NETGEAR R6700AX WiFi Router

The NETGEAR R6700AX WiFi Router is used for accessing the internet point. This device is compatible with a stable connection of up to 20 devices. 1.8Gbps is the wireless speed of this device. This device is mostly used in offices, homes, companies, and more. The Netgear router’s wifi coverage is 1500 sq. ft. You can connect this router with this computer or smartphone through the wifi or Ethernet cable. This is not working with the battery and you need to directly plug it. 100240 Volts is the voltage of this wireless router. The 4 streams cover a house full of smart home devices. The external three antennas increase the productivity of the internet network signals by reducing the traffic. It makes it easy because you can access the internet on every corner and outside as well of the home.

Netgear wireless router provides the fastest network ever and it is a dual-band router also. You can connect all home wifi devices.

Elementary NETGEAR R6700AX WiFi Router Features

There are numerous features of the wireless Netgear router.

Faster and Stable Connection

The device transfers a faster and powerful connection with the 1.5GHz processor.

3 External Antennas

The three external antennas remove the traffic from the way of signals and provide a stable connection.

App Management

The netgear nighthawk app makes it easy to set up, monitor, and protect your house device. The app is the best method to control this device.

Parental control

Parental control is a special feature of this router. With the aid of this, parents secure their children from the habit of modem gadgets and continuously using the internet.

Wired connection

The 4 gigabits wired connection and support up to 1Gbps internet plan.

Best Method to NETGEAR R6700AX WiFi Router Installation

Install your wireless dual-band router with these below lines given steps and all the steps point to point.

Location of router
  • Remove the packing from the device and check the things which are given with the device.
  • Then, choose the perfect location for your router away from any electric and water gadgets.
  • Also, place your router in the open space in the middle of the device.
Fix on wall
  • Make the holes on the wall with the drill.
  • Then, put the anchors into the holes.
  • Next, insert the screws and leave out a few screws from the anchor.
  • After that, hang the router on the screws with balance.
Establish connection
  • Remove the modem from the outlet and plug it in again after some seconds.
  • Next, take an Ethernet cable and connect it to the router and modem.
  • Then, attach the power adapter to the router into the power port.
  • Plug the router’s adapter into the power switch.
  • When the router shows solid green, thus, a router is ready to connect with the computer or mobile.
  • After that, turn ON the wifi of your computer.
  • Then, open the network list of your computer and choose the SSID of your router which is mentioned on the label.
  • Next, enter the key that is also on the label.
  • Tap on the connect option.
  • At last, your router is connected with the Netgear wireless router.

These are the steps to install the Netgear dual-band wifi 6 router.

Basic Ways to NETGEAR R6700AX WiFi Router Login

Login to your device account on the web browser for changing any setting or controlling the whole device.

  • Open the browser on your computer, smartphone, or laptop.
  • Use this to visit the web page.
  • When a page is opened, text the network name and security key that is also mentioned on the label.
  • Next, tap on the login.
  • Thus, you see the dashboard of the device. So, the login would be successful.

Follow these upper lines ways to login your router account.

NETGEAR R6700AX 4 Stream WiFi 6 Manual

To commence with, this manual gives some consumer queries. Initially, how many devices are compatible with this router? How much can be covered by this Netgear router? Does it support dual-band? Can it work with extenders? Does it need to work with a SIM? What is the signal coverage of this router? Can I change the router SSID? Does it work with two external antennas? Can I use this NETGEAR R6700AX WiFi Router as an extender? Does it control with another app from the nighthawk app? If any information is given in this manual. So, you can take more information from here netgear r6700ax manual.

Simple Steps to NETGEAR R6700AX WiFi Router Setup

Read these impeccable setup steps of your wireless dual-band wifi 6 router. Do not leave any step from the setup process.

Download the Nighthawk App
  • Install the app from the apple or play store and you can use this Nighthawk app to download an app.
  • Wait for installing the nighthawk app.
  • Then, launch an app on the mobile screen.
  • Next, follow the instructions which are appearing on the screen and connect them with the internet connection.
Modify the Language
  • Open the web browser and log in to the router’s account.
  • Enter the key and username from the label.
  • After that, the next page was opened.
  • Then, tap on the upper side menu and choose the language from the list, according to your choice.
  • Click on the Ok after conforming.
  • Next, refresh the webpage of the browser and the language will change.
Choose the internet connection
  • Connect your device with the router network.
  • Then, install the browser and open it.
  • Next, use this to open the page.
  • Text the password and SSID of the router.
  • The Next page opens and clicks on the settings.
  • Then, enter into the connection setting.
  • After that, choose the one frequency from the 2.4GHz or 5GHz.
  • Tap on the OK to save that.

These are the setup steps of the Netgear wireless 4 stream router.

Common NETGEAR R6700AX WiFi Router Troubleshooting Steps of Simple Issues

To begin with, through these steps you can overcome any problem related to your router.

Change the location

If your router blinks a red light. So, try To change the location of your router. Place your router at the perfect place from the distance of the electric devices, metal things, more that reflects the signals. After locating the router, then, turn ON it and check it stopped blinking red light.

The Router does not transfer the internet signals

If your router is not transferring the internet signals. So, check the connection type of the router. If a router is connected with the computer through the cable and in the setting connected mode is wifi. So, that is why it is not working. When you connect your router through wifi, choose the wireless option from the connection setting.

Reset the router

For resetting the router, find the reset hole on your router. Then, take a pin and insert it into the hole for 3-4 seconds when the LED lights are turned OFF. Do not press any button during the process. After completing the process, set up your device again.

Read these steps for solving your problems and follow the steps point to point.

4Stream Wireless NETGEAR R6700AX Review

I gave this netgear 4-stream wifi 6 router (r6700ax) review from my point of view. People use this router for increasing internet signals and coverage. 2 months ago, I purchased this NETGEAR R6700AX WiFi Router for my home. After installing this device, I connected all home devices with this router for testing the performance. Till now, it is working perfectly. I gifted this to my friend and I also advised many and a few people to buy this device. It is a very outstanding device.

Wireless Netgear R6700AX router features:

The wireless Netgear router features are parental control, wired connection, faster and stable connection, 3 external antennas, netgear nighthawk app management.

Netgear dual-band router design:

The design of the device is made with plastic and three external antennas are included in the design of the router.

Wireless wifi router dimensions:

The dimensions of this router is 46.79 x 26.59 x 16.89 cm; 0.28 Grams.

Wireless Netgear wifi6 dual-band router specification:

0.28g is the item weight and 100240 Volts is the voltage. The wireless type is ‎802.11ax and the connection type is wifi. R6700AX-1AZNAS is the model number and it is the new device. So, it is available on 2 February 2021.

Netgear 4 steam router price:

The Netgear wireless wifi 6 router price is approximately $262.92


How much can be covered by this Netgear router?

This router can cover 1500sq.ft.

Can it work with extenders?

Yes, with all.

Can I change the router SSID?

Yes, from the router setting.

Does it work with two external antennas?

Yes, but three are important for balancing signals.

How many devices are compatible with this router?

You can connect up to 20 devices with this netgear router.

Does it support dual-band?

Yes, it is a dual-band router.

Can I use this router as an extender?


Does it control with another app from the nighthawk app?

I do not know about this, contact the ISP.

Does it need to work with a SIM?


What is the signal coverage of this router?

This router’s signal coverage is 1500sq.ft.