TRENDnet AC2200 WiFi Mesh

The TRENDnet AC2200 WiFi Mesh router system is designed to take place of old WiFi boxes, boosters, and repeaters. The smart mesh technology proffers you to join the finest WiFi network without facing any roaming barrier. It detects the user’s priority with the smart WiFi feature and gives a brisk internet connection to those who are in proximity to the mesh router. It will improve your experience with scheduling and content filtering.
Using the TRENDnet mesh router, you can surf the internet 2000 square feet apart. If the range is not enough, you can add even more mesh routers. It has two Gigabit ports and a power port on the rear side that permits you to establish a wired connection. You can set up the mesh routers remotely by installing an app. For the meticulous setup guide, obey the given instructions.

Steps for TRENDnet AC2200 WiFi Mesh Setup

Unpack your mesh parcel box by lifting the wraps and tapes. Remove the TRENDnet mesh routers manual, mesh routers, adapter, LAN cord, and other add-ons.

Step 1: Download the TRENDnet Mesh App

After the unboxing, it’s time to set up. But first, you have to download the TRENDnet app which will help to do the setup.

  • Go to your cell phone mobile application store and enroll the TRENDnet mesh app in the hunt box. Once the search outcomes are displayed, touch the hit or get button. Use the substitute way to install the TRENDnet mesh app by scanning the QR code from the TRENDnet manual.
  • Once the installation of the app finishes, launch it. Create a fresh TRENDnet account by filling up the personal details. Look for the blue text with Wizard on the bottom of the app interface and touch it. It will tell you to cable your TRENDnet access points(master router).
Step 2: Cable the router and Complete the TRENDnet TEW-830MDR2K Setup

After successfully creating the TRENDnet account, go after the screen info to accomplish the setup.

  • Cable the adapter’s small end to the master router(pick any of the one from two) back and the adapter end to the electrical receptacle or surge protector. Now inject the network cord(LAN cable) into the router’s blue internet port and to the internet modem. It could take one to two minutes to boot up. When the TRENDnet router orange light glows from a white one it signifies that you are ready to do the setup.
  • It will demand you some permission to access the cell phone or tablet camera, grant it. The QR code scanner opens. Point your cell phone to the master QR code labeled on its rear. Maintain at least 4 to 7 inches of space to allow your cell phone to detect the QR code. It could take some period.
  • Now pick up the zone where you are going to set up and name it. On the next interface. Touch connects to TRENDnet mesh. Set up your second mesh router in the same manner by touching additional units below the connection status tab. If the coverage is too proximity or distant, then modify the mesh router spot. When the setup is accomplished, you are good to go for the login process.

TRENDnet router login

To do the TRENDnet mesh login, you need to go after these straightforward steps.

  • Launch the TRENDnet mesh app on your cell phone or tablet. Use the search portal(browser) as a substitute way to log in from a PC. You can also use a digital phone browser, but for ease, a PC browser is recommended.
  • Open the search portal and enroll TRENDnet router IP address or tew-830mdr.
  • The TRENDnet login page reveals.
  • Typewrite the username and password you created while doing the initial setup.
  • Once you enroll in the TRENDnet account details, click log in. Sometimes, changing the IP address of your router is necessary due to many reasons. To change it, go after these uncomplicated steps.

Change your TRENDnet AC2200 WiFi Mesh router IP address

If you are willing to employ an additional router in your network with the same IP address configurations, then change it. To change the IP address for your mesh router.

  • Access the TRENDnet login page by chasing or tew-830mdr. Typewrite the username and password to log in.
  • Once you access the management page, click on the interface and then LAN. In the general tab below the router IPv4, typewrite the new IP address.
  • As a DNS server, the LAN IP address will be provided to the user device. If you are willing to change the DNS server, then type the new one.
  • At last, click apply on the bottom of the interface to confirm.

TRENDnet AC2200 WiFi Mesh Firmware Upgrade

There are two ways to do the TRENDnet router firmware upgrade. You can use the TRENDnet mesh app and web management page. Access the router login page as mentioned above and click the Tools tab. Under the Tools tab, pick the firmware upgrade option. It will manifest the page with a running version of the firmware. Refresh the interface to manually verify the fresh available version. If available, the details of the new version will manifest on the interface. To initiate the firmware operation, hit apply and stay quiet until the firmware exquisitely installs.

To manually upgrade the TRENDnet router firmware, type the model number of your mesh router on the TRENDnet web address and download it. Unzip the firmware file on your PC. Go to the firmware section on the router management page and then click browse or choose the file tab. Upload the zipped file and click Yes. If you are encountering an issue still, look for the troubleshooting tips and tricks as given below.

TRENDnet router Troubleshooting

The troubleshooting tips will let you fix the issue if you are encountering any. Some useful suggestions that will definitely help you.

TRENDnet no internet connection? Solutions

Review the tips below if your TRENDnet AC2200 mesh is not delivering the internet.

  • Affirm that you are employing a straight connection to join your mesh router with an internet modem instead of using many surge protectors. Your PC will be also linked with a direct network cord from the router.
  • Boot up your mesh router and internet modem. To do that, you have to shut off the internet modem and the mesh router. Now stay for about 30 seconds and put them both in the electric receptacle.
  • Upgrade the firmware if available using the above steps as mentioned.
  • If nothing works, call your internet service provider and ask whether they are delivering internet.
TRENDnet not working? Here are the Tips

Check the Useful guide from below if your TRENDnet is not working in a proper manner.

  • If the TRENDnet is not working, it might be due to feeble cord connections. Inspect the PWR LED light, it must be firm.
  • Inspect that the TRENDnet mesh router is injected directly into the AC joint and is receiving power.
  • You have to assure that the mesh router is set up properly as described above.
  • Maybe the TRENDnet powerline adapter not working, you need to verify by using the other one that is available. Contact the manufacturer of the adapter and assure it is set up with an exquisite SSID.
  • Restore the settings by visiting the web management page or app if available. Upload the backup file you downloaded to your PC. The final solution is to reset the mesh router. If the web page or app is not accessible. To do the TRENDnet mesh router reset, go after these effortless steps.
  • Locate the TRENDnet mesh router reset button on the flank. Force the reset button for 4 to 7 seconds.
  • The PWR LED light on the router initiates blinking and gets firm after a few seconds.
  • When it boots up, the custom made settings will exchange to the default one.

TRENDnet AC2200 WiFi Mesh Review

It is a good product for those users who don’t want to use extenders to repeat the signal. A tremendous gadget as its setup is straightforward you can do simply with a cell phone. I purchased it to avoid installing a repeater and it is operating well. The coverage penetrates through the thick walls and delivers a booster connection. Overall, a great experience using this mesh system. Highly recommended.