is heard. If the Reset Wi-Fi voice is heard then ignore it and hold the button until the Factory reset voice is heard. Click on the option for factory reset.

Troubleshooting steps for the robot

Troubleshooting bumper problems

If the system is showing an error, then first tap the bumper. It may be due to the problem with the bumper. The bumper can be stuck sometimes due to debris or other large particles. For this tap, the bumper repeatedly checks if any debris or particles are stuck in it. Remove the foreign matter and clean it properly before starting again.

Fixing the suspended wheel problem –

If the wheels are suspended and the system is not moving properly then it may be due to the dirty particles stuck on the Cliff sensors. Remove the particle and clean the Cliff sensor properly. Remember to use a dry cloth for cleaning the Cliff sensor. Then move the robot to a new location and then start it again.

Troubleshooting main brush problem –

If the system is not working properly and the hair are not cleaned by it then it may be due to the problem in the main or side brush. It may be due to the entangled hair stuck in the main brush. Remove the entangled hair and clean the brush properly. Again, start the system from a new location.

Fixing the problem if the system is not working –

If the system is not working properly i.e., not cleaning away the debris and dust particles then make sure to check the dustbin. If the dustbin and the filter are filled fully then remove the dust particles. Empty the dustbin properly after cleaning it. Make sure that there are no dust particles stuck or present in the way of the roborock E4 Mop robot vacuum and mop cleaner.

Troubleshooting filter problems –

If the filter is not working properly then check for the garbage in it. remove the garbage from the filter and then clean it properly with water. Add water to the filter and then shake it. remove the water and then left it to dry. Dry the filter for at least 24 hours. Remember to dry the filter properly after every washing. If you are still facing the problem with the filter then replace it.

Fixing charging problems of the robot –

If there is an error in charging the system, then first check the battery. If white light is showing that means the battery is low and the system requires charging. Charge the robot until it’s full. If still is showing error the clean the charging contacts with a dry cloth. Make sure that the cloth is completely dry. Clean the charging contacts of both robot and the dock.

Fixing other errors in the robot –

If you are facing an error in the system then go for the reset option. Reset the system if there is a brush error or vacuum error. If the brush is experiencing a fault or the vacuum fan is showing an error the go to the reset option and click it. You can also reset if the system is showing an internal error.

Troubleshooting power problems –

If the system is not turning on then check for the battery percentage. It showing a low battery then connect it to the mains power and charge it fully. If the system is still not turning on then check if the power cable is properly connected to the system and the outlet. Clean for the dock location too. If it is dirty clean it with a dry cloth. Clean the contact areas too of both the robot and the Dock with a dry cloth.


Can I operate my Roborock E4 without an app or Wi-Fi?

Yes, the device can work without Wi-Fi or an app. The internet connection only brings some additional features to the system like scheduled cleaning, cleaning map, suction power strength switch. But without these features, you can still use the roborock E4 Mop robot vacuum and mop cleaner without any interruption. You can click on the buttons manually for starting or stopping the device. The app functions also help to start the device with the voice of the owner.

Could you tell me the time it takes to clean a 15X 15 area?

It can easily clean a 15X15 area in 15 minutes. The long-lasting battering life and the faster speed of the robot clean the room effectively and quickly. But make sure that the room is cleaned 3 times before mopping is done to prevent the mopping module from getting dirty.

What is the meaning of Pa in the vacuum language?

Pa is the unit of the pressure. The bigger the number, the stronger is the suction. The vacuum comes with a pressure range of 2000Pa which is quite large for the vacuum to suck the dust particles and clean the room effectively.

Do I have to buy anything separate for the mopping function?

No, this is an integrated system of both cleaning and mopping. It not only cleans the dust particles present on the floor but also helps in mopping the floor. You can adjust the level of the water according to the need. Both the cleaning and the mopping part helps to clean your house effectively. You don’t have to buy anything else for the mopping system.

Will this help to clean my floor having pet hair? I have 2 boxers and they shed a lot of hair on the floor?

Yes, the main brush and the side brush on the system helps to clean the entangled hair on the floor. The brushes clean the floor with hairs on it effectively. Make sure to clean the brushes with entangled hair. Remove the hair present on the brushes after every cleaning. This will prevent your robot from harm. The 2000 Pa pressure helps to clean every surface effectively.

Is there remote control for the device as I don’t want to use the app?

No, the robot has no remote control. It works either manually or through the app. If you do not want to use the app you can manually press the button on the robot for starting or stopping the system.

roborock vacuum and mop cleaner vaccum review

The roborock e4 vacuum and mop cleaner are perfect for women who are working or old-aged people living alone. The 2000 Pa suction power cleans every particle of dust present on the floor. The long-lasting battery life also adds a star to its features. It is a must-buy product for everyone who wants a helping hand in their household chores.
You can easily navigate it through maps present on the app. The map feature on the app helps you to clean the floor according to the need. You can control the device through Alexa or voice. The Xiaomi Home App on your Smartphone helps to navigate your robot through voice.
The 0.8in climbing feature helps the robot to climb and continue to work if there is any obstacle in the way. If you are tired of cleaning pet hairs on the carpet then this product is a must for you. The main and the side brushes on the robot helps to clean the hairs on the floor or even on the carpet. It deep cleans the dust particles or the hair present on the floor or the carpet.

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