Ring Stick Up Cam Review – Is Ring Stick Up Cam Worth The Hype?

The Ring Stick Up Cam might be known for its Video Doorbell lineup, whereas the company has even grown into other wireless security equipments too. For as low as $60, you can fix wireless security cameras around your home, recording any activity inside and out. You will have to spend a little more if you want to buy operating power cords or other accessories.

The Ring Stick-up cam works perfectly with a wifi connection. You can use it with the router, wifi range extender, access point, or  another gateway network connection. Though we would like to recommend Linksys wifi extender as linksys wifi extender setup is exclusively too straightforward and you will be able to connect ring cam to it easily.

Its most delinquent Stick Up Cam is an engaging mid-tier unit, integrating the affordability of wireless Ring’s Indoor Cameras with the flexibility and weatherproof rate of its more pricey Floodlight and Spotlight devices. Nevertheless, with a sturdy subscription cost it might be a deciding factor for many customers.

Without any further ado, let’s know in depth about the Ring Stick Up Cam Review and some additional information.

Ring Stick Up Cam

The Ring Stick Up Cam is one of the best wireless security cameras. It is a reliable security camera that comes under $100 price tag. whereas it works to locate a location between more reasonable indoor-only wireless cameras and more operational outdoor cameras.

Specification of Ring Stick Up Cam

These are the following specifications of the Ring Stick Up Cam. These are as follows;

  • The name of the Brand: Ring
  • Resolution: 1080p
  • High network Connectivity: 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi
  • Ring Stick Up Cam App Compatibility: Alexa
  • Night Vision: Yes, infrared
  • Power: Quick-release battery, micro USB, optional solar panel
  • Power Source: Battery
  • Working limits: -5°F to 122°F (-20°C to 50°C), Weather Resistant
  • Measurements (camera): 3.82 in. x 2.36 in. x 2.36 in. (without stand)
  • Ring Stick Up Cam Hub Required: No
  • Field of view: 130°diagonal, 110° horizontal, 57° vertical
  • Ring Stick Up Cam Colors: White, black

Pros of the Ring Stick Up Cam

Following are the cons of the Ring Stick Up Cam. It’s all given below.

  • The Ring Stick Up Cam comes with outstanding battery life.
  • It is designed with Solid daytime video quality.
  • The Ring Stick Up Cam is one of the best flexibility and portability since it is made of an indoor/outdoor device.
  • You can set it up with any wifi router, wireless range extender, wifi repeater, modem, access point, and another gateway. You can not use a wifi network before allowing its network through the wifi router setup page. So, make the perfect changes for accessing its wifi connection.

Ring Stick Up Cam Cons

Here are the following Pros of the Ring Stick Up Cam.

The Ring Stick Up Cam provides you with Mediocre Assistant support. Here is their support link.
It has been designed with a better Color night mode and it drains the battery quickly.
Also, the Ring Stick Up Cam usually needs a subscription for most operations.

Ring Stick Up Cam Design, hardware, what’s in the Ring Stick Up Cam box

Like Ring’s doorbells, Ring has decided on a compatible structure for its wireless security cameras. The Ring Stick Up Cam Floodlight and Spotlight Cams mislead a boxer chassis while this Ring Stick Up Cam and its slight brother Indoor Wireless Camera model are more full-figured. Keeping one in your hand is such as having a can of soda.

The inclusion of a battery does signify the wireless camera is more extensive than the indoor-only variant. It’s friendlier-looking than the Wyze Cam. You can find a smart speaker for two-way audio, with a microphone near the top of the unit. By default, the bottom of the Ring Stick Up Cam can be turned, though if this arrangement doesn’t work for your chosen mounting place, it can be migrated to the back.

Ring Stick Up Cam App support and setup

The Ring Stick Up Cam utilizes the exact app as all other Ring products, and aside from some cons, it’s stunning and reliable. The dashboard idea details all of the miscellaneous wireless cameras you have connected up to your account, and you can quickly dive into the Ring Stick Up Cam settings by tapping on their individual gear icons. Dabbing on the picture extends up the wireless camera interface, where you can consider live video, cycle via motion occurrences, and filter range by kind.

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