Google Nest Wi-Fi Extender Router Setup, Installation, Troubleshooting

Google, after making several improvements on the previous iterations of Google Mesh Wi-Fi System, has made a new Google Nest Wi-Fi Extender Router device. This device providing you with the best and the simplest solution to improve WiFi coverage all over your household with just one main ISP modem. Utilising the innovative mesh system technology to connect various Google Nest Wi-Fi devices, the system creates a network of Wi-Fi access points that will ensure great connectivity to Wi-Fi across all the corners of your residence. We are mainly provide Google Nest Router Setup.
How it works is that one Nest Device acts as the main router whereas other mesh points allow coverage to expand all-around your home.
But first, let’s have a quick look at the core features of the product.

Google nest Features

Supported Systems:

Support for 802.11 mesh Wi-Fi system, WPA3 Encryption Security, can connect up to 200 devices and can handle multiple streams of 4K videos.

Great Coverage:

A single Nest Router will provide you with coverage up to 2200 square feet whereas if you have a system with 2 or 3 Nest devices, you can get coverage up to 3800 and 5400 square feet.

Google Assistant:

Every Google Nest Device act as a Google Assistant device comparable in sound and quality with Google Home speaker.

Ring Light:

A ring light combination is provided in the lower part of the device which illuminates in different colours for different tasks of the Google Assistant like calling, being on mute or playing music on Bluetooth, etc.

Google Home app:

Excellent and easy control over the whole mesh system through the Google Home app, available for iOS and Android

Google Wi-Fi app:

A separate Google Wi-Fi app for people upgrading from previous Google Wi-Fi system.

Microphone Off Switch:

Physical switch to turn off the Microphone and Google Assistant as well as control over the lights system in the Google Home app.

Priority Device:

You can set any one device or mesh point as the priority device reserving more bandwidth allocation for it.

Family Wi-Fi:

Under the Family Wi-Fi settings, you can pause Wi-Fi at scheduled bedtimes and also block Adult Websites.

Matte Finish:

A matte finish which tends to absorb more light from surroundings blending the devices to every type of decor.

Channel Optimization:

Special Google AI features like proactive band steering combined with channel optimization which makes the router system scan the surroundings for channels and utilize the less busy ones giving you a better bang for your buck.


Various pretty colours like White, Pink, Light blue (subject to availability).

LED Ring Lights on the Nest and their meanings.

  • No Light: The Router has been disconnected or light turned off from settings
  • Pulsing White: The Nest device is ready to be set up or maybe booting up to power.
  • Fast Pulsing White: Google Assistant is has been asked something and is responding, or a pending notification, reminder, etc.
  • Pulsing Blue: Notification for an incoming call.
  • Solid White: Router online and working as intended.
  • Solid Yellow: Device is resetting.
  • Pulsing Yellow: There seems to be a problem with the network.
  • Fast Blinking Yellow: While pressing the reset button.

How to Setup Google Nest Home Wi-Fi Router?

Connect your Google Nest Router to your ISP Modem

The router device has a Google Logo on its top. Connect the Nest Router’s WAN port to your modem with an Ethernet Cable.

Plugin your Nest Wi-Fi to a wall outlet.

Connect the power cable to the router and then plug in the cable into a power outlet. The ring light should now pulse white indicating the router is ready for setup.

Download and install the Google Home app

Google Home app is an excellent all in one app for all your Google Nest Router and Points. The app is available for both Android (running 6.0 or later) and iOS (running 12.0 or later). Download the app from your Play Store or the App by searching for “Google Home”.

Login to your Google Account

Log in the app with your Google account run by a Gmail id.

Create a new Home

Tap on the Add + button and click on Create a new home to add your new home. You can name it whatever you want and add various Google Home devices to your new home.

Add your Nest router to Google Home
  • Click on the Add + button on the corner in your selected home.
  • Now, Click on “Set up device” and the app will automatically start looking for nearby devices.
  • Select your Nest Wi-Fi router.
  • Follow the further descriptions and steps that the app will guide you through. You might also need to scan a QR code on the bottom of your Nest Router.
  • The device will then check the internet connection on your ISP modem and finish the further setup of the Nest Device.
Name Your new Network and create a password.
  • It is important to create a password that will be rather difficult for someone to guess. The password can later be shared easily with your family and friends through the Home app.
  • The router will now light up in Solid White to indicate everything is working well. Now, let’s add your Wi-Fi point.

How to Setup Google Nest Home Wi-Fi Point?

For Google Nest Router Setup you will read this for better connection. Each point you further add to your home will expand the network coverage by creating a system of connected mesh networks.
Keep your router and points at an open place in your house with minimal obstructions like on a bookshelf or near your TV etc.

Turn on your Google Nest Point device
  • Connect the provided power cable to your device and plug the cable in a power outlet.
  • The ring light will pulse white indicating it is ready to be set up.
Open your Google Home app

Click on the Add + button on the corner and wait for the app to search for nearby devices. Add your selected Nest point and scan the QR code on the bottom of your device.
Follow the further in-app steps to complete the Google Nest Router Setup

Mesh Test

After you have finished setting up your router and all the additional points. The Home app will prompt you to run a mesh test to ensure all the devices are working together, are online and are kept at optimal positions around your house to ensure maximum coverage.

If no internet access and Troubleshooting

The Google Nest Devices do not provide internet access and it is dependent on your ISP modem. However, if you are having trouble with the setup or the Wi-Fi network and wish to troubleshoot your devices follow these steps :

  1. Unplug from the wall outlet, your modem, the router and all of the points. After a while plug them all in.
  2. Make sure the points and routers are all plugged in properly and connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  3. If none of the steps above work, you might need to factory reset your devices.

Steps for How to reset Google Nest Wi-Fi Mesh System with Google Home app?

You may want to perform a factory reset of your Google Nest Devices when giving them to your friends, returning them or factory reset to troubleshoot the devices. To do so, follow these steps:

Resetting the router and all points.
  1. Click on the Google Home app in your iOS and/or Android phone.
  2. Tap on the Wi-Fi button and then the Settings button.
  3. Now, Click on Factory Reset Network and press OK.
Resetting only a point.
  • Click on the Google Home app in your iOS and/or Android app.
  • Tap on the name you kept for your point and then on the Settings button.
  • Now, Click on Factory reset Wi-Fi point and then Factory reset.

NOTE: After resetting the devices from your app, it will clear all the settings and stored data from your Wi-Fi router and access points. Mainly the Cloud services as well as the Google Home App. It will also remove the devices from your Google Account.

How to reset Google Nest Wi-Fi Mesh System with Google Wi-Fi app?

Resetting the router and all points.

  • Click on the Google Wifi App on your iOS and/or Android app.
  • As Tap on the Settings and Actions tab and then on Network and General.
  • Now, Under the “Network”, tap on the Wi-Fi point which you want to reset.
  • Finally, Tap on Factory Reset and confirm on the next screen.

Google Nest Wi-Fi Review

The Google Nest Router Setup is completed. Google Nest Wi-Fi is a rather very inexpensive and innovative solution to expand the coverage of network all-around your house while also looking sleek, modern and stylish. Adding to the impressive catalogue of features, every Nest device acts as a Google Assistant speaker with sound quality at par with Google Home devices. This alone makes Google Nest Wi-Fi mesh system superior to any other competitive product in the market. The devices are extremely easy to set up with the help of the Google Home app. Which is very unsurprising considering Google is a company well versed in making excellent consumer software. It is thus very easy to conclude that a Google Nest mesh Wi-Fi system is a must-have if you want to convert your residence into a smart home very easily even if you are not that tech-savvy.

Google Mesh Wi-Fi System Setup