AeoTec Range Extender 7 Setup, Troubleshooting, Review

AeoTec Range Extender 7 is one of the best range extenders in the market. This was designed to enhance the Z- Wave, Z-Wave plus signals. With a small and compact design, it provides the best Wi-Fi connections besides removes the dead zones, and provides stable internet access to all our devices. Now let’s see the Aeotec extender 7 setup, feature, reset, update process.

Features of AeoTec 7 Extender

  1. Gen 7 Technology: With Gen7 Technology this product delivers exceptional security to your device with a wireless connection.
  2. Wireless device. Just plug in and use.
  3. Z-Wave 700 series, that provides memory power and reduction of power.
  4. Removes all the dead zones and gives stability and a strong connection to every device, no matter where it is placed.
  5. SO security and S2 security.
  6. Compatible with all Z- Wave devices.
  7. Product Dimensions -4.06 x 3.56 x 3.05 cm; 5 Grams.

How to Setup Aeotec Extender 7 Z-wave?

The Aeotec range extender 7 setup process is very easy and simple.

Method 1: SmartStart

Use this method only if your Z-Wave controller that supports SmartStart.

  1. Open up the Z-Wave controller app.
    You can find it on the Play Store.
  2. Choose the “SmartStart inclusion” option that you can see.
  3. Now, scan the QR code which is found on the Range Extender 7.
  4. Within 10-12 moments after powering on your extender, it will automatically get covered with your Z-Wave control.
  5. The Led light will blink for about 1 second after the Repeater is powered on.
  6. If it is completed without any issue the led light becomes solid bright for at least 2-3seconds.
Method 2:SmartThings App
  1. Power the Range Extender into a power outlet.
  2. Download Samsung’s SmartThings Connect App. This is available for iOS and Android.
  3. Click on the dashboard that is visible when you open the App.
  4. Now, click on ‘Add device’.
  5. Click on ‘Scan’.
  6. Now, move to the Range Extender and press the Action Button that is surrounded by the led light.
  7. Wait until the app searches for Range Extender 7 ZW189
  8. If it finds the aeotec 7 extender, then it automatically connects to the extender. Now the 7 Range Extender is all ready to use.

How to Reset Aeotec 7 ZW189?

The reset process of Aeotec range extender 7 setup is very easy and quick. Let’s discuss the procedure.

Step 1.

Press the “Z-Wave” button for 15-20 seconds.

Step 2.

You can examine the process by observing the light status during the reset process. The led light will turn off for a few moments and then starts to flash.

Step 3.

When the light starts to breathe, indicates that the Reset process is completed.

Step 4.

You can now discharge the button.

If the process is accomplished then the led light comes into a slow breathing state, which indicates that the device is ready to get connected to the controller or the modem.

Light Status of AeroTech 7:

Few light indications help us to study the functions of the Aeotec range extender 7 setup.

  1. Slow breathing white – The range extender is not matched with the existing network.
  2. Solid – This indicates that the extender is connected to the existing network.
  3. Off- No power is passed to the range extender.

How to update the Firmware of AeoTec Range Extender 7?

The update process is very important for the device to function well. Now, let us discuss the easy method of updating the firmware process.

  • In the web- browser type in the address bar.
  • After that, login by using the username and password of the device.
  • After this process, now scroll down to the page and you can find different frequency versions. Choose and install it.

Note :
Before you start the process of update,
make sure that you have downloaded the right Z-Wave Frequency. Now, begin the update process with the range repeater with 3m distance to your modem/ router to avoid issues
Now you can update with a Z-Wave modem or with Z- Wave USB adapter.

1.Update with an existing Z-Wave hub

Z-Wave hub must support the OTA firmware update. If yes then, follow the steps from your Z-Wave hub to update your extender.

2.Update using a Z-Wave USB Adapter

This step is included in your software will not support the GBL file.
Connect PC to Z-Wave USB adapter by SiLabs to update with the GBL files

You are now done.

Aeotec extender 7 setup Issues and Resolutions

1.How can I disable the light?

Resolution –
You will have a choice to turn the Led on or off by using the action button on your Range Extender 7
1.Tap the Action Button 2 times.
LED turns on-off every time you do.
You can also change the setting through the website and clicking on disable the lights.

2.How can I add my extender to the Smart things App?


  1. Log into 135
  2. Tap on My Hubs
  3. After that, Select the name of your hub
  4. Click on ‘View Utilities’
  5. Now, Click on ‘Z-Wave Exclude:
  6. You receive a message that “Z-Wave exclude mode initiated for 15 seconds”
    Now you can add the device.
3. Stilling face an issue to connect or add a device

Resolution – Press the button that is on the side of the Range Extender 7, 3times while adding a device.

4. How can I know that the extender is paired?

Resolution – You can examine this by the led light.
If the extender is paired with the device, then the led becomes solid red, which indicates that the extender is paired with a device.

Aeotec Extender 7 Review

Range Extenders are a demand for the people who are working from a place, where they need the Internet Connection in every nook of their place. People prefer Mesh routers for their work but some of them find Range Extenders at low cost with the best quality in providing a stable internet connection.

AeroTech designed with Gen7 Technology is the device that connects and is compatible with all the Z- Wave devices. The design is compact and is easy to use. Just plug in and connect to the devices.

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