How to setup and install Aoycocr Alexa Smart Wifi Plug?

In this article we will learn about Aoycocr smart plug setup. In case your smart plug is getting disconnected from internet or is not showing up in the app then we have provided the diagnostics too. So, lets start the article-

Aoycocr smart plug Setup

As soon as you plug in your Aoycocr smart plug you will see a blinking light on it. This is what we need for the setup. If you don’t have a blinking led then press and hold the power button on your smart plug for 5 secs until you see a blinking light.

  • To start with you first need to download the Smart Life App. If you are a first time user it might ask you to register with them. Click here to download Smart Life App for Android or Smart Life App for Iphone.
  • Open the Smart Life app and click on “plus” icon on the top right hand corner. This will give us the option to add our smart plug to the network.
  • From the list of devices select “smart plug”.
  • It will ask you to confirm if your device is blinking rapidly or not in this step. Click “confirm”.

IMP:- Make sure you connect your Aoycocr wifi plug to only 2GHz network name. It is because it only supports 2GHz and not 5GHz.

  • Now for the confirmation you need to type your wifi’s password.
  • It will take around 60 secs for the device to get connected.
  • On successful completion of the Aoycocr setup it will take you to the screen where you will be able to rename the plug or you can just click “done” instead

To connect Aoycocr plug with Alexa you need to go to settings on your smart life app. Under Third party access services you need to select “Alexa”. Next you just need to sign in with alexa. Now, it will give you a prompt on your screen asking if you would like to link Alexa to Smart Life. That’s all you needed to do. Now you will be able to see these smart wifi plugs under devices in your alexa app. Learn how to setup alexa here.

Aoycocr smart plug not connecting to the wifi?

Aoycocr smart plug not connecting

In case your plug is not working how it is supposed to be then let us help you further. This can happen if it does not have power, if you are trying to connect it with 5ghz, etc. Let us diagnose the problem for you-

  • First make sure your device is plugged in within the range of your router. If it is plugged in too far away then also it won’t connect or will keep disconnecting.
  • Secondly once you pluggin the smart plug make sure you have blinking led on it. If it doesn’t then press and hold the power button for 5 secs. Next open the app and add a device by tapping the “+” icon on the top right hand corner.
  • Thirdly we recommend you reset your plug you can do that by holding the power button for 10-15 secs. Also in case you already setup your plug then goto the app select your plug and scroll down to the very bottom for “restore factory defaults” option.
  • Fourthly it is always important to update your apps. Also you can goto smart plug and then to its settings to check if any latest firmware is available for Aoycocr plug.
  • Lastly, make sure you are connecting this plug to 2GHz network because it is not compatible with 5GHz.

What are the features you have in Aoycocr smart plug?

Once you successfully setup your smart plug then you will be able to do some cool tricks with it. Like you can schedule your plug and it will turn on/off accordingly. Moreover another cool feature is called “random” in which it randomly turns off/on. Let’s check them all in detail-

  1. The first option is to schedule the timer. With this you can schedule any time at which you would like to turn on/off the smart plug.
  2. The second option is the timer which pretty much works as scheduled. But here you can only put timer for 24 hours only whereas in schedule you can schedule for the whole week.
  3. The third option is “random” which is useful if you are on vacation. Then the lights will turn on/off randomly which will feel like you are still home.
  4. The last option is circulate which gives you liberty to choose on time and off time. 

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