Waste King L-111 Garbage

The Waste King L-111 Garbage Disposal is used to remove the food waste from the silk. This device converts the food waste into small pieces to move them outside from home through the pipe. This disposal works with the high-power motor to tackle the hard waste food. The waste king disposal provides you an impressive grind of the waste. This device clears your food waste from the sink. For the installation of this device, any electrical work is required. The waste king disposal is mostly used in homes, restaurants, and hotels, etc. The internal material of this device is made with galvanized steel. This device is fixed under the sink and you need to attach this disposal to the outside pipe. The ⅓ HP and 1900 RPM motor is fitted in this device.

To use this device, you need to plug, fix it into the sink and attach it to the pipe. The power cord is given with the device in the packaging box and there is no requirement of any electric wire.

Features of the Waste King L-111 Garbage disposal

To commence with, There are multifarious features of food waste garbage disposal.

Continuously work

You can feed continuously thus, this device is working perfectly. For the work, you need to turn ON the disposal from the power outlet and it starts mixing the food waste.

High power motor

The internal material and also the motor is made with steel. 1/3 is the horsepower and 1900 RPM of the device. That helps to reduce the issue of food James.

Simple to use

The waste king garbage disposal is simple to use and install the device. It is easy to remove and fix this disposal with the water sink. All the information about this device is available in the envelope and the envelope is given in the packaging box with the disposal.

Warranty and lightweight

This is a small device and the weight of this device is 7.5 pounds. The company gives the 2-year protection of the food waste disposal.

No need for expert

Any electric expert is not required to fix this device. You just need to plug and no electric work is required to attach and use this.

These are incredible characteristics of waste food garbage disposal.

Safety instruction of the Waste King L-111 Garbage Device

To start with, These are the crucial safety instructions of food waste garbage disposal.

  • First, read the information and all guidelines from the google manual and envelope of the garbage disposal.
  • Close the door after using the disposal when the children near this. So, prevent any type of injury.
  • Do not figure or hand into waste disposal.
  • When the waste is jammed, use the spoon or rick.
  • Do not put the ring, iron, aluminum, plastic, and other metal things in the sink while running the device.
  • When you are not using the device. So, put the stopper on for safety.

Follow these instructions for our and others’ safety.

Steps to install the Waste King L-111 Garbage disposal

To begin with, these are the ways of waste king garbage disposal installation and follow the steps point to point with the concentration which is given in the underlines.

  • First, unpack the disposal from the packing and check the things which are given with the device.
  • Read all information from the envelope and manual.
  • Next, take the disposal and rotate the disposal upper ring clockwise and remove the ring from the disposal mount
  • Remove the mounting ring from the top sink flange. Remove the cushion ring and mount ring.
  • Then, unscrew the fiber ring from the sink flange and put the rubber gasket in that place.
  • Put the sink flange into the sinkhole with the rubber gasket and do not remove it after fixing. You can use the plumber sealant in the place of the rubber gasket and if you use the plumber sealant and when you insert the sink flange. So, you need to press the flange very hard for the perfect fixing.
  • After that, in the underside of the sink place the fiber gasket and then, screw support ring for no leakage of water.
  • Mount Ring

    Next, place the mount ring and cushion ring on the sink flange and hole it with the hand.

  • Then, palace all right of disposal on the sink flange and fix this with the screw.
  • Take the L pipe and place the rubber gasket and flange tighten two screws. insert this pipe in the big hole and fix it with the screws.
  • Put the entire plug into the dishwasher inlet or upper hole. Knock it with a small wooden and steel hammer. Do not use the screwdriver or PIn for fixing the plug.
  • Then, fix the disposal to the sink.
  • Take and attach to the mount and rotate it clockwise for hanging the device. Turn the disposal with the power to fix and you can use the hammer for tight fixing.
  • Then, reconnect the discharge pipe to the outside pipe for transferring the waste outside with the water.
  • After that, attach the electric plug to the disposal and then, tighten the plug to rotate the screw with the screwdriver.
  • Plug the device into the working power switch and then turn ON the disposal.
  • For the verification, the device works perfectly or not. So, put the water into the sink.
  • After that, turn ON the device. Check there is no leakage or working well.

Thus, the installation is completed and enjoyable. These are the steps to operate the device professionally.

Waste King L-111 Garbage Disposal Manual

To trigger with, In this manual, I discussed the consumer’s questions related to the garbage disposal. What is the weight of the disposal? Are the blades made with stainless steel? What is the weight of this disposal? My device produces sound while working. What can I do? Can I use this continuously? What is the HP of waste king disposal? Is it a noisy device? How many years of warranty of this device? Does it work with 220volt? Is it important to knock the dishwasher? Is the body of the disposal made with plastic? Can I use this device anywhere instead of the sink? If any information is not available in this manual. So, you can take more instruction from here waste king 111 manual. Next, I will talk about the operating instructions of the disposal.

Operating Instruction of The Garbage Disposal

To begin with, follow these instructions which are given in the below lines.

  • Check the sink that is empty before starting the device and dishwasher.
  • You can leave the stopper in the sink to stop when you are not using it.
  • Do not put the plastic, wood, iron, aluminum, or metal thing because these things damage the disposal.
  • Remove the stopper when the disposal motor is rotating at high speed.
  • After turning OFF the device, leave the water into the sink because it is running 15-20 seconds from the disposal blades and pipe.
  • Do not put on the hot water while running the garbage disposal device.

These are the tips of the operating instruction of the garbage disposal device.

Troubleshooting steps of the Waste King L-111 Garbage disposal

To begin with, I will talk about the solutions to the problems related to the food waste device. Follow the steps line by line, do not leave any steps because the whole process would be halved.

My device is creating noise. What can I do?

If your device produces noise and the main cause of this is a spoon, ring, plastic, bottle cap, and other is in the disposal. It also created the problem of waste king 111 garbage disposal jammed. To stop creating any noise, plugged out the switch from the electric outlet. After stopping the device, remove the object from the hole disposal. But do not put a hand or finger in the disposal.

The device does not start. What should I do?

If you want to solve this issue. So, first, unplug the device from the electric outlet. Then, remove the stopper from the disposal. To check the turntable rotate freely, so, enter the wooden spoon in the disposal and try to rotate the turntable. If it is moved freely. So, locate the reset button on the device. The reset button is given on the opposite side of the elbow near the bottom. The reset button is a red color button. after the press. The waste king 111 reset button is not tripped. so, check the power cord or any wire in the device that is damaged or not. You need to also check the power switch, fuse box. To solve this problem you need to replace or service the garbage disposal.

Check the leakage of your device

There are lots of reasons for the leakage of water from the waste king’s garbage disposal device. The first is unperfectly fitting of the sink flange, the cushion mount is not installed properly, the mount screws are lost, the elbow is like a pipe and the screws are not tightened. to solve this problem read the manual and guidelines of the device and install your device again. if the leaks are in the internal area of the device. Thus, you need to contact the customer care number, or service and replace your device.

These are the waste king 111 troubleshooting steps of your problems.

Waste King L-111 Garbage Disposal Review

In my opinion, the waste king garbage disposal reviews. People use this device to move the food waste from the sink to the outside. This device converts big pieces of food into small pieces and then transfers that waste outside through the outside pipe. Last month, my uncle purchased this device from amazon. Last Monday, I visited my uncle’s house. I saw this device packaging box in the store.

Then, I asked my uncle about this device from the router. I saw this device in the kitchen while working. I cleaned all the waste from the sink with the water. After some hours, I went back to my and I also saw the ranking of this device on Amazon and other websites. Thus, according to my point of view, this is an excellent waste king device. I advised this device to many friends.
These are the waste king 111 troubleshooting

L-111 garbage disposal features:

The L-111 device features are simple to use, warranty, and lightweight, no need for expert, continuous work, high power motor.

The waste food garbage disposal design:

The design of the device is nice. all device materials and internal things in the device are made with steel. The device is very safe because it is fully covered from the outside.

Waste food L-111 device dimensions:

The product dimensions of the L-111 disposal are 5.25 x 5.25 x 12.75 inches.

The specifications of the waste food garbage disposal:

The garbage disposal is available in Limited Edition colors. 7.5 pounds is the item weight. The amazon standard identification number is B0014X96YS. L-111 is the model number, the waste king is the manufacturer, and the company gives a 2 years warranty. The first time this device was available was on 14 September 2004.

The waste food L-111 device price:

The approximate disposal device’s latest price is $84.87.


What is the HP of the L-111 device?

The horsepower of the device is 1/3HP.

My device produces sound while working. What can I do?

If your device produces the sound. So, you can take solutions from envelope pages or you can also contact the service provider to take information like this waste king 111 won’t turn on.

Can I use this continuously?

Yes, you can use it continuously.

Is it a noisy device?

No, this device does not create any noise.

What is the weight of this disposal?

7.5 pounds is the item weight.

Can I use this device anywhere instead of the sink?

No, you can use this only under the sink.

Is the body of the disposal made with plastic?

No, the body of the L-111 is made with steel.

Are the blades made with stainless steel?

Yes, the blades of L-111 disposal are made with steel to make small pieces of waste.

Does it work with 220volt?


Is it important to knock the dishwasher?

Yes, it is important to knock the dishwasher for tight fixing.

How many years of warranty of this device?

The company of the Waste King L-111 Garbage offers a 2 years warranty.