GazingSure Wireless Doorbell

The ‎GazingSure Wireless Doorbell is a waterproof doorbell chime. You can control this ring bell with the app and you can put any audio on the bell. This device has wireless 2 speakers and the coverage of this doorbell with the two receivers is 1500sq.ft. This device rings with 55 melody ringtones and you can set anyone from it. The GazingSure doorbell has 5 volume levels for increasing or decreasing the sound or you can set it with the gazingsure doorbell app. This device has an LED light to get your needs met. You can add other receivers with this wireless doorbell and it is very easy to use. It is working with high-quality and durable batteries. This is the best device to alert. You can never miss any visitor or courier with the aid of this wireless doorbell.

This is an IP55 waterproof device and the operating temperature of this camera is -22°F in winter and 158°F in summer.

Elementary ‎GazingSure Wireless Doorbell features

There are multifarious characteristics of the wireless doorbell ringer.

Open Area Range

This is the upgraded transmission model and never misses any courier or visitor. 1500sq.ft. is the wireless coverage of this device.

Five Volume Level

This device has a 5 volume level and you can change the volume of this camera according to the situation.

Memory Function

In the memory of this, there are 55 melodies for setting on the ringtone.


You can add any receiver with this doorbell for increasing the access of sound in the home and you can also add more doorbells with this.

One Year Warranty

The company provides one warranty service for the replacement and repairing of the device. If you are facing any problem. So, contact the customer care office.

Best Ways to ‎GazingSure Wireless Doorbell installation

Follow these ways step by step of the gazingsure doorbell installation with the below line given steps.

  • Remove the back cover of the doorbell and put your finger on the cover.
  • Then, push down to open it and insert the battery in the device for turning ON.
Connect chime

Connect your phone with the doorbell before connecting to chime with the wireless doorbell.

  • Tap the volume button of your chime.
  • Then, a chime rings the first sound.
  • Next, press the doorbell button.
  • If your chime is ringing after the doorbell button is pressed. Thus, your device is connected to the chime.
  • When you are replacing the battery of your ‎GazingSure Wireless Doorbell. So, follow these steps again for making a connection between the doorbell or chime.
Fic on the wall
  • First, attach the fixing paper to the wall and then, make a hole with the drill according to the mount screw holes.
  • Put the anchor into the holes.
  • After that, fix the doorbell mount on the wall and high the screws with the screwdriver.
  • Attach the doorbell with the mount.

These are the installation ways of the wireless doorbell ring.

‎GazingSure Wireless Doorbell Manual

To begin with, this gazingsure doorbell manual will talk about the consumer’s few queries related to the device. How much is the warranty for this doorbell? Can plug it into 220v? How do I replace the battery in the device without removing it from the wall? Can I set another ringtone to the app? Does it need to subscribe to this?  Can this doorbell ring when the door will open?  Is this a waterproof doorbell? What is the maximum range of this device? Can one speaker connect with this doorbell? Can I link the new doorbell to the previous doorbell?  Is it available in more colors? Can this device pass sound to the metal door? Can I add my voice to the ring? If any information is not present in this manual. So, take more gazingsure doorbell instructions and guidelines from there.

Best method of ‎GazingSure Wireless Doorbell setup

The setup of the device is mandatory to perform better and well functioning. Read gazingsure doorbell setup steps which are written in the underline.

  • Download any home app on your smartphone from the apple store, google store.
  • You can download the app while scanning the QR code through the scanner.
  • Connect your device to both frequencies and fully charge your wireless doorbell.
  • After downloading the app, open it and tap on the setup option which is appearing on the mobile screen.
  • Before setup the device, configure your doorbell with the voice. Then, the doorbell starts to connect.
  • If the device does not ring. So, press the reset button of the wireless doorbell for 4 seconds and leave the button when the doorbell LED lights blinking stopped.
  • Then, your device restarts with configuration.
  • After that, your doorbell automatically catches the name of the router, and only needs to enter the security key.
  • Click on the sound wave configuration.
  • Next, the device produces the sound. If it does not produce sound, keep a distance of 30m on the mobile and device.
  • After that, the configuration will be completed.
  • Then, create the new network name and security key, and next, click on the save.
  • After this, you can control your device with the gazingsure app.

These are the setup steps of the wireless doorbell alert.

Common ‎GazingSure Wireless Doorbell troubleshooting tips to overcome the problem

Take solutions from these troubleshooting steps to solve issues regarding the wireless doorbell.

Check the battery

If your device does not turn ON or does not ring the bell. So, check the charging or life of your device battery. For replacing the battery, remove the doorbell from the mount because the doorbell is only hanging on the device mount and the mount is fixed on the wall with the screws. Then, open the back cover of the device and put a new battery in the doorbell, and fix it again.

Place the receivers in the device range

If your doorbell receiver is not ringing the sound. So, change the location of the receiver and place it into the doorbell range for making a connection. The wireless doorbell coverage is 1500sq.ft.

The doorbell does not configure the network. What can I do?

If your device shows an error in the configure while setup the device. So, reset the device again for successful configuration. Press the reset button of the device and hold it for 4 seconds. When the lights stop blinking then, the device reset process will start and when the process is completed it is automatically configured with the network.

Read these steps to solve your basic issues or you can contact customer care for solving the issue.

‎GazingSure Wireless Doorbell Review

From my point of view, I gave this gazingsure doorbell review. Last week, I bought this gazing sure doorbell for our home to alert us. This is the best alarm doorbell. I can adjust the volume level of the device and we can listen to any melodies audio from the memory of the device. After purchasing this device I never miss any courier from home. This device spread the sound of ringing in a full home with the two receivers. I advised my friends, neighbors to purchase this doorbell for their home.

Wireless range doorbell features:

The features of this device are expandable, five-volume level, memory function, one-year warranty, open area range.

Waterproof range doorbell design:

This design and the structure of this device are very high and it is a waterproof device and you place it outside near the main gate wall of the home.

Dimensions of the wireless doorbell:

This dimension of the range doorbell is ‎4.29 x 3.58 x 3.58 inches.

GazingSure waterproof doorbell specification:

GazingSure is the manufacturer and Alkaline is the type of battery cell. ‎Black-2 Receivers for increasing the volume of the bell. ‎2 12V batteries are required for working the doorbell.

Price of this doorbell:

The doorbell price is $26.99


Can I add my voice to the ring?

No, you can set one audio from 55 melodies.

Can this doorbell ring when the door will open?

I think yes, contact customer care for this.

Is it available in more colors?

Yes, check on the site of the device.

Can I set another ringtone to the app?

No. but from the 55 melodies sound.

Can I link the new doorbell to the previous doorbell?

Yes, easily.

Is this a waterproof doorbell?


How do I replace the battery in the device without removing it from the wall?

You just need to remove the device from the mount because the mount is fixed and the doorbell is hanging on the mount. Then, open the battery cover of the device and insert the battery in the doorbell. At last, close the cover.

Does it need to subscribe to this?


What is the maximum range of this device?

The coverage is 1500sq.ft.

Can plug it into 220v?

No, you can plug it into 110v.

Can I connect one speaker with this doorbell?

Yes, you can.

Can this device pass sound to the metal door?

Yes, it spread sound in the full home.