Paleoer WiFi Extender

The Paleoer WiFi extender covers 4000 square feet of a zone by penetrating via the thick concrete barriers and bases. It is specifically designed to boost the coverage of your prevalent home network. The 360-degree signal reaches dead zone areas with 4 external antennas, delivering a throughput of 300 Mbps. The repeater is congruent with 35 different devices such as laptops, cell phones, tablets, security cameras, Smart TVs, etc.
Enjoy online games, 4K video, video conferencing anywhere and anytime with Paleoer internet signal booster. The US-based security protocol prevents your internet connection from external malware and viruses. Your data is secured by WPA/WPA2 security protocols. Other than that, it has a lot of features which can attract you. Some of the features are examined below.

Paleoer Signal Booster Features

The highlighted features and some specifications of the Paleoer booster are as follows.

  • Reliable Coverage- The booster is competent in repeating the signal at a persistent throughout 300 MBps. Enjoy wireless internet connection even if you are 4000 square feet aside.
  • Modes Selection- It fulfills the demand of setting up the devices like router, booster, access point, bridge, and client mode.
  • Brisk Setup- The repeater arrives with a WPS button that authorizes you to seamlessly set it up with your prevailing router. For better info, review the thorough setup guide below.

Paleoer WiFi Extender Setup

    Initially, you ought to unpack the booster package parcel and vacate all the crucial add-ons. Next, put all the add-ons into the flat surface next to the router(within 18 feet). Discover the electrical receptacle or surge protector proximity to the router. Assure that the router is Switch ON. Now, you are adequate to conduct the setup operation. Setting up the internet booster will permit you to swap the settings. You can prefer various modes to set it up. To set it up, you have two methods. You can utilize the WPS and Web Browser method.
Method 1: Paleoer WiFi Repeater Setup Via Web Crawler

It is the most widespread method to set up the extender. Most users utilize this method as it is more trustworthy. This setup method becomes more advantageous if your router does not have a WPS button. It proffers you to manually set up as a repeater or other different modes. To set up the Paleoer WiFi Extender via web browser, obey the given steps.

  • Clasp your booster and insert it into the electrical receptacle or surge protector next to the router. Stay for a few minutes until the booster power LED lights up. When the power LED becomes solid, chase the WiFi setting on your WiFi-enabled devices such as a PC, Cell phone, or tablet.
  • Discover the WiFi network name with Paleoer-XXXX. The XXXX may be numeric or alphabetic. The network has no security key.
  • Once you spot the network name, join it. It will onward you to the Paleoer WiFi extender login page. If not, then you ought to open a web crawler such as Bing, Google, Yahoo, etc.
  • On the Web crawler search box, typewrite the Paleoer WiFi extender default IP address
  • Once you chase the Paleoer WiFi extender login page, enroll the default password as admin. Also, pick your preferred language. Hit login to reach the web management page.
  • The next interface with mode selection is presented. Pick the repeater mode from the choices. It will scan the available networks to repeat it. Stay quiet as the scanning period may take 25 to 30 seconds.
  • Your prevailing home network will show in the index of available networks, click it to repeat the signal. Enroll the security key of your prevailing router network and hit save. The repeating operation begins here and may take 30 seconds.
  • Minimize your web crawler and chase the device’s WiFi settings. You observe that a new SSID name with the suffix EXT at the end will present. It is your new extender network name, click it.
  • Enroll the router security key one more time in the next interface to continue the ongoing operation. The Interface with Congratulations reveals which indicates the booster has successfully repeated the signal.
Method 2: Paleoer WiFi Booster Setup Via WPS

This method only functions if your router has a WPS button. Inspect the WPS button and then move ahead to set it up.

  1. Clasp your booster and insert it into the electrical receptacle or surge protector next to the router.
  2. Stay for a while until the booster power indicator lights up.
  3. Clasp the WPS button of your router and thumb down for 2-3 seconds.
  4. Next, within thirty seconds of forcing the WPS button of the router, thumb down the WPS button on the booster as well.
  5. After staying for a period of time, the network name will seem on the WiFi settings of your PC, cell phone, tablet, or whatever device you are employing. Next, resume the above procedure to finalize the setup.

Position Your Paleoer WiFi Range Extender for Good Performance

Finalize the setup and still facing the signal issues? Don’t brood, here is some valuable info to set up your internet booster.
Put your WiFi Extender at the equidistant from the WiFi-enabled device and router. Inviligant the LED indicator on the booster front to adapt its position. The LED light on the signal indicator should be green for an adequate internet connection. Note that the gap between the booster and the router should not be more elongated than 40 feet. Sometimes, you encounter a feeble signal even while setting the booster in proximity to the router. It is because you might position the booster excessively close. Evade putting the booster petite than 10 feet from the router.

Paleoer WiFi Extender Troubleshooting

The booster may not respond or not connect to the internet due to multiple causes. Further issues may also emerge which will not permit the booster to function exquisitely. Here are some keys if the booster is unresponsive.

  • Inspect that the WiFi Extender is equidistant to the WiFi-enabled device and router.
  • Assure that you have enrolled the accurate security code while expanding the extender network. The passphrase is identical to the router that has one. Otherwise, you are not able to access the network
  • While doing the login, investigate that you had typed the default password admin. The a in admin should be in lowercase.
  • If WiFi is joined but shows no internet, then inspect that the WiFi router is actively working. Restart the router to inspect one more time.
  • Investigate that you had set up the booster in the same way as mentioned above.
  • It may be due to other concerns. At that point, restore them to the default settings. To do that, please employ a cutting-edge tool to force into the reset hole for 2 seconds. Spot the reset hole at the backend of the booster. The signal light will glow up and off immediately. It indicates that the custom-made settings have been swapped to the factory one.
  • If a signal is dropping frequently, it may be due to external influences such as electric microwaves, thick concrete walls, cell towers, etc.
  • If none of the above tips work, then call the team and ask for help

Paleoer WiFi Extender Review

I never think that this range booster works very well while placing an order. Its signal goes even in the dead zone with this extender. The setup is straightforward and takes barely 2 minutes. It fulfills the demand of setting up the devices like routers, boosters, access points, bridges, and client modes. Overall, an excellent repeater at this price as compared to other devices. In final words, a good deal to purchase it.