Blink Mini Camera Not Connecting With Alexa? Unusual Solutions!

The Blink Mini is a wireless compact 1080P HD indoor plug-in smart security camera that works inside the home. It comes along with superior motion detection & two-way audio that fully surveillance your smart home. The Blink’s latest chip technology is equipped in this camera. Using this technology, the camera optimizes you for motion detection areas so that you stay focused on areas that matter to you. Moreover, the Blink Mini camera easily & securely connects to the mobile phone. With which you can see the inside view of your home on a mobile phone anytime. You are also able to watch the night view because the night vision feature is built-in. The microphone & speaker is built-in the mini indoor camera that allows to hear & speak with family, visitors & fiend by using the app.

Furthermore, the Amazon Alexa device completely works with the indoor smart security camera. With this device, you can operate the camera by using your voice. The setup of this camera is fast & effortless by using the blink mini app. Just download this app and create an account. After that, securely perform the wireless setup.

Blink mini camera setup steps

The Blink pug-in indoor wireless camera records full HD quality video because the 1080P HD resolution is equipped. If you want to protect your home with this camera and want to see live view then you have to perform the blink mini indoor camera setup.

Mount the 1080p smart security camera:

Before performing the setup of this camera, you should mount the camera in the correct place. Some users think about how to mount blink mini camera. There are a few steps to mount this camera.

  • You should mount the camera in such a place from where the whole house can be monitored.
  • Do not install smart security cameras near water & heating devices such as microwaves, refrigerators, & more.
  • You can install the camera on the wall of your house. But the user thinks about how to install blink mini camera on wall, by using the screws you can easily & simply mount them on the wall.
Download the Blink Mini App:

After mounting the camera, you have to set it up, only then you will be able to have a live view. Besides, you can comfortably set up the security camera using the app.

  • To set up the plug-in smart camera, you have to install the Blink Mini app.
  • Ensure the network connectivity in your mobile phone to properly install the app.
  • All you have to do is go to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store and search for the Blink Mini app in the search field.
  • You have to open the app which you have downloaded on your iOS & Android mobile phone.
  • Presently, you have to follow in-app blink mini instructions. The welcome page of the app will give 2 options: Sign-in and Create an Account. If you are using your first app then tap on the Sign-in option and log in to your account. Otherwise, create the account by tapping the Create account option.
  • On the app home screen, you have to tap the + icon in the app top corner.
  • Then, select the Mini camera in the prompted list on the app home screen. You can scan the QR code and enter the serial number manually.
  • After entering the serial number, you have to select the existing device from the bottom side of the screen.
  • Now the screen will prompt you a notification, you have to connect to the camera network, you have to tap on OK. Then, insert SSID & password, connect to the network.
  • In the end, tap the done option to complete the setup process.

Congratulations! The setup of this camera with the blink mini indoor camera app is successfully finished.

Setup Blink mini camera with Alexa

The Blink indoor plug-in smart security camera ordinarily works with the Alexa device. But this camera user thinks about how to connect blink camera to alexa. To connect the camera to Alexa, just follow the given below steps.

  • To connect the camera to Alexa, you need to install the Alexa app on your iOS and Android devices by visiting the Play Store or Apple Store.
  • Open this app on your iOS & Android device and in the lower right-hand corner tap the curtain menu. Then, a list is available of many options, choose “Skills & Games”.
  • You have to search the Blink SmartHome and then choose the Skill.
  • Afterward, tap the Enable To Use option and then instantly send the Sign In page into the Link Account.
  • Now, enter the email address, password, & security PIN and sign in to the account.
  • The Alexa App communicates with the Blink camera and detects the device. After that, a notification pop-up says the smart security camera successfully connects to the Amazon Alexa.

Blink Mini indoor smart security camera not connecting with Alexa

The Alexa device fully works with the 1080p smart security camera. By using this device, you can simply voice control the device. Occasionally, the blink camera not working with alexa due to which the user is unable to control the voice.

  • More distance between the security camera & Alexa
  • Alexa device not turning ON
  • Not using Alexa App
  • Smart security camera firmware issue

Troubleshooting steps Blink Mini Camera Not Connecting With Alexa

If the plug-in security camera is not working with the plug-in security camera then you can try to resolve this issue manually. For this, here are some blink mini camera troubleshooting steps to manually resolve the problem.

  • To fix the issue, you need to check the range of both devices. If there is more distance between them then you have to modify their position. You should place the Alexa device under the range of the security camera.
  • Many times, the blink mini not connecting to the Alexa device so you have to be sure that you are using the right App. If you use any other app instead of Alexa app then this camera will not be able to connect. To manually resolve the issue, you have to use the Alexa app.
  • Make sure the Blink indoor security camera is up to date. If the firmware of this device is outdated then it is not working. Additionally, not connecting to Alexa.
  • To manually & easily resolve the issue, you can power cycle the smart security camera. To power cycle the camera, you must unplug the AC adapter from the power supply. Then you have to hold the power button and turn off the power.
  • To properly fix the issue, you can reset the security camera. Now the question comes to how to reset blink mini camera. Then, by using the reset button and securely perform the reset.


Q1. How to fix Blink mini indoor camera not detecting the motion?

Sometimes, the blink camera not detecting motion, to resolve the issue, you visit the setting and examine the motion detection on & off. Ensure the WiFi network is connected to the camera.

Q2. What should I do if the Blink camera is offline?

If the blink mini camera not powering on, to fix the issue, ensure the battery backup. If the battery is damaged then it is not turned ON. You should replace the damaged battery promptly.

Q3. How to watch live view on the security camera?

You have to connect your mobile phone to the camera by using the Blink app. After that, seamlessly watch live view anywhere & anytime.

Q4. Does this camera work at Night?

Yes, the Blink mini smart security camera completely works with the night. Because the night vision feature is built-in that allows working in the night.

Q5. How to resolve the blink mini security camera microphone not working?

If the blink camera microphone not working then you ensure the cable. If the microphone cable does not properly connect to the camera then the microphone is not working.

Q6. Why is night vision not working in the security camera?

Many times, the blink camera night vision is not working, to fix the issue go to the setting of this camera. Then, ensure the night vision mode is turned On.

Q7. How to connect Blink camera to new Wi-Fi network?

If you want to connect the new WiFi network to this security camera, then you can use the mobile app and surely connect the network to the camera.

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