TRENDnet Ethernet PoE+ Switch

The TrendNet PoE is a 5-port long-range smart Ethernet port. It is mainly used for LAN devices such as computers, security cameras, access points, routers, extenders, laptops, smart TV, etc to attach the LAN ports and a part provides the power. That means with the PoE switch at a time do both works. This PoE switch has built-in smart LED indicators that are really beneficial to provide the optimum location. Ordinarily, the Trendnet ethernet PoE+ switch comes with package contents such as a quick installation guide, CD-ROM, power adapter, Ethernet cable, rack mount kit, etc. It utilizes POE technology, the PoE full name is power over ethernet. This technology is used to integrate the data and power. This PoE switch is quickly connected to the IP camera, computer, router, and other networking devices.

The Trendnet PoE switch 4 port delivers a 60W PoE power budget and also helps up to 4 LAN over Ethernet devices. On the front side, there are 4 LAN ports that deliver a 1Gbps switching capacity. It is the main function to provide the power of the devices, by which devices receive data from the networking device.

Features of the Trendnet Ethernet PoE+ Switch

The Trendnet PoE+ switch comes with various features that perform better. This feature is truly helpful to operate the switch. There are multiple features of the Trendnet PoE+ switch, which are as follows.

  • The first features of the TE-FP051 PoE switch are a two-layer PoE switch that operates the data link of the OSI model. And works only with MAC addresses.
  • It supports ethernet standards such as IEEE802.3, IEEE802.3u, IEEE802.3ab/z, and IEEE802.3X. These ethernet standards are really helpful to provide the data and power for the existing Ethernet cable.
  • It handles three transmissions like IEEE, E100, and E10. On the other hand, the IEEE is a standard Ethernet mode that supports a distance of up to 100m. Aside from this, the E100 supports a maximum distance of up to 300m and the E10 supports up to 800m.
  • The 4 Ethernet LAN ports of the Trendnet Poe switch support the Hi-PoE 60W power supply. That means it delivers superior power to the connected LAN devices.
  • The Ethernet PoE+ switch handles DC48-57V advanced technology power supply.
  • The operating temperature of the PoE switch is 0 – 40 °C (32 – 104 °F).

Installation of the Trendnet Ethernet PoE+ switch

The Trendnet PoE switch is a long-range POE+ switch that boosts the PoE+ signal up to 820 square feet area with a 10 Mbps speed. If you want to take the benefit of this switch firstly you should install it. Because without installing your PoE+ switch not connected to the IP camera.

  • To install the Trendnet switch installation, out of the box form the PoE+ switch and then monitor the package content.
  • Then, to decide the place of the switch, you should place the PoE+ in a cool and dry place.
  • To proceed with the PoE+ installation process the Trendnet switches in a site free from powerful electromagnetic fields like dust, vibration, and also the sunlight.
  • You should leave the 10cm space in the front and backside of the switch for cool and ventilated.
  • Then, utilize a power cord and attach it to the PoE+ switch and its power adapter plug to the proper and working power circuit.
  • Now, connect the IP camera to the PoE+ switch. This switch is very helpful to give power to the IP camera. Then you use a proper yellow Ethernet cable. This cable plugs into the Trendnet switch and the IP camera.
  • In the last, turn ON the power of the switch and IP camera. The IP camera receives the power.

Now the Trendnet PoE+ switch installation guide is wholly complete. After that, you trouble-free login to the PoE switch and also set up the switch.

Login Steps of the Trendnet Ethernet PoE+ switch

The Trendnet ethernet switch supports both 802.3af and 802.3at devices with a 60 W. It comes with a default username ID and password. By which you can quickly log in to the account. There are some steps for Trendnet switch login.

  • To log in to the PoE+ switch, you use the Trendnet switch manual. Because in this manual you find out all the login details like username ID, password and IP address.
  • You open a preferred and latest technology web browser in your network-connected computer/laptop/mobile phone.
  • Then use the URL bar of the browser and type the IP address of the switch. The Trendnet default IP is
  • Afterward, the login page of the ethernet PoE+ switch is automatically prompted.
  • Now, use the Trendnet switch default password and username. Input these login credentials into the provided login columns.
  • The default username of this switch is admin and as well password is admin.
  • After inputting these credentials, click the section “Login”.

Thus, the steps of the Trendnet switch default login are done. The IP address is really helpful to log in to the switch without any interruption.

Manual of the Trendnet Long-range Ethernet PoE+ switch

The Trendnet Ethernet switch is very helpful to provide power and data to the LAN devices. The Trendnet Ethernet PoE+ switch is usually used for the IP camera. At a time it connects up to 4 IP cameras. If you think about the basic features and specifications of this switch, how to login Trendnet switch, and how to configure Trendnet switch then you should use a Trendnet switch manual. This manual is absolutely helpful because it provides all the information such as features, login, configure and more. The model number of the PoE+ switch is TPE-S50. The Trendnet switch default login credentials are admin. With these credentials, you can quickly log in. The device interface is a 4× Ethernet port, the data transfer rate is 10 Mbps, covers 820 square feet area, supports 60W PoE, and more.

Web-based setup the Trendnet Fast Ethernet PoE+ switch

Every networking device has a need to set up the device. By which it works properly and you use full advantage. Then you can also do the Trendnet switch setup. If you remember how to setup Trendnet switch then easily do the setup with the IP address. After accessing the login page you can quickly do the setup. There are some steps to manually configure the switch.

  • To Trendnet switch configuration, primarily use the power button of the PoE+ switch and then turn ON the power.
  • You utilize an updated browser in your computer and also use the address bar of this browser and input default IP
  • Then, use the default login details such as username and password. These details input into the username and password field.
  • After that, click the section “system”. And then many options are there but to process the setup you select the “IPv4 setup” option in the provided following options.
  • In the IPv4 setup option, you can configure the IP address within your network.
  • Select the “system IP mode”, you select the static mode in the following mode.
  • Then you click the option “Apply” to save all the optimized settings of the Trendnet ethernet PoE+ switch.

Finally, the setup of the PoE+ switch is fully finished. You can also try the setup/configure steps to set up the PoE switch.

Troubleshooting steps of the Trendnet Ethernet PoE+ switch

If your PoE+ switch does not deliver the power to the IP camera, continuously blinking red light, not accessing the login page, and other various issues. This issue is easily removed with the troubleshooting steps. The troubleshooting steps of the PoE+ switch are truly helpful.

  • After connecting to the Trendnet PoE+ switch to the electric outlet, but the LEDs do not turn ON, you should verify the electric outlet receives the power. Also, check the connection of the power adapter, it is properly plugged into the switch.
  • The problem is after connect the PoE+ switch connect to the computer but I cannot share the files, the Trendnet switch troubleshooting is you can monitor the LEDs, ensure the link LEDs is ON. verify the cable network connection, and also verify the file sharing option is enabled.
  • The Trendnet Ethernet sitch not power ON, you should verify the switch supports IEEE802.3 standard. Unplug the PoE+ switch to the power supply and then again plug it into the different power supply.
  • Sometimes the PoE+ switch blink red light that means the switch port is failed to receive the power. To fix the problem you should monitor the area if your switch is there in overheating then blink red light. You can place the switch in a dry and fairly cool area.
  • If the Trendnet PoE switch not working then you can use the reset button and then quickly reset the switch.

Reset steps of the Trendnet Long-Range Ethernet PoE+ switch

The Trendnet switch has a built-in small reset button. This button is really helpful to do the reset the PoE+ switch. Some users think about how to reset Trendnet switch, but for this, there are some reset steps, by which you can easily reset this witch.

  • To reset the PoE+ switch firstly verify the power of this switch is turn. If the power is not turn On then you can turn ON.
  • Then, locate the Trendnet switch reset button. The reset button is situated on the front side.
  • You take a pin or similar components like a paperclip to hold the button.
  • Then press this component to the PoE+ switch.
  • Now, the LED is amber you should wait some seconds.

Eventually, the reset process of the Trendnet Ethernet PoE+ switch is complete.

Trendnet Ethernet PoE+ switch Review

In my scenario, the Trendnet switch review is it is superior devices because it is compatible with all the LAN devices like smart TV, computer, laptop, IP camera, printers, routers, extenders, and other LAN devices. The coverage area of the Trendnet switch is 820 sq. ft at 10 Mbps. The PoE technology is also there in this switch that delivers the power and data. It is a long-range PoE switch that means it delivers power to the IP camera in long-distance areas. At a time you make the connection with 4 IP cameras without any interruption. The smart signal indicator is very helpful, if the power supply LED solid green that means your PoE+ is powered ON. the Trenbdnet PoE switch setup is secure with the switch’s IP address. It is a better device as compared to my previous switch. Thus, the Trendnet PoE+ switch is optimum devive for LAN(local area networking) devices.

FAQs(Frequently asked question)

Can I manually change the login default password on my Trendnet PoE+ switch?

Obviously yes, you can quickly change the Trednet switch login d3fault password. You can visit the setting and then select the option password. Then create a strong and unique password. After creating the password click the save/apply option.

How Do I Connect My Trednet switch to the IP camera?

To connect the switch to the IP camera you can require a yellow Ethernet cable. Use two ends of this post and then connect to the PoE+ switch and IP camera LAN port.

Why login page is not accessible to the Trednet PoE+ switch?

If the login page of the PoE+ switch is not getting then should verify the IP address. Maybe you use the wrong IP address. The Trendnet switch default IP is Delete all the cache history of the preferred browser.

What should I do My Trednet PoE+ switch all light flashing?

If the Trednet switches all light flashing that means the fault is the connection. You should verify the cable connection. Also, monitor the area, if your switch place dirty and overheating then it does not work.

Can I do a hard reset Trendnet switch?

Yes, you can simply hard the Trendnet Ethernet POE+ switch with the web browser. But for this, you can use the web browser and then visit the setting. Then select the factory reset option and then click.

How do I upgrade the Trendnet PoE+ switch firmware?

Upgrade the firmware is very important to every networking device. Because if you do not upgrade the firmware then it does not work and then continuously blinking red light.