Soxmuc 5G WiFi Extender

The Soxmuc 5G WiFi Extender has the latest up-to-date technology of AX1800 WiFi 6. Along with that, it provides a speed of 1800 Mbps which also can support a 5G network. Additionally, it has a highly constructive dual-core processor and extra gadgets as well. In case, the exciting router is out of warranty then you can also use other gadgets that can be run at excessive efficiency and a steady pace concurrently. Besides, it can do that work which other wifi 5 extenders can’t do alone. It increases more than 60% of speed as compared to others.

Moreover, it can cover around 3000 square feet of the area precisely with its turbo speed. Besides, the Soxmuc wifi extender provides you with a strong signal extension that seamlessly covers the vast area with a sturdy signal extension. Additionally, it provides both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz network coverage. With 2.4 GHz you get 576 of high coverage which is more than 300 Mbps. Also, the 5 GHz provides 1201 Mbps which is way faster and higher than 867 Mbps.

Soxmuc 5G WiFi Extender Features

If you have Soxmuc 5G range extender in your home, then you can access it from any corner of your house. In other words, it helps to banish the dead black spots that create nuisance or interruption in your network signal. Thus, you will get a smooth wifi connection all over the house without any hassle. Without any trouble, you can extend the wifi across your home, if your signal gets weak then the Soxmux extender will help to boost it. Moreover, it has a lot of excellent features that make the product unique from others. Check the underneath points.

  • Soxmuc is a wifi 6 ax1800 dual-band extender that means it is compatible with all kinds of mediocre routers and wifi 6 routers as well.
  • It helps to boost up the wifi signal of your existing routers and helps to kill the dead spots so that you receive seamless internet connectivity.
  • It also has double WPS buttons; 2.4 G or 5 G WPS buttons. You can select any of them according to your requirement. 2.4 G connection is used to cover long-distance extensions and 5G network is used to get high performance of the internet signal.
  • In addition, it also has 2 x 2 MU-MIMO and OFDMA technology. It is a part of the latest generation features. In other words, it offers transmission with thirty-eight wireless terminals at the same time.
  • You can connect 128 wireless devices to the Soxmux range extender simultaneously.
  • Along with that, it has high gain antennas that are super reliable, effortlessly cover the long-distance through outdoors and indoors areas, and kill multiple dead spots.

So these are the advanced features of the 5G Wireless Extender. By reading its characteristics you will become more familiar with the device.

Soxmuc 5G WiFi Extender Installation

To install the Soxmuc range extender, you need to install it first and check whether you get all its major components to set up or not.

Firstly unpack the Soxmuc range extender. The packing will contain the extender only.
After that, understand the working of the LED on the 5G range extender by the given points.

  • When the power LED is solid amber, the extender is booting up, and when the power LED is solid then it indicates that it is powered on. When there is no LED, it means the device is off.
  • The router Link LED indicates the connection between the router and the extender. When the router link LED is solid green, it indicates the best connection between them. The solid amber LED will indicate a good connection. When there will be a solid red LED, it means it is a poor connection.
  • The client link LED will indicate the connection between the extender and wifi-enabled devices such as a computer or a mobile device. The LED of the client Link will indicate the same signal direction as for the router link LED.
  • The blinking green of a WPS LED indicates that the connection is being established. When there is solid green, it means that it is connected to the wifi network of the router successfully. Also, the extender has been set up with wifi security.
  • When the extender network is set up without security, it happens when the WPS LED is off.

To complete the Soxmuc 5G WiFi Extender setup and the installation, you need to complete the requirements of the system first and that is;

  • It requires a 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz wireless gateway or a router.
  • Also, make sure that it is compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox 2.0, or higher Safari 5.1 or higher, Google Chrome 25.0 or higher.

After completing all the system requirements, now you need to install it into an optimum location and for that, you need to apply the power and establish a secure connection.

  • During the initial setup process of the 5G extender, make sure to place the mediocre router and the extender into the same place and same room.
  • After that, plug the Soxmuc extender into a wall outlet.
  • Therefore, you need to wait until the power LED turns to light solid green.

This is how to use Soxmuc 5G WiFi Extender. When all the requirements related to the 5G extender installation have been completed then you can move to the setup process of the extender.

Soxmuc 5G WiFi Extender Quick Setup

After the manual installation of the Soxmuc wireless range extender, now you need to set up the settings of the device. For that, obey the underneath Soxmuc 5G WiFi Extender instructions.

  • The setup of the Soxmuc extender begins with its unboxing.
  • Therefore, plug the Soxmuc 5G extender into a wall outlet.
  • Afterward, set up a WPS connection between the 5G range extender and your home router. You need to push the WPS button on the router and then press the WPS button on the extender.
  • After doing so, place the extender and the router is less than a one-meter distance.
  • To make the WPS button process easier, press both devices’ buttons in three minutes of the allotted time.
  • After waiting for three minutes, the router’s LED will start illuminating in a circular motion for more than two seconds.
  • Thus, it indicates a successful connection when it is paired to a WPS connection.

This is how to connect Soxmuc 5G WiFi Extender to a WPS connection. If you want to get the setup in detail then take a quick tour of your Soxmuc 5G WiFi Extender user manual pdf.

Soxmuc 5G WiFi Extender Login

When you want to extend the network of Soxmuc network then you need to complete the login procedure.

  • In this process, you need to use a wifi network manager on your clients such as a PC or a Soxmuc 5G WiFi Extender app.
  • Find the network name and then connect to ‘Soxmux_ext’. It is the SSID (network name) of the device.
  • Make sure that the data of the mobile is completely disabled, it should be connected over a wifi network if you are logging in via an app.
  • After that, generate a Soxmuc 5G WiFi Extender default password for the management interface.
  • Once the connection is established with the interface, the setup page will automatically pop up.
  • In case, the setup page doesn’t pop up then open the internet and enter Soxmuc 5G WiFi Extender IP address
  • In the Soxmuc 5G WiFi Extender password field, type the p[assword that you want to use into the management interface.
  • Lastly, select the wifi network that you want to extend with your Soxmuc extender.

Refer to the Soxmuc 5G WiFi Extender quick setup guide for more information about the setup and the login.

Soxmuc 5G WiFi Extender Troubleshooting guide

Here is the troubleshooting guide for those users who are interrupted by the wrong networking connections or get stuck into any usual problem. Then you can try the underneath mentioned suggestions with your wifi 6 range extender.

How to get the Soxmuc 5G WiFi Extender latest update?

You are already familiar with the quality of the product. As you know some models have numerous hardware versions. So first of all check the versions of your hardware. This is important because if you download the wrong firmware upgrade then it may damage the hardware of the device.

  • First of all, you need to install the latest version of your device. For that, you need to unzip the tools such as WinRAR or WinZIP and save them to their actual firmware folder.
  • After that, log in to the Soxmux web management interface.
  • It is recommended to back up the current Soxmuc 5G WiFi Extender settings because the newly installed firmware might clean all the existing settings of the extender.
  • Thus, click on the System > Tools > Backup and then save the settings to their actual or current location.
  • Afterward, click on the system tools and then click on the firmware upgrade.
  • Therefore, tap on the browse button and select the firmware file.
  • Also, tap on the firmware upgrade button and the device will start rebooting. You need to wait until it finishes its installation process. It might take only two minutes.
  • Now check if the firmware has been upgraded perfectly.

So these steps will help you to complete the Soxmuc 5G WiFi Extender firmware update.

Why is Soxmuc 5G WiFi Extender not working?

  • You need to locate the 5G extender near the main router during its initial setup.
  • Therefore, confirm that the extender’s 5GHz networking transmission rate is working fine and available on other wireless-enabled devices.
  • In case the extender and the router use the same SSID (network name) then please change them immediately to exclude the error.
  • You can also change the wireless channel of the main router to set it into the 5 GHz network connection.

If the above steps won’t help you out then you can also try the Soxmuc 5G WiFi Extender update.

Why is Soxmuc 5G WiFi Extender not connecting?

It is not a considerable issue as it is very normal when the Soxmuc 5G WiFi Extender keeps disconnecting with very minor issues. With the internet connection, who needs an extender? So make sure that the Soxmux is properly connected to the internet connection. If it fails to make a connection then you can follow the below-mentioned idea for manual guidance.

  • First of all, you need to understand the wireless bands. If the extender is not working on a 5 GHz band then it is recommended to change the wireless channel or wireless band of the router.
  • If the above doesn’t work then you have to understand that the router must support the wireless channel. Before you do anything, you need to check the settings of the wireless channel. In case, it does not support the 5GHz band then it won’t work with this channel.
  • Perhaps, there are chances that you have used the wrong password. If this is the actual reason then you need to change the password in this case. You can also reboot the extender to optimize its performance.
  • Also, you can Soxmuc 5G WiFi Extender driver download. Well, it can also influence the performance and the speed of the network. If the wireless network is of an old version that’s why it can adversely impact the wireless connection. In order to fix this error, you need to check the wireless driver and make sure that you have the current version. It will be best to reboot the extender to streamline its best performance.

What are the steps for the Soxmuc 5G WiFi Extender reset?

To reset the Soxmuc range extender, try the steps that are discussed below:

  • Primarily, you need to locate the reset button on your Soxmuc range extender.
  • By using any sharp object such as a paper pin or a safety pin, push or press the reset button for 10 – 15 seconds.
  • This will help to reset the Soxmuc wifi repeater.
  • You can also reset the extender via Soxmuc 5G WiFi Extender configuration method.
  • In this method, you need to use the computer or a laptop to connect the extender by using an RJ45 cable or wirelessly.

These are the queries of the users that they face while setting up the Soxmuc 5G repeater. If you face any of the above-mentioned queries then read them carefully to resolve the issue. If you are battling with any different problem which is not discussed here then you can refer to the Soxmuc 5G WiFi Extender user manual.

Soxmuc 5G WiFi Extender review

The Soxmuc wifi extender brings 1.8 Gbps of high speed to your home. So that you can conveniently access the internet facility. It can seamlessly cover 2200 square feet of area in a jiff. Moreover, you can connect multiple devices simultaneously with the 5G range extender. Along with its high-tech features, you will get a lot of information in Soxmuc 5G WiFi Extender user guide. Also, the user says, it can be easily connected to the computer by accessing the web page. The steps to create the password are also very easy. You can also choose the wifi connection to enter the password. I bought this product by checking the Soxmuc 5G WiFi Extender specifications on an online shopping site. If you are also looking for a great 5G repeater with excellent features then this will be the right option for your home as well for the office.