Securifi ‎Almond 3 WiFi

According to implementing technologies, the Securifi also requires to improve their previous router technologies into these implemented or progressed new technologies. This has launched the world’s first touchscreen wireless router/range extender – which is formulated by the Almond. It is the ‎Securifi ‎Almond 3 WiFi router. It is built up with new-generation technology and it has also come with many standard features such as a comfortable standard networking router that connects with any wireless 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n, 802.11ac, etc. The Securifi Almond wireless router has 2 built-in smart antennas and also has two LAN or WAN ports.

The Securifi Almond touchscreen wireless router is whatever creates these all kinds of routers are unprecedented. This Securifi Almond WiFi router brings a 2.8″ touch screen that provides you with the authority to set it up and manage its various settings. The almond router supports compatibility with PC, Android, Mac, Windows 10, iPhone, Linux, iPad, XBOX, etc. To the Securifi Almond access point setup, you only follow your wireless extender/router on-screen given directions and modify its settings. This Securifi wireless router is also compatible with Alexa devices, you can also use it for voice commands.

‎Securifi ‎Almond 3 WiFi router Installation

You can follow the below steps to installing Securifi almond touchscreen wireless router/range extender installation.

(i) Unbox and switching on the power of the Securifi Almond Wireless Router:

Follow the below given step-by-step guide for switching on the power of the Securifi Almond 3 touchscreen wireless router/extender.

  • Unpack the Securifi WiFi router and take it out from its carton, also take this Securifi Wireless router Accessories that are also present in this router packaging box.
  • It brings in its packaging box, the Securifi almond touchscreen wireless router, Securifi Almond Manual, AC power adapter, Ethernet cable, etc.
  • In front of this router has a 2.8 Touchscreen LCD screen and in the back has a WAN port, LAN port, internal MIMO antennas, power connector, reset button, Almond Securifi Stylus, etc.
  • Now, you will thoughtfully understand the Securifi user manual first, before installing or tuning on its power.
  • Plug this Securifi almond touchscreen wireless router in the wall outlet with the help of an AC power adapter.
  • Combine this WiFi router power cable one point with the AC power adapter and AC power adapter another main point joint with your home wall electrical power socket.
  • Now, switch on the power of this wireless router/extender by pushing the power button.
  • Wait for a few movements now, the LED light will be flashing (it is indicating that your router works conveniently).
  • Now, connect the Securifi almond 3 wireless router with your WiFi-enabling devices.
(ii) Unite the internet of Securifi Wireless Router As a Range extender:

Follow the below-given steps for uniting the internet of the Securifi Almond 3 wireless router with your multiple wirelesses enabling home appliances.

  • At first, kindly choose the language for this router, replace it with the Securifi touchscreen wireless router/extender touchscreen as you want to use it. Meanwhile, you locate Almond’s touchscreen or its Web UI.
  • Also, select the country/region/state/city and click on the continue option.
  • Now, save all the changes or reboot this router. After rebooting it, now the Securifi Almond access point setup wizard option is displayed on this router touchscreen for connecting to the internet.
  • The Stylus is discovered at the bottom of your Almond router. So, pick a range extender in the next question and go ahead.
  • After this, you’ll be addressed by this router screen, locate your Securifi wireless router internet connection name from the presenting list (Wi-Fi router/Access point).
  • Now, tap on it to pick its network and it should momentarily be highlighted in the blue box with some internet accessing information, so fill it first. Touch on the next or continue option for the setup.
  • Put the password for connecting or taking your wireless router internet connection via the on-screen presenting keyboard and tap on the next option.
  • Now, your almond internet connection with the router or your access point.
  • Lastly, unit its internet in your home WiFi-enabling device by using this Securifi wireless router SSID network name or password.
(iii) Joining your Almond as a Router:

Here are some points to connecting the Almond wireless as the Securifi wireless WiFi router.

  • Use the Ethernet cable and attach its one point with your mode LAN port and also attach its another point with your router’s LAN port.
  • Now, combine its power adapter cable with the power socket and turn on its power.
  • Change its language and region according to your choice.
  • After this, go into the Securifi wireless router setup wizard option and pick up the Router and click on the next option.
  • Meanwhile, you should also combine the network/Ethernet cable with your modem/router LAN port.
  • Now, the internet connection is successfully joined with your router which signifies it is obtainable for transferring the internet connection.
  • Wait, your Almond will instantly investigate to auto-detect your internet device WiFi connection variety and being long-drawn as your device internet connection renders all the settings through DHCP, this start should be spontaneous.
  • So, emulate the Almont Wireless router on-screen given directions and finish the Securifi Almond router setup/configuration process.
  • Similarly, configure your Almond with a DHCP, xDSL modem, or Cable modem connection for using the cable modem internet connection.

Hence, this is the Securifi 3 Almond WiFi router Installation step by step guide point which is presented above with proper and easy steps.

Securifi 3 almond Wireless router login

Before the Almond 3 setup, you have to complete its login process. Follow the below-given step-by-steps guide to the Securifi Almond router login easily.

  • Combine your computer with the Securifi router Wireless network and open for the Securifi almond web interface and search its IP or website address to log in it.
  • Use the Securifi almond website address: or Securifi Almond IP address to access or reach on this Securifi wireless router login page.
  • Browse one address from both of them and wait for a few seconds, the login page will appear on your computer screen with two login credentials.
  • Type the Securifi Almond default password or Securifi router admin username in the admin field, on your computer screen displaying the Securifi smart home hub login box.
  • After this, simply tap on the Securifi almond wireless router “login option” to complete this router login process.
  • Lastly, the Securifi almond wireless range extender/router login process is successfully finished.

This is the Securifi almond 3 Wireless router login points. If you think about registering your device then follow these steps.

‎Securifi ‎Almond 3 WiFi router manual

The Securifi Almond manual brings more extra information in their user manual guide. To know the Securifi almond 3-minute setup touchscreen wireless router/range extender various queries answer you have to read its all instructions. There are some queries: Is the Almond wireless router model dual-band? How does the Securifi router home automation feature work? Do I have to become Vivent or something? How can I use the Securifi feature? How far away will the almond shoot a signal? Does the Securifi wireless extender need a landline?

Is Securifi an AC router or N? Will Secrifi wireless router work with media sharing when my devices are connected to the extended network and the media content is connected to the original network? Is the Securifi WiFi range extender good to use with the amazon fire stick? How many simultaneous wireless connections does the Securifi router support? When the Securifi wireless router is a Wi-Fi router how many devices can connect at one time? To know more information about the Securifi router then obtain it from here.

‎Securifi ‎Almond 3 WiFi Router Setup via the Securifi Almond app

To the Securifi Almond access point setup, you have to follow only the given points below regarding managing it and using the access point mode.

  • Launch the Securifi Almond app in your WiFi-enabling appliance (mobile phone) and open it by clicking on the “start” logo.
  • Once logged into this wireless router and directly visit the settings section. In addition, you can also change this router setting through its touchscreen directions.
  • So, use the app < add this router < settings < advanced settings < network settings < SSID internet connection name or password < connect with wireless network this router.
  • Now, under the network settings < pick the Securifi router Access point mode/ Securifi almond wireless bridge mode < apply it < click on the next.
  • To access the Securifi Almond 5GHz and 2.4Ghz frequency radio network Go into wireless network settings < select your desired frequency from frequencies and apply it.
  • You can also allow the Securifi almond parental controls through its settings section and save changes.
  • Through the update section, you can easily have to do the Securifi firmware update. Choose the factory default settings menu to reset the almond router. Follow the on-screen presenting direction for almond warzone settings or more settings.
  • Lastly, save your all applying or making changes in your Securifi Almond Wireless Router.

So, these are the Securifi Almond A3 Touchscreen Wireless Router Setup via the Securifi Almond app. You can use these points if you are thinking “How to set up a Securifi Almond wireless router/extender”.

Securifi Almond Range Extender Troubleshooting Tips

Sometimes, the Securifi almond screen is not working, this WiFi router is not working accurately, or so many issues will be caused by this device while you have to use it. So, to take the Securifi almond router/range extender troubleshooting guide, you can follow the below points.

  • Sometimes, the Securifi almond screen is not working. In this case, you should reset the Securifi Almond router. Locate the Securifi Almond reset button, it is positioned on the corner of your Almond, closer to the power connector. Directly use the stylus that is reset by the Securifi Almond to push the reset button for around five seconds. Hopefully, now your problem is solved, so first verify that your router screen now works.
  • If the almond wifi extender is not working, in that case, you will turn off the power of your wireless router. Leave it as it is for some movement and turn on its power again. Now check that it is working well now.
  • The almond range extender cloud disconnected, in this case, you should update the Securifi Almond firmware by downloading a new version. Make sure your problem is solved after updating it.
  • You can reset this router if it shows the Securifi almond 3 blank white screen issue. First, unplug it and turn on its power repeatedly and you will do the Securifi Almond factory reset default settings to solve this issue.
  • Attach the Ethernet cable again or confirm your network password, to solve the Securifi Almond not connecting to the internet connection issue. Apart from this, if the Securifi almond shows no internet then repeatedly turn on its power.
  • If your computer network status presents the Securifi almond no internet access then you will change the network settings of this router to solve this issue. If it is not solved then pair it with the Securifi almond WPS function.
  • Sometimes, the Securifi Almond 3 WiFi extender does not work with Alexa and the Securifi Almond alarm does not give voice commands. At this time, you have to do a restart or the Securifi Almond reboot and confirm that it works well now.

So, these are the Securifi Almond router/range extender troubleshooting tips, which all are given with a steps-by-steps fixing point above.

Securifi Almond Wireless Router/Extender Review

The Securifi Almond 3 White Touchscreen Wireless Router/Range Extender permits every kind of user to effortlessly set up their wireless networks within a few moments. Additionally, many previous routers that have to need a computer to Set up a wireless connection, in which the newest or latest technology device is the Securifi Almond, is capable of setting up your network without a PC. Whether you want to set this router or range extender, then you are only doing it by following the 2.8″ touchscreen step-by-step directions that interpret this device setup process. Get from the below instructions the Securifi Almond wireless router review.

Securifi Almond WiFi router and range extender Peculiarities:

The Securifi Almond Wireless Router is frequently used for the boost extender network range. It is a sweeping touchscreen device that is easily used by a tiny child. Moreover, You can comfortably manage and control its settings through its touchscreen given directions. If you see the Almond WiFi Extender Review, then all the buyers are positively satisfied with this product. By following its on-screen given instructions you can easily finish the Securifi almond 5ghz set it up in 3 Minutes using Touch Screen Wizard. Use this router as a principal Router or Range Extender or Wireless Bridge and neither make up the DSL modem. If you have to use the Range Extender mode then, it is compatible with every existing router like Linksys, Netgear,
Belkin, etc.

Securifi almond wireless router Specifications:

Moreover, the Securifi Almond 3 smart home Wi-Fi system specs including are wireless technology type is 802.11a/b/g/n/ac, 2 LAN + 1 WAN Ports, Power Supply: 5V, 1A 300Mbps MIMO, 2 antennas, Port Forwarding, Firewall, WEP, WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK, DMZ, UPnP, and control with the voice command Alexa device and Wi-Fi.

Securifi smart home hub Package Contains:

In the Securifi Almond Wireless Router or Range Extender packaging box has contained one pack of the Securifi Almond 3, AC Power Adapter, Quick-Start Guide Book, USB cable, and 3-Foot Ethernet Cable, Securifi almond warranty card, etc.

Securifi Almond wireless router Dimensions:

The Securifi smart home hub Product Dimensions ‎is 5.3 x 1.9 x 4.6 inches and the Item Dimensions LxWxH is ‎5.3 x 1.9 x 4.6 inches. Its minimum product dimension is 4.85” L x 2” W x 4.63” H and the item dimension is 0.45LBS. In addition, the Standing screen display size is ‎2.8 Inches, Max Screen Resolution with ‎240×320 Pixels, RAM ‎is DDR3L SDRAM.


Can I do the Securifi firmware update, but how?

Of course yes, use the Securifi Almond app and add with this app your Securifi almond + touchscreen router. Thus, update it by following on-screen instructions. Finally, the Securifi Almond upgrade process is successfully finished.

How to reset the Almond router?

Use the Almond Securifi pin, keep holding the Securifi Almond reset button, while the Securifi Almond power supply turns on and leave it after fifteen seconds. Now, the Securifi Almond factory reset process is finished.

How to use the Securifi almond parental controls features?

To use the ‎Securifi ‎AL3-WHT-US Almond 3 router parental control feature, go into settings and allow it by following the on-screen instructions of the security section.

Is the Almond wireless router model dual-band?

Yes, the ‎Securifi ‎AL3-WHT-US Almond 3 wireless router is a dual-band internet router. In addition, if you know more then, you can read the Securifi almond user manual.

How does the Securifi router home automation feature work?

The Securifi almond+ smart home hub & router are designed with the Amazon Alexa combination. This Almond 3 is united with Amazon Alexa automatically, you have to only turn on or allow the voice activation or alarm modes through its settings. You can also operate the Securifi almond google home.

How can I use the Securifi smart home hub feature?

Use the Securifi Almond plus access point touchscreen directions for using the Securifi smart home hub features.

How far away will the almond shoot a signal?

The Securifi Almond alternative internet furnishing device almost covers all internet zones of your smart home and these Securifi Almond + speeds are up to 300Mbps.

Does the Securifi wireless extender need a landline?

No, the Securifi wireless extender does not need any landline. The Securifi Almond motion sensor helps it to connect the WiFi anywhere in your home.

Is Securifi an AC router or N?

The Securifi Almond does not support the AC router. This only works with the wireless N technology standard devices.
Will Secrifi wireless router work with media sharing while my appliances combine to the extended network and the media

content is connected to the original network?

Of course yes, the Securifi wireless router works with media sharing while my appliances combine with the extended network. Moreover, the media content is connected to the original network.

Is the Securifi WiFi range extender good to use with the amazon fire stick?

Yes, the Securifi WiFi range extender is good for using with the amazon fire stick. You are only allowing it to connect it with the fire stick through the settings section.

How many simultaneous wireless connections does the Securifi router support?

The Securifi Almond supports more than a simultaneous wireless connection.

When the Securifi wireless router is a Wi-Fi router how many devices can connect at one time?

You can use the Securifi Almond WiFi router as a router after this device router configuration. Can choose a city like Securifi Almond Uk, etc through the region and using its touchscreen go under the setup wizard menu and replace its settings. You can connect with this router more than the appliances of your home.

Why do we need to buy the Securifi Wireless router?

If your previous internet router gives slow internet and does not cover dead zones or does not provide a securable internet connection. Then, you can buy the ‎Securifi ‎AL3-WHT-US Almond 3 wireless router for taking the higher-speed internet connection with proper security.

How to operate the Almond Securifi google home voice command?

The Securifi Almond sensor allows it to operate with the almond Securifi by google home. You can use this touchscreen wireless router Homescreen router app to work this router with voice commands easily.