Amped TAP-EX2 Wireless Touch Screen AC750 Extender setup

The TAP-EX2 high power touch screen Wi-Fi range extender extends the range of any 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi network with the tap of your finger. It works by repeating the signal from your single or dual-band Wi-Fi router and redistributing that signal to a new extended location. The Amped TAPEX2 features a 3.5″ colour touch screen display for easy setup without the help of any additional devices. It is equipped with 6 advanced amplifiers and high gain antennas to boost your Wi-Fi coverage by an additional 10,000 square feet and at ultrafast 802.11 ac Wi-Fi speeds.

With 3 by wired ports, you can also directly attached additional internet devices like smart TVs in game consoles. The TAP-EX2 is a high-performance extender, built in an attractive and compact design and with the most simple setup available. With features like digital clock mode, you won’t want to hide it in a cabinet like other devices. The Amped Ac750 TAP-EX2 is a sleek and powerful addition to any home or office network. It is the second generation of touchscreen range extenders. The TAPEX2 Extender comes along with 1 year of warranty.

Things Inside TAP-EX2 touch screen Wi-Fi range extender Kit

  • High power touch screen AC 750 Wi-Fi Range Extender
  • Stylus
  • Detachable high gain antenna
  • Power adapter
  • Product stand and setup guide

Amped Ac750 TAPEX2 range extender features

1) LCD screen: 3.5 inches LCD touch screen displays the user interface for configuring the Range Extender as well as the status.

2) Stylus: input tool that assists in navigating the LCD touch screen menu.

3) Antenna connectors (ANT): RJ-SMA antenna connector. Compatible with all Emptiness that have RP-SMA connectors.

4) Reset: user will get reset button on the extreme right of the extender use this button to reset the device. Push down once to reboot, hold down for 5 to 10 seconds to reset to factory default settings.

5) USB Port: USB 2.0 port used to attach USB storage devices, such as USB flash drive external hard drive for file sharing. You will find a USB port under the reset button.

6) Wired ports: RJ-45 ports for connecting wired computers or network devices. Users will find wired ports after the USB port.

7) Power (PWR): Power adaptor pot.DC 12V 1A.

Before Amped TAP-EX2 Touch Screen range extender setup, here are a few tips on how to navigate the touch screen menu

1) Language section: Tap the globe icon found on the bottom of the Settings screen to change the language of the menu

2) Back arrow: Tap the left Arrow, found in the upper left corner of many screens to navigate back to the previous page.

3) Home Button: Tap the home icon, found on the bottom of many screens to return to the dashboard at any time.

4) Navigation Button: Tap the left or right arrow to navigate between multiple pages for one screen. The dots in the arrow indicates the number of pages.

5) Keyboards: Tap on a blank field to accept a keyboard or keypad for entering information such as your new ID and security key.

Amped TAP-EX2 extender Installation

  1. Attach the included antenna.
  2. Attach the power adaptor to the range extenders power port and plug it into an available power outlet.
  3. The M2 wireless logo will appear as the unit boots up, then the dashboard screen will appear.

How to Setup Amped TAP-EX2 touch screen Wi-Fi range extender

First of all, find a setup location where you install the Range Extender is important to how it will function. The optimal setup location should be somewhere no more than half away between your Wi-Fi router and your Wi-Fi dead zone, where you receive no usable signal

1) The Amped wireless logo will appear on the screen while the TAP-EX2 ac750 boots up. After a few moments, the dashboard will appear on the screen, this screen provides you with a basic status of the Range Extender. If this is your first time setting up the TAPEX2 extender the screen will show no connection.

2) Tap scan to begin the setup process and to begin scanning for your home network that you will be extending. The TAP-EX2 range extender will detect both 2.4 and 5 gigahertz networks, you can select single as well as both gigahertz if you have a dual-band capable router that you are extending.

3) When the scan is complete then select a 2.4 gigahertz home network screen will appear first if you want to extend only 5 gigahertz network then tap skip to bypass this screen if you wish to extend just a 2.4 or both 2.4 or 5 gigahertz networks you will need to select the network at the screen when the scan is complete. Check to see that your home network has a signal strength of 70% or greater if the signal stream from your home network is less than 70% or you do not see your home network on the list at all your Range Extender may be placed too far from your router, reposition the TAP-EX2 repeater closer to your home or office router.

Once your home network shows a signal strength of about 70% select your home network from the list and tap next.

4) You will then be prompted to enter the security key for your network. If your home network does not require a security key simply leave this field blank and tap next. If you don’t know the security key for the network you are trying to extend tab the back button and select a different network to extend.

5) After selecting your wireless networks and enter the security keys tap next. The extended network setting screens shows that allow you to configure settings for your extended network. You will have to fill SSID means identification name of your extended network that users will see when connected to your extended network this name should not be the same as your home network.

6) If you choose to clone settings from your home network, the wizard will copy the SSID and security key of your home network. The SSID of the extended network will have a “_RE” at the end of its name. For instance Home_Network_RE. Although you can also manually enter a new network ID and security key. The security key must be at least 8 characters long.

7) Tap next to save the settings when complete. The Range Extender will now apply your settings this process take up to a minute so please be patient do not power off the extender at this time if there any problem with your configuration the wizard will prompt you of the issue and ask that you rescan for your home network.

8) If your settings are correct you will now see the summary page with your Amped extended network detail.

Now you are now ready to use your extended networks. Go to you are Wi-Fi settings and connect to the new extended network the Amped 2.4 or 5 gigahertz.


1) if you cannot connect to your home network and received an error when running the amped setup wizard?

  • Your home network may be secured double check that you have the correct security key to connect to the home network.
  • Your Range Extender may be located too far from your home network, run through the setup wizard again. On the scanned page, your home network should show a signal strength of 70% or greater if it does not move the Range Extender closer to your home network and try again.
  • check that the antenna is connected securely to the antenna connector.

2) If you can’t find your home network when scanning for Wi-Fi networks in the setup wizard?

  • The Range Extender may be out of range move the Range Extender close to the Wi-Fi router and try the Setup Wizard again from the touch screen menu. It is recommended that your home network show a signal strength of 70% or greater in the wizard scan results.
  • From the touch-screen, dashboard go to the settings then the Wi-Fi settings menu to access wireless coverage settings, make sure the signal strength is at 100% percent, and try again.
  • Make sure that your home network Wi-Fi SS ID is broadcasting and not hidden. If your home network ID is hidden you will need to manually set up the TAP-EX2 Range Extender through the Wi-Fi setting home network settings menu.

3) If your Range Extender was working fine previously but now you can no longer access the internet through the Range Extender or had a power outage and now the Range extender no longer works?

  • The Amped TAP-EX2 Extender should automatically Heal itself and reconnect to your wireless network. However, in the event that it does not and you are not able to access the internet or your home network please try these tips:
  • The connection to your home network has been dropped. This can be caused by several events to your home Wi-Fi connection. When this occurs simply run the amped setup Wizard again from the touchscreen menu and reconfigure the Range Extender.
  • Reboot the Range Extender wait 3 minutes for the Range Extender to reconnect to your network and try to access the internet.
  • However, in the case that it does not, check to see that your home Wi-Fi router settings have not changed. Any changes to the SSID, security, or channel number from the original settings will disconnect the range extender’s connection to the home network. A power outage can cause a change in the channel of your router. To solve this simply run the setup wizard again from the touch screen menu and reconfigure your home network connection. You can also set a static channel number on your router to prevent this from happening again in the future.
  • Check to see that your home Wi-Fi router is still on. If it has been turned off please turn it back on. The Range Extender should automatically quickly connect to your home network within 10 minutes.
  • If the Range Extender does not automatically reconnect, try rebooting the TAPEX2 Range Extender by unplugging the power cables and plugging it back in.

4) If your router is connected to a home network however you do not have internet access?

  • The home network itself may not have internet access. check to see that you have internet access by connecting directly to the home network first. if you are able to go online then this is not a problem. if you cannot go online, then the home networks internet connection must first be resolved.
  • You may have a DNS issue and the Range Extender is not obtaining the IP settings from your home network. Try to reboot the Range Extender and then assessed a website. if that fails, then reboot the home router to see if that fixes it.
  • There may be an IP conflict with your home network and your extended network. Try to adjust the IP settings for your extended network using IP values that are different from your home network.

5) If the Amped TAP-EX2 touch screen turns off too quickly?

  • from the TAP-EX2 dashboard screen tap on settings. Now tap on management settings and then screen settings. This screen will allow you to adjust the Timeout time to put the screen to turn off when there is an interval of no activity.

6) If you can’t access your USB storage device after you plug it into the range extender?

Follow these instructions as per your operating system


To assess the drive from your Windows desktop:

1) Click the start button

2) Click computer

3) On the computer page, the drive should appear on the left hand Kollam under network as AMPED_RE_USB.


1) Click on the start button.

2) Click the computer.

3) Click MAP NETWORK DRIVE from the top bar.

4) Select a drive letter (any), then enter in the folder field: \\shared disk IP address.

5) If the drive fails to open, click browse and locate AMPED_RE_USB under network.


To access the drive from your Mac desktop:

1) Open finder.

2) On the left-hand menu, under shared, click Amped USB.


1) Open finder.

2) From the menu on the top of the desktop, select and go.

3) Select Connect to the server from the drop-down menu.

4) Enter the address of the network drive: AMPED_RE_USB, then click connect.

Amped Touch Screen TAP-EX2 Review

In my personal opinion touch screen TAPEX2, a high power touch screen Wi-Fi range extender is the best innovation of technology. It is easy to install and cover 10,000 square feet or area. Moreover, the touch screen dashboard is provided so that you can set all the functions by one tap of your finger. It comes along with single as well as a dual-band Wi-Fi router. You can easily attach other devices with it.