Garmin DriveSmart 61 NA LMT-S Setup, Troubleshooting, & Review

The Garmin DriveSmart 61 NA LMT-S in essence is usually a navigation system that is connected behind the wheel of the vehicle with Garmin DriveSmart. It comes with a vehicle suction cup mount, USB cable, Garmin drive smart 61 na lmt-s manual, Garmin DriveSmart, and vehicle power cable. It is a smart navigator that gives a driver alerts and gives the instructions through the spoken way. Through this navigate system, you can easily follow all directions. By connecting with Bluetooth or wifi, you can use hands-free calling and live traffic information. According to navigating directions, you have to go ahead and drive.

The Garmin drive smart 61 na lmt-s advanced navigation GPS system comes with a lifetime maps display and its screen display size is up to 6.0 x 3.5 inches (15.2 x 8.9 cm). It is usually a GPS navigator with a bright 6.95-inch capacitive touch screen display. It contains a smart resolution screen that is displayed with 1024 x 600 pixels. Its battery system easily runs up with the rechargeable lithium-ion. Through this, you can easily get real-time services, such as live parking and select live traffic.

Garmin DriveSmart 61 NA LMT-S Installation

If you think that How to use Garmin DriveSmart 61 then, you have to install the Garmin DriveSmart 61 NA LMT-S by giving these points.

  • Before you can do anything, you have to unbox it (if it is new) and get familiarized with it.
  • Also, put out from the packaging box Garmin DriveSmart 61 accessories such as USB cable, vehicle suction cup mount, Garmin DriveSmart, and quick installation guide.
  • Now, know more details about it, from the Garmin DriveSmart 61 NA LMT-S manual.
  • Then, the Garmin DriveSmart 61 mounts in your vehicle by using the vehicle suction cup mount and set it up according to manual instructions.
  • Now, turn on its power to powering the Garmin DriveSmart device in your vehicle.
  • After connecting with power, its screen display shows the warning caption, read it.
  • If you have to agree then tap on the agree with option and after that, if you want to go anywhere, then it will ask a question about where to go? Or more options also available on its display screen.
  • Then, tap on it accordingly.

Finally, the GPS navigation system power is running up now. It means the Garmin DriveSmart 61 NA LMT-S system is installed in a proper manner.

Garmin DriveSmart 61 NA LMT-S Pair with Smartphone

After completing the Garmin DriveSmart 61 NA LMT-S installation, you have to connect the Garmin DriveSmart device with your phone. The steps of the connecting process are given below.

  • Using the play store app of your smartphone, search the Smartphone Link app and install it.
  • Connect your Garmin drive smart 61 lmt-s with Garmin DriveSmart 61 na LMT-S traffic cable.
  • You have to start the app and go closer to the Garmin DriveSmart devices with your phone. Make sure your smartphone Bluetooth connection is on.
  • Now, go into the settings menu through the Garmin DriveSmart device display.
  • Under it, tap on the wireless networks and then choose a Bluetooth checkbox.
  • Now, let’s strata pairing your devices. Find the name of your mobile phone Bluetooth
  • The Garmin DriveSmart device screen will begin searching for your smartphone Bluetooth name.
  • Sometimes, the various devices Bluetooth lists appear on the GPS detector screen.
  • To start pairing, kindly choose your smartphone Bluetooth name from the displaying list and still wait for a few seconds because both of the pairing processes are running up now.
  • Finally, both of them connected with each other and at last. Also, tap on the OK option.

Thus, your smartphone is connected and paired with your Garmin Drive 61 LM Bluetooth connection.

DriveSmart 61 NA LMT-S connect to WiFi

Here are some steps of the Garmin GPS system connecting to wifi, which is given below.

  • If you want to connect your device with the wifi network, first you have to configure your wifi network connection.
  • To connect the mobile network with the GPS then, turn on the hotspot of your mobile phone with a network connection.
  • As well, also configure your GPS system and then after running up go into its settings.
  • Then, under the wireless settings, you have to find the wireless networks.
  • Now search the networks and connect the wifi network by tapping on your mobile network name.
  • If you keep the password of your network then enter the password for connecting the network.
  • At last, ta on ok option.

Finally, the Garmin connects to the WiFi network successfully.

Garmin drivesmart 61 na lmt-s manual

The Garmin Drive 61 Manual usually has basic instructions. That will be most helpful to operating and installing it. Through the Garmin manual, you can easily find a solution to some questions answers like how to turn on Garmin drive 61, how to use the Garmin, how to set up Garmin drive 61, how to use the Garmin DriveSmart 61 Wall Charger, how to use Garmin GPS for the first time, or etc. On the other hand, you can solve your Garmin drivesmart 61 problems by using the user manual. Apart from this, you can also know very well about its various parts and drivesmart 61 battery life. Just, read it carefully and start processing the GPS system accordingly. Many times, the user manual information is usually not sufficient. So, if you want to get all the information about the Garmin GPS then, you can get it from here.

Garmin drivesmart 61 na lmt-s Setup

If you have to use the Garmin drivesmart 61 before long run time, it does not provide its services properly. Under those circumstances, you have to change the Garmin DriveSmart 61 settings by following the below steps.

  • You have to start its power first, by using the power button.
  • Similarly, choose a settings option through its smart display.
  • Then, there are many options available on the screen such as acquire GPS signals, adjust the volume, and display brightness.
  • You have to choose the first one setting option and change its settings according to screen instructions.
  • If your GPS system does not detect the route in spoken mode, then you can also change its volume setting.
  • As well, also set your display brightness through the brightness setting option.
  • In the end, tap on the “OK” option.

Finally, the Garmin Drive 61 setup is completely finished now in a proper manner.

Garmin drivesmart 61 problems

Here are some Garmin drivesmart 61 na lmt-s problems which are given below.

  • Garmin drivesmart 61 won’t turn on or Garmin drivesmart 61 not turning on.
  • The Garmin drivesmart 61 not charging.
  • Many times, Garmin the attached power cable cannot charge your device.
  • Garmin GPS USB port charge power cable with mini USB plug no pc sync problem.
  • The Garmin won’t charge with a USB cable.
  • Garmin GPS not turning on.
  • Sometimes, the Garmin is not working or the Garmin screen is not working.
  • Garmin GPS stuck on the Garmin screen.
  • The Garmin stuck on saving.
  • Garmin drivesmart 61 keeps restarting.

Drivesmart 61 troubleshooting Steps

There are some steps to six the Garmin drivesmart 61 na lmt-s problems, which is given in below.

Fix the Garmin drivesmart 61 won’t turn on the problem:

If you want to get the solution to the “What do you do when your Garmin won’t turn on” problem then you have to reset it by pressing the power button.

Troubleshoot the Garmin drivesmart 61 not charging issue:

To fix it, connect its charging port with the car charger cable. After that, wait just for twenty seconds and then start it again. Now, surely your problem is solved.

Fixing the Garmin screen is not a working issue:

To fix it, you have to update your device system with the latest version.

Troubleshooting the Garmin drivesmart 61 keeps restarting issues:

if your GPS system screen keeps restraining the, you have to reboot it and start its power again.

Fix the Garmin won’t charge with a USB cable problem:

First, you have to check its check-in port and battery system, it is not disposed of and as well as also check its charging cable, it is not cut. So, change it and again start the power of your device.

Drivesmart 61 firmware update

These are some various steps for updating the Garmin drivesmart 61 firmware.

  • There are two methods to updating the Garmin drivesmart 61 firmware.
  • The first method is that you have to update it directly through the Garmin touch screen displaying the “system update” option.
  • On the other hand, the second way to update the Garmin drivesmart 61 firmware is that through the website.
  • You have to just by opening any browsing device search and according to the given instructions in which, you have to update your device with the latest version accordingly.
  • So, finally after updating the firmware, you have to still wait and then start your system with new features.

Garmin drivesmart 61 na lmt-s reset

You have to follow the below steps for the Garmin drivesmart 61 factory reset.

  • If you want to reset it, just press the power button of the GPS system.
  • After that, you should hold it for twelve to fifteen seconds for a proper reset.
  • After pressing it, the Garmin screen will show the caption and read it carefully and start the reset process accordingly.
  • Now, hold the reset button after completing the Garmin drivesmart 61 reset process.
  • So, still waiting for a few seconds and can’t start your device immediately.
  • After twenty seconds, restart it.

Garmin drivesmart 61 na lmt-s Review

Before a long run time, I found a GPS system for my car. When I check on the amazon online shop, then it shows many various products. But, I finally reviewed the Garmin drivesmart 61 na lmt-s navigate system reviews, many people give his review, after using it. Then, I was impressed by its reviews and I finally purchased it. It has a capacitive touch screen and size. The display is really very nice in comparison to others. I easily used it and replaced the battery system. It is working fastly. So, I feel very happy after using it and also gives its suggestions to purchasing it for many people.

Frequently asked question

Q1. Does the Garmin drivesmart 61 na lmt-s work without wifi?

Of course yes, it also works without the internet. Even all the GPS systems work without using the internet. It is easily located in a location without internet connectivity.

Q2. How to start the Garmin drivesmart 61 na lmt-s pairing?

You can easily start the Garmin drivesmart 61 na lmt-s pairing, by using your mobile phone Bluetooth connection.

Q3. Can the drivesmart 61 lmt ‘s voice command use?

Yes, it gives the suggestion to a user through teh voice commands. Usually, the Garmin smart GPS comes with a voice command.

Q4. Is Garmin smart a GPS activity tracker?

Yes, the Garmin smart GPS activity tracker according to you. Just, put the address in the Garmin address field and locate your location according to displaying on the screen.

Q5. Does Garmin need an SD card?

No, it is not using a nat SD card, it is fully operated through the battery system and its USB cable connection.

Q6. How the Garmin drivesmart 61 na lmt-s advanced navigation GPS system?

It is really an advanced technology GPS system that is not operated through any SD card or wifi network connection.

Q7. How many options in the drivesmart 61 lmt-s mounting?

You can mount it in two ways, by using the stand and without standing. Choose the one mode accordingly and use it.

Q8. What are the Garmin drivesmart 61 accessories?

It mainly comes with a USB cable, vehicle suction cup mount, Garmin DriveSmart, and a quick installation guide.

Q9. How to replace the battery in a Garmin GPS?

First, you have to buy a new battery from the online websites and from the retailer. After that, nothing to do just put it on the battery slot and then replace it with your previous battery system.

Q10. Does the Garmin have the longest battery life system?

Yes, if you have to charge it normal charging like up to 80% charging, then it runs up to a ṣlonger time. Then, you can not use this GPS system in 100% charging.

Q11. Am I rebooting the Garmin GPS system?

Of course yes, you can easily reboot it through the power button, not through its display options.

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