Tuya Smart Door Lock Fingerprint installation, Setup, & Review

The Tuya Smart Door Lock not just provides use of ease but safety and security to your home ecosystem. It is the smart solution to guard your home and boost up the smart home environment. Along with that, the Tuya smart lock is smartly integrated with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. You can easily activate the voice command which allows you to lock or unlock the door and easily check the status with the help of your voice commands. Moreover, the ecosystem of the Tuya smart lock combines with the peephole and the video doorbell so that you can speak or screen your visitors and answer them from anywhere around your house.

Undoubtedly the Tuya Smart fingerprint Lock has built-in secret algorithms to act in accordance with the regulation of the government. It has implemented a clipper chip so that it can prevent replay attacks. Thus, the authentication provides enhanced or solid data security. Besides, you get wider coverage with smart solutions that can smartly cover the protocols of the Zigbee, Bluetooth, WiFi, or many more.

Benefits of the Tuya Smart Door Lock

So if you are thinking about having the Tuya Smart Lock then it is surely a great option in terms of security and investment. You are here because you are interested in knowing more about the Tuya smart lock. So let’s familiar with its advanced and high-tech features that are non-comparable with any other door lock device.

  • The first benefit you would get with the Tuya door lock is that it is cost-effective. You can seamlessly compare the smart door lock with the producer’s self-development cost. It provides the smart lock solution at the cost of $70,000 per year.
  • The smart fingerprint door lock is assured by Tuya smart life app. It supports the intelligent smart control system which is compatible to fit into 99.9% of doors.
  • Along with this, the smart door lock is waterproof which means it has durability and is completely safe. T is also compatible with Tuya smart lock home assistant.
  • It also offers you multiple ways to lock or unlock the door. You can use passwords, fingerprints, smart cards, and obviously with the smart unlocking mobile app. The app is added for the user’s convenience and each way works perfectly without creating any interference.
  • The low battery is powered up by 4 pcs AA batteries and a power indicator. It also allows you for another intelligence USB port that is used for charging the smart fingerprint lock. It works normally without any kind of disturbance.

So these are the unique features of the Tuya door lock. To get more familiar with the product you need to read the Tuya Smart Lock manual.

How to Install Tuya Smart Lock?

To install the Tuya door lock, please read the below-mentioned instructions properly. Also, it is recommended to take professional help for the installation of the device. Make sure to read the instructions before starting the installation steps, and take the key to your door, then put the key outside the room.

    • During the installation, please check out the cables that will be going to use to connect to the wifi connection.
    • Also, adjust the direction of the handle as per the instructions are mentioned in the user manual.
    • Also, check the password, fingerprint, key, IC card, internal and external handle so that it can work normally.
    • Put the door half-open during the installation steps.
    • Also, confirm the direction of the door handle and change the direction if requires and for that;
    • First, remove the cross screw and turn the handle to 180° in the leftwards.

Next, adjust the handle of the direction and install the screws to complete the reversing process.

  • After that, cut out the hole and then apply the body of the lock.
  • After doing so install the lock body and then adjust the direction according to the direction of your door. For the door lock body reversing.
  • Firstly, pull out the reversing paddle to the other end of the door tab.
  • After that, push inside the tongue into the door lock and rotate at least 180 degrees.
  • Furthermore, you can steadily release the paddle of the lock body reversing.
  • Finally, install the lock at the main door frame to tighten the screw to fix the door lock at its lock body.
Steps for the Tuya Smart door Lock installation are here
  • Prominently, connect the two studs to the outer plate of the door lock.
  • After that, fix the outer panel by inserting the square bar into the bar hole.
  • Afterward, pull out the main door by connecting to the main door.
  • Also, align the opening position with the outer panel into the square bar and fix the inner panel.
  • Moreover, connect the mainboard by connecting to the slot of the redundant cable.
  • There you need to insert the anti-lock paddle into the door. Be sure that the length of the door is the same as the thickness of the door.
  • Also, position the square bar to the inner panel and then flatten the inner panel as well.
  • Lastly, lock the door with the help of the screws and fix the settings of the panel.
  • In the end, install the door buckle plate with the help of its buckle box.

These are the helpful instructions for the Tuya Smart Lock installation. But ensure that you have followed the steps and taken all the necessary precautions to install the smart door lock at your home.

Tuya Smart Lock fingerprint door lock – Setup Via App

Follow the brief instructions for the Tuya Smart Lock setup using the smart life app.

  • Initially, you need to install or download the smart life app to set up the Tuya door lock at your home.
  • For that search for the smart life app at your mobile’s Play Store.
  • If you are unable to find the app then scan the QR code to install the smart life app of the Tuya fingerprint door lock.
  • After that, tap on the sign-up and check the box by agreeing on the user agreement and privacy policy.
  • Then you can register for the new user.
  • You need a new email address and a phone number. After that, select any state or region to follow the smart settings by default.
  • The settings can be changed manually and after the registration, you will receive a verification code on your provided phone number.
  • Verify the code and then enter the verified code to redirect to the settings of the password.
  • Set the preferred password and apply the settings by tapping into done.

So this is how you can completely install the Tuya door lock using its official app. In the further points, you also need to complete the login procedure

Tuya electronic Smart door Lock – Login Guide

After setting up the Tuya smart lock app and when you are done with the basic signup and settings, then you need to complete the login procedure.

  • Launch the smart life app. If you have registered to your account then click on the login button.
  • Then it will redirect you to the login page of the smart life app.
  • When you have completed all the details then it is also specified the area or the region which you entered during the signup of the account. But it can also be changed manually.
  • After that, type the registered email address and the mobile number and click on the login button.
  • Now you are logged in with a third-party account.
  • If you have any other app installed then you can use another to log in to the account.
  • When you reach the authentication page then the page appears with an icon that might be linked to other apps such as WeChat, line app, or any other.
  • Thus, it can also be authorized for login to the user account of the Tuya smart door.

Thus, the login and the setup of the Tuya smart app door lock have been completed successfully.

How to connect Tuya Smart Lock to wifi?

Well, the wifi smart door lock achieves all the settings of the control and networking through wifi modules. Check out the steps to connect the Tuya smart door to a wifi connection.

  • First of all, launch the smart life app on your mobile device.
  • Then tap on the gear icon and that will redirect you to the settings of your smart fingerprint door lock.
  • Afterward, click on the connected wireless device to open the Tuya lock settings.
  • Therefore, click on the utility bar and select the wifi button to connect to the network connection.
  • Now click on the start button so to begin the setup process or the process to establish the connection to your wifi.
  • Consequently, you need to confirm that the mobile device is currently connected to a 2.4 GHz wifi network.
  • If it is not connected to a 2.4 GHz wifi network then you might need to change to a different network. You can also take advantage of your mobile phone to connect to the desired wireless network.
  • After that, type the SSID (network name) of the network that you chose to make a connection with your smart lock system.
  • After doing this, the setup of the wifi network will begin.
  • Now enter the Tuya smart lock default password and click continue.
  • Thus, the connection with your wifi network may take some time. It will connect faster if you place both the wifi connection and the lock device into the same room.
  • If the setup with the wifi network is successful then the screen will denote you with a wifi symbol.
  • Thus, click on the continue button and take the test of the wifi signal strength so as to connect to your home devices properly.

This is how to connect Tuya smart lock to a wifi connection. For any other query related to a wifi connection, ask your ISP.

SmartCoolous Tuya Smart Lock Troubleshooting Guide

The smart troubleshooting steps for the issues of the Tuya smart door lock. These troubleshooting tips will definitely help you to fix the problem if you walk step-by-step.

How to reset Tuya Smart Lock?

To complete the Tuya Smart Lock reset, you need to walk through it step-by-step. The method we are providing to reset the door is the best method and convenient also.

  • Open the Tuya smart life app on your mobile phone.
  • Then enter the settings by tapping into the door sensor name.
  • Afterward, click on the top right corner to tap on the pencil icon.
  • Now check out the bottom of the page and click on the remove device option.
  • Therefore, click the disconnect and wipe data option.
  • Next, choose the confirm option to complete the factory reset process and the Tuya door sensor to vanish all the data and then reboot it.

Congratulations! The Tuya smart door sensor has been completely reset and now it is ready to connect to your mobile device.

Why is Tuya Smart Lock not locking the door?

If the smart door is not locking the door then you need to check out the underneath points immediately.

  • Sometimes it happens when the Tuya smart lock won’t work, in that case, you need to look after the batteries. Low batteries can be the root cause. If the red LED is blinking and you have a low battery warning on your device panel then immediately change or recharge the batteries.
  • Also, check to see if you have turned on the latch of the Tuya door manually. Sometimes it lacks the connection and will start causing an issue with the communication panel of the door lock system.
  • You also have another option which is to reboot the system. You can safely reboot the door lock system by removing batteries from the device. Also, replace the new vibrant batteries to establish good communication with your panel.
  • Also, ensure that you can screen the Tuya door panel from the smart life app and system panel.
Why is Tuya Smart Lock not working properly?

Review the below-mentioned points when you face a similar problem with your Tuya wifi Smart door Lock and it doesn’t work effectively.

  • First of all, check that the Tuuys door lock is connected to a wifi system.
  • Then perform the pairing instructions with your network device properly.
  • If required, then you can also change the network pairing mode from the EZ mode to the AP mode.
  • Also, make sure that the Tuya smart lock is properly connected to the 2.4 GHz wifi network.
  • If the problem with the Tuya lock system persists then place it closer to the wireless router so that it can connect seamlessly.

So here are the quick resolving tips for the Tuya smart door users. In case you want to get detailed information about the aforementioned step then refer to the Tuya Smart Lock manual pdf.

Tuya Smart door Lock Review

The Tuya smart fingerprint door lock is the best device that completely neglects the traditional way of key and lock. Simply open and close the door with the help of remote control or using the smart life app. Moreover, the door lock is perfect for your homes, offices, hotels, garage doors, etc. It works with a battery life that is the basis of its functionality. Along with that, you get three unlock modes in which the smart life app, indoor button unlock and remote control unlock. Thus, the battery can be rechargeable and removable which might be an interesting fact about the device. If you are reading this review then you might be thinking about buying this device. Go ahead as it is the best and a great deal which you can’t neglect at any cost.

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