Whew Wi-Fi Extender setup troubleshooting review

With the increase in the workforce from our own homes due to the pandemic and lockdown a situation. Which is still predominant in most of the cities due to the people’s safety. We are in the need of a constant internet service like Wi-Fi at home. Suppose you have an important call or a meeting with your boss via ‘Voice-over IP’ (VoIP), and suddenly during the call your internet, connection goes bad, making you sound like you’re underwater. So, today here we will discuss about Whew Wi-Fi Extender setup, which can be a possible solution.

The general perspective that most of us will have is that our Wi-Fi unit is quite old or non-functional and we need to replace it. This might cost you around $150- $200 which is quite expensive when you look at the alternative solutions and purchase a whew Wi-Fi range extender instead which not only boosts your Wi-Fi performance of a particular region but also is cost- effective.
The product which we are reviewing today is the ‘WHEW Wi-Fi Range Extender and Signal Booster’.

Whew extender Setup Guide

whew setup Via Browser:

  • Make sure you plug the WHEW Wi-Fi repeater into a power source and is switch ‘ON’ properly till the ‘Power’ LED turns to a solid ‘blue’ color.
  • Make sure your repeater is placed close to your main Wi-Fi router.
  • Now connect your computer/ laptop to the Wi-Fi network with the name “WHEW_EXT”. Also make sure your ‘Mobile Data’/ cellular network on your device is switched ‘OFF’.
  • On the same device, open a web-browser and enter ‘’ in the address bar and search for it.
  • Create a new login ‘password’ and confirm it by repeating it in the second bar. This will be administrative credentials.
  • On the next page, enter a new ‘name’ (SSID) for the repeater’s network. Click on ‘Extend’ and wait for the message ‘Extended Successfully!’. Whew Wi-Fi Extender setup via browser is complete now.

Whew Wi-Fi Extender setup Via WPS button:

  1. Plug the whew wifi repeater into a power source and make sure you place it close to the main router.
  2. Press the ‘WPS’ button for about 2 seconds and within 2 minutes, press the WPS button on router.
  3. Wait till the ‘Signal LED’ will turn to a solid ‘blue’ color. If the above steps do not happen, then setup your repeater using the web browser. Whew Wi-Fi Extender setup via WPS button is complete.
Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I reset the WHEW repeater?

  • Once the ‘Power’ LED turns to a solid ‘blue’ color, press the ‘RESET’ button on the repeater using a tiny pin or a paper clip.
  • If this method does not work, you can press the ‘WPS’ button for about 8 seconds or more and you will find the repeater to automatically restart on its own.

2. I am unable to repeat my own WI-FI network. Other Wi-Fi networks are visible though. How do I solve this issue?

  • Check your ISP router’s Wi-Fi network using another laptop or smartphone and make sure you get enough signal when close to the repeater device.
  • Make sure the superior router has ‘WEP’ encryption (security) settings. This means that the repeater will support no encryption, WPA, WPA2 or mixed-mode for extending your default Wi-Fi network.
  • Now, Make sure your superior router’s signal is not hidden by any chance.

3. The extending process fails. What do I do?

Check if the ‘Connection’ LED has a blue, red, or no light indication. To prevent these issues:

  • Make sure the ‘SSID’ (name) of the main router as well as the repeater has a number as well as alphabets combination.
  • Bring the whew wifi booster close to the router.
  • Make sure the encryption of the superior router is not ‘WEP’.
  • It must have encryption types: WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK, or no encryption.

4. The extended network is poor?

  • Make sure your repeater is not too close to the router.
  • Also make sure your whew booster is halfway in the middle between your router and the room where you require an internet connection.
  • If you wish to extend the network horizontally, turn both the antennas to be positioned upwards.
  • If yours is a duplex house, then make sure the antennas are made to be tilted and be parallel.

5. Even though the Wi-Fi signal is strong enough, the speed is quite low.

Keep an eye out for the LED indicator:

  • Solid blue indicates a strong signal.
  • Solid red color shows that the signal is weak.
  • Make sure your whew extender is placed midway from your router such that the signal percentage is in the range of 40%-50%.

6. My extender is slow after extension. How do I analyze and resolve this issue?

  • First check the color of the LED indicator:
    Solid blue: The signal strength from the repeater is above -60 db.
    Solid red: The signal strength from the repeater is in the range between -61 db to -74 db.
    No light: Signal strength received by the repeater is below -74 db.
  • If the network speed between the router and the repeater is the same, it means that the connection is fine.
  • When the network speed of the repeater is faster, do check the following problems:
    Check the placement of your whew range extender.
    See if the antennas of the repeater and router is quite parallel to each other.
    If you face issues even then, then it is recommended to reset the repeater before use.

7. What is the default ‘Username’ and ‘Password’ for login into the configuration page?

Username: admin
Password: password

8. Even after completing the whew Installation Wizard, the wireless device cannot get the IP address. What do I do?

  • Move the WHEW extender close to your main Wi-Fi router.
  • Disable the ‘Wi-Fi’ wireless interface and enable it again, later on, to see if your extender can identify and get the IP address.
  • If your router has a MAC filter, disable it and add your device’s MAC address to its list.

Whew wifi extender review

‘WHEW’ might be a new name when it comes to Wi-Fi appliances. Regardless of the name, this device offers huge features under a budget. It is a 1200 MB/s dual-band repeater having a separate 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz antennas providing compatibility to your old as well as new mobile phones, computers, etc. Whew wifi booster has two modes of functioning which includes:

Repeater Mode: This duplicates (repeats) your main Wi-Fi network into a stronger Wi- Fi network as well as giving you better speeds and range.

AP Mode: It converts your existing wired internet connection to a wireless one.

Whew wifi extender has ‘WPS’ mode for quick and secure Wi-Fi setup process with the click on a single button. It helps to encrypt the wireless network data transmission and prevent any sort of illegal connections made. If you hold the ‘WPS’ button for 8 or more seconds, the device will automatically reboot as it will get ‘reset’.

It covers an area of about 1292 sq. feet of room space and multiple devices can be connected for seamless data and media consumption without any hiccups. The LED indicator present on the front region allows a proper internet connection to be established whenever required.

Extender is quite light-in-weight coming at around 5 ounces and is highly portable making it mobile. It is possible to setup via your browser on your computer/laptop, but might be difficult on your phone as it does not have any exclusive app available for setup.

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