NEUMI Atom 4K Ultra-HD Media Player

The NEUMI Atom 4K Ultra-HD Media Player is a wireless media player that allows you to add ultra-HD 4K videos, music playback, and photos, using any TV new or old. It is an ingenious digital media player that plays all the videos with 60fps Ultra-HD Quality. That is not too spendthrift. It is an affordable and simple way to add and stream your favourite online content using this Ultra-HD Digital Media Player. Simply, content the SD card and USB drive with this smart wireless media player and instantly watch live shows directly on your TV using this smart wireless system. Exclusively, you can use this wireless media player very smoothly without changing any extra settings and controls.

The Media Player for TV plays all formats which you want and select from the USB drive and SD card files. You can easily resume and turn on this automatic playback capability system without using the remote control. The ‎NEUMITECH ‎Atom 4K wireless media player (‎Black) supports the 10-bit colour, 4096x2304p@60fps resolution, and 250mbps connection. This NEUMI media player is best for tv and connects with the hard drive efficiently. You can play the music AAC, FLAC, MP3, APE, WMA, OGG, etc. It is the best media player for a 4TB hard drive which helps you to play your videos, photos, and music. To use this Neumi atom 1080p digital 4k Atom ultra-HD arrives with the Automatic Playback and Looping Capability.

NEUMI Atom 4K Media Player features

It has arrived with countless features and peculiarities. If you wish to know its all features, then let’s get it from below.

  • The NEUMI WiFi Atom 4K Ultra-HD Media Player is a compatible system especially for USB Drives and SD Cards. It also works with HDMI and Analog AV connections. You can efficiently play all videos, music playback, stream online movies and add photos to any old and new TV.
  • Moreover, this delivers stunning and huge HDMI 4K/60fps Ultra-HD Quality videos by its HDMI cable connection. This shows the 2160p/60Hz high-resolution with sustains for the most advanced video compositions such as H.265/HEVC.
  • This is a popular media player that supports the exFAT including FAT32, NTFS, and Micro SD cards up to 512GB. It is the best system for the cinema-like listening experience and you can also listen to the sounds by stereo system.
  • Put the SD card and USB drive into this wireless digital media player to playback your complying media files, photos, videos, movies, using this ‎NEUMITECH ‎Atom 4K system.
  • Connected by the capability to connect and iterate videos continuously and the ATOM 4K wireless is an excellent player for careful digital signage.
  • This media player for tv that plays all formats are MKV, MP4, MOV, VOB, AVI, M2TS, and TS/TP, data utilising H.264/AVC, VC1, MPEG2/4 codecs, and H.265/HEVC, etc. If your tv connects with a media player then built-in the HDMI cable port with it and let’s enjoy its services.

These are the NEUMI Atom 4K Digital Media Player features mentioned above. Let’s know all the peculiarities of this system from above.

Steps for the Neumi 4k media player Installation

These are the following steps to installing this ‎NEUMITECH ATOM 4K Ultra-HD Digital Media Player effortlessly. Following are the steps mentioned below.

1. Steps to unbox the NEUMI 4k Media Player

Following are the points to unbox the NEUMI 4k Media Player, it’s all unboxing steps are mentioned below.

  • Take the box and collect all the accessories of this NEUMI media player from its carton.
  • Under the packaging box of this media player has a NEUMI Atom 4K Ultra-HD Digital Media Player, NEUMI 4k Remote controller, AC power adapter, AV cable, neumi atom 4k ultra-HD digital media player manual, etc.
  • Takes all the things from its box after unboxing it.
  • Now, let’s read all the user manual instructions to use this media player very comfortably.
  • It contains the External IR jack, Micro SD card reader, a power jack, USB 2.0 host port1, HDMI output port, USB 2.0 host port 2, and AV output, etc.
  • Let’s connect all the ports with its compatible cable and switch on its power by plugging this smart media player into the power plug.
2. Connect the NEUMI Atom 4K Ultra-HD Media Player with power

Here are the steps to connecting this wireless media player with the electrical power.

  • First of all, connect the IR input jack to connect it with the outside infrared remote control sensor.
  • Its IR windows input port is used for the external infrared remote control sensor window.
  • You can connect the next USB 2.0 host jack with the media player for tv with USB storage drivers.
  • Insert the micro SD/SDHC memory cards with this media player SD card micro slot for the memory card reader.
  • Join the AV input jack with your home TV to use it for analog Left/Right audio and composite video output and watch the home theatre with analog AV input.
  • Attach the USB 2.0 ports with the USB storage drives. To Update this with this pin-hoe you are simply emulating the NEUMI specific installation instructions furnished with firmware updates.
  • Use the HDMI input port to give the home theatre with HDMI & digital audio/video to a TV input.
  • Use the DC power port for the 5V/2A nominal connection. Generally, it uses the AC adapter connection.
  • Let’s connect it finally with the electrical power connection and use it. Also, install the AAA batteries into the NEUMI 4K remote controller.

How to update the NEUMI 4K Ultra-HD Digital Media Player Firmware?

Below, there are several steps mentioned to update the 4K Ultra-HD Digital Media Player firmware.

  • The Pin-hole button that’s located on the back or rear panel of this ‎NEUMITECH 4K Ultra-HD Digital Media Player.
  • To download the NEUMI ATOM 4K Digital Media Player latest version firmware then go on the download support NEUMITECH page by using
  • After searching this option, go on its admin page and locate the updated version from its firmware download version page.
  • First, finish the NEUMI Atom 4K login process and let’s move on to the settings page to upgrade this media player firmware.
  • Emulate the on-screen instructions and update this wireless system firmware.

How to play the videos, load photos, and music to this NEUMI 4K Ultra-HD Digital Media Player?

Normally, you can effortlessly copy the music, photos, videos, and other content from your computer using the USB card and Micro Sd card slot. After transferring the all files into this media player now you can stream all the content from files onto the folders. This media player folder supports the 1000 files per folder. If this folder includes more than 1000 files then it can not read your files. After transmitting the all files, videos, music, and another photo via the SD card and USB drivers then simply play it all with this media player. The SD card stores the files up to 512GB or the USB drive stores the data up to 4TB.

Steps to display subtitles & plays the videos using the NEUMI Atom 4K digital Media Player

Here are the diverse steps to playing the videos with subtitles, it all are mentioned here:

  • Start the media player, it will show the main menu on your computer or TV screen.
  • You simply choose a video option under the main menu.
  • After that, select the SD card to explore all videos folders and files to play it.
  • Locate the video which you want to display on your computer screen or play it.
  • The NEUMI 4k Ultra-HD Digital Media Player begins playing videos automatically and configures automatically to play all recorded videos in this system.
  • Use the remote controller and press the “OK” button. Now, your screen will magically start playing videos.
  • Now, you have to move under the settings section to the NEUMI Ultra-HD Digital Media Player configuration and change the settings.
  • In the same way, you can also play photos, music, etc.
Steps to display subtitles for videos

Here are the steps to set up the display subtitles for playing the videos directly.

  • The NEUMI 4K Ultra-HD Digital Media Player supports both external and internal subtitles.
  • This also supports the SRT, SUB+IDX, including PGS formats.
  • To apply an outer subtitle file name it is specifically the same as the video, exactly by a language moreover “SRT” file continuation and installs it in the corresponding folder as the video.
  • Now, display the subtitle track and then go under the main menu. The remote controller has brought the playback menu. So, you will choose it and set the title accordingly.
  • Click on the “OK” option and at the end click on the “Close subtitle” option.

What are the steps to play the music, photos, videos, and other content automatically using the NEUMI 4K Ultra-HD Digital Media Player?

Use the below steps to play the photos, music, and another video automatically. Let’s follow these steps.

  • Simply plug this 4K Ultra-HD Digital Media Player and turn it on again using the remote control.
  • Insert the Micro SD card and another USB driver to pay for all the content.
  • Go under the settings using your computer and choose from the main menu auto playback settings.
  • Let’s configure all the relevant settings of this smart 4K Ultra-HD Media Player and use it accordingly.

Tricks for the NEUMI 4K Ultra-HD Digital Media Player Troubleshooting

Use the below-mentioned steps to fix all the issues of this NEUMITECH wireless 4K Media Player. Let’s follow all these tricks and set all the issues of this media player.

  • If the NEUMI 4K Media Player is not working and does not play the videos, photos, music, etc. Then, simply again plugin this media player. Surely, that is still working, the plugin is back and starting its power again.
  • Sometimes, the NEUMI Atom 4K Ultra-HD Digital Media Player does not read the micro SD card and USB drive. Then, simply reset this system for a minute. If this is not working yet then use the exFAT, NTFS, and FAT32 file system to fix these issues.
  • To fix the NEUMI Atom 4K Ultra-HD Media Player Photos are presented sideways or upside down. Then, you will go on WWW.NEUMITECH.COM to solve this occurring issue. Try to apply troubleshooting steps and fix them. This issue may be occurring due to unexpectedly being destroyed or overwritten. Change the settings of photos using the rotation function instructions.
  • The NEUMI Atom 4K Ultra-HD Media Player plays the Photos with black bars. Then, in this case, you have to simply use the absolute same device for showing the impeccable resolution of the pictures on your screen, you may only pick the 1920×1080.
  • If the NEUMI Atom 4K Ultra-HD Media Player does not respond to the remote control. Then, in this case, you simply remove the batteries and insert all the batteries after a while. Make sure this is now working.

NEUMI Atom 4K Ultra-HD Media Player Review

The NEUMI 4K Ultra-HD Digital Media Player is the best video, photos, music player especially by using USB Drives and SD Cards. So, let’s use this latest technology media player to play your all favourite content with HDMI and Analog AV, Automatic Playback. It also has a Looping Capability. If you want to see the NEUMI Atom 4K review then let’s see it from its best selling platforms that are Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc. Following are more specifications and instructions regarding this wireless media player.

The highlight of the NEUMI Atom Digital 4K media player (black)

Following are the features of this digital media player.

  • Compatible almost with all media player systems.
  • Easily plays the music, photos, videos using the micro SD card and USB drivers.
  • Let’s watch the content by clicking on the remote “OK” option.
‎NEUMITECH 4K Ultra-HD Media Player releasing date

November 14, 2019, this is launched by the NEUMITECT 4K Ultra-HD Media Player manufacturing company of china.

NEUMI 4K Ultra-HD Media Player dimension, weight, ASIN number

B089VXSD1H, ‎2.6 x 3 x 0.6 inches, ‎10.1 ounces