Devolo Wifi Repeater ac setup, review

Devolo Wifi ac repeater provides instant wifi AC speed internet for browsing. This 1200 Mbps repeater acts a wifi range extender. Who doesn’t want a secure, safe, fast wifi connection? Do you also felt annoyed by the constant connection interruption? With this amazing product, you can now enjoy high-speed surfing and game streaming. It also acts as an external access point allowing you to build a new WLAN network too. Installing Devolo WLAN is a piece of cake too. It comes with a wifi extender and 5 level signal strength. This repeater has a compact design and works well with all devices including smartphones, tablets, and computers. It can work as a WLAN and also has a 1.1-gigabit range.

Features of Devolo WLAN ac repeater

Amplify wifi router signal-

This repeater increase the strength and area covered by a wifi router by amplifying the signals. The router receives the signal and processes it, sends the output as an amplified signal, thus increasing the original range to a much more large area. It is WLAN but has no DLAN. This router can extend your WLAN range by up to 1.2 Gigabit.

High device compatibility –

It can work well with tablets, smartphones, and computers. This router has a built-in Gigabit Ethernet LAN port for smart TB, pc, game consoles, and streaming systems.

Works an external access point –

Devolo wifi router ac can also work as an external access point. In order to use it as an external device, just connect to it the main supply at a position having optimum distance from the focused location and, then it is ready to use.

Secured safety –

This repeater has an integrated secure WPS system and works with well compatible routers and increase their performance and strength substantially. The WPA 2 encryption offers maximum security and increases strength all the time.

Increases surfing speed –

Devolo wifi repeater allows the users to experience an overall better surfing experience by increasing the speed and strength of your wifi connection. It can be even used without any reception in any corner of a small house. Customers can also easily build a new WLAN network, in turn increasing more efficiency as this device can also be used as an external set up point.

Easy to set -up –

Setting up Devolo wifi repeater ac takes only a few minutes. The repeater basically needs to fix at a proper distance from the place where it is desired to be used.

Works with all operating systems –

It is compatible with windows 7, from Mac OS×10.6, from Ubuntu -Linux 14.04

How to setup Devolo wifi repeater ac?

Setting up wifi- repeater ac is a cakewalk. It takes a little previous knowledge to set it up or you can use the user manual guide which comes with the product. Before installing, you need to find a good, optimum spot between the wifi router and the room where the wifi is to be used in order to place and install the wifi repeater.
First of all, plug in the wifi repeater to a power outlet.
Then, connect it to an existing wi-fi network. The router will take the signals, process it, and amplify the signal. It works similar to like an amplifier. In fact, it is an amplifier for the router or the wifi system.
Then, it is ready to use at the touch of a button.

Setting up Devolo wifi booster ac using Devolo app.

  • First of all, download the Devolo home network app on your iOS or an Android device.
  • Then, open the menu bar in the app.
  • Afterward, start following the procedure step-by-step as mentioned in the manual
  • If led lights turn steady white, it means that the Devolo wifi repeater is now ready to operate.
  • Setting up Devolo wifi repeater using the browser.
  • You will need a device, i.e., a laptop or smartphone to set up Devolo using a browser.
  • Go to the web address mentioned in the manual.
  • Go to the menu bar.
  • This router has two operating modes, repeater mode, and external access point.
  • Select which mode to use.
Using as a repeater.
  • From the two modes in the menu, select install as a repeater.
  • Then, the device will automatically search a wifi network nearby.
  • Search and select your network.
  • Then, enter the password.
  • Your repeater is now set, configure it, and operate.
Using as an external access point.
  • In order to use as an external point, directly connect the device to the router.
  • Press the power button.
  • When you see the led lights glowing, it is ready to use as an external access point

What do different LED lights indicate on devolo ac?

Different lights indicate the different status of the wifi system. The lights, steady and flickering can tell about the speed and strength of which fi connection. Besides, they also tell if there is any problem in the system.

  1. White light – Dim glowing white light indicates that your DLAN network is ready to set up. It also indicates that the device is protected from unauthorized access.
  2. White light – Flashing white light at an interval of 0.5 sec on or off indicates that the wifi repeater+ ac is in WPS mode to integrate the enabled devices in WPS.
  3. White led off – Steady white light indicates that the wifi repeater is switched on and is currently active.
  4. Red light – It means the operator is ready to use.
  5. White and red light – This state indicates the wifi router + ac is carrying out a firmware update.


Here, we have given the solutions for the most common problems and queries faced by customers. Some of the most common ones are listed below.

Can I connect two wifi repeaters to a router?

Yes, you can connect two repeaters to a wifi router. You can expand the range by coupling. In order to connect you will have to log in and enter a password.

My router is always out of network. What to do?

If your router is always out of network, then try decrypting, and then re-encrypting it along with repeater.

Does it work as DLAN?

No, it doesn’t work as DLAN, unlike other Devolo devices.

Is it secure?

Well, it does say that it has a secure WPA/WPA2/WPS security but, according to reviews, it is not as safe as it is mentioned to be. It doesn’t have secure WPA/WPS security.

How to decrypt this device?

Refer to the user guide manual, it says that reset and then decrypt it by following the given steps.

How to reset Devolo wifi repeater?

In order to reset, press and hold the power button of the repeater for a few seconds and it will automatically reset.

Devolo ac Wifi Repeater Reviews

The reviews suggest that the project is a complete mess. It doesn’t go well with the router, neither works as an external access point. Customers regarded this as a waste product. Even on using the repeater, the speed doesn’t increase and the connectivity keeps on flickering. Besides, some customers also regarded this as a 5-star product. It will be safe to say that sometimes the customer service isn’t prompt which leads to certain problems. As a whole, the product is average.

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