‎BrosTrend ‎AC3 WiFi Adapter

Would you like to buy the latest fast WiFi long-range USB Adapter? If yes, you can buy the BrosTrend ‎AC3 WiFi Adapter. It is the latest USB driver that connects with PC, MAC, Laptop of Windows 11/10/8/7/XP, Desktop, etc. The 5Ghz wireless broadband gives 867Mbps and the 2.4Ghz bandwidth offers a 300Mbps connection. Its signal antennas provide the 2 X 5dBi rapid and compelling long-range connection. This establishes an extended signal range connection. Apart from this, it brings a USB 3.0 port Cradle, you can use it directly and using the Base. It gives a 1200 Mbps fast internet connection.

The BrosTrend 1200Mbps USB WiFi Adapter is an ingenious wireless adapter. You could use it to play online games, Online 4K Video, Facebook and High-Quality Music, etc. It is a Dual Band USB WiFi Adapter that connects with the desktop, PC, and Laptop. You can enjoy this USB dongle signal coverage in your home in each corner. One more feature of the system is it secures your connected devices and Network Privacy. Since it supports the latest wireless encryption with WPA2/WPA/WEP, WPA3-SAE, 802.1x, AES/PSK/TKIP, etc. It is compatible with any mediocre wireless router. You need to install the latest driver for this Brostrend AC1200 A3 WiFi Adapter to control it and get the optimum WiFi speed.

Features of BrosTrend 1200Mbps USB WiFi Adapter

The AC1200 Long Range USB WiFi Adapter brings too many features. Its all vast features are demonstrated below.

  • The Brostrend WiFi Adapter gives the Ultimate WiFi network speed. Its dual-band wireless data allows you to access 867Mbps Wireless Speed on 5GHz WiFi Band. On the other hand, get the 300Mbps Speed on 2.4GHz WiFi Band.
  • Apart from this, it is an incredible wireless USB adapter for Gaming, High-Quality Music, Online 4K Video, data transmitting, etc.
  • The Brostrend Dual Band USB WiFi Adapter intensifies and boosts your mediocre router signal range. Its mainstream 2 pieces of 5dBi High Gain Wifi Antennas help this adapter to extend the wireless router signal range.
  • You may achieve in your laptop & desktop superior stability and extended WiFi connection. It brings the USB 3.0 Cradle Extension Cable, it’s approx 5 Feet long.
  • Moreover, it easily connects with any device USB Port. You need to keep it in a Zone with Optimal WiFi Signal Reception. It also provides a stagnant internet connection directly mode with the USB WiFi Dongle.
  • Its amazing USB 3.0 Cradle ports are run with 10 times more rapid mode than USB 2.0. It is an instantaneous WiFi adapter for desktop and PC because its USB port is gold plated which is backwardly compatible with 2.0 USB ports.
  • Lastly, it is designed with advanced WPA3 security. Through this security, you can easily secure your internet-connected devices and network privacy.

Therefore, it is an incredible system. These all features of the BrosTrend 1200Mbps Long Range USB WiFi Adapter demonstrates its work performance and quality.

Know about Supporting Operating Systems and WiFi Routers

The Brostrend WiFi Adapter supports the various operating systems and routers. It’s manifest below.

  • It runs on Desktop, MAC, PC, Laptop, etc.
  • MAC OS X 10.9~10.15. It does not support MAC OS X 11.
    Plug & Play on Windows 7.
  • Install the driver and operate on Windows 11/10/8.1/8/XP.
  • It is compatible with previous Wireless-N routers and the latest AC WiFi Routers.
  • You can use the driver for MAC OS X or Optimum WiFi Speed On Windows 11/10

Steps for the ‎BrosTrend ‎AC3 WiFi Adapter hardware installation

Here are the instructions for the Brostrend AC3 WiFi adapter driver setup. It is followed as:

  • First of all, turn on the power of your PC and insert in its USB port the BrosTrend AC1200 USB WiFi Adapter.
  • After this, you will insert your PC CD driver into the CD-ROM. You will locate the interconnected driver for your PC operating system.
  • If your PC does not detect the CD driver then download its latest driver from www.trendtechcn.com.
Important Note:

If your PC is combined spontaneously with the WiFi adapter, then kindly shut off the power of your PC before the Brostrend AC3 driver installation. Otherwise, the Brostrend WIfI adapter will cause friction with each other and you will not know which Wifi adapter works for you.

Meanwhile, kindly uninstall the already-having driver from your PC. After this, install the Brostrend AC1200 driver. Apart from this, if you are using the two or more USB WiFi adapters drivers in your PC then it manifests the errors and as a result, the Brostrend AC3 not working and fails to work. Therefore, you will have to find both installed drivers from the control panel and uninstall them. Also, keep in mind that uninstalls the driver from your PC driver while it is turned off.

Steps for the Brostrend AC1200 driver download on Windows PC

Would you know about “how to install a Brostrend AC1200 driver”? If yes then let’s obtain its driver installation instructions steps from below.

  • First of all, you have to put the CD into the CD compartment.
  • Open the browser and go on with the Brostrend IP address (192.168. 0.254) or access the re.brostrend.com login page.
  • The Brostrend AC1200 Login page is manifest on your computer screen. You will log in to your Brostrend registered account.
  • To access the Brostrend admin page, enter the Brostrend 1200Mbps WiFi adapter password and username.
  • Make sure both of the Brostrend login credentials are correct.
  • You can click on the login option now and move ahead to install the Brostrend adapter driver from its setup page.

Continue the process for the ‎BrosTrend ‎AC3 WiFi Adapter Setup

  • After this, the Brostrend wifi adapter setup page manifests on your windows screen.
  • First of all, locate the correct driver for its operating system and open its file folder to locate it.
  • After this, double click on the Brostrend wifi adapter setup page.
  • Double click on the ‎BrosTrend ‎AC3 WiFi Adapter setup button.
  • Emulate the on-screen instructions to accomplish the Brostrend AC3 WiFi adapter installation of the driver.
  • Kindly wait for a while, the Brostrend InstallShield Wizard prepares, it will instruct you to rest of the Brostrend AC3 adapter setup process.
  • Click on Brostrend adapter setup.exe to begin the WiFi adapter installation process.

After this, emulate the on-screen instructions to accomplish the Brostrend AC3 driver installation process.

You can now restart the power of your PC. Now, you will ensure that the Brostrend-wifi-adapter-driver-for-windows-1030-31 is installed precisely. In this way, the Brostrend AC1200 driver download on Windows PC process is successfully completed.

Join the ‎BrosTrend ‎AC3 WiFi Adapter with an internet connection

You can follow the steps to connect it with the internet from below.

  • Make sure the power of your host device, Brostrend WiFi extender, and your computer is turned on.
  • You will search on your PC wireless settings for its network name.
  • Click on it and you will enter the correct password.
  • Make sure you will join with its wireless network.
  • Justify the network status from its network settings.
  • Now, you might use its network to transfer the files, download the files, play lag-free online games, browse, stream, etc.

Steps for the Brostrend AC3 wifi adapter driver installation for MAC OS X

Below are the following steps for the Brostrend AC1200 wifi adapter driver installation. These are the following:

    • Ensure your MAC OS X is connected to the internet.
    • Go into internet explorer and explore http://www.brostrend.com.
    • It helps you to locate the Brostrend WiFi extender latest driver.
    • Therefore, explore it and log in to your Brostrend admin account.


  • Then, the Brostrend WiFi adapter setup page is manifest on your computer screen.
  • You will unzip the Brostrend 1200Mbps WiFi adapter driver.
  • After this, you have to now begin the Brostrend AC3 adapter installation process.
  • Emulate the on-screen instructions to complete the Brostrend 1200Mbps WiFi adapter setup process.
  • In this way, you have to restart your MAC OS X system after completing the Brostrend adapter installation process.

Thus, you should connect its network to your MAC. Just, search its name in the WiFi list and connect it with the correct Wi-Fi key. If you enter the correct details then it’s now able to connect with your MAC.

Tricks for the ‎BrosTrend ‎AC3 WiFi Adapter Troubleshooting

Below the given steps are broached the Broastrend Troubleshooting tricks. You might follow these steps to get rid of the occurring issue.

  • You will connect the power supply to your WiFi in case the Brostrend wifi adapter is not working and not connecting to the internet.
  • When the Brostrend 1200Mbps USB wifi adapter is not working on Windows 10, you should confirm that it has already run with another USB. If it is running then uninstall it first and use your USB driver again.
  • You should get rid of the Brostrend AC3 usb wifi adapter not showing in the device manager issue, kindly enable the show hidden files from the view option.
  • Apart from this, when the ‎BrosTrend ‎AC3 WiFi Adapter no internet is shown on your computer. It might be caused due to a misconfiguration process. So, configure the Brostrend wifi extender setup again.
  • You can see the BrosTrend ‎AC3 WiFi Adapter Troubleshooting of Brostrend Windows not detecting WiFi adapters. Then, you should update and reinstall the Brostrend network adapter windows 10 and update the Brostrend AC3 latest driver.

‎BrosTrend ‎AC3 WiFi Adapter Review

The Brostrend 1200Mbps long-range USB wifi adapter allows you to receive internet very easily on your computer, laptops, etc. It provides the internet in your home dead zones and vanishes no internet having areas. It covers almost every edge of your home. Because its main job is to extend the internet of the host device. Therefore, you can use it to exaggerate the signal range of the router. Check the BrosTrend 1200Mbps Long Range USB WiFi Adapter Review from Amazon, Walmart, etc. You should use its network for PC, Desktop, Laptop of Windows 11/10/8/7/XP, and MAC, etc. It gives the 2.4Ghz and 5GHz network with a 2 X faster speed. You can obtain the influential signal range in any location through its 5dBi Antennas. Join your computer’s USB port with its USB 3.0 Cradle to get rid of internet issues. In spite of this, you can easily set it up if you are following the Brostrend AC3 manual guide precisely.

BrosTrend 1200Mbps USB WiFi Adapter Specifications

  • Brostrend wifi extender Wireless Type: 802.11a/b/g/n
  • Number of USB 3.0 Ports: ‎1
  • Brostrend extender Brand Name: BrosTrend & Series: FBA_AC3
  • WiFi adapter model number: AC3
  • Operating System: Mac OS X 10.6-10.15, Mojave, Windows 11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 32/64Bit
  • Item Weight: 2.4 ounces
  • Brostrend WiFi adapter Dimensions: ‎9.84 x 3.98 x 0.71 inches
  • Colour of the Brostrend: Black
  • Power Source The Brostrend is Powered by a USB Port of a Desktop or Laptop PC.
  • 1200Mbps WiFi USB adapter ASIN: ‎B01IEU7UZ0
  • AC1200 WiFi adapter Voltage: ‎5 Volts
  • Manufacturer of the 1200Mbps WiFi adapter: ‎BrosTrend Technology LLC
  • Country of Origin: ‎China
  • The Brostrend AC1200 WiFi adapter First-time Available date: ‎July 14, 2016
  • BrosTrend 1200Mbps WiFi Adapter Price: $32.99