The Vsvabefv 4G LTE is a wireless single-band 300 Mbps unlocked router. It delivers a wireless network of up to 300 Mbps. this 4G LTE router can access the internet connectivity through UMTS/HSPA/LTE. The Vsvabefv 4G router is very suitable for small office and home use. It usually supports 4G LTE FDD that delivers blazing network transmission speed. This wifi router has 4 high-performance antennas, this antenna is non-detachable and delivers ultimate wifi network coverage in the entire home. The Vsvabefv 4G LTE router has equipped 1 ethernet LAN port and one WAN port that provided the facility to make the wired connection.

The Vsvanefv unlocked wireless mobile wifi hotspot router is quick to operate and insert a 4G SIM card. The SIM card slot is the router’s backside. It provides a download networking speed of up to 150 Mbps and the upload speed of this wifi router is up to 50 Mbps. along with this, it delivers a transmission network speed of up to 300 Mbps.

The 4G LTE wifi router delivers ultimate wi-fi network coverage in the entire home. With this ultimate coverage, you seamlessly roaming throughout the home. The LED indicator display. With these indicators, you find out the optimum location.

Key Features of the VSVABEFV 4G LTE Router

The Vsvabefv wireless single-band router delivers a reliable and flexible network. You can seamlessly enjoy music, gaming consoled, and more entertainment. This wireless 4G LTE router has many networking features, which are as follows.

  • The transmission speed of up to 300 Mbps: The transmission speed of the Vsvabefv mobile hotspot router is up to 300 Mbps.
  • The 300 Mbps wireless network speed is ideal for gaming, music, and entertainment. This speed allows you to enjoy more without any network interference.
  • Provided 2.4 GHz radio frequency: The 4G LTE wireless mobile hotspot router concurrent 2.4 GHz band. This band is ideal for border and long-lasting network coverage. But this band delivers only 300 Mbps wireless network speed with up to 3,000 square feet.
  • External 4 not-detachable antennas: The Vsvabefv wireless 300 Mbps router has equipped with four not-detachable external antennas. This antenna is absolutely beneficial for improving the interrupted and weak signal. The external antennas quickly improve the weak signal.
  • Smart LED indicators Display: The smart LED indicator is there on the front side of the 4G LTE router. There are many LEDs indicators such as LAN, WAN, WiFi, Data, Net, Power, WPS.
  • Eliminates wifi dead zones: The Vsvabefv 4G mobile hotspot wireless router extremely eliminates the wifi dead zone and creates the new powerful wireless network.

Decide the position of your VSVABEFV 4G LTE Router

After starting the installation process of the 4G LTE wireless 300 Mbps router you can first decide the location of your router. If you do not decide the right place then you will not get a stable and better Wi-Fi network.

  • For best and stable wi-fi performance, you can not locate the 4G LTE wifi router in the place where it will be exhibited to extreme heat.
  • Keep away the 4G router from the water and electromagnetic radiation sources.
  • You can place the 4G LTE mobile hotspot router in a location such as a place where many networking devices can be connected to it.
  • Keep your mobile hotspot router in such a place where it will get a strong and stable internet connection.
  • The best location of the mobile hotspot router is the centralized location of your home.

Installation Steps of the VSVABEFV 4G LTE Router

The 4G LTE wireless mobile hotspot router actually delivers the ultimate wi-fi network. The wireless network coverage is up to 3,000 sq. ft. If you also want to enjoy WiFi network and network coverage with this router, then you have to first unbox and install it. The Vsvabefv 4G router installation guide is there.

  • After completing the position steps, you can take the 4g LTE router box and then use some components like a knife, scissors, and others. Then, unbox the mobile hotspot router.
  • Now, monitor the accessories of the mobile hotspot router. There are many accessories such as Ethernet cable, mobile hotspot router, SIM card, USB cable, quick installation guide, and power adapter or cable.
  • Then you have to install the SIM in order to get the Wi-Fi network from your router. You can locate the SIM card slot, this slot is the backside. Utilize a 4G LTE SIM card and then put it into the SIM card slot.
  • Now, give the power to the Vsvabfv wireless router, for this, you use a power adapter and power cable. Attach the power cable to the DC port of the 4G LTE and the power adapter to the power source.
  • Then, push the power ON/OFF button to turn ON the 4G LTE wireless router.
  • Afterwards, connect your computer/laptop/extender/mobile phone and other networking to the router with an SSID and password.

Now, the Vsvaefv 4G router installation process is surely complete. Then, you enjoy a wireless network throughout the home and get access to the login page.

Login steps of the Vsvabefv 4G LTE wireless mobile hotspot router

The Vsvabefv wifi router has a default IP address. This address is absolutely helpful to log in to the account and get the setup page. In the given below, there are login steps with the default IP address.

  • You can launch an internet browser on your computer/laptop. But this computer/laptop is network connected.
  • Then, find out the default IP on this wifi router. The Vsvabefv 4G router default IP is
  • You can enter this default IP address on the internet browser.
  • After that, the login page is pop-up on your computer/laptop screen.
  • You can locate the Vsvabefv router default password in the wifi router manual.
  • After locating the password, you can enter it in the 4G LTE router login password field.
  • After inputting all the information, you can click the option Login.

Thus, the steps of the Vsvabefv 4G LTE router login are entirely done.

Manual of the Vsvabefv 4G LTE router

The Vsvabefv Wireless mobile hotspot router delivers a network speed of up to 300 Mbps. with the 300 Mbps network speed, you seamlessly enjoy the wireless coverage. If you want to seamlessly enjoy gaming and music then you can check all the features of this 4G LTE router. If you also think about how to reset 4G router, how to configure 4G LTE router and others. For this, you use Vsvabefv 4G router manual. Because this manual is absolutely beneficial and all the information is there such as wireless network communication standard is 2.4 GHz Radio Frequency; the number of the port is 2(1 LAN port and 1 WAN); the data transmission rate is up to 300 Mbps; 2 networking mode like wired and SIM card, the Vsvabefv 4G router model number is CPE812; the connectivity technology is wifi or ethernet, three-button like power ON/OFF, reset and WPS; and other information.

Setup steps of the Vsvabefv 4G LTE router via the

The setup of the Vsvabefv wireless mobile hotspot router is necessary, without setup it does not deliver better and reliable wifi network coverage. The Vsvabefv 4G router setup is secure with There are some setup steps given below.

  • You can use the power ON/OFF button to turn ON the 4G LTE wifi router.
  • Now, get the 4G LTE login page with the mentioned above steps. I already briefly explained the login steps.
  • Then, click the setup option on the homepage of the wireless mobile hotspot router.
  • On the wireless setting page, you can see many options such as radio frequency, security encryption, internet connection, channel bandwidth, and more.
  • You can input the wireless network name and wireless password in the provided field.
  • You can enable the radio frequency of your choice, there are two radio bands 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.
  • Then, allow the wireless security encryption to protect the 4G LTE router.
  • Select the PPPoE, dynamic internet connection, and also select the channel bandwidth.

Finally, the Vsvaefv 4G router settings are successfully done. Now, you can enjoy web surfing without any buffering and weak signals.

Troubleshooting steps of the Vsvabefv 4G LTE router

Many times the Vsvabefv 4G LTE wireless mobile hotspot router created various problems such as wireless router not signal, not connecting, no internet, does not deliver steady connection, and not working. Then the various Vsvabefv 4G router troubleshooting tips for this, with these steps the problem is quickly resolved.

  • The Vsvabefv 4G router not signal, then you should confirm the SIM card is properly installed into the SIM card slot. Maybe the data plan is expired and you can renew your data plan.
  • The Vsvabefv 4G router not connecting to the modem then you should monitor the Ethernet cable is correctly attached to the LAN port. Maybe the fault with your ethernet cable is improper or bad, then you should buy a new ethernet cable.
  • If the LED light flashing red that means the issue. You should monitor the issue, maybe your router does not properly connect to the internet modem. You should keep the router away from the heating source.
  • The Vsvabefv 4G router no internet then you can check the connection. The internet modem is correctly connected to the 4G LTE wifi router.
  • You can also use the reset button and then do Vsvabefv 4G router reset. After that, all the networking and any problems related to the 4G LTE router are solved.

Review of the Vsvabefv 4G LTE wireless mobile hotspot router

In my scenario, the Vsvabefv 4G router review is, the 4G LTE router is an amazing and reliable wireless router. This router is compatible with all wireless and wired networking devices. It delivers extremely reliable coverage with 300 Mbps speed. The Vsvabefv 4G LTE wifi router is usually used in smart mobile phones. But you use this router for all the networking devices. The design of the 4G LTE mobile hotspot router is amazing, the three not–detachable antennas have built-in. This antenna is the most strong and powerful that quickly recovers the interrupted signal. The Vsvabefv 4G router configuration is trouble-free with The Vsvabefv 4G LTE router is an absolutely better and reliable network for mobile networks.


How can I modify my router’s login admin password?

To modify the router’s login admin password, you can use and then visit the setting page. Then, there are many options where you can choose the option password. Afterwards, generate a new unique password.

What should I do if my Vsvabefv 4G router does not deliver a signal?

If the Vsvabefv mobile hotspot router does not deliver the signal then the data pack is expired. You can renew your data pack. Maybe the SIM card is not properly installed in the SIM card slot. You can again install the SIM card.

How do I manually solve my Vsvabefv router not connecting to the internet?

Yes of course, you can solve the not connecting problem. For this, you can use the power ON/OFF button and then turn OFF the router for 1-2 minutes. Then again power ON and verify the internet connection.

Does the Vsvabefv 4G LTE router work with any networking device?

Yes, the Vsvabefv 4G wireless router works with any wired and wireless network device. If you want to connect the wired device then use the LAN port and otherwise, use the wi-fi option.

How do I reset the Vsvabefv 4G router?

The reset button is there on the 4G LTE router. This button is absolutely useful to do Vsvabefv 4G router reset. But this button is very small, you can use a paperclip and then press the pin to the reset button.

Does the Vsvabefv 4G router is compatible with the wifi range extender?

Yes, the Vsvabefv 4G wifi router is compatible with the wireless range extender. This router has a WPS button. With this button, the range extender is quickly connected to the Vsvabefv 4G LTE router.