Genie 2033 Garage Door Opener Setup, Troubleshooting, And Review

The Genie 2033 door opener is a wi-fi connected smart garage door opener. It especially comes along with Aladdin Connect technology. Ordinarily, this door opener includes some components such as a 2× pre-programmed remote; wall consoles; wireless keypad; safe-T-beam system; etc. The Genie door opener consists of a heavy-duty chain drive system that allows for long-lasting, durable operation. The 1/2 HPc DC motor brings in this door opener that will smoothly lift a garage door up to 500 lbs & up to 7′ in height. The garage door opener is simple to install, the strong 5-piece rail system of this door opener snaps together without any added hardware. The GenieSense monitoring technology in the Genie 2033 Garage Door Opener reduces wear and tear by always observing the door. It allows you to watch and control your smart garage door opener remotely.

The Genie door opener works with the Safe-T-Beam system, this system keeps your family and pets protected by reversing the closing garage door. The Aladdin smartphone technology allows connecting to the home’s Wi-Fi network without any cable. You can open and close the garage door anywhere with your smartphones. It is compatible with Alexa & Google Assistant.

Key Features of the Genie 2033 Garage Door Opener

The Genie 2033 door opener controls your garage door with the remote control. Without touching the door, the garage door is automatically open & closed with a smart remote controller. There are also some basic features of this door opener that you need to know before using the garage door.

Safe-T-Beam non-contact Reversing system:

The Safe-T-Beam system is designed to ensure the security of the genie door is secure. While utilizing an invisible infrared beam across the opening of the smart garage door, the safety sensor of the Genie garage door detects any object crossing through the LED beam of light and automatically reverses the closing garage door.

Aladdin connects wifi:

The Genie 2033 door opener is simply connected to the wi-fi network connectivity. The door opener can simply connect to your home wi-fi network with a single network password. This door opener is compatible with all smart mobile phones. With the App, you can connect your garage door opener to your mobile phone.

½ HPc power:

The DC motor is lightweight and easy to install with the provided components. This motor provides the power and instantly to operate.

Long battery backup:

The Genie 2033 door opener comes along with 4 CR2 batteries. This door opener required 4 CR2 batteries. This battery is a long battery backup. If you wish to charge the battery, then you can charge it using a power adapter.

Compatible with Alexa & Google Assistant:

The genie door opener is universally compatible with Alexa 7 google assistant. With Google Assistant, you can open and close the door by speaking. But for this, you have to connect Google Assistant to the opener. With the app, simply connect the Google Assistant & Alexa to the door opener.

Installation Steps of the Genie 2033 Garage Door Opener

The Genie Garage door opener is the ultimate device for the convenience of the users and gives them power over their Garage. If you really wish to use this device then you can install this device. Because there is no such device that is used before installing. Below are some steps to install this device, with the help of which you can easily & instantly Genie garage door opener install.

  • The first step after purchasing the garage door opener is to install it. For this, you can take the genie door opener and then unbox it with the following components.
  • Then, verify the Genie garage door opener accessories, because without accessories you can’t install the door opener smart device. The following accessories are new wall mount control, batteries, door opener, remote controller, belt, and manual instruction.
  • Now, install rail assembly. Whether you purchased a belt or chain drive opener. If you use a belt driver then follow these steps. While assembling the rail you can ensure the assembly rail is imprinted on all three main sections points.
  • Then, adjust the rail tension. For this, you need to tighten the belt or chain inside the rail to ensure the carriage & bullets are not engaged to disengage the carriage and pull the red cord prior. After that, check that the tension bracket is hooked up into the rail.
  • Now, install the sensor in the garage door opener. Because the sensor provides more help, it detects the motion of the person and then gives the notification on your mobile phone.
  • You can open the door opener cover and then install the 4 CR2 battery in the genie door opener.
  • After that, take the power adapter and then give the power to the door opener. You can apply the cable to the genie door opener and power adapter into the power supply.
  • Just press the power button and then power is up now.

Congratulations! The genie 3055 garage door opener installation is surely finished. In case you get stuck at any point then you can also try these installation steps and solve the problem.

Programming steps of the Genie 2033 Door opener

The garage door opener comes along with a remote so that you can open and close your garage door opener. But for this, you should do Genie door opener programming. After doing the programming the door opener works well. In the given below, the programming steps are as follows.

  • You remove the protective film for the battery from the remote and insert the divisor clip into the slot on the back of the remote.
  • Now, you should not hold the remote control too close to the garage door opener.
  • Then, hold & press the square program set button until the round LED light turns blue.
  • The long LED begins flashing purple on the door opener.
  • You can press and release the button you have to choose on the remote to use the long LED that is blinking purple now turns into a solid purple.
  • Press & release the same button on the remote both the long and round LEDs will flash blue then turn off.
  • Then, press and release the same button on the remote the door should open or close and your remote is ready to use repeat as necessary for additional remotes to program the same remotes for other openers.

Thus, the Genie garage door opener programming is successfully complete. You can also try these steps to programming the door opener.

Manual of the Genie Garage Door Opener

The Genie garage door openers are especially used for the garage. With this help, you simply open or close your garage door with a remote. It works with a remote that controls the door without any hassle. This garage door opener is promptly connected to the wi-fi network and proper very well. But some questions come to mind, such as how to install a genie garage door opener, how to reset a genie garage door opener, how to program a genie garage door opener keypad, and other information. Then you can use Genie 2033 manual because this manual is a solution to all the questions. This manual provides all the information like genie part number is ‎39725R; the model number is ‎2033-TKV Smartphone Controlled Chain; ‎4 CR2 batteries required; works with Alexa; HPc rating is 1/2 HPc; 2 remotes included; wifi enabled; DC motor; Safe-T-Beam; smartphone connectivity; and more.

Genie 2033 Garage Door Opener Setup through Mobile App

The Genie door opener is simply connected to the wi-fi network or mobile phone. With the mobile phone, you control the door opener anywhere and anytime. If you wish to perform the Genie garage door opener setup then you can follow some given below steps.

  • On your smart android mobile phone or iPhone, visit the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • Then, search the Aladdin connect app and afterward, install it. Alternatively, you can also install the app by using the mobile phone camera and then scan the QR code.
  • Open the Aladdin connect app and sign in to your existing account or touch here to create a New Account. With the default valid Username ID and password sign in to the account.
  • If you touch to create a new account, then enter a full name email address and then create a password. The password must be at least 6 characters and contain at least one number one letter & one number or capital letter and cannot begin or end with places.
  • You agree on terms & conditions and select the “agree” option.
  • You can press the “doors” option at the bottom of the screen. Press the ad plus sign near the top of the screen.
  • Now, enter or scan the serial number on the opener. Taps the scanning to scan the QR code your device’s camera will be activated to scan the QR code to the opener.
  • Then, press & hold the blue Wi-Fi button until the module beeps. After approximately seven to nine seconds the light will turn solid blue, press “next”.
  • The opener will now configure its connection to the wi-fi network.
  • Press the setting button and then select the wi-fi option. Then you can select the wi-fi network in the drop-down list. Once connected to the wi-fi network, press Next.

Now, the Genie 2033 door opener setup is surely finished. After that, you enjoy the benefits of the genie door opener in a hassle-free manner.

Troubleshooting steps of the Genie garage door opener

Many times the garage door opener is not performing well, it creates many problems like the garage door is not closed, the remote of the door opener is not working, the opener does not operate, and more. For this, there are some Genie door opener troubleshooting steps to solve all the problems.

  • Sometimes the door opener does not operate when the wall console is pressed, then the solution is you can check the wired connection. Plug the lamp into the outlet to be used for the powerhead. If the lamp is working then the power source is OK. if the lamp is not working then check the fuse or breaker.
  • If the opener runs but the garage door does not move, you ensure the carriage is engaged in a belt. Ensure the chain or belt is not broken. To fix the problem you can replace the chain, belt, brocket, and more.
  • The Genie 2033 door opener works from the wall control but not from the remote controller, you can ensure the remote controller battery is properly. If the battery is dead then it is not working. For this, you will have to replace the battery of the remote controller.
  • If the Genie door opener no power then you can ensure the power cable is properly plugged. Sometimes the power cable is loose, you can tightly plug the cable into the door opener. Verify the power button is tuned ON.
  • The garage door opener not opening all the way, then you can ensure your opener is plugged into the power supply. Watch out for the broken spring. Make sure your remote is working properly. Also, verify the battery, if the battery is low then you can charge it.

Review of the Genie smart garage door opener

In my point of view, the Genie garage door opener review is amazing & absolutely optimum door opener. Because it performs very well and works efficiently. It is easy to install with the provided accessories. No accessories are required for the installation. This door opener provides security, reliability, & safety. You can also use this door opener in your garage and without touch open & close the garage door with a remote controller. The Genie garage door opener remote usually provides very helpful control of the garage door opener.

The sensor is there in this door opener that detects the motion of the person. This door opener is simply connected to the wi-fi network and works absolutely correctly. With the Aladdin connect app, you can connect your smart door opener to the door opener. And anytime & anywhere open or close the garage door. If anyone comes into your garage and opens the door then it provides live notification on your mobile phone. Thus, the garage door opener is absolutely optimum & a better networking device for the garage.


Q1. Why is my Genie 2033 door remote not working?

If the Genie door remote is not working then you can ensure the battery. Many times the battery is low then you can check the battery power. If the battery is low then you can charge it. Sometimes the battery is damaged, so you can replace the battery.

Q2. Do Genie 2033 garage door openers have a reset button?

No, the Genie 2033 door opener does not have the reset button. The square button is there in this door opener. With this, you instantly reset the door opener.

Q3. What does the red light on my Genie door opener mean?

The green light is always turned ON in the door opener. If it is not turned ON that means the door opener’s sensor is not receiving the power. Then you can ensure the power cable connection. If the red light is turned ON that means if something is wrong.

Q4. What should I do if the garage door opener LEDs light blinking?

If the Genie garage door opener has a blinking light that means the power connection is improper. To fix the issue you can make the power connection again. Also, clean the garage door with a dry cloth.

Q5. How to fix the garage door opener won’t close all the way?

If the Genie garage door opener won’t close all the way, then the problem with your sensors. Maybe the sensor is dirty. To fix the problem you can use the dry cloth and then clean the sensor.

Q6. Does Genie 2033 garage opener work with Alexa?

Yes, the Genie door opener absolutely works with Alexa. With the Aladdin connect app you connect Alex to the door opener. With Amazon Alexa, you can open or close the door without moving.

Q7. How do I reset the Genie door opener?

You can use the square button and then press or hold the square button for 4-5 seconds. After that, release the square button and your genie door opener is reset.

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