Fibaro home center lite

The Fibaro home center lite makes your home an intelligent one.
The fibaro home center lite is a connectivity hub that connects all your smart internet availing devices to a singular platform. This platform acts as the remote control to allow you to control all your devices from one place. For this device there is the fibaro mobile application that allows you to connect your mobile device to the Hub and then in turn connect it to the internet. Then you can add in all the smart devices you want, to the hub and then control them from anywhere around the world provided that you are connected to the internet. Let’s take a look into the fibaro features and specifications to better understand what this device really has to offer.

Fibaro home center lite features

Here’s a brief list of the features of the Fibaro smart hub.

  • Let’s start with the Fibaro home center lite compatibility. A wide range of compatibility among Z-wave hubs making it easier for you to pair it to any smart devices that you already use at your home without having to worry about its compatibility issues.
  • Fibaro compatible with Alexa and google home. The device is also certified to work with the voice control platforms such as Alexa as well as the google home. Connect either of the voice control devices and enjoy control smart devices at your home using basic voice commands.
  • The guarantee of privacy along with this device is simply top-notch. You will be able to run your smart home with the fibaro lite locally. You need to use the network only when required using the fibaro home mobile application that you can download easily on any of the application stores that your mobile phone supports.
  • Robust device made out of resistive materials that lasts long and doesn’t show damage signs even after enduring multiple shocks. Fibaro home center lite design is from Europe and made out of only the best materials.
  • The setup is simple and good enough to be called a do-it-yourself setup that doesn’t need rocket science for sure. There is a fibaro home center lite magic scene creator and the advanced book tool all of which is designed to help you with the setup and also built right in the system itself.

Now that we’ve gone through what the device has to offer let’s briefly go through the procedure of the setup and answers to a couple how-to questions to understand the prementioned, better.

Fibaro center lite Setup

The Fibaro home center setup needs to be assembled and then setup as the device comes in parts.
Given below is the list of simple steps that you can follow to complete the Fibaro home center lite setup.

  1. The requirements for setting up the fibaro are a personal computer or a laptop. This would aid you in setting up the device
  2. Secondly you would need an internet router that would be able to connect the center lite to the internet in order for it to be able to connect all the smart devices together.
  3. Initially, connect the fibaro home center lite antennae provide in the box to the main device by screwing them into the threads provide behind the device. These devices are designed to let you have an amazing range to be able to control your devices across your house.
  4. Next, use the ethernet cable that is included in the product to connect your fibaro lite to the Wi-Fi router in order to let it get connect to the internet.
  5. Plug in the fibaro center lite power adapter and connect It to a power source through a power outlet.
    After that, you will have to press the lite power button and it will be ready to run in a few seconds.

Fibaro home lite installation

Given below are the steps that you need to follow in order to install the fibaro home center lite interface on your Personal computer. This way you will be able to manage the smart devices that are connect to your fibaro home center lite and also control them from anywhere you are.

  • You will need to download and install the fibaro finder on your personal computer using your web browser.
  • Once it is downloaded, start the software and click on the name of the fibaro and click on the connect button.
  • When the device is successfully connect then you will be able to go into the HCL login panel.
  • Here, complete you fibaro home center lite login, and then select the language you prefer.
  • The user interface will be ready to use. Now you will be able to connect the smart devices that you own at your home with the fibaro home center lite. Also control them with convenience.


Can I control the fibaro home center lite on mobile phone?

The home center lite primarily start with the software that needs to be install on your personal computer. This becomes a problem since you will not be able to carry a personal computer on you all the time. To irradicate this issue, there is a fibaro mobile application. Obviously, it wouldn’t be good to have the software on only a platform that is not easy to carry at all times. So yes, download the fibaro home center lite mobile app and make your life easier.

Can I control fibaro home center lite with an alarm system?

Yes, you will be able to control an alarm system by integrating it with the fibaro home center lite. The relay switch and the universal binary sensor modules can do the job for you. You will simply have to use the home center lite add device option to add the alarm system to the smart hub and you are good to go. You will be able to control the alarm system at the tip of your fingers on a mobile device.

Can I control the fibaro lite via internet?

The answer to that will be yes. If you have a device where you haven’t download the fibaro home center lite user software. Then you simply have to visit the website that has been officially made by the company for this soul purpose. The lets you control your devices remotely. Using the fibaro lite without the need to have the fibaro home software install in your system or mobile device. All you will need to do is login and you are in.

Is the fibaro center lite secure?

The fibaro lite is induct with a lot of tests before it makes its way to your home as a product. Among those tests are security tests. Every single product is checked for security with the international safety and cyber security standards before it is marked as ok to make its way into the market. The Z-wave technology on the device ensures and guarantees you a secure fibaro home center lite.

Fibaro home lite not working?

If your fibaro home center lite is not working then you don’t need to worry about it. There might be a few small issues that you will be able to fix in no time. Firstly, check If the device is connect to the internet. The home center lite ethernet port should be correctly connect with the ethernet cable. In order to ensure that the internet connection is stable. If the doesn’t seem to be the issue, then try restarting the device by running a power cycle. If that doesn’t help then you can try one of two things.

How do I reset fibaro lite?

You can reset the fibaro center lite from three different places. The first method is by using the reset button on the device to reset it to its factory settings. You can also do that by going to the fibaro finder software. Selecting the reset to factory settings option. You may also do the same by clicking the reset home center lite option on

Install fibaro home center lite firmware update

The firmware updates are release regularly and its in the best for the device that you download and install them regularly. This will allow your device to function on its best level.
To install the fibaro firmware update. Go to the fibaro software either on your phone or your personal computer to find the check for updates option. Once you get the list of the updates then you will be able to download and install them at the click of a button.

How to install fibaro module?

Fibaro modules are made flat in the base and are meant to be kept on table tops. If you wish for something different. You can still go ahead and install them on walls using hinges and supports. Advisably, it is better to use them as table top devices as the fibaro module is design as such.

What is the fibaro home center lite range?

The maximum fibaro home lite range depends on the thickness of the walls. That are between It and the smart devices and also the materials use in building those walls. Since the fibaro lite uses a mesh topology technology, the maximum range can be said to be around 30 meters. Multiple fibaro home center lite antennae can be use to increase the range.

Fibaro lite review

The fibaro home lite did not impress me quite a lot in terms of its design. It is a bit bulky and large and takes up a lot of space. Therefore, I wouldn’t give it much praise in terms of aesthetics. On the other hand, its features are simple and useful. It has a variety of ways in which you will be able to control your devices. Which increases convenience and is also a convincing point for someone looking to buy.

I’d be happier if they increase the strength of connectivity, by which I mean to refer to the range of the device. Also, a significant change in the design and size of the device would be very much welcome. Other than that, it is quite a useful device and does deserve a buy.

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