Tolviviov WIFI door alarm system

Fear about the house security when outside? Don’t worry Tolviviov WIFI door alarm system has come with a great product to protect your house from theft. You can protect your house even when you are not at home by monitoring regular updates about your house. Tolviviov alarm system connects with your phone through the life app and you can get all the updates on your phone through the app. Whenever someone will enter the house and try to open the locked door in the wrong way, the alarm will ring and you will get to know about it.
It attaches to the wall and door of your house properly. It also protects if your child tries to open the main door without your supervision.

Control the security system

It is provided with a remote. With the help of the remote, you can control the security system of your home. It provides you a feeling of security even if you are not in the home. Tolviviov WIFI door alarm system updates you every time by sending notifications on your phone if your door is opened. It also comes with an SOS alarm system which will make the alarm ring in case of emergency.


So, if you are living alone or you outside most of the time you can protect your home with this WIFI door alarm system. The major functions of the alarm system can also be controlled by your voice. You can easily disarm, on, and turn away with the help of your voice.
This newest technology is a must to protect your home from theft. You can also use it to protect your garage, shops, stores, shopping mall, etc.
With just $69.99 it provides great features and is a must-buy product to protect your apartment, garage, shops, etc.

Features of Tolviviov door alarm system –

  • It can be easily attached to the door and the window of your house. You can easily attach one part of the sensor with a strong adhesive on the door.
  • It comes with an SOS alarming system. You can turn on the alarm system and it will start snoozing if someone tries to enter your house illegally. Whenever someone tries to break your door or window of the house, the alarm will ring and you will get to know about it.
  • you can share it with your family member by adding the email address of the family member on the smart life app. This will help you to get a record of all your data.
  • Due to its wireless feature, it is easy to connect. You can easily connect it to the window or doors of your house or any of the places. It can be taken anywhere and the installation is easy to perform.
  • It comes with remote control. You can easily turn on or off the device with the help of the remote. Control the security of your device with the help of the remote even when you are not in the home.
  • You can connect it through the Smart life app on your phone. As it can be connected through a phone it becomes easy to use. You can even use your voice to connect through it. With the help of Google Assistant or Alexa, you can disarm or on the system with your voice only.
  • You can also add sensors to this device. Motor sensors can be used by waving your hand in front of the device.
  • The main feature of the device is the protection of the home. Whenever a thief tries to enter the home, an alarm will ring and you will be aware of the situation.

Pair the Tolvivov door alarm system with your phone –

This wireless Tolviviov WIFI door alarm system can easily connect with your smartphone. Though it is provided with a remote control you can also access it through a life app on your smartphone.
For this, make sure that WIFI is connected to your smartphone. A minimum frequency of 2.4GHz should be available for the WIFI. Then connect it to the base station of the system by sliding left to your smartphone. Enable the Bluetooth of your smartphone and then scan for the devices. They connect it to the base station of the device. Confirm it by adding the password. You can also connect the accessories with your mobile device.

For this open the smart life app on your smartphone and click on the accessories. There will be moving or contact sensors. You can select any of them according to your need. For motion, you have to wave your hand in front of it. for the contact6 sensor separate the 2 contact sensors after lining them.
You can also control it through your voice with the help of Google Assistant or Alexa. You can control it even when you are not home and can disarm the system too.

click here to download smart life app

What to do if my Tolviviov door alarm system is not working –

If your Tolviviov WIFI door alarm system is not working then check if it’s properly connected. Attach it to the door or the window properly with an adhesive substance. Check if the base station of the system is properly connected to the Bluetooth of your device. Make sure that the sensors are working properly. If they are damaged, replace them with a new sensor.

What to do if the sensor of my door and window alarm system is not working?

If the sensor of your device is not working then check for the alarm settings. Make sure that the volume of the alarm is loud enough to hear. Then also check for the sensors. If they are damaged then replace them with a new one. You can also reset the sensor from the control panel.
Make sure that the device is not connected to the metallic doors or window. If this is a case then remove it from the metallic doors and windows as the magnet of the doors can interfere with the magnetic field of the magnet present in the sensor. You can check for the sensor light. If the connection is not there or there is some problem then the sensor light will flicker. Check for the connection and then restart the device

Some troubleshooting steps of your Tolviviov door and window sensor –

  • To reset your security device first reset your device’s control panel. If you want to opt for a factory reset then press the pairing button for 10 seconds which is present on the device back.
  • If you want to bypass your device then the button of the same should be pressed. A sensor number with a name will be shown, then click on the OK button for the deactivation of your Alarm system.
  • If you want to shut the alarm system then you have to enter the code and then press 9. This will lead to the disarming of the alarm system. If you enter the door then you can use it to disarm your device.
  • If your device is beeping for a long time due to low battery percentage then check for the control panel. Check if the batteries are exhausted or not. If they are, then replace them with a new one.
  • If you want to reset your alarm then your alarm system you have to first enter your code and then click on the Off button. The device will start the reset process.
  • If your device is ringing the alarm after every minute then it may be due to a loose sensor. The sensor should be checked if it is damaged or not. You can check for the beeping sensor on the control arm. Also, check for the batteries. If they are used up then replace them too with a new one. You can also deactivate the alarm for a short time. This will help the device to work again after bypass.

FAQs –

Does the phone app alert you when sensor batteries low or failed?

Yes, the app alerts you if the battery percentage is too low. You can charge your device afterward. The app will pop up a notification on your mobile to charge the device. In this way, you can be aware of the battery percentage of the device.

Can the base station be accessed remotely and will to send an alert to my phone?

Yes, through the app called the Smart life App you can access the base remotely. There are various other features on the app to control your device. You can access all the features by installing the app through the play store.

How do you replace the batteries?

If your device is not working despite charging the device. Then check for the batteries of the device. If they are used fully then replace the batteries of the device with a new one. For this, you have to pinch the upper and lower part of the door sensor with the left hand. And the right and left sides of the door with the right hand. Pull it hard and then you will find the batteries. Remove the old batteries and then replace the batteries with the new ones.

Is there a feature to delay the arm for 10 or 15 seconds so that I can enter the home and disarm it?

Yes, you can delay the arm. The home alarm has a delay function. You can also choose the entry and exit delay on the app.

What is the name of the app to use for the device? Doe the device uses Bluetooth or the WIFI or both?

The app used for the functioning of the device is the Smart life app. You can access all the features of the device through the app. Yes, the device uses both Bluetooth and WIFI. These features help you to disarm the functioning of the device remotely even when you are not at home.

Can the device be used in other countries where there is no power? What kind of batteries are used in it?

Yes, it can be used in other countries. For this, you just have to need a power adaptor to plug it in the hub. The batteries are included in it.

What are the new features included in the latest version?

Due to the complication in the first-generation link method, the engineers have improved the link method in the latest generation. The latest generation uses the Bluetooth link method that is much simpler than the first one.

Does it come with different alarm sounds? Will it be loud enough for the neighbors to hear well? How loud is the base speaker device?

The SOS service provides the feature to set the alarm whenever there is suspicious activity on the door. The system’s alarm ring helps you to get aware of the knowledge that someone is trying to open the door illegally. Yes, its sound can be adjusted. It has 8 sound levels. You can adjust the levels of the sound according to your choice it has a maximum sound of 120dB. Yes, its sound is enough to hear for the neighbors if you set it high.

Review of the Tolviviov door and window alarm system?

If you worry about security when you are in or out of the house, then Tolviviov WIFI door alarm system comes for the ned of your worries. This device has 8 levels of alarm sound levels which can be adjusted for your needs. It can be heard by your neighbors too so that you can easily call for help.

The app features enable you to access the device remotely even when you are away from home. The app is a Smart life app that has additional features of the device. You can access the device remotely through this app. It also sends notifications on your device if you are away from the home about any illegal activity on the door.


It helps you to access the security system of the app remotely. You can easily look at or disarm the device with the help of the app.
If you have small kids in your house then also Tolviviov WIFI door alarm system is the best for you. Whenever your child tries you open the door without your supervision, this app will help you aware of the activity.
Hence this app is a must-buy product for your home if you want to protect your home and stop worrying.

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