Amazonbasics cross cut paper and credit card shredder

The AmazonBasics cross-cut shredder is a tiny shredder, built for light-duty use, which sells for a pittance. It is one of the fastest units, and can only shred for a brief time before a long cool-down period. This shredder has a small basket that fills quickly, so you will need to empty it frequently. AmazonBasics strip-cut model turns pages of paper into long strips diagonally in both directions, turning the sheets of paper into small paper particles; this makes it suitable shredding confidential documents or ones with personal info.

A cross-cut paper shredder is recommended for shredding confidential documents in a more secure and safe way because the paper or document is shredded into pieces or particles. You won’t have to remove staples or clips before shredding. A portable shredder like the AmazonBasics strip-cut model has some unique features which are rare in other shredding machines.

There are different types of Shredders on Amazon basis; below are some of them but not all.
  1. The Shredder with Long Run-Time – AmazonBasics Cross-Cut | 15-Sheet (P-4)
  2. The High-Security Shredder – Aurora AU870MA Micro-Cut | 8-Sheet (P-4)
  3. The Basic, Compact & Powerful – AmazonBasics Cross-Cut | 12-Sheet (P-3)
  4. The Best No-nonsense Shredder – AmazonBasics Cross-Cut | 8-Sheet (P-3)
  5. The Basic Miro-Cut Shredder – AmazonBasics Micro-Cut | 6-Sheet (P-4)

Specification of AmazonBasics Shredder

The 8-sheet strip-cut paper shredder:

The 8-Sheet Strip-Cut Shredder is a tiny device, measuring 13.2 by 12.6 by 6.7 inches (HWD). At 6.7 pounds, it is easily portable for room-to-room use and has a noise level of 70dB. This particular device can run continuously for 2minutes with a cooling down of 5minutes. you can place it on the floor or a low shelf or table with a bin capacity of 3.2. It is also fast. Yes, sheet strip cross paper shredder is fast with a capacity ability of 8 or 20pounds paper. It’s shredding is geared towards shredding less sensitive information. It is uniquely good for basic shredding and can contain a sheet which is not as stylish as the Editors’ Choice, but it costs a lot less. This model is portable, fast, and can serve your day-to-day room-to-room use without making you break the bank.

8-sheet cross-cut paper shredder:

The 8-sheet cross-cut paper shredder is a bit more advanced than the 8-sheet strip-cut shredder. It has a shred size of 3/16 by 1-27/32 (5 by 47mm); its features are more secured. It is perfect for anyone who cancels a credit card and needs to trash it. Of course, many would love to take advantage of a card that still has sensitive data on it. They are small enough to satisfy compliance for a law like HIPAA and even FACTA. The 8-sheet cross-cut paper is faster and can continuously run for 3minutes with a cooling downtime of 30minutes. It can contain 8 sheets and have a bin capacity of 4.1gallon. This advanced 8-sheet cutter model is fast, hugely satisfying, and can also help in serving anyone in a typical office setting. It’s also secured and more sophisticated than the older version.

8 sheet micro cut paper shredder:

This device is quite similar to others but ideal for shredding sensitive information like personal information. It is best for shredding personal information like personal Identifiable information (PII) due to its top security level (P-4). The shred size is 5/32 by 15/32 (4 by 12mm) and can shred continuously for 5minutes with 8 sheet capacity with a noise level of 64dB. It’s less noisy and serves the purpose quietly.

The three models of an 8-sheet cut paper shredder have their unique purposes; understanding and knowing which is best for you to give the best functionality and purpose. Looking through each of these models’ purpose serves as the best way of knowing which one fits better for users.

Advantages of AmazonBasics cross-cut paper and credit card shredder

These advantages make AmazonBasics cross-cut paper and credit card shredder a necessity:

  1. These machines shred more than just paper. AmazonBasics cross-cut paper and credit card do not shred paper but completely shreds an unused credit card. A person can be at rest that they will not be taken advantage of down the line. This function offers peace of mind and the utmost security.
  2. It is also as important to destroy credit cards that are no longer required. The same goes for destroying paper documents, discs, and any other form of media that contains private information. You don’t need to remove staples or clips while doing this. While all the devices below take care of credit cards with aplomb, it is worth noting the other features each device has. It has the ability to shred discs and other thick materials can come in very handy at a moment’s notice.
  3. The ability to shred a large number of sensitive documents or junk mail rapidly is sure to be useful at some point.
  4. Easy to Start. The device is easy to start, which makes it less difficult to use for the use. The machine in auto mode begins once it has detected something to be shredded and then stops automatically when it has done the shredding; after that, the paper drops conveniently down into the collection bin below.
  5. These shredders destroy confidential info. This makes it perfect for home and office use. Shredding documents has become an essential part of identity protection, and this works well in it. It can be used to destroy documents like bank statements, medical records, confidential documents, and other personal data.
  6. Reverse function: The AmazonBasics shredders have a function known as reserves function, making it possible to reverse and retrieve the unshredded part or partially shredded part of the document. This reverse function also helps prevent the paper from getting struck. This will prevent paper jams from happening.

AmazonBasics shredder disadvantages

  1. Wear and tear: Due to the considerable amount of work the cross-cut paper does, it is likely to wear and tear sooner than Strip cut and micro-cut.
  2. This shredder does not completely shred your document into irrecoverable pieces as back paper can be put back together.
  3. It can be a bit expensive than others. These shredders cost a bit higher than others, possibly due to its improved functionalities.

How Amazon shredder works

Shredders usually cut the paper into strips or confetti-like squares. The paper shredder usually consists of a receptacle or bin where the shredded bits of material land. The top of this bin is fitted with a lid where the paper is put into a slot. The strip-cut shredders may use rotating knives to cut the paper, while cross-cut shredders may use two sets of teeth that rotate in opposite directions to get a much smaller, square particle.

When paper or object touches the cutting head, a sensor is activated, and the sharp teeth and knives rotate and pull the document into their jaws until the paper lies in pieces in the bin. Always Keep in mind that there’s another set of sensors on the bottom of the lid. When the machine rests on top of the bin, it activates those bottom sensors, which will cause the sensors that rotate the teeth to turn on.

The head of the machine must be firmly in place for the device to work properly, which is a fail-safe against it turning into a land-based before being correctly in place. It is even more helpful; many shredders have an emergency shutoff feature that allows you to turn the power to the teeth off quickly.

Big industrial shredders work in almost a similar way. Instead of feeding a stack of papers at a time, generally, they will have a large hopper that you can toss papers into. This machine is a bit bigger, so they can grab larger materials with the teeth/knife that pull them through. A lot similar to the small paper shredder, just on a larger scale.

AmazonBasics shredder installation

  • This particular model includes an inbuilt safety interlock mechanism which requires the shredder to be mounted on the included wastebasket correctly. The shredder will not function except it is properly installed
  • A socket-outlet should be near the equipment for easy access.
  • Connect the power card to a standard 120-volt outlet.
  • Then go on and continue using.

AmazonBasics Shredder issues and resolution

Here are possible issues that may arise while you are using your shredder and here is how they can be resolved

When the Shredder is not working at all:

Ensure the unit is well plugged in, and the outlet is in good working condition.

The issues maybe as a result of the machine overheating, so ensure that the shredder does not overheat. Ensure it doesn’t overheat by switching off the shredder and allowing it to cool off for 30minutes after it must have run and automatically off itself.

Make sure the shredder’s head is corrected fitted into the wastebasket. The head unit is typically designed to work with only the integrated wastebasket. If not properly fixed, it will not function unless it is properly mounted.

Using a plastic bag may cause the shredder not to function correctly; ensure to remove any plastic bag if you’re using one.

AmazonBasics shredder runs in reverse mode but not in auto (on) mode:

Set the unit to auto mode and insert paper to shred. If the paper that’s being inserted is narrow, it may not activate the optical sensor. It can also be possible that the feed slot has been blocked with paper, if that is the case, insert any rigid sheet of cardstock directly into the center of the feed slot while applying force to push the jammed paper through. This will clear any paper blockage.

How to clear a stuck paper in the Amazon Basics shredder:
  • Switch the shredder into the reverse mood. When in reverse, the shredder will back up and loosen the paper jammed in the shredder.
  • When the jammed paper is removed, switch it back toAuto-On mode to continue shredding.
  • Repeat the steps if required.
AmazonBasics Shredder keeps running while in “Auto (On)” mode:

Check if the activation sensor that starts the shredder, has been blocked by paper. If this is the case, insert any rigid cardstock directly in the center of the feed slot, do this while applying to push the jammed paper through.

It is also possible that the activation sensor is being triggered by dust, oil, or debris. You may use a cotton swab to clean the sensor. The activation sensor of the paper shredder is located around the center of the feed entry. DO NOT USE CANNED AIR.

The Amazon Basics shredder makes an abnormally loud noise when in use:

If this happens, please take the machine to experts. You can sort experts from online platforms or you can check the users’ manual. Here you will get a customer care service number.

Amazon Shredder review from customers

These reviews from customers will further enlighten you:

  1. There have been many shredders I have used, but this particular shredder has a clear cut edge over its peers. The AmazonBasics 8-Sheet Strip-Cut Shredder is portable, fast, budget-priced, and meant for light-duty use. But it is most suitable for shredding confidential documents, credit cards, or other things (papers) containing personal data.
  2. The rollerblade is unique and delivers the biggest shredding ever witnessed. The machine is quite nice looking, basic built, but hits tough to the job. I sincerely love the workability and ability of this model.
  3. The amazon shredder has Auto-on with a sensor; it can reverse to remove jams and has a safety button, which allows the teeth to rotate when the top of the shredder is fully attached to the bucket. The teeth are incredibly sharp, and it has a good compact size, very discreet and very unlikely to jam. The auto on is a very good improvement. I strongly recommend.
  4. The Amazon shredder produces a lot more dust. It is a bit noisy and requires an Isolated place if you want to use it in the office setting. The material shredded is too long and wide. These shredded materials are about ¼ inches by one or ¼. It would have been wonderful if the shredded things are chopped more. The bucket unit can be hard to retrofit and also a bit flimsy. It could turn on while upside down, and this is a very dangerous situation. The shredder is good though.
  5. Generally, they AmazonBasics 8-Sheet Strip-Cut Shredder brand of shredder is best for home-office use. It offers a constant service and can be handy in doing the job. I have seen that these new innovations are of high quality and well-built. I said ‘new innovations’ because I have used the 3 of the AmazonBasics 8-Sheet Strip-Cut Shredder. If you need a handy tool that is both fast and efficient, then it fits into your need. It can offer you the best one-end-solution to shredding papers and credit cards.


The Amazon shredder machine is a revolutionized brand of paper and credit card shredder. Its more digital and mentally satisfying hence making the best option will serve the purpose you need.

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