If you are a mobile user, the term IP address is not new for you. Every time you use any device such as routers, to set it up, you need an IP address to access it and work through it. Today, here I’m going to discuss one of such IP addresses But, before knowing about this, let’s learn some basics about IP addresses.

What is an IP address?

If I have to explain in easy terms, IP address refers to Internet Protocol, a batch of 4 numbers separated by a period.
An IP address is essential in the networking world. It is different and unique for every local network or device on the internet.
An IP address can not be formed just by picking up any of the numbers and framing them in a set of 4.

A proper mathematical calculation is done, then only it is allocated by IANA, i.e., the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority, and ICANN, Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. To make an IP address, the team needs to follow specific rules regulating data formation sent through the local networks or the internet.

If you can send the information between the devices using a network, it is only because of an IP address as it has information about the location, due to which the communication between the devices is possible. This is important; whenever you share any data, the internet requires a direction to set apart various routers, computers, and websites. And, IP address does the exact thing.

An IP address can have a set of numbers compelling any number between 0 to 255. Thus, it can be and as well.
Here, I’m going to discuss An IP Address For Router’s Setup

The is not a very new IP address but a common and easy-to-remember used to access the router’s setting and make the changes as required. This IP address is commonly used by the brands Huawei, Amped Wireless and ZyXEL, etc. But, along with these brands, some other brands too allows this IP address to enter their admin console.

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Understanding the use of IP address

Well, even though almost all of the IP addresses have the same use, the routers use some as a hosting IP address.
IANA registered this IP address only for private use, which mainly aims to communicate within the local networks inside the local area. Moreover, the same address is used by famous brands as a hosting IP address.
The routers use this IP address to enter the admin console, and thus, you can make the changes according to your requirement. The changes may include network setting, changing local IP address, advanced settings or DHCP, etc Setup to access the router’s setting

When you connect with the wifi network of the router, you can easily access its authentication location. For this,

  • Launch your web browser.
  • Type setup into the search bar.
  • Hit Enter.

It will take you to the authentication page created by the router when you add the default login credentials.
Remember, you need to use the same IP address your router is using. Otherwise, it won’t allow you to access its settings, and it will show an error. Default Username and Password

When you buy a router, you get a user manual with it so that, if you are stuck anywhere, you can take help from it.
So, if you are a first-time user of a router, you can get the login credentials in the manual. Also, if you purchased your router from any ISP Internet Service Provider, you will find the default username and password on the backside of the router printed on a sticker
Here are some common default username and password:

IP Adress Username Password admin admin admin 1234 1234 admin Not Working

If somehow, you find your IP address is not working, you may have an issue with a changed address, or wrongly inputs, or altered setting. So, let us try to find out how to resolve these issues. Follow the instructions given below:

  • Please check whether you have entered the correct IP address.
  • If yes, you need to check if you have changed the web-based management page’s IP address of your router.
  • Ensure if your computer or the mobile phone is connected to the LAN port of the router or the wifi network of your router. It should be connected to your router’s wifi network.
  • Verify if your device is set in to obtain an IP address automatically.
  • Check whether your device’s static IP address segment is identified to your router’s credentials. Let me say is your router’s IP address. So, 192 168.3.* should be your computer’s IP address, where * can help any number between 1-254.
  • Launch Internet Explorer. And follow the sequence:

    Go to Menu.
    Visit Tools.
    Go to Internet Options.
    Go to connections.
    Verify if Never Dial A Connection is chosen.

  • Another way is, launch Internet Explorer and follow the steps.

    Go to Menu.
    Visit Tools.
    Go to Internet Options.
    Go to LAN settings.
    Ensure that no option is selected.

  • If still, you are facing the issue of accessing the router’s web management page, you need to perform a factory reset operation. After that, you can follow the instructions given in the user manual to set up the router again.

The Bottom Line

In this article, I have tried to let you know about the IP address, its use, and its importance. I have majorly focused on the IP address so that you can get to know about this IP address and its usage while setting up your router. I have also talked about using it, along with its default login username and passwords.

Moreover, I have also mentioned a common issue you may face while accessing it. So, I hope you find this article helpful. Now, use this information and apply it when you are using the router corresponding to this IP address.