Yeedi K700 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Setup, Troubleshooting & Review

In a world full of overrated robot vacuum cleaners that may not meet your requirements, here is the Yeedi K700 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is featured as the best robot vacuum cleaner for pet hairs. It has 2000 Pa powerful cleaning suctions with new upgraded sensors that protect from the collision from the walls and falls from the stairs. Also, the Yeedi robot vacuum cleaner is compatible with the app and controlled by Amazon Alexa as well. The Yeedi vacuum cleaner has been enriched with many advanced features and the latest technology. It is easy to use, efficient, and smart enough to handle the house chores effectively.

The Yeedi k700 robot vacuum 2000pa wifi robotic vacuum cleaner includes a tangle-free rolling brush, especially for pet hairs. Along with that, it has an extra large-sized dustbin for your ease of work with a quiet mode that allows you to clean your house while you are engaged in a busy schedule. Moreover, you can adjust the suction power by adjusting its presets from the Yeedi app. You can set it as quiet, standard, max, or max+.

Yeedi K700 Robot Vacuum Installation

The Yeedi K700 Robot Vacuum cleaner has a type of features that actually get a robotic vacuum cleaner at this range. It is specially designed to be a quiet robotic vacuum cleaner that can handle pet hairs with an extra-large dustbin. Along with that, a great long-lasting Yeedi K700 battery when you first open the you” ll see the following things:

  • Yeedi K700 Robot Vacuum cleaner
  • An extra tangle-free brush filter
  • A docking station

These are the things that you will receive in a package of a robot vacuum cleaner. Well, the device has a glass on the top to achieve that look, unlike other vacuum robots. On the panel, you’ll find a lot of different options. Also, there is an on or off switch on the side of the device. You will need to make sure that you turn on the robot before it can charge and then you can continue to set up the device.

Yeedi K700 Robot Vacuum Setup

The Yeedi K700 setup is a straightforward step that can be controlled or monitored with the Yeedi K700 app, which you just need to install on your phone. The vacuum cleaner app you will also get on the Google play store or the Apple app store. Henceforth, follow the steps for further instructions.

  • Download the app and then scan the QR code on the robot vacuum cleaner itself.
  • Then go through the steps to connect the app to the wifi connection.
  • Then you are ready to go to tell you the proper instructions to take the next step during the setup of the vacuum cleaner.
  • Once the settings are completed, the robot will actually announce what it’s doing or when it’s vacuuming as well.
  • Now you have the ability to reduce the volume of these alerts or you can also mute them as well all together.
  • The app will automatically guide you through its manual installation and setup which is easy to follow.

This is how you can do the setup of the Robot vacuum cleaner with the app. Refer to the Yeedi k700 robot vacuum user manual.

Settings in the Yeedi k700 robot vacuum app

Once the setup of the vacuum cleaner with the app is done through its settings and then it turns out to be quite a few settings. Well, you can manage the vacuum power that allows you to go all the way from quiet mode settings, standard mode settings, Max mode settings, and Max+ mode settings.

  • In the Quiet mode setting which is like dead quiet around 56 decibels so you could probably on a video call and have the robot cleaner vacuuming in the background on quiet mode and you wouldn’t hear it at that time.
  • In the Standard mode, the setting is what you probably going to want to use most of the time. It is still pretty quiet and should pick up fine. However, if you have a lot of pet hair or other dust particles on the floor then obviously you will want a bit more suction power.
  • In the MAX or MAX+ mode settings which is another great feature about the vacuum cleaner. It has the ability to create a cleaning schedule for when you want the robot to automatically clean the house. You can set a time and also mark in the app if you want the cleaner to clean at a specific time on a specific day.
  • There is another cool thing in the settings of the app is the accessory usage page. It will help to keep track and let you know when an accessory like the filter or spinning side brushes needs to be replaced.

These are the major settings you can make with the Yeedi k700 robot vacuum and mop functions.

Functions of the Yeedi k700 robot vacuum

Well, the functioning of the Yeedi k700 robot vacuum cleaner 2-in-1. It is your cleaner as well as a mopper. Here are the functions and the features of the robot vacuum cleaner device are as follows:

  • In general, you need some Maintenance with the device like cleaning the side brushes, the main brush, the wheels, and the high-efficiency filter either every other week or every week. It also depends on the function of the app which is similar to the MOVA robot vacuum cleaner functions.
  • Moreover, you can also check the past logs to see the past cleans such as how much square footage was cleaned and how long it took the robot to clean.
  • Also, you can rename the robot which is a must step for any robotic vacuum cleaner. Because if you will lose the device somewhere around the house then simply visit the app settings and tap on the find my ROBOT option. Hence, your device will announce” I’m here” which is a kind of adorable function.

For more information related to the Yeedi app to its settings and functions read out the Yeedi k700 robot vacuum user guide.

Yeedi k700 Troubleshooting Tips

For the Yeedi k700 robot vacuum error creates hurdles in your work and also creates a lot of disturbance. In this section, let’s troubleshoot some issues and resolve them to make your job easier.

Why is the Yeedi k700 robot vacuum not working?

The robot vacuum cleaner is controlled by the remote control and somehow it stops working then might be the device needs new batteries. Also, make sure that you have charged the robot vacuum cleaner. In case, there is a situation that occurs when you need to change the battery of the device then immediately change it with the new one. For this, first, remove the dust bin and then open the cover of the battery compartment and then fix this issue.

Why is the Yeedi k700 robot vacuum not charging?

Firstly check that the main power source should be powered on and then replace the power socket if it is not on. Maybe the problem persists with the power socket. After that turn the power off of the power switch of the robot vacuum cleaner and on it after some time. Hence, locate it in another position and switch on the power of the device. In the last, connect the cleaner to the charging dock and charge it for more than 5 hours and try again to connect to the wifi connection

What are the steps for the Yeedi k700 reset?

The reset button is provided on the side panel of the vacuum cleaner. If the vacuum cleaner is obstructed then you can use the reset button to continue your work. The reset process of the Yeedi vacuum cleaner is simple and easy. Follow the steps:

  • Simply press the reset button for more than the usual time.
  • Just hold or push the button and release it after five seconds.
  • When you hear music from the device that means the vacuum cleaner is successfully reset.
What are the steps for the Yeedi k700 firmware update?

When your vacuum cleaner functions slowly or doesn’t operate easily then you can check for the firmware update from the app. However, the app automatically sends you a notification about the update. But due to some technical errors, it does not send you the notification about the update then you can check from the app.

  • Open the Yeedi robot vacuum mobile app on your smartphone.
  • Go to the settings and tap on the latest upgrades function.
  • A screen opens in which the app shows you about the update.
  • Tap on the download button to install the firmware.
  • The app slows down when the update is in the process.

In the settings, if the update is not available then it means that its update has not come yet. Still, your vacuum cleaner sloe then simply reset it.

How to use the Yeedi k700 robot vacuum cleaner?

You can operate the Yeedi k700 robot vacuum cleaner with the app. Just install the app on your mobile phone and create an admin account. After creating the administration account, follow the on-screen instructions properly. The app itself guides you on how to set up the vacuum cleaner. Moreover, you can change various settings and function the app according to yourself.

Yeedi k700 robot vacuum review

The Yeedi k700 user-reviewed that “ this is the solid vacuum cleaner and has the latest or updated version. It has a large dustbin which is designed greatly as well. It has superb suction power and a lot of more enhanced features. As the setup is also easy with the app. Simply install the app from the Play Store and then follow on-screen instructions. In case you need more details about the settings then you can read the Yeedi k700 instructions also. In the settings of the app, you can manage a lot of things and also schedule the timing of cleaning and mopping. The whole setup process takes only ten minutes. It is a great experience with the vacuum cleaner. Also, the Yeedi k700 robot vacuum customer service will be there for your help just drop a mail on their site.

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