BroadLink WiFi RM Mini

The BroadLink WiFi RM Mini 3 is a smart IoT universal remote control that smoothly supports 80,000 IR-controlled devices like TV, Personal Video Recorder, DVD, Set-up Box, A/C, receiver, and more. The supported devices are being updated instantly by the cloud so that they are fully compatible with the new device. If several cloud data is not available then the most suitable option is to program your remote control device. Moreover, the BroadLink IR 3 remote is more modest but very smarter, you simply perform the timer and scene as you necessitate. You usually use this device easily and also easily install it. With this remote, you can remote control multiple home appliances, like an Air Conditioner, STB, Lighting, TV, Audio, etc. The RM mini 3 remote brings BroadLink Global Cloud service technology that becomes smooth and secure to remote control your home devices from anywhere.

The Broadlink RM Mini 3 universal remote all-in-one remote control. With this remote, you can say bye-bye to Dozen remote as this single remote can control all the devices. This device turns your phone into a hub that easily controls your home appliances anywhere. The IR remote is thoroughly compatible with Alexa that easily control your TV by voice command, STB, Fans; & Air Conditioner, and also Compatible with Google Home.

Incredible Features regarding Broadlink WiFi RM Mini 3 remote

The BroadLinkRM remote control is usually useful to control all the devices wireless. This networking device generally comes along with features like supporting 80,000 devices, is compatible with Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant, is Simple-to-use with Broadlink App, and more.

1. Support 80,000+ IR controlled devices

The BroadLink mini 3 remote absolutely supports 80,000+ IR-controlled devices. This device like a TV, set-up box, AC, Speaker, smart TV, DVD, video recorder, receiver, and so on. This device is more capable than utterly handle many devices without any congestion.

2. More compact but smarter device

The Broadlink mini 3 remote is very compact but that does not mean that it is not powerful. This device is very smart. You surely create the scene & timer as you require. It easily connects every networking device and then controls your network device.

3. All-in-one remote controller

The remote control is an all-in-one remote controller as it controls more than 80,000 devices. It controls my devices like smart TV, AC, speaker, DVD player, and more. So with this remote control, you can say bye to a dozen remote control. You usually this remote control with any networking device.

4. Easy-to-use with Broadlink App

The use of the Broadlink remote control is not complicated. Every user easily uses this remote control. However, the Broadlink RM IR 3 remote control works with Bradlink App. Just install & use this app on your mobile phone and then seamlessly use the remote control.

5. Work with Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa

The RM mini 3 remote control works with Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant. Use this remote control together with smart speaker Amazon Echo or Google Home and operate home appliances with your “Voice”.

Hardware Installation of the BroadLink WiFi RM Mini 3 Remote Control

If you want to control your device like AC, DVD player, Smart TV with remote control, then for this you have to install it. Now you will think about how to install Broadlink rm mini 3, if you want to install it in a proper way, then for this, you have to follow the installation steps given below.

  • Before installing the Mini 3 remote control, you have to take its packaging box and unbox it. If your remote control is the new one.
  • Then, you have to verify the package content, inside the packaging box you will find the 1 × remote control, 1 × USB cable, 1 × installation guide, and manual.
  • Then, you need to read the manual of this remote control in the proper way.
  • You have to place your remote control near the electric circuit but that place should be a dam clear i.e. there should not be a place of overheating.
  • Now you should give the power to the RM3 remote controller and charge it. For this, you use a power cable and put its end on the remote controller ports.
  • Then, connect your device to the RM Mini 3 IR remote controller.
  • In the end, you need to verify LED status. If the status is blue then the installation process is finished.

Finally! The Broadlink Mini 3 remote controller installation process is surely finished. After that, you can easily perform the setup of this remote control.

Manual of the Broadlink RM Mini 3 Remote controller

The wifi remote control comes along with a user manual. Because the user manual is most important for every networking device. Without a manual, you can’t find any information about the remote control. The Broadlink RM mini 3 manual is the answer to all questions like how to setup Broadlink rm pro with Alexa, how to use RM mini IR remote controller, how to configure Broadlink rm mini 3, how to perform the reset of the remote controller, and other questions. Moreover, it also provides the technical information about the remote control such as connectivity technology of remote control is Wi-Fi, Infrared; Broadlink model number is ‎8541545902; Broadlink style is ‎RM Mini3; No battery is required; 80,000+ device supported; ASIN is B07K2DHXB6; USB cable is required; smart LED light; control multiple devices; and more.

Setup steps of Broadlink WiFi RM mini 3 remote control

The setup of the remote control is very necessary because without perform the setup it does not work accurately. The RM mini 3 remote works with a WiFi network then you need to connect the remote control to the WiFi network. Still, you will think about how to set up Broadlink rm mini 3, so that you need to follow some of the steps presented below. These steps truly help to perform the remote controller setup in a trouble-free manner.

  • To perform the setup of the IR remote control, you have to take the packaging box of this remote control, then locate the QR code. The QR code is placed on the back panel of the packaging box.
  • You have to use the camera of your mobile phone and scan the QR code then the app will be installed on your mobile phone.
  • Alternatively, you visit and install the app in the web interface.
  • After installing the Broadlink app on your smart mobile phone, smoothly press the app icon and then open it.
  • But Perform the setup of the Broadlink remote control you need to ensure your mobile phone connects to the stable WiFi network connectivity.
  • Then, log in to the account with a valid username & password. Enter the Username ID & password in their field.
  • After login into the account, you should connect your remote control to the Broadlink app for this, you tap the “add device” option and then simply connect it.
  • Now, you press the “setting” option and then decide the “WiFi network” option.
  • It asks for the Network Name & Password, then you need to enter the Network name in their field and also enter the password in their field. Then tab the “connect” option.
  • In the setting option, you make all the settings whatever you want $ follow prompted app instructions.

Congratulations! The Broadlink rm mini 3 setup was surely completed successfully. After that, enjoy all the features of the WiFi-connected remote controller.

Troubleshooting Steps of the Broadlink WiFi RM mini IR 3 Remote control

Sometimes the remote controller does not work properly due to which the user has to face the problem. Sometimes, many problems come to light like it does not turn on, the color of the LED light changes, does not connect to WiFi, and many more problems occur. Then there are some Broadlink rm mini 3 troubleshooting tips presented below that absolutely solve the problems.

  • If the Broadlink RM mini 3 is not connecting to WiFi, then you try to reboot the remote controller. Maybe your smartphone is not connected to the 2.4 GHz network. Then combine your smart mobile to the WiFi connectivity.
  • The Broadlink IR 3 remote control not working the most desirable option is you press & hold the reset button of your RM mini 3 remote control device. Then, the not working problem surely will be resolved by implementing these steps.
  • If the Broadlink wifi smart Hub blinking red then the problem is the inaccurate position then you should verify the position. Many times, caused by overheating places. Then you should verify the position & area. If the flat surface is not immaculate then you should clean it.
  • If the Broadlink RM mini 3 Alexa not working then you should verify the distance. Many times the distance is the major cause, then place the Alexa near the remote control. You usually use the proper app to connect Alexa to the remote control.
  • The Broadlink WiFi smart remote control won’t turn ON, then you should verify the power adapter is correctly attached to the power circuit. Many times the power cord is loose, you tightly plug the cable into the remote control.

Review of Broadlink WiFi smart Hub remote control

In my point of view, the Broadlink RM mini 3 review is a thoroughly amazing & unbelievable networking remote control. Because it supports 80,000+ networking devices that means it works seamlessly. It supports a DVD player, AC, smart TV, music player, gaming, and more. Moreover, the RM remote control only supports 2.4 GHz network connectivity. It entirely works with WiFi network connectivity. The Broadlink App provides an easy facility to connect the Broadlink to the WiFi network connectivity. The Broadlink RM mini 3 remote controller is made of full-on plastic and manufactured by the ‎Hangzhou Gubei Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. The model number of this device is ‎8541545902.

The features of the IRremote control are more compact but very smarter. The design of this device is very small but it does not mean that it does not work accurately. It functions very well & perfectly. This single remote control can simultaneously handle more than 80,000 devices without any glitches. The power port is also there in this remote control that easily connects the power cord and provides the power. The setup of this remote control is not complex, just use the Broadlink app and then trouble-free perform the setup. Thus, the Broadlink WiFi 3 remote control is a tremendous remote control.


Q1. Will RM Mini 3 remote control work with google home?

Yes, it absolutely works with Google home because the connectivity technology is WiFi. A device that works with a WiFi network can successfully do the same with Google Home.4

Q2. Would the remote control mimic the air conditioner controller functions or only the on/off function?

The Mini 3 remote control will not mimic all functions on the original remote, you can create up to 6 preset functions in my case 3 for heat and 3 for cold. In the “ich” function you can customize temp, wind speed, hi/lo, and grill deflector.

Q3. Does anyone know how to modify the air conditioning display from Celsius to Fahrenheit?

If you wish to modify the air conditioner display then it depends on the model of your air conditioner or preset to the region or country.

Q4. Will the mini 3 remote control work with X10 devices?

Yes, the mini IR remote control thoroughly works with the X10 device. Just install the app and make the connection in the proper way. After that, it correctly works in an accurate way.

Q5. Does the IR remote control work with Hitachi and Panasonic Acs?

Yes, the Broadlink RM Mini 3 remote control is a universal remote control that completely works with any device. In the other words, it securely supports the Hitachi & [panasonic ACs and controls this device.

Q6. Is it necessary that the appliances must be in direct contact with the mini 3 remote control?

Because the Broadlink mini remote controls the appliances with Infrared rays, the appliance should be directly reachable or in the same area. Infrared can not work through walls.

Q7. Does the universal remote control support Ogen AC, Toshiba TV, Hathway STB, Tata sky HD, and usual STB, LG tv?

The Broadlink RM mini 3 remote control is an absolutely universal remote control that surely supports more than 80,000 devices. Then it seamlessly supports Ogen AC, Toshiba TV, Hathway STB, Tata sky HD, and usual STB, LG TV.

Q8. Can a mini 3 remote controller control a ps4 ?

The Mini 3 remote control works with networking devices and does not work with any Bluetooth. The Mini 3 remote controller does not control the PS4.

Q9. Does the Broadlink remote control work with Philips hue lights?

No, the Mini 3remote control does not work with Philips hue light. Because this remote control is fully compatible with the IR remote system device. Because it is a powerful IR remote control device.

Q10. Whether customized remote works with Alexa?

No, the customized remote control does not operate with Alexa. Because this remote control does not the have right of WiFi. Then the RM mini 3 remote control fully works with Amazon Alexa.

Q11. Does this remote control work with split unit air conditioners?

Yes, of course, the Mini 3 remote control completely works with a split unit air conditioner. With this remote control, you easily control your air conditioner. Simply increase or decrease the temperature.

Q12. Why do we need to buy the Broadlink mini 3 remote control?

To control many networking devices like Air conditioners, smart TV, DVD player, ACs, music player, and more. In this device then the remote control is needed. Because this remote control is universal, it quickly controls many devices.

Q13. Does the Broadlink mini 3 remote control support all Hathway STB via any method?

The Mini IR 3 remote control surely works with most of the STBs, even if you don’t find remote settings on the app, you can make this device learn any IR remote, the app has that feature.

Q14. Does the IR remote control work with TATA Sky STB & Google Assistant?

The IR mini 3 remote control fully supports tata sky HD although doesn’t support tata sky HD recording STB. With the App, you easily connect the Google Assistant to the remote control. ,

Q15. How do you reset a Broadlink universal remote control?

The reset button is built-in in this remote control. Then you long-press the reset button for some seconds then instantly leave it. After that, the LED blinking means your remote control successfully reset it.

Q16. Does the IR remote control support voltas ac?

The Broadlink IR remote control does not support the voltas AC. It seamlessly works without Voltas AC.