Ancatus WiFi Extender AC1200 setup, troubleshooting, and review

The Ancatus WiFi Extender AC1200 is identically famous for providing dual-band technology. This A2 wifi amplifier usually delivers the network speed up to 1200Mbps. It is the best networking device for casual streaming, lag-free online gaming, and video conferences or chats. Using this extender, you can enjoy ultrafast-speed WiFi. It extends wifi range coverage up to 1200 sq. ft. and it easily connects to 25 devices at one time.

A2 wifi boosters are mainly ideal for large houses, large apartments, multi-story homes, or buildings, smartphones, smart TV, and other smart networking devices. This is a very compatible networking device such as all wifi standards devices 802.11a/n/g/b/ac. To manage it you have to just press the WPS button and quickly connect your wifi extender to your router. Using this device, you can also get a WPA2 security standard into your whole home.

Installation steps for the Ancatus WiFi Extender AC1200

You can mainly use this A2 wifi extender after installing it. If you want to install your Ancatus-WiFi Extender AC1200 then follow the steps given below.

  • If you are using the Ancatus-WiFi Extender for the first time and it is new, then you should first get it out of the packing box.
  • After that, you can plugin this device into a power adapter but make sure your chosen location is a very amazing and ventilating location.
  • Also, place your device near the location of the router to get the proper network coverage or signal.
  • Then, you can now connect the wifi network to your Extender by using an Ethernet cable.
  • After that, you now have to turn on the power of your Repetidor de Senel WiFi amplifier (A2) by pressing the power button.
  • Now, the smart LED light of the extender is fully blinking.
  • At last, the Ancatus WiFi Extender AC1200 installation process is complete now.

Thus, the A2 wifi extender installation process finishes now. If you want to install your device then follow the above-given steps.

Steps for the Ancatus WiFi Extender AC1200 Login

The A2 generally works with 99% of routers, gateways, and access points. After configuring it, you can easily access the wifi network. Just log in to it for accessing the wifi network. To A2 log in, follow the below steps.

  • If you want to Ancatus-WiFi Extender log in, first of all, you connect your Extender’s WiFi network to your PC.
  • After connecting the wifi network, you can open any surfing device on your PC such as a web interface
  • You may find in the URL of the web interface the Ancatus-WiFi Extender default IP address or type
  • Now, wait for some time your device log-in page is being searched by the web browser.
  • The Ancatus WiFi Login box is buffering now by the web browser.
  • You have to just type in the web browser admin username or Ancatus-WiFi Extender default password.
  • After entering the A2 wifi extender login credentials, you can click on the login option which is given on your PC screen.

Thus, the Ancatus WiFi Extender AC1200 Login process is fully completed now in a proper manner. Using the above-given login steps you can also try to log in to your device.

Ancatus-wifi extender AC1200 manual

The Ancatus AC1200 dual-band wi-fi range extender manual usually gives the specification about IEEE Standard 802.11 Repetidor de Señal WiFi Amplifier (A2). Manual mainly shows all the information about your product. This manual comes along with your Ancatus-wifi extender. Using this user manual, you can quickly install your extender. Just, you have to read this manual carefully to protect your device from the hard. Through the Manual product description, you know very well about the product. But, the given Ancatus-wifi extender instruction is not fully complete. So, you can get all the complete information about this from here given instructions.

Steps for Ancatus WiFi extender AC1200 Setup

You can easily set it up in 5 minutes without needing any experience. If you can also configure it, without any hassle, then you have to need just following the below-given instructions.

  1. First and foremost complete the initial steps for configuring the router without using the WPS button.
  2. After that, choose a location for it using the smart indicators. Its smart indicator also will help you to find the best location.
  3. Now, turn on the Power of your Ancatus-WiFi repeater and connect with the existing router network.
  4. Connect wifi network by finding the wifi name from the wifi name list. You can also create your device wifi name which is like “Ancatus_XXXX-2GHz” or “Ancatus_XXXX-5GHz”.
  5. Also, create a password by just entering the “admin” as a password.
  6. After that, open your PC web browser and add the extender wifi that you want to extend through the wireless setting.
  7. Now, you can also change your device to another setting, and then after entering the password of your router network.
  8. Lastly, you can click on the “Save setting or apply option”.

Thus, the Ancatus WiFi extender Setup finishes now. You can also try setting up your device by using the above given A2 wifi extender setup steps.

Troubleshooting tips for the Ancatus WiFi extender AC1200 issues

The Ancatus-WiFi extender is very different from the other extender. It very rarely causes various issues such as Ancatus-wifi extender not working, not connecting to wifi or etc. get troubleshooting tips of A2 wifi extender from the below.

  • If your Ancatus-wifi extender not working, then you can verify that the extender is connected to the power adapter properly or not.
  • Sometimes, the Ancatus-wifi extender not connecting to wifi, then you need to also verify that the extender is within the Wi-Fi range location of the wireless router or not.
  • If your Ancatus-wifi AC1200 extender is keeping disconnecting or not connects to wifi then you check the client device is connected to proper the extender’s network.
  • You can also check if the Ancatus extender firmware is not outdated to fix the Ancatus-WiFi WiFi extender device light not on. Update it with the latest firmware.
  • If your device shows the overloading issue, then you can clear all the cache, history, and unnecessary connecting devices.

So, these are some steps for the Ancatus WiFi extender AC1200 troubleshooting. By using these steps you can also fix all issues relating to your A2 wifi extender.

Ancatus WiFi extender AC1200 review

I am searching for a new Wifi extender that easily reaches each and every corner of my household. So, I will get many suggestions and reviews about the best networking device. Everyone gives an opinion regarding the Ancatus-wifi extender. Before purchasing it I read the Ancatus-WiFi extender (A2) Review. More importantly for me, it reaches every room. The A2 wifi dual-band repeater usually meets and fulfills all needs. It easily covers up to 1200sq ft area of my home and it can easily connect my 18 devices at one time and runs each device greatly. I really recommend all people buying this.


How can I reset Ancatus WiFi extender AC1200 in a simple way?

To Ancatus-WiFi extender AC1200 reset, just find or locate it on your Extender. After that, hold the reset button for just three seconds. Then, you have to release it after three seconds and make sure your device is reset now properly. After resetting it, you can open your device.

From where I can update Ancatus-WiFi Extender AC1200 Firmware?

You can update your Ancatus-WiFi Extender AC1200 Firmware through the web browser. Just open the web browser and then using the A2 IP address, open the setting menu. Then, you can choose the Ancatus-WiFi Extender firmware update option. Now, update your extender with the latest version.

How to convert an Ancatus-WiFi Extender to the 2.4 GHz so slow?

If you want to get the fastest wifi network through the A2 wifi extender. Just, change the wifi setting, go into the wireless setting, and then select the 5GHz band network. After changing the setting, you can also click on the “apply option”.