Secrui ‎M508 Door Chime

In this up-to-date world, all the devices are bringing internet connectivity technology and this is the most impactful thing to operating your buying wireless device entirely on the behalf of the internet. So, in this most advanced and trending world, daily most of the devices are launched which are connected with the internet connection. Currently, the ‎secrui M508 Door Chime is mostly bought by users; this is manufactured by the ‎secrui manufacturing Lmt. the company on the date of September 28, 2018. The ASIN number of this latest generation door sensor is B07HSLB3BL and the series of the model numbers are ‎M508+D017. The total working activity is based upon ‎1 Receiver+1 Sensor on the internet connection.

The style and design of the one plug-in receiver and the one door sensor are very unique and compact in comparison to anyone else. It is working on ‎Corded-Electric and Battery power source. If you read or follow all the ‎secrui door chime manual instructions. Then, the configuration or installation process of the secrui wireless door chime is automatically made up easy or obvious. So, read or follow all the instructions through its user manual before installing it and do up the other furthermore activities by following the directions of the manual. If you want to do its set up manually, but properly then let’s obtain its steps in a series from here.

Peculiarities of the Secrui Wireless Door Alarm Contact Sensor

Before buying this M508 Door Chime product, a new user must know about the door sensor including all features. Following are the features of this door chime that are all mentioned below.

  • The secrui ‎M508 Door Chime is exclusively best for home. This door sensor range is approximately 400 Sq. feet, especially in open area locations. It contains the high-protectable magnetic power that helps the door chime to automatically trigger with the receiver.
  • The receiver spontaneously sends an alert, especially while the receiver departs from the magnetic strip. Just install the secrui app to monitor or control this wireless door open sensor.
  • It’s more protective because it protects your thief, elder, kids, and office, etc. It alerts you & your home child to help deter break-ins and burglars opens the door.
  • The size of the magnetic strip is 1.7*0.6*0.4 inch and the Magnetic door sensor Size is 3.0×1.0x0.60 inches. Both of them are tiny in size and they can be effortlessly installed or connected toward either indoor location to accommodate you, including a door entry chime/alert system.
  • This wireless door open sensor contains 5 levels of stretchable volume from 0-110 dB. It allows you to play 52 sophisticated music of the conventional “Ding Dong ” to multiple well comprehend chimes. It also holds the former inclination tune after re-plugging it.
  • The secrui motion sensor alarm is installed very smoothly. You should just plug the door chime receiver into the electrical outlet. Now, you have to shred the double-sided adhering tape toward the rear of the door sensor and adhere them to the door or window. It is subtle, kindly use the insulating exposition endlessly before working the door sensor.

Hence, these are the aforementioned features explaining the ‎secrui ‎wireless door chime ‎M508+D017 specialties. So, you should read all its features.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to ‎Secrui ‎M508 Door Chime Installation

Here below, all the step-by-step guide is given for the Secrui Door chime installation. Let’s emulate these below-mentioned points.

1. Unboxing & take all the packaging content accessories

If you buy the SECRUI Wireless door chime for the first time and want to install it without any hassle. So, let’s follow these first steps to installing it.

  • Unbox the Wireless Door sensor and let’s take out all the packaging box accessories.
  • They carry some accessories in their box, such as:
    (i) Chime box 3D batteries
    (ii) Mounting plate
    (iii) Screws
    (iv) Adhesive double-sided tape
    (v) secrui wireless door sensor manual Guide or Quick secrui m508 installation guide,
    (vi) ‎1 Receiver+1 Sensor, wireless push button etc.
  • After taking all the door sensor accessories, you have to read or familiarize yourself with its all user manual instructions.

2. SECRUI Wireless Door Chime ‎M508+D017 Manual

Radically, the SECRUI Wireless Door sensor ‎Manual brings out in its packaging box some details that are beneficial to install this device. Here is some information that is included in the user manual.

  • How to install the SECRUI Wireless Door Alarm Contact Sensor?
  • How to reset the SECRUI door opening chime?
  • Why do we need to use the SECRUI door chime?
  • How to ‎use the secrui wireless Volume Mute Mode?
  • Can I adjust the ‎secrui door chime sound?
  • What should I do with the ‎Secrui Door chime battery or charge the battery?
  • How to use the ‎Secrui wireless security Door chime Q5 quality?
  • Why is the ‎Secrui Wireless Doorbell chime quit working?
  • Is the ‎Secrui wireless Door chime wireless or wired?
  • How to connect the ‎Secrui Wireless Door chime with WiFi?
  • Why is the ‎Secrui Wireless security motion sensor buzzing?
  • How to set the ‎Secrui Door chime yale alarm?

The ‎secrui ‎M508 Door Chime manual does not include some of these minor queries to answer whether it also includes all the safety instructions to install it easily.

3. ‎Secrui Wireless Door chime hardware installation

The below-mentioned tips are presented for the Secrui Door chime placement. Let’s emulate these points by installing them precisely.

  • Surely, you have to familiarize yourself with all the user manual details before installing it. If all the instructions are specified by you then go ahead.
  • Kindly take the first mounting plate of the Door chime and keep your door chime in order.
  • After this, install all the supplied batteries in the battery compartment of the door chime.
  • Now, attach the mounting plate with this door chime.
  • In the next step, you have to now insert the cr2032 lithium battery into the wireless push button, after popping up its back cover using the screwdriver.
  • Similarly, also install another battery on another one push button.
  • Now, mount the Door Sensor in your Office/Home/Business indoor wall if the Secrui LED Indicator is flashing precisely.
  • Also, mount another push button or Plug-in Receiver into the outside of your home.
  • It is favorably installed now, you can now switch on its power and connect with the internet connection.

4. Let’s turn on the ‎secrui ‎M508 Door Chime power

In below, some steps for switching on the electrical power of this wireless door chime. Let’s emulate it and apply it to your wireless motion sensor.

  • First of all, precisely plug in the receiver and press its power button, it is frequently flashing ten times.
  • So, to complete this ten times flashing or beeping signal indicator, then press or hold it continuously for ten times in a series.
  • You can now select your favorite alarm tune and set it.
  • Long press on the door chimes to connect it with the receiver simultaneously and release it after a while.
  • Now, you have to move up the door sensor, the receiver now beeps two times.
  • Take the receiver & sensor and attach them with your home door or windows to get the alert.
  • So, let’s use it, this is finally installing precisely and working too.

So, these are the whole steps to the secrui door chime installation. You should apply all the steps to the SECRUI Door Sensor to install it correctly.

How to Pair the Secrui Door Chime With the Secrui ‎App?

Following are the steps to pair the secrui door chime with the ‎secrui app.

  • Install the Securi door chime app and sync your doors sensor with this by choosing the pairing mode.
  • Click on the add device and “+” sign icon to connect it with the app.
  • After that, if it connects with your app, then simply create an account for this device.
  • Insert the name of the device and password simply, your device’s account has been created correctly.
  • Now, connect the wireless chime with the internet connection or WiFi network.
  • Visit under the network settings and apply the network settings to modify it.
  • Insert the wireless network SSID and password to connect it with the WiFi connection.
  • Surely, your device is connecting with the WiFi, then go ahead, just change the device settings and use it accordingly.

‎Secrui ‎M508 Wireless Door Alarm Contact Sensor setup

Below, some steps are given for the ‎secrui M508 Door Chime setup. Let’s emulate the following steps.

  • Use the Secrui app and go to the home screen settings section.
  • From there, you have to pick only a mandatory setting.
  • If you want to apply the settings for the secrui ‎M508+D017 door, chime volume and sound on.
  • Also, apply the settings for the door chime entry alert.
  • Emulate on-screen instructions to change the door sensor in all settings.
  • Lastly, you should click on the ‎M508 Door Chime save changes option to saving all your device modifying settings.

Hence, save all the settings of this wireless door sensor to complete the SECRUI Door Chime setup process.

‎Secrui ‎M508 Door Chime Troubleshooting Tips

If your wireless ‎security ‎Door Chime also shows multiple issues while you have to use it. Then, simply follow the on-screen below-mentioned points to solve it.

  • In this case, if the SECRUI wireless door chime is not working, you should just try to again move it to the working status.
  • So, let it be restart and use it again.
  • Kindly change the settings, if this shows the Secrui Door chime no sound issue.
  • You have to do the secrui door chime reset especially when your secrui wireless door Chime is not blinking the signal light.
  • When the ‎secrui ‎M508 Door Chime does not connect to WiFi, it means your mobile network is not compatible with this. So, connect the door Chime with a compatible internet connection.
  • If the Secrui Wireless Door Chime does not sync it means it has now need to replace its batteries. So, you can replace its batteries to solve this issue.
  • Kindly read all the secrui manual details to install it perfectly without any issues.

Hence, these are some steps to describe the ‎secrui Door Chime or door sensor troubleshooting. If you face any issue then use these steps to solve the issue.

Secrui Wireless Door Chime ‎M508+D017 Review

If you are thinking about buying the Secrui Wireless Door Alarm Contact Sensor, then, first of all, you should check the ‎secrui ‎M508 Door Chime Review. Below are all the mentioning details which are delivered to provide details about its specifications. So, let’s know all the details.

Specific Information About the Secrui ‎M508+D017 Door Sensor

The SECRUI Door Chime embraces exceptional wireless receiving technology, not wired worries. In addition, the Working area is reduced to 500ft which is becoming for stores, residences, miniature and commonplace-sized houses, and magnificent homes. The receiver furthermore sensors regarding the door chime can unite repetitious accomplices. What is more, unconventional tunes can be fixed to diverse sensors.

Specs of the Secrui Wireless Door Chime

Following are the specs of the Secrui WiFi M508 Door Chime, that’s all are mentioned below.

  • Manufacturer: secrui
  • Part Number: SB-123
  • Item Weight: ‎5 ounces
  • Item model number: ‎M508+D017
  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No
  • Size: 1 Receiver+1 Sensors
  • Color: ‎White
  • Style: 1 plug-in receiver 1 door sensor
  • Power Source: Corded-Electric, Battery
  • Item Package Quantity: 1
  • Mounting Type: Optional
  • Special Features: ‎Motion-detection
  • Batteries Included: ‎No
  • Batteries Required: ‎No

Secrui Wireless Door Chime dimension

The dimension of the door Chime is ‎4.5 x 2.3 x 1.7 inches.

Secrui ‎M508 Door Chime – FAQs

How to install the SECRUI Wireless Door Alarm Contact Sensor?

Read the Secrui manual installation instructions and -plug in the device and sync the door chime with the sensor to finish the installation process.

How to reset the secrui ‎M508 Door Chime?

Surely, it keeps a reset button, so kindly press it and rest this wireless chime.

Why do we need to use the SECRUI door chime?

You can use this wireless chime to protect or secure your home door from thieves, etc.

How to ‎use the secrui wireless Volume Mute Mode?

Use the secrui app to use the secrui wireless Volume Mute Mode.

Can I adjust the ‎secrui door chime sound?

You can easily adjust the sounds by pressing the sound button for a while.

What should I do with the ‎Secrui Door chime battery or charge the battery?

If this is shown not working sometimes, then it means you have to end a battery replacement. So, replace its batteries and resolve this issue.

How to use the ‎Secrui wireless security Door chime Q5 quality?

Use the Secrui wireless security Door chime Q5 quality by changing its settings.

Why is the ‎Secrui Wireless Doorbell chime quit working?

Just reset your wireless system to solve this issue.

Is the ‎Secrui wireless Door chime wireless or wired?

The Secrui wireless Door Chime works only on the basis of the wireless network connection.