Wiwafifa WiFi Extender

The Wiwafifa WiFi extender is a gadget that delivers an easy and inexpensive solution to extend the internet range to 3000 square feet, delivering hard-to-reach areas. Do IP camera streaming at 1080p, 4K video streaming on desktops, and experience ultra blaze downloading speed with the booster. It is featured with a 2.4 GHz 300 MBps band for distant transmission, brisk WiFi connection for your video conferencing and to operate smart speakers, and a doorbell system.
To get a firm WiFi connection, join your smart device using a coaxial cord. It is congruent with the WiFi box having 802.11n/b/g WiFi communication standards. US-based security encryption assures network safety and gives protection from others to steal your net. Some specs and features of the Wiwafifa wireless range extender.

Wiwafifa WiFi Booster Features and Specs

  • Boosts Gaming Experience- This booster proffers you a blazing gaming experience with no drop WiFi coverage up to 3000 square feet supplying a brisk speed of 300 MBps.
  • Wide Compatibility- It basically functions with 99 percent of the WiFi box(router) supplying internet to gaming consoles, Smart TVs, doorbell systems, etc.
  • Easy Setup- The WPS button on the booster proffers to do one push-button setup within half a minute. You can consider the detailed setup info below.

Detailed Guide for Wiwafifa extender Setup

Take out the essential accessories including the booster from the unit box and put it into a sheltered place. Read the Wiwafifa WiFi extender manual for safety precautions. Afterward, you are adequate to run the setup operation. Before proceeding to set up, find the electric receptacle next to the WiFi box.

Wiwafifa WiFi Range extender Web browser setup

You have two choices whether to set up your repeater with the WPS method or web browser method. Here both are demonstrated in a meticulous way. First, review the most favored and trustworthy, web browser method.

  • Put your extender to the surge protector or electric receptacle beside the WiFi box. Wait for some period to lit up the PWR LED light. Stay calm until the PWR light gets steady.
  • Switch to your desktop or cell phone WLAN settings and explore the Wiwafifa_XXXX network name. The XXXX on the network name may be an alphabet or numeric and may vary.
  • Tap or click to join the booster network with your desktop or cell phone. The network is open. It will forward you to the Wiwafifa WiFi extender login page.
  • If the login page is not open by itself, then do it manually. To do that, launch your desktop or cell phone search portal(browser) and enroll in the Wiwafifa WiFi extender default IP address. Inspect the repeater label on the bottom to see the IP address. Go to your WiFi network connection settings on the desktop control panel and then click on the details to see the IP address.
  • The login page reveals. Pick up the language and typewrite the Wiwafifa WiFi extender default password.
  • Click the login tab and pick the repeater mode option to set up the device as an extender. Now, determine the prevailing network you wish to repeat in the dead zone. Typewrite your WiFi box network security key and go after the simple and straightforward screen info to accomplish the setup. Once the setup completes, it manifests as Setup Completed. Now, review the steps to configure your repeater with a WPS button.

Wiwafifa WiFi Repeater setup(WPS)

It is a brisk method to set up your repeater. The plug and play device proffers you to accomplish the setup within half a minute. To do the WPS setup, obey the given info.

  • Apply electric current to your extender by putting it into the surge protector or electric receptacle beside the WiFi box.
  • Wait for some time to light up the PWR LED light. Stay quiet until the PWR light gets stable.
  • Apply a little push on the WPS button on your WiFi box. After staying for a while, thumb the WPS button on the booster as well.
  • The booster syncs automatically with your WiFi box. Next, follow the info as stated above. Once completed, the extender initiates repeating the network range. Relocate your repeater viewing the extender signal blinker once the setup operation is ended. Still facing an issue even after ending the setup exquisitely, consider the below solutions.

Wiwafifa WiFi extender Troubleshooting

Wiwafifa extender not connecting to WiFi? –

Inspect the WiFi box and repeater distance. The space between both your WiFi box and repeater must be inbetween 4 to 10 meters. Putting both devices at that distance will supply you with an undisturbed and brisk internet connection experience. If you can’t discover the booster spot still, then see the extender directional signal blinker on the very left flank. The red blinker on the extender signal will signify that the repeater is too close or too far. Only the green light on the extender signal is acceptable.

Wiwafifa WiFi extender not working?

Before checking the extender, inspect the physical connections of your WiFi box(router) and probe that it is functioning exquisitely. Once all is good with a router, observe that the repeater is getting an electric current. Monitor it by PWR LED light. Restart your booster by shutting it off from the electric receptacle and putting it on one more time.
Check the Wiwafifa WiFi extender firmware by logging in. If available, update it as soon as possible. If not any of the tips work as described above, try the last and most used troubleshooting trick, which is the reset. To reset your repeater, go after these steps.
Alert: Resetting the extender will swap all your custom-made settings to the factory one.

  • Clasp your booster and apply a little force on the reset button for 5 to 7 seconds.
  • If you are encountering trouble while pushing the reset button, use a sharp object like a needle and inject it into the Wiwafifa WiFi extender reset hole for 5 to 7 seconds.
  • The booster PWR light will glow and initiate illuminating.
  • Stay for a while to stabilize the PWR light. When the light gets solid, the extender resets.

Wiwafifa WiFi Booster Review

This extender looks identical to the prevailing one I bought. My router is not able to repeat the signal. The prevailing extender is repeating the signal in one direction, so I bought this one to repeat the signal in the other direction of a dead zone. It assumes barely a minute to install. For 4 weeks, it is functioning well and has not faced a single issue till now. The booster WiFi network experience in the dead zone is awesome. Overall, it is a pleasing repeater and is highly suggested for the one who is looking to repeat the signal at a reasonable price.