Ancatus AX1800 WiFi 6 Router Setup, Troubleshooting And Review

The ancatus ax1800 is a wireless wifi 6 computer router with 802.11ax. It has been specially designed so that they can give the internet to the computer through wifi. This router provides first-class wifi network connectivity. Usually, the ancatus ax1800 wifi 6 router provides ultra fast speed with the latest wifi standard 802 11AX. It has 80MHz bandwidth and 1024QAM that support dramatically faster wireless connections with a total speed of about 1800Mbps. On the other hand, this router is a dual band that means it supports 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency bands. The ax1800 wifi 6 router has latest OFDMA and MU-MIMO technology which enable the wifi 6 router to connect up 40 devices at a time with better wifi connection.

The set and management of the ancatus wifi 6 router is easy, it also takes less than 5 minutes. This router provides incredible coverage with the beamforming technology. It also has 4 high-gain antennas that extend the wifi coverage to a new level. The wifi 6 router truly enables WiFi to reach every corner of your home and is an ideal choice for large and medium-sized homes.

How to Install the ancatus ax1800 wifi 6 router?

The Ancatus wifi 6 computer router is incredibly fast dual-band speed up to 600 mbps faster than the other router. This wifi network connectivity fulfils all the requirements of the wifi network needs. If you want to enjoy the wifi network of the ax1800 router then you should install it. There are some steps of the installation.

  1. Firstly, unbox the ancatus wifi 6 router from the packaging box and check if it comes with the following components like power cord, ethernet cable, antennas and others.
  2. Then, put the router horizontally and orient the antennas vertically in the proper way.
  3. Turn off your modem and if any battery backup then remove it.
  4. Here, connect the wifi 6 router to the modem using the ethernet cable. Plug the one end of the cable into the router’s ethernet port and the other end plug into the modem’s ethernet port.
  5. Then, turn on the modem and your ancatus wifi router. Now, you can wait about 3-4 minutes.
  6. Turn on the wifi on your computer and connect the ancatus wifi network using the password.

Now the installation process of the ax1800 wifi 6 router is done. You can seamlessly enjoy the wifi network connectivity and login the account without any obstacle.

Access the login page of the ancatus ax1800 wifi 6 computer router

The ax1800 wifi 6 router provides better coverage with the beamforming technology. It is a perfect device for streaming 4K videos, gaming console, check email without any buffering. If you want to ancatus ax1800 router login without any hassle then you follow the given below steps.

  • Initially, make sure the computer is connected to the wifi 6 router, wired or wirelessly.
  • Open any web browser of your choice like chrome, safari, opera, and internet explorer.
  • Type in the address bar of the browser, hit enter.
  • In a while, display a login page on the screen.
  • In the login there are 2 text columns: username and password.
  • Then, you can enter “user” as username and “admin” as login password.
  • Finally, click the section “login”.

Now the login steps of the ancatus ax1800 wifi 6 router is successfully finished. These were some of its steps, which you can simply follow without any interruption.

Manual of the ancatus ax1800 wifi 6 router

The ancatus wifi 6 wireless router is faster speed, greater capacity and lower tendency. It supports all previous 802. 11 standards wifi devices and it is compatible. If you want to know more information about the ancatus router then you should read the ancatus ax1800 manual. Manual is that which comes with the ax1800 wifi 6 router. All the information is there about the router like package dimension is 11.14 x 10.39 x 1.77 inches, item weight 1.76 pounds, ASIN is B08TTWYHBB, wifi speed up to 1800Mbps, frequency band is 2.4G&5G, wifi coverage is Up to 2000 sq ft, ethernet port is 4(1WAN, 3LAN), connectivity technology is LAN or WLAN, security protocol is WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK etc. By reading this manual, you can find out all the information about the ancatus wifi 6 computer dual band router.

Web-based setup of the ancatus ax1800 wifi 6 gaming router

The ancatus wifi 6 wireless router provides steady connection. If you want ancatus ax1800 wifi 6 router setup, then it is very ingenious. It takes 4-5 minutes to Setup the router. There are some steps, which are as follows.

  1. First and foremost, plug the router into the power circuit and turn ON the power button by pressing the power button. Then you can wait until the power LED turns into the solid green.
  2. To setup the router, first you can login the account with the router’s IP address.
  3. Then, input the username ID and login default password in their field and login the account.
  4. Here, click “setup” wizard to setup the ancatus ax1800 wifi 6 router.
  5. In this wizard, click the section “wireless” and select the encryption WPA/WPA2.
  6. You also select the frequency band 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.
  7. Then you can type the password key in their column, password must be at least 8 characters.
  8. After these settings, click “save”.

Now the setup of the ancatus wifi 6 DB router is successfully complete. These are some steps of the wifi router setup, you can also try to set up the wifi 6 gaming router by following these steps.

Troubleshooting tips for ancatus wifi 6 router is not working

The ancatus wifi router is a tremendous wireless router. This router also comes with 3 Ethernet ports, you can get faster and more stable Internet connecting. But sometimes the ancatus ax1800 router not working, they cause errors. You can easily resolve this error with troubleshooting tips.

  • If the ax1800 wifi 6 router is not working then turn off and unplug the modem. Turn off the router and plug in the modem and turn it on. Wait two minutes. Then, turn on the router and wait two minutes.
  • Many times due to overheating, the router is not working. You should place the router in the cool, airt and ventilated area.
  • You need to verify the LED indicator, if the power LED flashes a red light that means the router is not working then you check your router is properly connected to the modem. If the power LED flashes green light that means connection is good.
  • If the login page is not accessed then you should verify you use the proper IP address. You can clean the cache history of the browser. You can also use the other web browser to access the login page.
  • Time-to-time you need to verify the firmware update of the ancatus ax1800 wifi 6 router.
  • In the eventually, follow all the above tips but if your router is still not working then you should reset the ax1800 wifi 6 router.

Ancatus ax1800 router review

The ancatus ax1800 wifi 6 router is universal compatibility that supports wifi standards 802.11 ax/n/g/b on 2.4GHz and ax/ac/n/a on 5GHz,and is compatible with nearly all Internet Service Providers. It has 4external antennas that manage the wifi network coverage and provide ultimate performance. This router wifi speed eliminates the wifi dead zone in the corner of the home. By which you enjoy 4K streaming videos, gaming consoles, download long files and share photos and videos without any buffering. The Ancatus ax1800 router has a powerful dual-core processor that supports bandwidth up to 40Mhz on 2.4G , 80Mhz on 5G. At a time it connects up to 40 networking devices with the mu-mimo technology and provides a stable, better and reliable network to all the devices. That means it is a superior wifi network device for streaming videos and playing gaming console.


How do I reset the ancatus ax1800 wifi router?

To reset the ax1800 router by pressing the reset button. Firstly, you can locate the ancatus ax1800 router reset button. The reset button is on the backside of the wifi router. Press and hold the reset button for 9-10 seconds. Afterward, release the button and LED indicator turn into the orange light that means reset is successful.

How do I boost the wifi range of my ancatus wifi 6 router?

If you want the range of the ancatus wifi router then you connect the wifi range extender to the ax1800 router. You can use the WPS button to connect the extender to the ancatus router.

Can I manually update the firmware of the ancatus ax1800 wifi 6 router?

To update the ancatus ax1800 router firmware, then you can login the account with the router’s IP address, username and password. Then go to the “administration” setting and click “ firmware update”. Here, click the section “browse” to upload the download firmware file. After that, click “upgrade”.