amped high power wireless-n range extender SR300 setup troubleshooting

Do you want to expand the range of your office or home Wi-Fi network? Amped High Power Wireless-N Range Extender SR300 might be the ideal choice. It comes with high power antennas and amplifiers that can give an additional boost to your Wi-Fi range and increase it by 3 times.

You can connect gaming consoles, computers, television, networked Blu-ray, and other devices to the SR300 range extender. With this extender, you don’t have to worry about wireless dead zones. It can improve wired, as well as wireless network coverage. What’s best is, the Amped High Power Wireless-N Range Extender SR300 is compatible with all brands of 2.4GHz 802.11b/g/n wireless routers.

Features of Amped SR300 Ext

The range extender by Amped comes with some amazing features. Let’s take a look at them.

  • Improved Wireless Coverage: It can expand the range of your office or home wireless network simply by repeating the already present Wi-Fi signal. The device gives the network an extra boost through its antennas and amplifier to increase the coverage by 3 times.
  • Option to Add Wired Connection: It lets you add up to 5 extra wired posts to connect AV devices, PCs, like internet-enabled TVs, gaming consoles, etc.
  • Smart Security Features: With Amped SR300 extender, you are going to be in complete control. It has security smart features that will allow you to restrict access to the internet for specific users. Set a time schedule for when the network should be able or how far the network can extend through wireless output power adjustments.
  • Home Sharing, AirPrint, and AirPlay: It is compatible with all Apple networking features to be used on iPhones, iPads, AirPrint printers, AirPlay Speakers, and more.
  • Universally Compatible: The extender works with 2.4GHz 802.11b/g wireless routers and Wi-Fi networks.
  • Easy Setup: Its Smart Setup Wizard will connect the Range Extender to the office or home Wi-Fi network in a few minutes. All, you have to do is insert the setup URL, scan the wireless network, choose it, and you are done.
  • Excellent for Higher Traffics: the 300N speed offers the required bandwidth for streaming video, audio, and large files much easier.

The specifications of the Amped SR 300 range extender have been given below.

  • Wireless Standard: 802.11b/g/n
  • Speed: 300 Mbps (Rx)
  • Frequency Band: 2.4 GHz
  • Security: WPA, WPA2, WPA Mixed, WEP, and WPS
  • Ports: 5 x RJ-45 10/100 LAN Ports
  • Antennas: 2 Reverse SMA Connectors, and 2 Detachable High Gain 3dBi Antennas

How to Setup Hardware and Software of Amped High Power Wireless-N Range Extender SR300?

To set up the range extender, you will have to just follow the steps enumerated below,

  • Look for an optimal setup location between the wireless dead zone and the wireless router.
  • Next, you will have to connect the PC to the range extender. For this, follow these steps,
    1. Attach the 2 antennas that have been included
    2. Next, attach the Power Adapter to the PWR port of the Range Extender and the other end to the power outlet
    3. Lastly, connect the Wi-Fi network of the Range Extender, ‘Amped_Wireless’.
  • Launch your web browser and do the following,
    1. Disconnect the PC from every Wi-Fi networks
    2. Take the Ethernet cable and attach it between the Range Extender and the PC
    3. Open the web browser and type the link again.
  • This will open the dashboard. This will show you the status of the Range Extender. In order to extend the available networks, you will have to click on Scan.
  • NOTE: In case the browser login doesn’t work you can try the default IP instead i.e.
  • Scan for the Home Network for extending. Highlight and then choose the Wi-Fi network that you would like to extend. It is better to choose a Wi-Fi network that has signal strength better than 70% to enjoy a reliable connection. A poor signal connection might lead to low speed. At times, the connection might even drop. When you are done choosing, click on ‘Next’ for continuing. In case you do not find your desired network, you can simply move the Range Extender close to the router and then scan once more.
  • Home Network Security Settings if required. In case the Home Network security, you will have to enter the key in the Security Settings field. After this, click on ‘Next’.
  • Now, you will have to configure the settings for the extended network. The Extended Network ID is Amped_Wireless. In case you are planning to ‘Clone’ the settings from the Home Network, the wizard is going to copy the security key and the SSID of the Home Network. The Extended Network’s SSID is going to have “_RE” towards the end of its name. If you want, you can insert your own Network ID and security key.
  • Connect to the new Extended Network. In the countdown process, the Range Extender is going to reboot and then disconnect your Wi-Fi Connection. You need to reconnect the tablet or PC at this time to the new network. You will have to follow the instructions given on-screen for connecting the device to the Extended Network. When you are done connecting, you will click on the checkbox for confirmation. This will show the ‘Next’ button. Click on it to complete your setup process. In case there is an issue with the setup process, you have to rescan for the network to extend.

Now, you have successfully set up the Range Extender. In case you haven’t placed the Amped SR300 in an optimal location, do it now.

What are the LED Indicators of Amped SR300 repeater?

Here are the LED indicators of the Range Extender.

  • WPS: Wi-Fi Protected setup activity. The WPS LED light is going to blink when the WPS mode is turned on as it waits for a connection.
  • Wired Connection: Will show the connection status along with the data activity of the LAN ports.
  • Wireless Activity: The device will blink rapidly when wireless data traffic passes through the Smart Repeater. In case there is some issue with the Wi-Fi connection, the LED will blink steadily or will remain off.
  • Power: Light is lit when the power is on.

How to Upgrade Firmware of Amped SR300 Wifi Extender?

The Amped Wireless Smart Repeater uses internet software or firmware to operate. In case a new firmware is available, you need to update it.

Make sure that you don’t power it off while upgrading as it can damage the device. If you have to check for new firmware, you have to click on the ‘Check’ button on the firmware upgrade page. In case a new firmware is available, you will be prompted to install it. In case you want to upgrade the firmware manually, you have to follow the instructions given below.

  1. Download the filed from the website. Don’t forget where you save the filed. Firmware files might also be given by Amped Wireless support reps.
  2. Next, you will have to click on Browse for locating the file.
  3. Click on Upload to start with the upgrading process.

Remember, Firmware files usually have a .bin file extension.

How to Reset the Amped SR 300 Device and the Default Settings Information?

The default setting for your Smart Amped Smart Repeater is given below. In case you want the repeater back to default settings, hold down its ‘Reset’ button present at the back of the panel for 10 seconds. The repeater is going to reset to factory settings as given below.

  • IP Address:
  • SSID: Amped_Wireless
  • Web Menu Access: http //
  • Security Key (WPA2/AES): wireless
FAQ Fails to Open the Web Menu?

In case after entering, the web menu doesn’t open, you have to do the following,

  • Check if the computer is connected to the Wi-Fi network- Amped_Wireless of the Amped Wireless Range Extender.
  • Try using a different web browser, Google Chrome can be a good choice.
  • Open the web browser to the default ID address just by inserting the number instead of the address.
  • Unplug or power off the Range Extender and then power it back on. Try doing this once again.
  • Reset the default settings of the Range Extender by holding its ‘Reset’ button for 10 seconds and then try opening again.
  • In case all the above steps fail, disconnect the PC from the Wi-Fi networks and attach an Ethernet cable between the PC and the Range Extender. Thereafter, try accessing once again.

What to Do If I Am Unable to Connect to My Home Network and Receive an Error Message While Running the Amped setup Wizard?

In case you are unable to connect to the Home Network, you can do the following,

  • The Home Network can be secure. So, double-check whether you have the right security key for connecting to the Home Network.
  • Try to adjust the channel number of the router of the Home Network to channel 5 through 11. Thereafter, try to Wizard again.
  • Reboot the Home Network router and then try connecting it once again with the help of the Wizard.
  • Check to find out if the router of the Home Network’s DHCP server has been enabled. The Amped Range Extender has to secure an IP address from the router of the Home Network.

Why am I Not Being Able to Access the Internet on My Amped SR300 Range Extender Even Though It was Working Previously?

You might be experiencing some problems accessing the internet through the Amped Range Extender because of the following reasons.

  • The connection to the Home Network might have dropped or the settings on the router might have changed. The changes to your router might be because of events like a power outage. In case this happens, connect the Range Extender and the access its setup menu through the web address: Next, run the Amped Wizard for reconnected the Amped Range Extender to the network.
  • If you use a setup menu, make sure that you check the signal strength between the Home Network and the Range Extender. This should be above 70%. In case the signal strength is not above 70%, the Range Extender might be too far away from the router and thus, it is not maintaining signal strength. Also, check the signal strength between the Range Extender and the router through the web-menu. This is present on the left side. Go to ‘More Settings’> ‘Management’> ‘Device Status’. Under the Home Wireless Network Settings section, you will find the signal strength readout. This signal strength has to be above 70%. In case it is below this, you need to move the range extender to the router or just reposition your Amped SR300 Range Extender.

Why am I Unable to Find My Home Network While Scanning for the Wireless Networks in the Scan Page’s Web Menu?

If you are unable to find the Home Network when you scan for the wireless networks, you can do the following.

  • The Amped SR300 Range Extender might be out of range. So, move it closer to the wireless router and then try to open the Setup Wizard from the web menu once again.
  • Check if the wireless SSID of the Home Network is broadcasting and isn’t hidden. For hidden SSID, you will have to enter the SSID manually into the Home Network menu under Wireless Settings.

Why are the Connection to the Home Network Slow and the Files Take Too Much to Transfer?

If the network connection seems too slow, it might be because of three reasons.

  • You are far away from the Home Network. To enjoy a better connection, the Amped SR300 Range Extender has to be closer to the Home Network. Also, the extender needs to have a strong signal for repeating the signal faster speeds and better range. So, move your Amped SR300 closer to the Home Network and then try connecting again.
  • It might be that you are downloading from the internet and not from the Extended Network or the Home Network. Files that are transferred through the internet are going to be limited by the Internet Service Provider and the download speeds from the website you are downloading the file from.
  • The computer you are using might have an older Wi-Fi adapter that has a lower speed limit.

Amped SR300 Review

If you have a large house and single Wi-Fi access is not enough for covering the house, Amped SR300 might be just what you are looking for. It sits somewhere within the range of the wireless router and rebroadcasts the signal further than the actual access point can reach out. Amped SR300 is easy to use and setup. If you can set up a wireless router, you can set this up without any hassle. It is fast and simple.
You can connect your devices from all access points. However, in the far corners of the house, you might not receive enough bandwidth from the primary access point. So, the extender does extend the range of the primary network.
In case you are looking for a simple way to extend your Wi-Fi network, Amped Wireless SR300 is the best way to go about it.