Toucan Wireless Doorbell Chime

The Toucan Wireless Doorbell Chime is the most compelling wireless chime. It is an irresistibly impeccable device designed to exaggerate the existing toucan wireless video doorbell range. It would help if you used the add-on wireless doorbell chime only with its compatible Toucan video doorbell to amplify the range of doorbell signals. You are instantly notified about your current device status, especially when you are too far away from your mobile phone. Also, it allows you to obtain an instant notification, especially when somebody shoves the existing TOUCAN Wireless Video Doorbell.

Moreover, it has been designed very ingeniously to offer you outstanding services after the buff-up internet connectivity. You can easily operate the chime with Toucan 1080p full HD and quintessential motion-activated wireless video doorbell. It is thoroughly a wire-free doorbell chime, you can install it without any ado anywhere or anyplace very precisely. Although it is too expensive, it gives you more affordable services than others. In addition, it is teeming with too many features since you can connect in a jiff up 10 additional Chimes with your existing device.

Toucan Wireless Doorbell Chime Setup

Fundamentally, you can have the Toucan wifi doorbell chime set up after finishing the existing toucan wireless video doorbell installation process. After installing an existing doorbell, after this, you might install it by using the following steps, it is such as:

  • Make sure the existing toucan smart home video wireless doorbell is installed suitably.
  • Now, you have to begin installing the Add-On Doorbell Chime.
  • Unbox it and take out the Toucan wireless video doorbell with/chime and its other accessories from its packaging box.
  • After this, insert the batteries into the toucan wifi video doorbell with a chime battery compartment (apply if it is removable).

How to charge the Toucan doorbell chime?

There are the following steps to charge the TOUCAN Wireless Doorbell Chime, it is as:

  • Remove the back cover of the Toucan wireless video doorbell chime.
  • Plug the charging cable into the power outlet, and its other endpoint connects with the chime micro USB charging cable port.
  • Press the power button to precisely charge the wireless video doorbell.
  • Make sure it is charged appropriately.
  • Justify the Toucan Add-On Doorbell Chime battery status. If it flashes a solid red light, it signifies it needs to charge the battery. When it flashes solid blue signal light, you do not need to charge it because it is fully charged.

Steps for the TOUCAN Wireless Doorbell Chime Setup

After charging the wireless chime accurately, you can now install the device. Know from the points below “how to install a toucan video doorbell chime?.

  • The Toucan wi-fi video doorbell with chime – white/black is with a mesmerizing packaging box.
  • Unbox it and place it in an excellent location where you want to get instant notification of your existing device.
  • To install it precisely, you must read the toucan wi-fi video doorbell with chime white, black manual instructions.
  • Mount it on the wall.
  • Use the adhesive tape to mount it in your home-specific zone.
  • Press the power button and pair the wireless doorbell chime with your existing video wireless doorbell.
Here are the following steps for the Toucan wi-fi video doorbell with chime
  • Press the Toucan wireless doorbell chime set button for a jiff.
  • Make sure the battery is fully charged.
  • Hold the pairing button of your chime and the existing doorbell button.
  • Pair both devices with each other precisely.
  • You have to pair the device until its signal light is not lit.
  • When the Toucan wireless video doorbell chimes blue light, you can leave the set button.
  • Now, let’s press the doorbell button and get the notification through the chime.
  • If the doorbell chime flashes blue light it manifests, the pairing mode successfully varies now and if it is flash once, you are only choosing the next chime sound.

Connect the TOUCAN Wireless Doorbell Chime with the Toucan app

The following interpretation is given below to connect the Toucan doorbell chime with the Toucan app. Also, you can use the following steps to connect the chime with the internet.

  • Launch a browser and put or you can directly install the Toucan app from the play store application.
  • The Toucan app is also available on Google play store or “App store”.
  • Sacn the TOUCAN Wireless Video Doorbell Add-On Doorbell Chime QR code.
  • Download and install the app.
  • When it launches on your mobile phone, open it.
  • Tap on “Get started” and tap on “+” (plus sign icon) to add the camera and chime.
  • Pair the device by following the on-screen instructions.
  • While the device is paired successfully with this app, your doorbell chime LED light will flash with light.

Steps to connect the TOUCAN Wireless Doorbell Chime with the WiFi

  • After this, you have to go into setup mode. Enter the default network password and SSID to connect it with the internet connection.
  • The LED light will flash blue when you enter into the Toucan wireless video doorbell with/chime setup mode.
  • If the Toucan doorbell chimes flash purple, the chime is connecting with the cloud server.
  • When the doorbell chimes red light it means the connection has failed.

How to change the Toucan Wi-Fi add-on doorbell chime sound?

The following points are furnishes to change the Toucan Wi-Fi add-on doorbell chime sound. It is as follows:

  • First, hold the Toucan WiFi video doorbell button and listen to the default sound.
  • After this, again press the doorbell chime to set another sound.
  • You might modify the Toucan Chime ring with up to 6 additional sounds.
  • Kindly repeat the process until you do not receive a sound that you want to set.
  • So, it is set now, you can listen to the sound.

Tricks to the Toucan video doorbell chime troubleshooting

If your Toucan wireless doorbell chime manifests too many errors and does not resolve after reconnecting the device with power and too many ways. Then, you have to tackle the issue by following the given instructions such as:

  • If the TOUCAN Wireless Doorbell Chime is not working and won’t pair. Make sure you pair it only with the TOUCAN Wireless Video Doorbell. 2AA Batteries power it.
  • If the toucan doorbell chimes offline, press the SET button and pair the device again with the internet.
  • You can effortlessly tackle the Toucan app not working issue by installing the Toucan wireless video doorbell app again on your mobile phone. Ensure you have installed the latest version of the app; if it is obsolete, it’s manifest the issues.
  • Therefore, install only the latest version of the Toucan app.
  • To tackle the Toucan app’s inability to connect to the WiFi issue, you will have to reset your add-on doorbell chime. If the app may not connect with the internet, reset the Toucan chime default settings. Just turn it on again and turn off the RST pinhole button. Go into the settings < network settings < follow the app instructions to connect it with WiFi.
  • Many times, the Toucan chime does not charge. Then, you will have to connect the USB cable again. Justify the toucan wireless video doorbell chime battery life, because it is only about 6 weeks to 6 months.

Thus, you can use the Toucan video doorbell chime troubleshooting tricks above to tackle the issues. Consequently, these steps may be helpful for you to fix the errors.

TOUCAN Wireless Doorbell Chime Review

The TOUCAN Wireless Video Doorbell was launched into the market; it covers almost your whole home Add-On Doorbell Chime. It works only with wireless network connectivity. You can easily operate this wireless chime after taking the huge battery power. Moreover, it is compatible with the TOUCAN Wireless Video Doorbell only. You can access its instant notification after using the Toucan rechargeable battery-powered or Toucan wireless video doorbell add-on with the chime night vision mode. It also detects the motion with its sensor. The toucan wireless video doorbell manual instructs you to install the wireless doorbell chime very precisely. The toucan wireless video doorbell manual instructs you to install the wireless doorbell chime precisely. Let’s check the Toucan wireless video doorbell chime review to know about the specifications of the device’s specifications.

  • Toucan Wi-Fi doorbell chime Dimensions: 3.7 x 3.03 x 1.5 inches
  • Add-on Wireless doorbell Chime Weight: 4.1 ounces
  • ASIN No: B087YX12L7
  • Toucan wireless doorbell chime: Batteries: 2 AA batteries required. (included)
  • Power Source: Battery Powered
  • Toucan WiFi Doorbell Chime is released on the date: May 7, 2020
  • Chime Color available: Black/white
  • Manufacturer: VuPoint Solutions Inc.
  • Toucan WiFi doorbell chime Price: $19.99
  • Brand Name of the wireless doorbell: TOUCAN
  • Room Type: Living Room
  • Unit Count: 1 Count