Genie 3053-TKV Quitelift

The Genie 3053- TKV Quiteliftt was manufactured by the company “Genie” in Mexico. It got launched back in July 2019 and was available for sale since then. You can purchase the product from many places but it’s always reliable to buy it from (ASIN- B07MV2WHF4). The Genie 3053- TKV Quitelift will cost you around 209 U.S. dollars and may reach you within 2 to 3 business days. The company produces a lot of these, so they are always available in the stock (along with its other siblings).
The Quietlift (Part Number- 396265) whole package weighs around 500 pounds and composes a dimension structure of 12 * 8.5 * 28.5 inches (motor). Customer reviews touched a 4.7 rating out of 5 in the purchase section of Amazon. The TKV ranks 9th on the list of garage door openers all around the world. The Genie provides a warranty of 5 years on its main parts and 1 year on its accessories. The smart garage door opener is both app and remote-controlled and is available in a single color variant “Black, White”. Take a closer look at the 3053 TKV by visiting their official website

Structural view of the smart Wi-Fi garage door opener Genie 3053- TKV.

2 Pre-programmed remote comes with the main motor for faster installation and secure operation. They have 3 buttons in both of them for operating the door’s basic properties. The Intellicode remotes feel very soft to touch and are black in color. The quietlift main motor is rectangular in shape, attached with a connector hub at the back for the Genie belt installation. The 3/4 HPC motor requires a power of 120 volts to produce 0.75 horsepower for door opening and closing. The belt given is made of pure steel for ultra-quiet and powerlifting.

The motor has a button system upfront for running Homelink and CARtoU compatible operations. The wireless keypad comes with a number system on it and is white in color. It requires 4 batteries (Type – CR 2032 3V, AAA) of Lithium-ion only to function. The multi-functional wall console comes with a locking and unlocking button alongside the light bulb for indicating the purpose. The square-shaped console should be installed in the wall of the garage inside as well as the keypad outside for speedy response. If you require any other information other than this, take a look at

Unboxing the Quietlift Genie 3053- TKV

The Genie arrives in a simple packaging system sent by the company warehouse in Ohio. As you tear up the cardboard, take out the things given inside one at a time. The HPC motor stands the heaviest of them all along with his reinforced steel belt. Free included batteries come with the keypads and wall console. Then comes out the 2 pre-programmed remotes beside the Safe-T-Beam system and the power adapter (Heavy Charging- 12V/20A). Lastly, several mounts, tapes, screws, and other plastic things are included for attachment of these accessories correctly.

The warranty, owner manual, and quick start-up guide booklet lay beneath all these items. Do keep them safe from claiming it in the future, also read the safety instructions carefully written for the TKV installation. Don’t allow small children to have access to any of those things stuffed in the box.

Reviewing the wireless garage door opener Genie 3053- TKV.

Nowadays people are busy, they have work/office and are too lazy to repeat their homely jobs on a daily basis. They lack the time to open the big, heavy garage door for getting their vehicles out every time. Understanding the situation, Genie has come up with an exclusive product. The 3053- TKV is a smart wireless Wi-Fi-controlled garage door opener. It works on 2 remotes and is compatible with both Homelink and CARtoU. The whole package arrives with the full setup kit, so you don’t need to worry about getting anything extra for installation. The most interesting part is that the Genie system can be accessed via many devices. You can use “Alexa” or “Google Assistant” in voice commands utilizing the “Aladdin” connect app.

The 2 remote controls and the keypad is also used for opening and closing the door physically. The public is also concerned about threats like theft, robbery, and murder these days. To lower their burden, an exquisite security system is also built within. No one can access the door unless the owner commands it. You can provide an access code to the delivery agent in case you have a package coming. So, the question today is not that why you should buy it, rather it’s quite the opposite. At such a cheap price the whole package arrives along with its accessories that can lift almost any heavy door smoothly and quite efficiently. Moreover, for a quick alternative, you might want to grab a look at Genie Chaindrive 550, beamUP Workhouse BU100, Atom ATR-1722W by Skylink, Liftmaster 8360 WLb, and WLED for extended reviews.

Genie 3053- TKV Features

  • It accepts voice commands from both Alexa and Google assistance. It eases their job of pushing remote buttons for opening and closing. Access these attributes from the Aladdin app directly. Provide commands “Alexa, open the garage door” and “Alexa, close the garage door” to function accordingly.
  • Due to its heavy nature and top-quality steel, the Genie can lift almost any kind of door in the house. Door height ranging from 6 to 8 feet is bread and butter for him to pull. You can also purchase an extension (built separately), for a longer height requirement.
  • If that door condition stays perfect, the wireless 3053- TKV can open the door without you even hearing anything. The Genie performs the job quietly and precisely after being commanded. Un-bothering the fact, you live in a congested area the sound won’t disturb others much.
  • The Aladdin Connect app contains a ton load of features. The best ones are the monitoring and operations scheduling features. You can schedule an exact time for 3053 TKV to perform its duties daily. You can even monitor the door opening, closing operations to undergo who, when and how someone accessed the door. Generate an access code for the delivery guy to drop off your parcel anytime. Call him and supply the code, after that he opens it and keeps your package inside the garage. The door will automatically close after an allotted time by the owner, if someone tries to misuse the opportunity will get stuck eventually.

The installation procedure of Genie 3053- TKV Quitelift garage door opener.

  • Installing the Genie is quite tough and a bit time taking too. Find the proper placement for the console and keypad both to attach (outside and inside). Use the screws to directly punch them into the wall. Pick up the HPC motor and fix it in the ceiling of the garage room. Make sure the position is kept parallel and horizontal to the door. Attach the steel belt with the door and motor (connector port) and provide a power source to the HPC using the charger.
  • After you are done bolting everything, insert the given batteries in the accessories. Press the first button on any remote to open the door and the last button to close it. The middle button is to hold the process in the midway of opening and closing the door. This is the primary access device other than the app. The wall console will ensure its active working status all the time by blinking the “Yellow” LED light. You can lock and unlock the door by using the buttons on it as well.
  • To access the 3053 -TKV using Wi-Fi, download the Aladdin Connect app available on both Play Store and Apple Store. Register to create an account (Email ID and Password). Login and add the wireless motor to the home network. Entered the access password for securing connections.
  • You are good to go, perform some quick tests like “Force Control” to door access, Reverse test and adjustment, etc to ensure the active working status. You can program the “Travel Limit” (blue light blinking on motor) and the “Locking System” by the app. With this you complete the basic notations on the device, try figuring out more features by going through the app considerably once in a while. You can also access the Genie from your car by using the CARtoU option and from any corner of your home by using the Homelink option.


How to solve the Genie door opener running slow issue?

Doors can get old after some years of usage. You need to repair them, adjust them, or may need to get a new one if gets too old. The reason for the Genie to work slow can be the door’s condition itself. Garage doors with 1 big door generally take a bit of time to open, which is completely normal. If you dislike waiting with your vehicle outside while your TKV 3053 opens the door slowly, reschedule it. You can even provide a voice command once you are about to reach home. It will completely keep the door open before you reached the destination.

Garage TKV- 3053 door opening, closing without any command issue?

There can be 2 possible reasons for this kind of trouble. Check if some kids are troubling you with this or not. Losing the remote can lead to this kind of misuse. To reduce any type of security threat like this, delete all the remotes from the “Memory System” in the app. You can erase them from the “Program New Remote” section in the mobile application. Although the button can get stuck on the remote edges if pressed hard. Keep an eye out for these silly things too.

Noise complaints around the neighborhood due to Smart Genie 3053?

Due to loosen screws, bolts on the old doors, the noise issue occurs. The people living in the society get irritated by this as well. Make sure you keep them lubricated and balanced notably to avoid such noise. Door fasteners and hinges must be tightly fitted to reduce uproar too. Apart from all, closely look if the Genie 3053 -TKV is in the right condition or not. No matter, with time they get old and require servicing as well.

How to Factory Reset and Update Firmware on the Genie 3053 -TKV?

To reset the whole system, you just need to keep the keypad handy. Remove the cover on it and push the “Program” as well as the “8” Number buttons together for some time. Don’t let it go until the indicator light blinks once and switches off completely. Visit its placement area and tap it 2 times. This will Reset the smart door opener and erase all its previous customized memory. (Note: Remote syncs automatically after this). On the other hand, updating the firmware is quite easy as you totally have to rely on the company’s developer on this. If there is an update available, you will receive a pop-up notification on your mobile app store.

What to do if the Genie 3053- TKV Quitelift operates, but the door remains untouched?

The broken metal belt can lead to such kind of trouble. Usually due to the doors being heavyweight, sometimes the belts are unable to pull them up resulting in breakage. They might get broken off the pulley too or get cut from the middle/ends. To be certain that this never happens, follow the installation procedure steadily on the Genie 3053- TKV Quitelift. Not following the steps properly can lead to disengagement of the carriage from the belt bullet or screw.


Garage door 3053 TKV responding to wall control but not the remote?

It can’t happen that the Genie is working with 1 remote and not the other. So firstly, see if both remotes are indicating this problem or not. This will help you understand the root of the problem. Secondly, seek yourself out of this trouble by replacing the batteries with the new ones (the company recommended original only). Thirdly don’t forget to program them with the powerhead before using. Looking into these 3 possible causes can surely cure your problem.

Genie 3053 wireless remote failing to respond?

Placing the remote inside the vehicle is a wise decision. While signaling shoot the pointer towards the door for providing command accurately. Change the batteries if dead earlier and see if there are any other wireless signals possibly roaming nearby. They can be radios, neighbors’ Wi-Fi, dish TV, etc. Relocate and reposition the smart door main device rightly, to catch a stronger connection with the remote. Last but not least, the light can also intervene between the remote signals. Process and adjust that slowly as mentioned in the maintenance record of the manual.

Genie 3053 -TKV wall console not responding error?

Quickly go through the notes written below, to verify the problem accordingly. Supply power to the console and check if that works or not. The connection should be accurately adjusted on both the powerhead terminal and the opener console. Switch off the “Sure-Lock” option on the Genie 3053- TKV Quitelift. Do notice the wires and the connectors are properly plugged in or not. If you found them cut, broken, or reversed, replace them with new ones or call an electrician for repairing them.

What to do if the Genie TKV -3053 wireless garage door opener only opens or only closes?

Both the problems are similarly disturbing but require different solutions. If the Genie only opens, check the listed items forward to ensure are resuming the job. Make sure the travel limits are set adequately and the “Contact Reverse” option adjusted correctly. The binding should have been done nicely, if not the Genie will produce this major issue. The Safe-T-bean requires an absolute connection with the powerheads as well as the STB. If everything is in place, but still the TKV 3053 won’t close try the “Force” control option on it to work accordingly.
Apart from the force control option, things require separate attention if the door only closes. The limits again to be set adequately and the Sure-Lock option switched off. The door balancing ratio should remain exactly equal on both sides. Damaged doors and unbalanced ratios can create this issue too. I will recommend you, to get in touch with the company “Dealer” nearby. They will send in an expert to rescue you out of this situation instantly.

How to stop the half-opening door problem on the Genie 3053- TKV Quitelift?

Adjustment of limits is duly required, according to the size and type of door you are using. The garage door accessories (such as spring, screws, bolts, joints, etc) should be greased and kept flexible, every once a week. In case they are broken or lose fetch a technician to fix all of them together. Don’t use force control too much, doing that unnecessarily hampers the device in the future. If any of these errors are not creating trouble, contact the company dealer. Ask him to either fix the problem or replace the Genie 3053- TKV Quitelifte with a new one.

Extra: Safety Precautions

  • Keep away from small children. The remotes should be placed somewhere where they don’t loiter much around the house. Place the console and keypad at a minimum of 4 feet height. This will disrupt from reaching the height for touching it. If by chance they get hold of any of the two things, they might fall into deep trouble. We absolutely don’t want the children to get stuck under the door in the future.
  • Give the safety booklet a read, before you start installing it. Due to the motor’s heavy nature, It usually requires more than one person to fix it in its place. Better get a carpenter to do that for you. After all, a professional fit is always worth it and recommended.
  • Schedule the timings precisely, keep a gap for opening and closing the door. At times, people become absent-minded, which results in the shattering of doors and vehicles. If you schedule, do keep the desired time gap for parking and taking out vehicles. If you are not using the app, you have nothing to worry about.