Rand McNally TND 740 IntelliRoute Truck Navigation GPS

Do you remember the old days, when there was nothing like GPS existed and you have to ask for directions, if you don’t know where the place is, you want to visit? Those were excellent times, isn’t it? It was extra fun. Well, I’m not going to talk about these earlier days but today’s technology.
As of today, you have a mobile in your hand, which means you have the world in your pocket. Nothing is left, that you can not do with the mobile—the calculations, the radio, emails, and, of course, the map. You can roam all over the world using your mobile.
Unlike the earlier days, if you put up an address some places on a mobile’s map and guide you, it will correctly take you to the desired location. Using this navigation guide, no one can be lost and can reach their destination. Let me say, the delivery guy, the cab drivers, etc., they also follow the instructions given by the mobile map, and reach to you.
Well, these are the navigation used on a vast number, but at the lower level.

As driving a bike using mobile navigation is not a challenging task. But, when it comes to handling the vehicles like trucks, lorries, you would like to have another device that can guide you accurately to your destination.
This article will be about the same device; Rand McNally TND 740 IntelliRoute Truck Navigation GPS.

Introduction To The Device

It is the fifth-generation navigation system that delivers the required traits and performs as per a professional truck driver’s needs. The Rand McNally TND 740 IntelliRoute Truck Navigation GPS device is provided with updated features for convenient use on the long-lasting road, without any difficulty on the go. The features refer quickly to a user interface, sturdy magnetic mount, and a speedy quad-core processor.
The Rand McNally TND 740 IntelliRoute Truck Navigation GPS is equipped with the increased wifi connected service, including the fuel price and the weather information. The device comes with seven vibrant HD screens, making its use straightforward for the driver while driving the vehicle and improved mapping. The GPS had decent storage space that is for fast route calculations.
The Rand McNally TND 740 IntelliRoute Truck Navigation GPS offers expanded road guidance that helps take a right turns through the complex intersections. Moreover, this GPS system has 35% more truck guidance information than the other units, and truck drives test it for hours.
Doesn’t sound exciting and excellent. Indeed it is. Well, further is more information about the device. So, please have a look at it.


Audio Enabled Instructions

These features are excellent for the drivers to drive to the destination without looking at the directions where to turn. They can focus on their driving by listing to the voice instructions through the truck audio system.

Expanded Lane Assistance

It is well equipped to guide through the lane for taking a right turns through the complicated roads. You will be able to see the upcoming junction in the 3D view through its split-screen that makes the understanding easy.

The Warning Feature

It warns for the sharp curves, speed limits, fule limits, and prices, etc. Also, the driver can see the MOG, Vehicle fault codes, miles, warning distance, etc.

Informa about the weather and traffic

These two factors are so essential for a driver. And the GPS device does the service for you, to inform you about the recent news about the weather and traffic. It will tell you about the live traffic and weather conditions, forecast, taken from 10 various map overlays, including wing speed.

Ready with ELD

The GPS device is all set with the diver to connect the app. So, whenever you are ready to purchase, you will be prepared to get ready to go.

Toll costing and routings

It will be a great feature for drivers if they don’t have to pay for the tolls. So, this GPS divide calculates all the costs, minimizes the expense followed by comparing it without tolls.

Magnetic Mount

Using the innovative magnetic mount, you can place and detached the device as per your need.

Lifetime Map Updates

You won’t have to visit any of the places if you feel to update the map.

Additional features:

  • HOS warnings and alerts
  • Diagnostics using 2 USB ports
  • Electronic Driver Logs
  • Electronic Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting
  • Numerous Operating Authority Capable, etc.

Technical specifications

Physical Dimension – 7 1/4″ (W), 4 1/2″(H), 3/16″(D)
Screen Resolution – 1024×600 pixel
Screen Size – 7″
Touch Panel – Capacitive
Screen Type – TN LCD
Battery Capacity – 2400 mAH
Display Brightness – 250 lux
Power Connector (on device) – Micro USB
Bluetooth Wireless Connectivity – 4.0
Performance Processor – Quad-Core
Storage – 16GB
Memory – 1GB
Non-operating temperature – -10° to +185°F (-20° to +85°C)
Operating ambient temperature –     +14° to +140°F (-10° to +60°C)
Mic – No
Audio/Video Speaker – 3 watts (internal)
Wi-Fi – 802.11 a/b/g
HDMI Ou –  No
Aux Ou – Yes
Magnetic Maps Coverage – USA & Canada
Mount Power Connector – Barrel Plug
Lifetime Maps Included – Yes

Set up of Rand McNally TND 740 IntelliRoute Truck Navigation GPS

Let’s now turn to the setup of the Rand McNally TND 740 IntelliRoute Truck Navigation GPS device, which is not a troublesome operation to perform. You can simply follow the basic instructions given below and quickly mount the device. And, here I started.

  • Kindly select the place where you want to mount the device. Remember, the site should be open to catch the GPS satellite signal and open to the sky.
  • Make the mounting area clean and dry. No droplets should be there.
  • Now, take off the suction cup protective film from the device.
  • Use the thumbscrews to adjust the mounting angle of the device.
  • Release the suction by pulling the suction cup lever upside.
  • After this, you need to connect the power cable to the device and the vehicle at 12 volts power source.
  • If you want to connect your vehicle’s speaker to the device, use an AUX cord and combine it with your vehicle’s AUX-in port and device’s out port.
  • Mount the device by sliding it.
  • Hold the suction cup against the surface of the mounting area of the device.
  • Check whether the suction cup snaps the area by pressing the suction cup.
  • Recheck and move the device if needed. Ensure that the driver can see the display clearly without any problem viewing it.

And here, you have successfully mounted and installed the device easily.

Troubleshoot The Rand McNally TND 740 IntelliRoute Truck Navigation GPS

If it an electronic device, you will indeed face the issues. But, it does not mean you always will have to approach the repairing center. As they are easy to repair by yourself. So, look at this section and found the issues along with its solution.

How to Update Rand McNally TND 740 IntelliRoute Truck Navigation GPS
  • Before you start updating the device, ensure about the following points.
  • Ensure that your operating device, such as the tablet, is connected with a charger to don’t face any difficulty downloading and installing.
  • Your device should have a decent wifi connection.
  • Never launch the GPS application when it is started the download and installation process.
Now, follow the instructions:
  • Set your device with a decent wifi network.
  • After the connection, if you get a note of “Attention! Important Update Available!” Then hit ” Go To System Update”; otherwise, move to step no. 3
  • Go to the Update Icon on the home screen on your device. You will see a red dot placed on the Update Icon, which means the update is available.
  • Hit the Update Icon, and then on “Check for Updates.”
  • Go further to available updates installation.
    In case you see an RM service Update, be on the screen till the update is installed. Remember: If you get a popup box of “Attention! Important Updates Available!” hit ” not now.”
    Hit “Install All Updates” if other updates are visible.
    If you have an OS update available, hit “Reboot and Install” when you see the “Update Operation System” screen after download.
    In case you have an Application and Map Data Update is available, you may experience that the system updater application is closed while updating, which is normal. You can reopen it from the home screen.
  • Repeat steps 3 and 4 till you don’t see “your system is up to date” on the screen.
My device does not get a GPS signal; how can I fix this?

This issue seems enormous, but it is straightforward to resolve. And you can do it by yourself by following the instructions given below:

  • Make sure your device is connected to the wifi connection.
  • You will find the setting icon “gear” at the bottom of your main screen. Hit the icon.
  • Go to General.
  • Visit system setting.
  • Go to GPS repair.
  • Complete the given process. Test the resolution is completed, followed by restarting the device.

If still the issue is not getting solved, you need to contact your technical team for the solution.

Why did my GPS signal turn off?

Follow the below-given instructions to get the solution.

  • Your device might be set up to Battery Saving Mode if it is turned off automatically.
  • On the home screen, find the “Gear” icon.
  • Go to the “General” tab.
  • Hit system setting.
  • Hit security and location.
  • Select High Accuracy Mode.

This is the suggested solution. You also need to connect the device with a power source.

My tablet doesn’t get a GPS signal

To resolve this issue, follow the instructions:

  • Make sure that your device is connected to the wifi connection.
  • On the home screen, find the gear icon.
  • Go to General Tab.
  • Hit System settings.
  • Hit Apps and Notifications
  • Visit Truck Navigation.
  • Hit the Force Stop application button.
  • Go back to the Rand McNally Launcher screen.
  • Hit RAND NAVIGATION application.
  • Go to the General Tab and hit the Setting icon. You will find a GPS repair button.
  • Hit Scan. It will analyze all the navigation files. If required, it will make the corrections.
  • Go back to the RAND NAVIGATION app after restarting the device to check if the issue is resolved.

Troubleshooting Software Issues

Diagnostics & Repair

Software issue is a prevalent one in the programmed device. And GPS device is one of them. Follow the instructions given below to check the quality of the softwares on your device. After the scanning is done, you will be able the repair any of the software-related issues found during the operation.

  • The entire process takes around 30-60 minutes.
  • You need a decent internet connection.
  • The “Diagnostics & Repair” tool is one of the operational portions of the Rand McNally Dock.
  • Make sure that you have set it up or Dock is downloaded to your device. Now the follow the instructions here.
“Diagnostics & Repair” Instructions

Use the USB cord and plug the GPS into your computer and switch on the GPS.

  • Make sure you are linked to the Internet.
  • Launch the Rand McNally Dock on your device.
  • Choose Setting and Maintenance.
  • Diagnostic and Repair.
  • Choose Begin Diagnostic
  • Select the repair files if any of the corrupt files is found after the scan.
  • Detach the GPS from your device to see if the issue is resolved.
Diagnostics & Repair resolution step by Step
  • Go to the main screen of Dock.
  • On the bottom left side, find the Settings and Maintenance. Hit the option.
  • Find the Diagnostics and Repair option.
  • To begin the process, hit the green arrow.
  • You could be tracing the progress once it starts.
  • Able to see the number of files checked and the required time for it.
  • You can go back to the main screen if no issue is detected.
  • If any of the files are corrupted, you will receive the Repair File option on it.
  • When you bit on that option, the original files will take the place of the corrupt files.
  • When the repair process is finished, you can disconnect the GPS and check if the issue is resolved.

What do I do if my Tablet is having power issues?

Tablet plays a vital role being connected to your GPS device. So, if you feel any problem such as, having a power supply issue, it needs to be resolved for GPS to work correctly. The tablet needs a continuous power supply. And, if you feel an unexpected power cut of your tablet, follow the below instructions to resolve this issue.

  • Make sure your device is placed to the 12V power supply, and also, there should not be any splitters.
  • Ensure the power is attached to the magnetic portion on the backside of the union and the tablet.
  • If it is already connected, try using another charging cord.
  • Use something like a paper clip through the pinhole, turn the device off by pressing it for 2-6 seconds and release to start again.

It will resolve the issue

Rand McNally GPS Hard Reset Stepwise Process

Rand McNally is specially designed for the drivers of heavy vehicles, known for its speed and reliability. However, every electronic device goes under specific issues.
Likewise, if any of the GPS devices undergo any problems, such as not responding, you are suggested to relaunch it. You can do it by frequently turning it on and off it.
Well, the truck navigation systems work quickly, so the GPS device. Still, if you face any problem with your GPS tool, don’t panic, as we will discuss the reset process of the device step by step.
Well, when you reset any device, it can resolve various issues.

Restart your Device

Sometimes, you don’t find the red truck GPS splash on the screen, which you can see after switching on the device. You find this feature when you try to find the destinations on the map or attempt to perform any setting after turning on the device. Sometimes, the red truck GPS screen lasts for few minutes, and it shows the message, “Truck GPS is not responding. Do you want to close it?”.
However, you can also perform the factory reset operation. Hence, follow the steps given below to relaunch it.

  • Keep holding your device for 3 seconds and restart it. Else, you can wait till the power button is visible.
  • Shut down your device by hitting the Power off button.
  • Restart the device by pressing and holding the power button for 2-4 seconds.
  • If the device doesn’t respond to your actions and the power button doesn’t appear, please try the easy tricks.
  • Turn off the device entirely by pressing the power button for 10-15 seconds.
  • When the device turns off entirely, hit and hold the power button for 2-4 seconds to start it again.

Factory Reset Rand McNally GPS if Booting is not Possible

You have tried every way that you could, but still, the device is not responding well. And it’s high time to perform the factory reset to fix the issue. In this section, we are going to discuss the same problem. However, the DriverConnect application rules the Rans McNally GPS device; you can still perform the factory reset operation for OverDryve by following some simple steps given below.

  • First, you need to turn off the device. If you find difficulty turning it off, hit and hold the power switch for around 10 seconds. It will enable a forceful shutdown.
  • Now, hit and hold the power button and volume up button alternatively. It will enable the device to start in an engineering manner.
  • Now, it’s time to hit the volume button.
  • Choose the “Android Recovery Mode” option with the help of the volume up or power button for selection. Here you will see the warning sign “No Command” along with the Android Robot display.
  • The device will display the Recovery Menu when you press the volume up and down switch.
  • Take the help of any of the volume buttons to select “Wire Data it Factory Reset” and confirm the selection by hitting the power button.
  • Select “Yes-Delete all user data” using any volume buttons to confirm the selection by hitting the power button.
  • When it is done, the display will show that the data and caches are already formatted. Now the GPS is about the return to the Engineering Menu.
  • Select “Reboot System Now” using any of the volume buttons and confirm the selection by hitting the power button.
  • Wait till the device finishes rebooting.

This is how the factory resetting process ends.


I only have one word to describe the Rand McNally TND 740 IntelliRoute Truck Navigation GPS; it is just amazing. I can’t explain how wonderful an experience it is to use the device. It is such a fantastic guide for me without having disturbance while driving my vehicle. I’m an OTR driver. Before this system, I had a Garmon. And I was very disappointed with this device. I mean, it was good, but the Rand McNally TND 740 IntelliRoute Truck Navigation GPS beaten the Garmon at every level. It used to overload, freeze up often, also having issues with the cameras.


The Rand McNally TND 740 IntelliRoute Truck Navigation GPS device boosted the experience 100 times faster than the previous one. I had attached it with my vehicle’s audio system, and it was an additional benefit for me. Well, before the Garmon, I had used other devices too, but this one is the best among all those I used till today. It is the perfect guide for every driver who needs guidance while driving. They will love it anyway. I’m saying it based on my experience. And I will surely recommend it to look for it.


1) Is Rand McNally GPS good?

The Rand McNally TND 740 is a unite specially designed for commercial use in the trucking industry. According to the recent survey, based on 17 customer reviews, it has an average of 3.14 out of 5 stars.

2) How much does a Rand McNally cost?

The Rand McNally TND typically costs $399.99. Its eld compliance subscription plan is available at $24.99 a month, and an advanced subscription plan is open at $29.99 a month.

3) What updates will my device receive, and how often should I update?

Well, updates are always excellent, as it gives you new features. So, the Rand McNally TND 740 offers you several updates, viz., Map Updates, Roadwork Construction update, software, and more minor data updates.
Have a look at each:

Map Update:
  • Map updates are generally available on an annual basis.
  • This update changes the complete map function and its database, from the roads to vehicle regulations.
  • It is suggested that you are connected to a strong network, let me say, a hard line connection, LAN cord, or home wifi connection due to its large size.
  • It is not suggested to use the mobile hotspot for a significant map update.
  • You may need an SD card to improve the device’s available memory.
Roadwork Construction Update
  • Roadwork construction update is a bonus for you and is freely available for every user.
  • They are available every month’s first week includes long-term construction projects of 30 days and more.
Software and more minor data updates
  • These updates include speed limit, POI’s, tweaks, etc., for a better experience.
  • These updates a few times a year and are free and available for every user.
  • They are large files than the Roadwork Constitution Updates and can contain map data.

You can download both of these updates through your mobile hotspot.

4) How often are Rand McNally’s maps updated?

The frequency of the Rand McNally maps update depends on the type of update. Generally, it takes place in 30 days or more.

5) Does Rand McNally still make maps?

It’s been generations that Rand McNally is collecting accurate data and framing it in the maps, along with the travel information and the road trip tools. The few feature; the 2022 Road atlas line feature is entirely updated; mileage charts, maps, tourism information, road construction, and other city details are underway.

6) Why does my Rand McNally GPS keeps shutting off?

This problem may be the device could have been set up on the battery-saving mode. You need to perform some operations to change the settings, and your issue will get resolved.

7) How do I update my Rand McNally GPS on my computer?

To use your GPS device on your computer, you need to connect it with your computer to start using the Rand McNally Dock.
Now, see how to get upgrades and updates:

  • Download the installation file.
  • Save the downloaded file in any of the folders or to the desktop of your device.
  • Hit Run to start the installation of the selected file.

The Rand McNally Dock is anyway is an essential portion of Rand McNally GPS system. This device provides you access to map updates and free software upgrades. Using the Dock, you can use the user guide of the device and also can send the feedback to Rand McNally through “Tell Rand.”
To begin:

  • Download the installation file.
  • Save the downloaded file in any of the folders or to the desktop of your device.
  • Hit Run to start the installation of the selected file.
For Tablet Users:

You are suggested not to use the Dock software, as you get the updates via wifi. When you are connected with the wifi, and if any update is available, you will get notified at the upper left corner of the tablet’s screen.
Requirements for Downloading Dock Software:
Mac 64-bit version, i.e., macOS Catalina and newer
Mac 32-bit version, i.e., macOS Mojave and older

for Mac users:

You need to know that you need to download the 64-bit version of the Rand McNally Dock application and remove the older 32-bit version. The reason behind this is, the future updating would only support 64-bit applications for MacOS.
Rand McNally Dock System Requirements

See the Supported Web Browsers:

Opera 10 and higher
Internet Explorer 7 and higher
Safari 4 and higher
Chrome 4 and higher
Firefox 3 and higher

Operating System Requirements :

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10
MAC OS X 10.5 and higher, Intel-based only (El Capitan, High Sierra, Sierra, Mojave, etc., require XQuartz version 2.7.11. Catalina and newer don’t need XQuartz.)
Note: Windows computers require .Net framework 3.5 or higher.

Additional Prerequisites:

JavaScript must be enabled
Hard Disk Space:
At least 8 GB

8) How do I update map data for my TND Tablet?

To go for this process, you need first to check the model number of your device. The reason behind this is, the updates are different for different model numbers. So, this is very important to check the model number. For this,

  • Go to Android settings.
  • Go to about Tablet.
  • Here check the model number.

The procedure given below is for the following map update :

  • TNDT70
  • TNDT80
  • TNDT80B

Remember: If your device is not the same as these numbers, don’t go with this process.

Before we start the process, make sure about the following points:
  • Ensure your tablet device is connected to the charger so that you don’t face interruptions while in downloading and installing process.
  • Your device should have a decent internet connection.
  • When the process is started, don’t launch the GPS application.
Now follow the below-given instructions for update:
  • Ensure your device has the current operating system.
  • When you are sure that your device is working with the recent software,
    Visit RM launcher.
    Go to System Updater.
  • Here you may find an update of 4.0GB labeled as “2017-11-03.” Hit “Install All Updates.”
  • When everyone is downloaded and then checked, automatically, the map data will update. You will see a pop-up box saying the prevention of tablets until the update process finishes. It may take up to 29 minutes. When the files are copied successfully, hit OK.
  • Check that all the updates are applied through System Updater. Hit “Check for updates.” Let the process continue until you see a popup box saying “System is Up to Date.”
  • Check the correct app version and data, launching the Truck GPS app.
    Visit preferences.
    Go to Contact and About.
  • The correct version will be able to read “4.57.4408,” and the accurate Navi Date should read “2017-11-03.
See the Troubleshooting Steps:

Ensure you have a recently updated version of the operating system. After checking, if everything is correct, follow the above instructions.
If you don’t see the popup box of “Map Data Update,” follow the instructions:
Verify the wifi connection.
When you are sure that your device is working with the recent software,
Visit RM launcher.
Go to System Updater.
And check for updates.
If you see the “Insufficient Storage Space,” follow the steps:
Clear the storage and check for the updates again.
You can also use the SD card for updates.

9) Does Rand McNally have an app?

Yes, the Rand Navigation Fleet Edition corresponds to the GPS that works with almost all the tablets. All you need to download it and have a subscription to the plan.

10) How do I connect to Rand McNally WiFi?

Follow the instructions:
Hit the WiFi icon at the lowermost right of the map screen.
Hit Enable WiFi to look for available networks.
Select the network you want to connect to.
And enter the network password to get connected with it.

11) How do I register my TND?

You can use the Rand McNally Dock, free software to use at home computers to register your device. The Dock will enable you to your device with the help of a USB cord and enter the registration number.
Remember: If you have purchased a second-hand device, you will need to contact the technical support team to register.
Rand McNally Market
You can take advantage of the Rand McNally Market to download all that they or the same partners generate. When you register, you get access to the app updates.
To enter the Rand McNally Market:

On the top right corner, you will find the App Tray; hit the option.
Hit the Rand McNally Market icon. If you don’t see it, swipe to left